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2015 Bible Bowl 1 Acts 1 - 14

1. Who wrote the Acts of the Apostles? 12. What was set by the Father's authority
Luke that Jesus said the apostles were not to
know? (1:7)
2. What was the author of "Acts of the The times or seasons
Apostles" occupation?
Physician, doctor 13. What would the apostles receive when
the Holy Spirit came? (1:8)
3. What man is the Acts of the Apostles Power
addressed to? (1:1)
Theophilus 14. What did Jesus say the apostles would be
in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the
4. Before he was taken up to heaven, to end of the earth? (1:8)
whom did Jesus give instructions? (1:2) Jesus' witnesses
The apostles
15. What hid Jesus from the apostles' sight as
5. What kind of proofs did Jesus present to He was taken up to heaven? (1:9)
show he was alive? (1:3) A cloud
16. As Jesus was taken up to heaven, how
6. After his resurrection, how many days many men suddenly appeared beside
did Jesus appear to the apostles? (1:3) them? (1:10)
Forty Two

7. After his resurrection and while 17. What were the men wearing who
appearing to the apostles, about what did suddenly appeared as they were looking
Jesus speak? (1:3) up to heaven? (1:10)
The kingdom of God White apparel

8. The apostles were told not to leave what 18. How did the men in white apparel
city until they received the gift from address the apostles? (1:11)
God? (1:4) They call them "Men of Galilee"
19. After Jesus ascended to heaven, to what
9. With what did John baptize? (1:5) city did the apostles go? (1:12)
Water Jerusalem

10. With what/who did Jesus say the apostles 20. How far is Mount Olivet from Jerusalem?
would be baptized in Jerusalem? (1:5) (1:12)
Holy Spirit Sabbath day's journey

11. What kingdom did the apostles ask about 21. Where did the disciples go when they
when they met with Jesus? (1:6) returned to Jerusalem from Mount
Kingdom of Israel Olivet? (1:13)
An upper room
2015 Bible Bowl 2 Acts 1 - 14

22. List eleven disciples who went to 30. How is Judas' reward described? (1:18)
Jerusalem after the ascension? (1:13) Wages of iniquity
Judas the son of James
Matthew and Thomas 31. What was the name of the place in which
James and John Judas died? (1:19)
Simon the Zealot Akel Dama
Philip and Bartholomew
Peter and Andrew 32. What does "Akel Dama" mean? (1:19)
James the son of Alphaeus Field of blood

23. When returning to Jerusalem and going 33. Which Old Testament book tells of Judas'
to the upper room, in what did they dwelling place and his office being taken
continued with one accord? (1:14) by another? (1:20)
Prayer and supplication Psalms

24. Who was also with the disciples in the 34. What must a new apostle have
upper room in Jerusalem? (1:14) witnessed? (1:22)
Mary the mother of Jesus Baptism of John until Jesus was taken
Jesus' brothers up (ascended) and they must also have
Women witnessed His resurrection.

25. How many disciples were in Jerusalem 35. What two men were chosen from to
after the ascension? (1:15) replace Judas? (1:23)
120 Joseph and Matthias

26. Who stood up in the midst of the 36. What was Joseph called? (1:23)
disciples and spoke after they had Barsabas
returned to Jerusalem from Mount
Olivet? (1:15) 37. What was Joseph's surname? (1:23)
Peter Justus

27. Who prophesied concerning Judas long 38. What did they do before choosing a new
before? (1:16) apostle? (1:24)
David Prayed

28. Who was "a guide" to those that took 39. How did they choose Judas' replacement?
Jesus? (1:16) (1:26)
Judas They cast lots

29. What did the betrayer of Jesus buy with 40. Who took Judas' place as one of the
his reward? (1:18) twelve apostles? (1:26)
A field Matthias
2015 Bible Bowl 3 Acts 1 - 14

