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NORCCA, Pakistan’s #1 Online Platform For CSS

Exam Guidance, Coaching & Preparation!
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NORCCA- [National Online Resource Center For CSS Aspirants]
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NORCCA- [National Online Resource Center For CSS Aspirants]
“Welcome To NORCCA!”

Dear CSS Aspirant,

Hello & warm greetings to from Team NORCCA- Pakistan’s Most Trusted and #1 Online Platform
Form CSS Exams Guidance, Coaching and Preparation!

We really appreciate you for showing interest in Civil Superior Services of Pakistan. NORCCA was
established as an Online-CSS Exam Preparation Academy back in the year 2015. Since its
inception, our team of highly qualified and dedicated Civil Servants/Mentors have been
contributing to uplift the quality of the Civil Service of Pakistan by training CSS candidates with
the right mindset, tools and high quality coaching. We only make use of the
Recommended/authentic books, and cheap guides/notes are discouraged for CSS exam

We assure that you have finally come to the right place. All NORCCA Notes & Study material has
been tried & tested by today’s highly successful CSP Officers themselves. We have compiled
together the “NOTES-PACK” of each subject after careful deliberation, structuring, and Line-up
of the content, in accordance with the FPSC provided CSS Syllabi. The online “LECTURES” are
regularly delivered with one clear objective: “To explain the most complex concepts in the most
fun & easy manner.” Our faculty constitutes high achievers, CSP Officers and a list of Guest

NORCCA, being the first completely e-Learning (Distance learning) resource center for Online-CSS
Preparation, has been rendering guidance, coaching, consultation and mentoring services to CSS
Aspirants living all across Pakistan & stationed overseas. The NORCCA Teaching system is entirely
based on the “Tried & Tested” methodology & Study material developed by the collective
experience and efforts of a Panel of CSP Officers associated with NORCCA.

Our Mission:
To contribute in improving the quality of Federal Bureaucracy of Pakistan by creating viable
Online solutions for candidates of CSS exams in their preparation. To impart high quality
training, consultancy, guidance and content that gives our partners (students) a competitive
edge in their performance and final selection through Civil Service Examination.

Best Regards,
Mr.Mohsin Saifullah (FSP,CSP)
A.D Comm. & Sec, Foreign Office
Patron-in-Chief NORCCA
-For CSS Exam Preparation-

NORCCA is an excellent alternative to highly commercialized & high charging traditional CSS
preparation academies. Such CSS Academies with physical classrooms have become a money
minting business, ripping CSS Aspirants by charging 50k-60k course Fee. Their classrooms are
filled beyond capacity and learning process deteriorates. Traveling to Academies every day is
costly, hectic and a time wasting experience for many. Most of the CSS Aspirants are working
Professionals, and it is very difficult for them to attend CSS Academies during the afternoon or in
the evening right after work.

On the other hand, we warmly welcome and introduce you to NORCCA: “Your very own one stop
Online platform for all your CSS needs!” Here, you not only acquire the basic knowledge and
notes of all compulsory & optional subjects along with deeper understanding of the subjects, but
rather you undergo a total transformation from an average candidate to potentially becoming a
high scorer if not land among the Top 50. NORCCA teaching philosophy is based on the motto:
“Keep it safe, yet different!” and so, we ensure that each of our client’s preparation is brought at
par with the CSS examination standards to keep their result safe, yet at the same time, we make
sure we bring out your creative spark, and let the creative writing juices start flowing in your
system. This is where the difference comes in, the competitive advantage takes place, and we
help you take lead in the Civil Service examinations.

NOTE: NORCCA is not a “Tuition Center”. It is a professional coaching & mentoring platform for CSS exam candidates.
We deliver online lectures based on interactive e-class environment, fostering discussion, debate and dialogue. This
helps candidates develop maturity of thought, and grows their intellectual ability to present well-constructed
arguments backed with logic and rationale. To pass CSS exam you do not require TUITIONS, instead you require
MENTORING, COACHING & TRAINING! And just so you know, at NORCCA, we love to help you with all of that!

