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Logo Design

Corporate Identity
Logo Design
• What is Logo Design ?
• History of Logo (Sign/Mark) Design
• Logo design development Journey
• Think before Logo Design
• Logo Design process
• Why logo need evolution
• Copyright process
• What is Logo Design ?
ŸA logo is not just a mark –
it reflects a business's commercial brand
through the use of shape, fonts, colour, and / or images.

ŸA logo is for inspiring trust, recognition and

attraction for a company or product

ŸA logo is a marketing communication material,

representing your company from your business cards
to promotional brochures, or a nationwide
broadcasted TV commercial.

ŸLogos are the foundation of a company's visual image, a first-rate logo

design is Important. A professionally designed logo is a must for anyone
who has a business or product that they want to promote via any
• History of Logo (Sign/Mark) Design
ŸThe name ‘logo’ may seem to have come into existence only in
recent years but in fact it has been with us all along the record of
human history.

ŸAncient Era

ŸArcheological survey shows that many early Greek and roman

coins bear the monograms or logos of rulers.

ŸThis identity draw had started well

before any systematic written language evolved

ŸThe word logo means a name, symbol or trademark,

which is designed for easy recognition.
• Logo design development journey
ŸThe emergence of the information age changed the face of
logos and logo design.

ŸAs per technology logo design trend chang

ŸNow when we look back to the last 5-10 years

we will see how logo designs have undergone changes in leaps
& bounds. Some of the all time famous logos are:
IBM, BMW, Mc Donalds, Nike, and Mercedes
• Think before Logo Design
ŸA logo must be describable

- Combination (icon plus text )

- Logotype / Wordmark / Lettermark (text or abbreviated text)
- Icon ( symbol / brand mark )

ŸA logo must be memorable

ŸA logo must be effective without colour

ŸA logo must be scalable i.e. effective when just an inch in size

ŸColor & Shape is important in Logo

• Logo Design process
The Design Brief

Research and Brainstorming



Conceptualising & Prototyping


Send to Client for Review


Revise and Add Finishing Touches


Supply Files to Client and Provide Customer Service

• Why logo need evolution

ŸWhen you update or Re-Brand a great product to make it

an even better one

ŸUp to date with Scenario

ŸStand out and be refreshingly from different Competitor

• Tradmark - Register process

ŸApply for registration

ŸProcess of registration

ŸTime period to get registration

TM ®
• What is Corporate Identity
• Concentration of design standard
• Consistency follows
• Corporate Communication Management
• Corporate Identity Guideline Manual
• What is Corporate Identity
Corporate visual identity plays a significant role in the way an
organization presents itself to both internal and external market.
In general terms, a corporate visual identity expresses the
values and ambitions of an organization, its business, and its

ŸThe organisation wants to present itself as clear and

ŸThe organisation wants to symbolise its ethos, its attitudes
and personality.
ŸThe Organisaion wants to differentiate itself & its products
from those of its competitors in the marketplace
• What is Branding
• Name
• Find out the most suitable tool
• What it Takes to build a Brand ?
• Brand Ambassador
• Umbrella Brand
• What is Branding

Brand is the proprietary visual, emotional,

rational, and cultural image that you associate
with a company or a product.

When you think Air-tel, you might think telecommunication. When

you think Amul, you might think of Milk products or
"The test of India." When you think Sony, you might think "Electric
Producs." The fact that you remember the brand name and have
positive associations with that brand makes your product selection
easier and enhances the value and satisfaction you get from the
• Naam me bahot kuch rakka hai...!
A great brand name is one of the most powerful
forces in branding, marketing and advertising. It is at
once the story about what makes you different from
your competitors and the emotional tug that
connects you with your audience.
• What it Takes to build a Brand ?
- Consistency
- Product Performance
- Service Performance
- Advertising
- Identify Customer Touch Points
- Assess the Communication Need
- Measure and Improve
• Brand Ambassador
A brand ambassador a well-connected person
or a celebrity who is used to promote and
advertise a product or service.

A company achieves some clear-cut goals by using a brand

ambassador. It works out in building brand loyalty, as the
consumer may have interest on that particular celebrity.
So when he or she would see that celebrity on an advertisement,
then that person could get motivated to use that product or
service, as a respected person is involved.
• Umbrella Brand
An umbrella brand is a parent brand that appears on
a number of products that may each have separate
brand images.
There is great beauty in simplicity.
That which is simple is close to Truth.

Thank you
Altaf Shaikh - Graphic Designer