41. On what day did the apostles receive the 49. What were the four immediate reactions
Holy Spirit in Jerusalem? (2:1) to the apostles speaking in tongues?
Pentecost (2:13)
42. What was the sound from heaven like Perplexed
that filled the whole house where they Mocking
were sitting? (2:2) Questioning
A rushing mighty wind
50. With what did the mockers say the
43. What appeared to the apostles like fire apostles were filled? (2:13)
and sat upon each? (2:3) New wine
Divided tongues
51. Which apostle first stood to preach on the
44. As the apostles were filled with the day of Pentecost? (2:14)
Spirit, with what did they speak? (2:4) Peter
Other tongues
52. In which hour did the Jews think the
45. Who was in Jerusalem on the day of apostles were drunk? (2:15)
Pentecost? (2:5) Third
Jews from every nation
53. Which prophet was first quoted in the
46. As the apostles spoke, how did the crowd first sermon on Pentecost? (2:16)
understand the words since they were Joel
from different countries and spoke many
different languages? (2:6) 54. When did the prophet say the Spirit
Every man heard them speak in his would be poured upon all flesh? (2:17)
own language In the last days

47. The people knew that the apostles were 55. When the Spirit was poured out upon all
of what country? (2:7) flesh, what would their sons and
Galilee daughters do? What would their young
men do? What would their old men do?
48. List the 16 countries represented on the (2:17)
day of Pentecost. (2:9-11) The sons and daughters would
Media, Asia, Cyrene prophesy, and the young men would
Cappadocia, Libya see visions, and the old men would
Mesopotamia, Pamphylia, Crete dream dreams.
Elam, Phrygia, Rome
Parthia, Pontus 56. What did the prophet say the Lord's
Judea, Egypt, Arabia servants and handmaidens would do in
the days his Spirit was poured out? (2:18)
2015 Bible Bowl 4 Acts 1 - 14

57. What were the three signs in heaven and 68. About what patriarch did Peter speak?
earth that would be shown? (2:19) (2:29)
Blood David
Vapor of smoke
Fire 69. Peter said that their patriarch, David, was
dead, buried, and his ______ was still
58. What would the sun be turned into before with them. (2:29)
the great and awesome day of the Lord? Tomb
Darkness 70. What is a tomb? (2:29)
Grave; burying place
59. What would the moon be turned into
before the great and awesome day of the 71. Who would be raised up to sit on David's
Lord? (2:20) throne? (2:30)
Blood Christ

60. "Whoever calls on the name of the Lord 72. Did David speak about the resurrection of
shall be ______." (2:21) Christ? (2:31)
Saved Yes

61. The Jews were called "men of ______." 73. Of what did Peter say, "We all are
(2:22) witnesses"? (2:32)
Israel That God raised up Jesus

62. Jesus was from which town? (2:22) 74. In relation to God, where is Jesus
Nazareth exalted? (2:33)
By the right hand of God
63. What three things did God do through
Jesus, which should have proved to them 75. Who did Peter say did NOT ascend into
who He was? (2:22) the heavens? (2:34)
Miracles, wonders, signs David

64. How did the Jews kill Jesus? (2:23) 76. What would the Lord make Jesus'
Crucifixion enemies? (2:35)
His footstool
65. Who raised Jesus from the dead? (2:24)
God 77. "Therefore let all the ______ of Israel
know assuredly, that God has made this
66. What Old Testament man wrote: "I ______, whom you ______, both Lord
foresaw the Lord always before my face, and Christ." (2:36)
for he is at my right hand, that I may not House, Jesus, crucified
be shaken." (2:25)
David 78. How did the Jews react to the first Gospel
sermon? (2:37)
67. What is a "patriarch"? (2:29) Cut to the heart
Father; a founder or head of a group
of people
2015 Bible Bowl 5 Acts 1 - 14

79. What question was posed to Peter and the 86. How many were baptized on the day of
rest of the apostles? (2:37) Pentecost after the first Gospel sermon?
"Men and Brethren, what shall we (2:41)
do?" About 3,000