NORCCA is Pakistan’s First & Most Advanced Online Platform

For CSS exam Lectures/Online Classes.

| 7 Online Courses Available | 3 Programs Being Offered |




(Fee structures also given)

NORCCA holds pride in being Pakistan’s first & only CSS Examination e-Coaching platform with
entirely Online based services. All preparation classes & Online CSS Programs are conducted
via Skype audio calling along with the help of visual Aid (PPT Slides, Images, Video Clips, Screen
Sharing etc.) NORCCA Offers CSS Tuition & Coaching under its various signature Programs:

Here are the CSS-Exam Preparation Courses Currently Available at NORCCA:

Course #1: C.A.L.O: CSS Advanced Level Orientation

Course #2: The Art & Science of English Essay, Precis & Composition

Course #3: Mastering the Art & Science of English Essay only

Course #4: 60-Days Complete Compulsory Subjects Program

Course #5: Compulsory Subjects Combo: Pakistan Affairs + Current Affairs

Course #6: Optional Subjects Combo: Intl. Relations + Intl. Law

Course #7: Pick & Choose: Individual Optional Subjects

CSS Exam Preparation Programs Online being offered by NORCCA:

Program #1: Purchase/Order Notes-Pack & Study Material

Program #2: (NCP) Norcca Correspondence Program

Program #3: International Students Program

NOTE: You can study online with NORCCA

from anywhere in the World. It is our
commitment to deliver high quality and most
effective Online preparation tools, resource
and lectures. You may be located in a remote
area or village of Pakistan, yet avail this
Golden opportunity to join CSS Exam
preparation Classes Online ! Good Luck!
COURSE #1 C.A.L.O – CSS Advanced Level Orientation
( Online Workshop/ Short Course)

Who Should Attend This?

This is NORCCA’s exclusive online workshop designed by a panel of highly qualified CSP officers,
specially keeping in mind the needs & requirements of Fresh CSS candidates. CALO is highly
recommended to young CSS Aspirants who lack clear Guidance, direction and information about
the field of Civil Superior Services (CSS) Examination.

Also, if you are a CSS aspirant and wish to Pass these Exams in your First attempt, then THIS IS
FOR YOU! As CALO is an Inspiration & Motivation packed orientation session that goes beyond
the “Traditional CSS Seminars”. It is not limited to the BASIC information, in fact the purpose of
developing CALO workshop was to provide the CSS aspirants with A-to-Z of CSS Examination.

What To Expect From CALO Workshop?

Our Promise is a 100% Satisfaction of each participant. Get all your queries/concerns resolved
and addressed. Get clear & most accurate understanding of What, Why, When, Where, Who &
How of CSS Examination in Pakistan. By attending this Workshop, you shall be ready to ‘look in
the eye of CSS Exams’ and take on the Challenge like a Top Notch Candidate. We will motivate
you, not through success stories of others, but by bringing out the Real Strengths of your own
self! Yes, you can Do it! You Just don’t know it Yet! And We are going to Show you HOW!

Features Included:

If you are passionate about CSS Exams, but you lack a clear guidance about the Exams then this
Program is certainly for you. NORCCA conducts a one-day workshop to equip the young aspirants
with a clear understanding of what, How, When, Where, Why, Who of CSS exams. We share an
eye opening insight about the CSS examination and go through the Rules & Regulations, Eligibility
Criteria, Recommended Books, Optional Subject Selection, Past Papers Analysis, how to start
preparing for CSS exams and other motivational & inspirational Tips/Stories of CSP Officers.


Total Fee: Rs.5,000/- only

Workshop Duration: 2 day workshop + continued consultation
Class duration: 3 Hours Session.
When: Twice a Month (dates announced to Registered candidates only) ; Morning/Evening/Night

NOTE: This is an exclusive Program only for serious Candidates who want to learn in detail about what CSS exams is
really all about. In a day you will learn everything, including the keys to success, the way forward and how to start
your CSS examination Preparation Journey!
COURSE #2 The Art & Science of English Essay, Precis & Composition
(Multi-Subject Course)

*This Course Covers two Compulsory Subjects, namely:

(1) English Essay (2) English Precis & Composition

1) English Essay (Subject 1)

Includes areas such as In-depth study of Competitive Essay writing, Expectations of CSS essay
examiner? Essentials of CSS level Essay, Biggest Essay Mistakes, Topic Selection, brainstorming
for ideas, Essentials of a Solid introduction, Outlining the Essay, Rules of Essay Body development,
Paragraphing, Formatting, Structuring, Basic Grammar Rules for Essay & The art of
Argumentation and Making a Powerful Conclusion.

