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Examples for PLC Programming.

1. When Start PB is pressed, The Output energises. When PB is released,

the output still remains ON till stop button is pressed.

2. When Start PB is pressed, Red and Green lights come ON. Green light
goes off as soon as Push button is released, but Red light remains lit.

3. If one input is ON nothing happens.

If any two inputs are ON, Warning light Lights UP.
If any three lights are ON, Alarm starts.
If all four inputs are ON, Fire warning is generated.

4 If Switch 1 is turned ON, lamp A turns ON, Lamp B turns on after 8 sec’s.
Both lamps turn off if SW 1 is turned OFF.

5. Motor and Lub pump for bearing ON when SW 1 is closed. Lub pump
remains ON even after opening SW 1 to cater for cooling of bearing during
motor coasting.

6. A short output pulse is generated every 1 second.

7 Lamps A, B and C turn on when a switch is closed. B turns off after 8 sec’s
and C turns off after 11 sec’s.

8. Ten sec’s after output A comes ON, output B comes on and remains ON
even if output A goes off within next twenty sec’s. This can be reset only by
RESET instruction.

9. Outputs A and B keep flashing at equal intervals till reset. Interval should
be adjustable by user.

10. When the 4 lights are turned OFF in buildings. An exit door light is to
remain ON for an additional 10 seconds. The parking spot light turn ON
and continues to remain for an additional 3 minutes, after the exit door
light goes OFF.

11. A fan is to come ON 8 second after a switch is turned ON. It is then to run
until 15 seconds after the switch is turned N, which is a net time of 7

12. till the work piece comes under a drill, the belt driven motor is ON. When
the sensor senses the work piece, a clamp will clamp the work piece in
place. Once it has been clamped, a shield moves down after 1 second to
protect the operator. When the shield down sensor is actuated, the drill
motor start to rotate the drill bit after 1 second. Once the drill bit rotates, a
solenoid is actuated which supplies pneumatic control air to force the drill
spindle downward against an upward return sring. When the spindle is
completely down and the drill bit goes through the part to be drilled, a
down limit sensor is actuated. The solenoid is thendeenergised and the
drill returns by means of return up spring.
13. This example can be preformed on the bottling plant simulator module.
The system start switch stars motor M2. the case sensor input is given to a
count up/down down counter. When ten cases have been sensed, the
motor M2 turns OFF.

14. This example is for a timed process that occurs after a certain process
count is reached. After a count of 15 from a sensor, a paint spray is to run
for 25 seconds.

15. A delaying counting period is illustrated in the following example. The

counting is not started until 1 hour after the process starts. After the time
period, the timer done bit closes which enables the counter to start
counting input pulses from the sensor. After a count of 15, the output A
comes ON.

16. This is a ladder diagram scheme for obtaining the product part flow rate.
The timer and counter are enable at the same time. The counter is pulsed
for each part going past its sensor. The counting begins and the timer
starts timing through its 60-second time interval at the same time. At the
end of 60 seconds, the timer-timing bit is reset. Pulses continue but do not
affect the counter. The number of parts for the past minute is recorded as
the counter’s accumulated value.

17. This is an example for one push button control. When the bottom is
pressed for the first time, a motor turned ON and when pressed the
second time, the motor turns OFF. Pressing the start button advances
counter one by one and its done bit is set turning ON the motor. When the
button is pressed a second time, the done bit of the second counter also
resets the two counters so the process can again be repeated.

18. The stacking and banding system requires a spacer to be inserted (sensed
by spacing done sensor) in a stack of panels after 14 sheets are stacked.
After 14 more (28 total), the stack is to be banded which is sensed by
banding done sensor. After banding is completed.
There is a 2 second delay for the bander to pull back. Then a identification
spray color dot is to be applied to the stack. Spray time is 4 seconds.
19. This example can be performed on the bottling plant simulator module.
The filling tank is filled with water for a certain time interval by turning on
the pump and the water tank outlet valve.
The motor M2 runs as long as the present sensor senses bottle. Once the
bottle sensed, the motor stops and the fill outlet valve is open till the bottle
level sensor detects.
20. When the start push button I pressed, the output bit is nergized and the
red light stays ON even if the start