80. What two things did Peter tell them to 87. What were the four things that the first
do? (2:38) Christians continued in daily? (2:42)
Repent and be baptized Fellowship
The apostles' doctrine
81. Why were the people to be baptized? Prayers
(2:38) Breaking of bread
For the remission of sins
88. What things were done by the apostles
82. What were they to receive if they obeyed after the first gospel sermon and the
God? (2:38) responses it received? (2:43)
The gift of the Holy Spirit Many wonders and signs

83. Who is the promise for that Peter spoke 89. What did the first Christians sell? (2:45)
of? (2:39) Their possessions and goods
The Jews, their children, those who are
afar off that the Lord would call 90. Where did the first Christians meet daily?
84. What is the meaning of "exhort"? (2:40) The temple
To urge or advise strongly
91. Where did the first Christians break bread
85. How is their generation described by (eat)? (2:46)
Peter? (2:40) From house to house
92. To what did the Lord add those who were
saved? (2:47)
The church

93. What two apostles went to the temple at 96. How long had this man at the gate had his
the ninth hour? (3:1) physical problem? (3:2)
Peter and John From his mother's womb

94. The ninth hour was also the hour of 97. What was the name of the gate by which
______. (3:1) the man was laid every day? (3:2)
Prayer Beautiful

95. Who was laid daily at the gate of the 98. What did the man at the temple gate do
temple? (3:2) every day? (3:2)
A lame man Asked alms from those entering the
2015 Bible Bowl 6 Acts 1 - 14

99. What are "alms"? (3:2) (from Nelson's 109. Peter spoke of the "God of Abraham, and
Bible Dictionary) of Isaac, and of ______, the God of our
Money given out of mercy for the poor fathers," (3:13)
100. What did Peter first tell the man at the
temple gate to do? (3:4) 110. Peter spoke of which Roman procurator
"Look at us." that sentenced Jesus to be crucified?
101. Why did the man at the temple gate pay Pilate
attention to Peter and John? (3:5)
He expected to receive something from 111. While speaking to the Jews in the porch
them of the temple, Peter referred to Jesus in
what three ways? (3:14-15)
102. What two items did Peter say he did NOT Just
have? (3:6) Prince of life
Silver Holy One
112. Define the word "ignorance." (3:17)
103. What did Peter tell the man at the temple Not knowing
gate to do in the name of Jesus Christ of
Nazareth? (3:6) 113. What would be blotted out if the people
Rise up and walk would repent and be converted? (3:19)
Their sins
104. What was the reaction of those who
realized that the man at the temple gate 114. Who would heaven receive until "the
had been healed? (3:10) times of restoration"? (3:20-21)
They were filled with wonder and Jesus Christ
115. What will happen to every soul that does
105. Peter took the man by what part of his not hear the prophet of which Moses
body lifting him up? (3:7) spoke? (3:22-23)
Right hand They shall be utterly destroyed from
among the people
106. What part of the man's body received
strength? (3:7) 116. About what prophet did Peter speak in
Feet and ankle bones the porch of the temple? (3:24)
107. The healed man entered the temple doing
what three things? (3:8) 117. To whom did God say, "And in your seed
Walking all the families of the earth shall be
Praising God blessed"? (3:25)
Leaping Abraham

108. After healing the man at the temple gate,

the people ran to Peter and John at which
porch? (3:11)
2015 Bible Bowl 7 Acts 1 - 14

118. With the priests and Sadducees, what 129. It was clear to the Sanhedrin that Peter
captain came upon Peter and John as they and John had been with whom? (4:13)
spoke to the people? (4:1) Jesus
Captain of the temple
130. How did the Sanhedrin deny the miracle
119. How long were Peter and John put in jail Peter and John had performed in healing
for speaking about Jesus and his the man at the temple gate? (4:14)
resurrection from the dead? (4:3) They did not
Until the next day
131. What did the Sanhedrin say they could
120. How many men heard and believed the NOT do about the miracle Peter and John
word Peter and John taught? (4:4) performed? (4:16)
About 5,000 Deny it