2) English Precis & Composition (Subject 2)

A) Precis Writing Skill

Part-1: Basics of Precis Writing & How to Read the Precis Passage Effectively.

Part-2: Advanced Practice of Precis Writing & How to write a precis effectively.

B) Comprehension Skill Set training

Rules, Major Mistakes, High Scoring Tips.

C) English Grammar (Basics to Advanced)

All English Grammar Content & Topics covered According to the Syllabus of CSS Exams.

3) Notes for English Essay & English Paper 2.

4) Marked Sample Essays written by CSP Officers (with major Do’s & Don’ts).

5) English Paper 2 Strategic Preparation Plan and Coaching.

6) Assignments, Written Practice, Mock Tests/Exam & Essay Grading.

After six weeks of the exclusive session the attendee/Learner shall be able to:
-Tackle every kind of Argumentative Essay.
-Be able to secure at least 40 marks easily and pass the English Essay.
-Convert the Fear of English Essay into a sense of strong confidence.
-Present logical and strong arguments to prove their points in the essay.
-Write a good length of well-structured essay with relative ease.
-Have a clear preparation Plan & strategy for English Essay & English Paper-2.
Total Fee: Rs.15,000/- (*inclusive of Notes & Study Material.)
Total Fee: Rs.12,000/- (without Notes & Study Material.)
Duration: *1.5 Month
Classes: 4 sessions/week ; Evening/Night
COURSE #3 Mastering The Art & Science of English Essay Only
(Single-Subject Long Course)

*This program Covers Only one subject: (1) English Essay Paper.

English Essay (Subject 1):

Includes areas similar to Course #2. The only difference is that this course is one-month
intensive study of CSS Essay paper. It not only covers the basics to advance level English Essay
writing techniques, but also goes beyond that towards helping you develop & master the real
art of scoring high marks in CSS Exam Essay Paper.

Learning Outcomes:

This is NORCCA’s exclusive program for assisting CSS Aspirants to ensure their passing and
excelling in the English Essay Paper. Our Motto for Essay Paper is to “Keep it safe, Yet
Different”. Using this approach, we help the Candidates through a Three-Phase Essay
preparation model:

Phase-1: Learning Essay in Theory, Understanding Major Tricks & Techniques & Internalizing
Core Essay Concepts.

Phase-2: Practice Essay writing & Evaluation, Candidate’s Problem identification & Correction.

Phase-3: Mock Exams, Tests and Full Support to Candidate’s counseling & Knowledge Growth.

Total Fee: Rs.10,000/- (*inclusive of Notes & Study Material.)

Total Fee: Rs.8,000/- (without Notes & Study Material.)

Duration: 1 Month

Classes: 4 sessions/week; Evening/Night

COURSE #4 60-Days Complete Compulsory Subjects Course
(Multi-Subject Long Course)

*This program Covers all the 6-Compulsory subjects, namely:

1) English Essay

2) English Precis & Composition

3) Islamic Studies / Islamiyat

[General Knowledge Section]

4) General Science & Ability (GSA)

5) Pakistan Affairs

6) Current Affairs

Features include:
This is an in-depth study intensive program that takes a candidate through all the CSS exam
Compulsory subjects within two months’ duration. Each Subject is dedicated 10-days for
Conceptual learning, Topics explanation, content memorization and relevant assignments/Tests
for each subject respectively. All the subjects are taught by highly qualified subject
experts/Mentors/CSP Officers.

