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DLP No.: 07 Learning Area: Grade Level: 9 Quarter: Third Duration 60 minutes
ENGLISH Adjust time duration
relative the students’
learning level.
Learning Get familiar with the technical vocabulary for drama and Code: EN9V-IIIa-29
Competencies: theatre (like stage directions)
Key Concepts/ Technical vocabulary for drama, theater
Understandings to be
1. Objectives
Knowledge Get familiar with the technical vocabulary for drama and theatre (like stage
Skills Draw a theatre with the parts discussed
Attitudes Appreciate theater as a reflection of life
Values Show cooperation in group tasks
2.Content/Topic Technical Terms of Drama
3. Learning Books:
Resources/ Materials/ Kto 12 Learners’ Material pages pp. 257, pp 275-276, p. 285, p. 319, pp 350-351, p. 417
Equipment Materials:
4. Procedures Parts under procedure may vary and is modifiable.
4.1 Introduction Preliminaries and daily routines: - Prayer, Checking of attendance
5 minutes Ask: “Which of the terms below are you familiar with?”
Tragedy, stock character, downstage, soliloquy, proscenium arch
4.2 Activity Group yourselves into six and do the following tasks:
10minutes 1 – Getting into the World of Laughter and Tears – A and B (pp. 257-258)
2 – Going into the World of Acting – B and C (pp. 275-277)
3 – Who are You? (pp. 284-285)
4.- Figure it Out (pp.319-320)
5 – Photo React (pp. 350-351).
6 – Recognizing Literary Device (pp. 417-418)
4.3 Analysis Report your answers in front and share your knowledge as the reporter discusses.
4.4 Abstraction Students listen to a discussion on technical terms of drama and theater.
4.5 Application Draw a stage and identify its parts.
5. Assessment
(Indicate whether it is thru Observation and/or Talking/conferencing to learners and/or Analysis of Learners’ Products
and/or Tests)
10 minutes Identify the following:
1. The written conversation meant for a play
2. Spontaneous invention and development of drama from within a role
6. Assignment
(Indicate whether it is for Reinforcement and/or Enrichment and/or Enhancement of the day’s lesson and/or Preparation
for a new lesson)
2 minutes Preparation for the next lesson
Go to the stage and familiarize yourself with the parts of our school stage.
7. Wrap-up/ Concluding Activity
3 minutes “Drama is a reflection of life.”