121. Who was the high priest that dealt with 132. What command did the Sanhedrin give to
Peter and John in Acts 4? (4:6) Peter and John concerning preaching and
Annas teaching in the name of Jesus? (4:18)
Not to speak at all or teach in the name
122. What question did the rulers, elders, of Jesus
scribes, Annas and others pose to Peter
and John? (4:7) 133. Peter said that he and John could not help
"By what power, or by what name, speaking about what things? (4:20)
have ye done this?" What they had seen and heard

123. With what/who was Peter filled? (4:8) 134. Over how old was the man that Peter and
The Holy Spirit John healed at the temple gate? (4:22)
40 years
124. Peter compared Jesus Christ to what item
that builders use? (4:11) 135. When the people heard from Peter and
A stone John about what the Sanhedrin had told
them, what did they do? (4:24)
125. What did the rejected stone become Raised their voice to God
according to Peter? (4:11)
Chief cornerstone 136. What four people or groups of people
gathered against Jesus? (4:27)
126. By whose name are we saved? (4:12) Gentiles
Jesus' Pontius Pilate
People of Israel
127. What is the meaning of "boldness"? Herod
Bravery, confidence 137. Who is the "holy Servant"? (4:30)
128. How intelligent did Peter and John
appear in the eyes of the Sanhedrin?
Uneducated and untrained
2015 Bible Bowl 8 Acts 1 - 14

138. After the assembly had prayed, what 141. After selling property and homes, where
happened to the place in which they were did the people lay the money? (4:35)
assembled? (4:31) At the apostles' feet
It shook
142. What was Barnabas' other name? (4:36)
139. With what/who were the people filled Joses
after they prayed to God? (4:31)
The Holy Spirit 143. What is the meaning of the name
Barnabas? (4:36)
140. "And the multitude of those who believed Son of encouragement
were of one ______ and one ______:
neither did anyone say that any of the 144. Of what tribe was Barnabas? (4:36)
things he possessed was his own; but they Levi
had all things ______." (4:32)
heart, soul, in common 145. From what country was Barnabas? (4:36)

146. What husband and wife sold a 153. What was the reaction to Ananias' death
possession? (5:1) of all who heard about it? (5:5)
Ananias and Sapphira Great fear came on them

147. Did Ananias and Sapphira give all the 154. Who wrapped Ananias up, carried him
money to the apostles? (5:2) out and buried him? (5:6)
No Young men

148. Where did the couple lay the money they 155. How long was it before Sapphira came
gave to the apostles? (5:2) in? (5:7)
At the apostles' feet About three hours

149. Which apostle talked to Ananias? (5:3) 156. Was Sapphira aware that her husband
Peter was dead when she arrived? (5:7)
150. Who had filled Ananias' heart? (5:3)
Satan 157. Did Ananias' wife actually lie? (5:8)
151. To whom did Ananias lie? (5:3-4)
Holy Spirit and God 158. What happened to Sapphira? (5:10)
She also died
152. After Ananias was confronted about what
he had done, what happened to him? 159. In which porch were the people together?
(5:5) (5:12)
He fell down and died Solomon's
2015 Bible Bowl 9 Acts 1 - 14

160. Who were people bringing to the 172. What did the apostles do in the temple?
apostles? (5:15) (5:21)
The sick Taught