A) without Hard-Copy Notes Pack:

Total Fee For 6 Compulsory-Subjects: Rs.25,500/-

*(Course#4 Fee-Structure Breakdown)

English Essay: Rs.5,000
English P&C: Rs.5,000
GSA: Rs.5,000
Islamic Studies: Rs.3,500
P.Affairs: Rs.3,500
C.Affairs: Rs.3,500
Total Fee: Rs.25,500/- (Online Lectures/Tuition Fee)

B) with detailed Notes-Pack & Study Material:

Total Fee For 6 Compulsory-Subjects: Rs.37,500/-

*Notes-Pack Fee: Rs.2,000/- per subject= Rs.12,000/-

Breakdown: Rs.25,500 (Lectures/Tuition Fee) + Rs.12,000/- (Notes-Pack) = Rs.37,500/-

Duration: 2 Months

Classes: 4 sessions/week ; Evening/Night

COURSE #5 Compulsory-Subjects Combo: Pak.Affairs & Current Affairs
(Crash Course)

*This program Covers Two subjects: (1) Current Affairs (2) Pakistan Affairs
Who Should Attend This?

The Course # 5 is a special program designed and developed by NORCCA to cater to the needs of
every CSS candidate in the dynamic and ever changing paper patterns of these two subjects. If
you want to develop in-depth analysis and strong understanding of the Geo-politics going on
around the World, the Power struggles between Nations, Major international conflicts happening
around the Globe, and emerging Global Political trends…in short if you want to master the Art of
Current Affairs paper then this course is for you. Likewise, if you wish to learn the techniques &
tricks of memorizing the Pakistan’s History, it’s Political evolution and contemporary issues, on
your fingertips, then you MUST Attend Pakistan Affairs course in this Combo! This course is for
candidates who wish to score 60+ marks in both papers respectively.

What To Expect From Compulsory-Subjects Combo?

It is a Highly interactive course which promotes thinking, analysis and opinion generation. The
methodology of lectures is based on discussions and dialogue. Through this Combo-Course, we
guarantee that your Mind will open to new horizons and perspectives about Pakistan and the
World. This is NOT and ordinary Tuition Course, but an intensive analysis based dialogue style
learning experience. Our Promise to you is that YOU WILL Score high in these two exams! We
know how to help you do that!

*All Contemporary Issues/ New Topics as per the Revised Syllabus will be covered.


(without Hard-copy Notes Pack)

Total Fee for the Combo: Rs.7,000/-

(with Notes-Pack & Study Material)

Total Fee for the Combo: Rs.7,000/- (Lectures) + Rs.3000/- (Notes of 2 subjects) = Rs.10,000/-

Duration: 1 Month

Classes: 4 sessions/week ; Afternoon & Evening/Night

COURSE #6 Optional-Subjects Combo: Intl.Relations & Intl.Law
(Crash Course)

*This program Covers Three Papers: I.R (200 marks) & I.Law (100 marks)

Content Of the Program:

Coaching, mentoring and Complete course guidance for I.R (Paper-I & Paper-II) and I.Law, in
accordance to the latest FPSC reforms and Syllabus revision for CE-2017. Both the papers of
International Relations are covered thoroughly by the sound expert coaching of a Foreign
Services Officer(FSP) with a strong grip over the Subject matter of International Relations,
Foreign Policy, International Law & Current Affairs.

Includes Coaching, Guidance, Mentoring and Written Practice with assessment & Evaluation +
Homework, Assignments & Quizzes during other days.

Also Get Exclusive Bonus-Session For FREE: The Nitty-Gritty of International Relations & I.Law

Ch.Mohsin Saifullah
Foreign Service Of Pakistan (FSP)
42nd CTP, CSS Exams-2013
Highly Qualified & experienced I.R/I.Law Teacher and Subject Specialist for CSS Exams.


(without Hard-copy Notes Pack)

Total Fee for the I.R & I.Law Combo: Rs.15,000/-

(with Notes-Pack & Study Material)

Total Fee for the I.R & I.Law Combo: Rs.12,000/- (Lectures) + Rs.4500/- (Notes of 3 subjects) =

Duration: 1.5 Month

Classes: 4 sessions/week; Afternoon & Evening/Night

COURSE #7 Pick & Choose: Individual Optional Subject
(Detailed Single Subject)

CSS Aspirants can now get online lectures of the Optional subjects of their own choice. Please
browse through our list of optional subjects currently being offered individually.

