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It can be further strengthened by encouraging respect for culture.

It can be done through

acknowledging their innate value, their differences to other culture and by respecting indigeneous
ownership and control of indigenous heritage (Australia Council for the Arts, 2013).

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Importance of cultural dance

Culture is defined as our way of life

The tradition and norms which is important in every culture
can be represent in a way of dancing and this is what we called cultural dance.A graceful dance,
colorful props and costumes, slow movements and fast that catches the attention of every people.
Cultural dancers can story tellers, tells the story in every movements and sequence of their dance.
Every Cultural dances has a story that need to match in the theme of their dance.This dance is
different from other forms of dances, you cannot make a cultural dance without a story. It has a story
behind the dance for the purpose that one culture can share or tell their culture from one another.

he art and appreciation of Cultural Dance. Is it really matter in this generation? Some people didn’t
really appreciate the Cultural dance because of the instrumet,are you familiar with this instrument
like agong, gandingan, kulintang, barel, tam tam, these are the example. Why don’t you try to dance, it
is good and make you fell happy. Some of them today prefer the hip hop dance because of it’s music
that make you move and dance

Cultural Dance is really important, this is our way to tell other people on what are the things that they
need to know about our culture. It is also the way that other people could have respect, knowledge and
give importance to our traditions and norms. Let other culture tell what are the story behind their