161. What were those brought to the apostles 173. Who brought the apostles to the High
on the streets laid on? (5:15) Priest and others after they were let free
Beds and couches from prison? (5:26)
Captain with the officers
162. What of Peter's did the sick want to fall
on them? (5:15) 174. Were the apostles treated in a violent
His shadow manner as they were brought before the
Jewish council? (5:26)
163. Where did the people brought to the No
apostles come from? (5:16)
Jerusalem and cities around Jerusalem 175. Why were the apostles treated in a gentle
manner? (5:26)
164. What two types of people were healed? The Captain and officers feared the
(5:16) people, that they might be stoned
Sick and those tormented by unclean
spirits 176. Who spoke to the apostles as they were
before the Jewish council? (5:27)
165. Who rose up and was filled with The high priest
indignation? (5:17)
The High Priest and those with him 177. Who should the Jewish council obey
rather than men? (5:29)
166. Of what sect was the High Priest? (5:17) God
178. Who murdered Jesus by hanging him on
167. What is the meaning of the term a tree? (5:30)
"indignation"? (5:17) The Jews
Anger or jealousy
179. What is repentance? (5:31)
168. Where did the High Priest and his people To turn (as in turn away from sin and
place the apostles? (5:18) toward God)
180. What did the people plot to do with the
169. Who opened the doors of the prison to let apostles after hearing Peter speak about
the apostles free? (5:19) Jesus? (5:33)
An angel of the Lord They plotted to kill them

170. Where did the person opening the prison 181. What Pharisee stood before the council
door tell the apostles to go? (5:20) and warned them about killing the
The temple apostles? (5:34)
Gamaliel, a teacher of the law
171. What time did the apostles enter the
temple after escaping from prison? (5:21) 182. What man had come, boasting of himself,
Early in the morning with 400 followers and was killed leaving
his followers without a leader? (5:36)
2015 Bible Bowl 10 Acts 1 - 14

183. What man came in the days of the census 188. What command did the council give to
and had many followers, but after he the apostles before releasing them? (5:40)
died, his followers dispersed? (5:37) That they should not speak in the name
Judas of Galilee of Jesus

184. What did Gamaliel tell the council would 189. Why did the apostles rejoice after they
happen if the apostles were doing the were released by the council? (5:41)
work of men? (5:38) Because they were counted worthy to
Their work would come to nothing suffer shame for His name

185. What could the council do if the apostles 190. Did the apostles follow the command by
were doing the work of God? (5:39) the council? (5:42)
Nothing, they couldn't overthrow it No

186. What was the reaction of the council to 191. What places did the apostles teach and
Gamaliel's argument? (5:40) preach Christ? (5:42)
They agreed with him In the temple and in every house

187. What did the council do to the apostles

after Gamaliel spoke and before they set
them free? (5:40)
Beat them

192. What widows were neglected in the 196. How many men were the brethren to look
ministry of the early church? (6:1) for in taking care of the widows? (6:3)
Hellenist (Greek speaking Jews) Seven

193. Who was murmured against because of 197. What were to be the qualifications of the
the way they were neglecting widows? men appointed to take charge in caring
(6:1) for the widows? (6:3)
The Hebrews Of good reputation, and full of the
Holy Spirit and wisdom
194. Who called the disciples together
concerning the neglect of the widows? 198. List the seven men chosen to see that the
(6:2) widows were taken care of: (6:5)
The twelve Nicolas
195. What job did those who called the Nicanor
disciples together concerning the neglect Stephen
of the widows ask if they were to leave Timon
the word of God to do? (6:2) Parmenas
Serve tables Prochorus
2015 Bible Bowl 11 Acts 1 - 14