Individual Optional Subjects List:

1) International Relations (Paper-I & Paper-II)

2) International Law
3) U.S History
4) Journalism & Mass Communication
5) Geography
6) Psychology
7) Anthropology
8) Criminology
9) Environmental Sciences
10) Business Administration
11) Sociology
12) Indo-Pak History
13) Political Science
14) Public Administration
15) Gender Studies


Total Fee for individual Optional subject/paper: Rs.5,000/- only (*exclusive of Notes-pack)
Notes-Pack For Course#7 Priced at Rs.1,500/- per subject.
(Free Home-Delivery anywhere in Pakistan within 10-days)

NORCCA offers a unique learning experience to candidates who use our CSS Notes. We give them
a “KEY-Guide-Book” along with all purchased Compulsory & Optional subject Notes each. The
Key-Guide-Book makes it very simple to study any Subject with ease, removing the need to visit
academies for tuition.

Notes-Pack include:
-A complete Study Plan & Scheduler.
-Where & How to Study different Topics from.
-List of Most Repeated & Most Expected Topics.
-Tips, Tricks and Tools of preparing Subjects.

NOTE-PACKS Fee Structure:

You may Now even place an Order for the NOTES-PACK of individual Subjects of your choice.
NORCCA currently offers Notes & Study Material of “Complete Compulsory Subjects” and a
“Range of Optional Subjects”.

Detailed Notes-Pack Per Subject: Rs. 2000/- only

*Price: Call us for checking Note’s availability & Prices.

(All Notes are inclusive of Home-Delivery Charges)


NORCCA keeps on improving and revising its Notes-Packs according to the latest trends and
curriculum set by FPSC. Currently we are offering a wide range of Subject Notes. We offer Notes
of majority of the Optional Subjects. We have a developed a series of NOTE-Packs for the New
Optional Subjects introduced by the FPSC. Also Notes are made on order with the help of “Subject
experts, CSPs, Relevant professors & FPSC recommended Books”, for the uncommon Subjects
such as “Physics or Chemistry”. You can Place order for the following subjects right away:

Notes Format: Hard-Copy

Delivery Charges: (Free) No additional Cost to be charged.
Delivery Time: Delivery Time is 10 Days from the Date of Order placement.
Includes: All Accessories & Study Material including MCQ’s lists.
GROUP-1 1- International Relations (I.R); Paper-1 & Paper-2 Both. 1- English Essay
2- Political Science; Paper-1 & Paper-2 Both. 2- English Précis & Composition
3- Islamiat
4- Genera Science & General
3- Business Administration Ability (GSA)
4- Public Administration 5- Pakistan. Affairs
5- Governance & Public Policies 6- Current. Affairs

GROUP-3 6- History of Pakistan & India

7- Islamic History & Culture
8- British History European History
9- History of USA

GROUP-4 10- Gender Studies

11- Environmental Sciences

GROUP-5 12- International Law

13- Mercantile Law
14- Criminology
15- Philosophy

GROUP-6 16- Journalism & Mass Communication

17- Psychology
18- Geography
19- Sociology
20- Anthropology
(Get your Papers/Assignments Checked & Evaluated)

Under this program we develop and dispatch personalized “Practice Tests & Sample Papers” for
our Partners (Candidates), and Mark them accordingly. We also provide the services of getting
your Assignments, Essays & Precis, and other Subject Papers Checked by our faculty of
experienced CSP Officers & teachers. Highly accurate & Valuable remarks, corrections and
suggestions are made on a NORCCA FEEDBACK Sheet which is delivered to our Candidates. This
Program can be structured under two options provided to the aspirants:

OPTION 1: Module Based Correspondence Program (3-Subject per month)

*This is a Monthly Module based Program. Preferably a 4-Months Program (120 days).
*However, it can be custom-made to meet the requirements of the Participant!

Number of Modules: Four Modules (1 month per module)

Subjects covered in 1 module: Three subjects covered per module/month.

Number of days Per Subject preparation/Exam: 10 days

Number of Tests per subject: 2 Major Tests in 10 days! one is the “Mid-way Test” after 5 days.
And the second one is the “Mock Exam” on the 11th day.

Total Fee: Rs.12, 000/- Per Month.

OPTION 2: General Correspondence Program (Subject Wise)

It is more customized option. An aspirant can send us their material weekly, and we get it
checked & a detailed Feedback is provided to the candidate participating. This is an exclusive
program which is based on number of subjects chosen by the participant.

Exclusive English Essay Checking/marking:

Primarily English Essay and English P&C papers are checked by highly qualified CSP
officers/subject specialists. Other subject material is also checked with highly effective feedback
& highlighting the Areas of Improvement for the candidate.

Option 2 Includes:

Detailed checking, Analysis & Feedback of Candidate’s 3 Essays, 3 precis & 3 Comprehension

Option 1: Maximum 3 Essays & 3 Precis Per Month @ Rs. 3,000/-
Option 2: Maximum 5 essays & 5 Precis Per Month @ Rs. 5,000/- Per Month
PROGRAM #3 Online CSS Exam Workshops/Short Courses
(Candidate’s Skills Development For Success in CSS Exams)
(Benefits & Key Advantages)


– Save Your Travel Time, Transportation Cost & all the Hassle by attending Online lectures with NORCCA.
– Never miss a Class again. Study Online from any city/Town or village in Pakistan or Abroad.
– Audio Only Calls with use of PPT Slides, Hard-copy NOTES & Other visual Aid for enhancing learning.
– No Transportation cost or Hostel arrangements needed!
– No wastage of time in commuting to Academies/Tuition Centers.

Study From the Luxury of Your own Home/Room, with Most

Effective, Reliable and Best Possible CSS Trainers/Coaches.
(Methodology, Pedagogy & User Experience)

NORCCA is an entirely online strategic study & coaching platform where all classes/lectures are
currently being conducted via . We have a flawless teaching methodology which is both
user friendly and non-technical for first time users. Here, you can have a look on how we will
deliver you the high quality CSS preparation lectures.

- Classrooms based on Audio-Only Calls on Skype (No Video Calling).
- Screen-Sharing by the NORCCA instructor.
- Teaching through visual aid during lectures (PPT Slides, PDFs, Word Docs etc.)

- One-to-One sessions
- Group/Class sessions (Not more than 5 members per class | This is to ensure Quality)
- 3-4 Lectures per week | 1-2 Hours per lecture

Privacy Policy:
All members of a classroom are verified. No compromise on misconduct of any kind. Each
member is equally respectable and important to us. All your Personal information & classwork
shall be kept confidential, and only be used by authorized NORCCA staff for class management
& administration purposes.

All You need is a…

And an INTERNET connection!
That’s ALL you Need!


(Follow these Simple Steps)

Step 1: Browse through the COURSES/PROGRAMS OFFERED section to Select from the CSS
Examination Preparation Programs, Short Courses, Long Courses, Workshops available at
NORCCA, and/or Buy NOTES that you want to study/Purchase.

Step 2: FILL THE REGISTERATION FORM Online & Select a Mode of Payment.

Step 3: “Get Excited” for a great learning experience coming your way. We will contact you
shortly for further assistance & setting up a customized Study Plan that suits you the Best.


NORCCA– “National Online Resource Center For CSS Aspirants” holds the right to protect its
community of CSS Aspirants from any sort of defunct/fraudulent financial transaction. In this
light, NORCCA has kept its mode-of-payments highly protected, and utilize two-pronged
mediums for this matter:

1) Payment of Tuition-Fee through EasyPaisa:

(Cell#: 0321-2667222; ID: 61101-9501404-1)

2) Deposit Fee in our Official Bank Account:

(Bank Account Details shall be provided via SMS/Email on demand. Contact 032-2667222)


|7 Courses Available | 3 Programs Being Offered |
|For More info/inquiry/Admissions|

Office : 051-5141286
SMS/Call : 0321-2NORCCA (2667222)
WhtsApp: +923315145260