199. Who was the man full of faith and the 207. Who did some say that Stephen had
Holy Spirit? (6:5) spoken blasphemous words against?
Stephen (6:11)
Moses and God
200. Who was the proselyte of Antioch? (6:5)
Nicolas 208. What is blasphemy? (6:11)
Disrespect; desecrate
201. When the men were chosen by the
brethren to take care of the widows, what 209. Who was stirred up against Stephen?
did the apostles do in appointing them? (6:12)
(6:6) People
Prayed, laid hands on them Elders
202. Where did the word of God increase and
the number of disciples multiply? (6:7) 210. After some were stirred up against
Jerusalem Stephen, to whom was he taken? (6:12)
The council
203. "A great many of the ______ were
obedient to the faith?" (6:7) 211. What kind of witness was set up against
Priests Stephen? (6:13)
204. Who had a dispute with Stephen over his
teaching and preaching? (6:9) 212. Against what two things did witnesses
Those from Asia say Stephen had blasphemed against?
Alexandrians (6:13)
Cyrenians Holy place and Law
Those from Cilicia
213. Who did Stephen say would destroy the
205. From what synagogue where those who holy place of the Jews? (6:14)
argued with Stephen? (6:9) Jesus of Nazareth
Synagogue of the Freedmen
214. Who delivered the customs that would be
206. What were those who had a dispute with changed by Jesus of Nazareth? (6:14)
Stephen not able to resist? (6:10) Moses
The wisdom and the spirit by which he
spoke 215. When the council looked at Stephen,
what did his face look like? (6:15)
The face of an angel
2015 Bible Bowl 12 Acts 1 - 14

216. Who was often referred to as the father of 227. Who was Abraham's grandson? (7:8)
the Jews? (7:2) Jacob
228. How many children did Abraham's
217. Before the father of the Jews lived in grandson have? (7:8)
Haran, where did he live? (7:2) Twelve
229. Jacob's sons were described in what way?
218. When God spoke to the father of the (7:8)
Jews, where was he told to get out of? Twelve patriarchs
His country 230. Who was sold into Egypt as a slave by
his brothers? (7:9)
219. When God spoke to him, the father of the Joseph
Jews lived in "the land of the ______."
(7:4) 231. What moved the patriarchs to sell their
Chaldeans brother into Egypt? (7:9)
220. How much inheritance did Abraham
receive? (7:5) 232. Who was the king of Egypt when Joseph
None was there? (7:10)
221. How many children did Abraham have
when God promised the land to him? 233. What position did Joseph receive in
(7:5) Egypt? (7:10)
None Governor over Egypt and pharaoh's
222. In what land would Abraham's
descendants dwell? (7:6) 234. What came over the land of Egypt in the
A foreign land time of Joseph? (7:11)
Famine and great trouble
223. How long would Abraham's descendants
be in bondage? (7:6) 235. Over what lands did the famine fall?
400 years (7:11)
224. What covenant did God give to Canaan
Abraham? (7:8)
Covenant of circumcision 236. What was there a lack of when the famine
came? (7:11)
225. Who was Abraham's promised son? (7:8) Sustenance (food)
237. What did Jacob send his sons to get in
226. On what day did Abraham circumcise his Egypt? (7:12)
son? (7:8) Grain
Eighth day
2015 Bible Bowl 13 Acts 1 - 14

238. How many times did Jacob's sons go to 249. How old was Moses when he went to
Egypt before they learned of Joseph's visit his brethren the children of Israel
identity? (7:13) and then saw one suffering wrongfully?
Two (7:23-24)
40 years old
239. How many in Jacob's family moved to
the land of Egypt? (7:14) 250. What did Moses do to the Egyptian who
75 was oppressing a fellow Hebrew? (7:24)
Killed him
240. In what land did Jacob die? (7:15)
Egypt 251. Did the children of Israel then understand
that Moses would lead them out of
241. In what land was Jacob buried? (7:16) Egyptian bondage? (7:25)
Shechem No

242. Who bought the tomb in which Jacob was 252. When Moses came upon to Israelites
buried? (7:16) fighting, what did he try to do? (7:26)
Abraham Reconcile them

243. From whom was the tomb bought that 253. What man spoke angrily against Moses?
Jacob was buried in? (7:16) (7:27)
Sons of Hamor, father of Shechem That Israelite who did wrong to his
244. When a king arose in Egypt who did not
know Joseph, what did he force the 254. What question did the Israelite ask Moses
people of God to do to their young when he tried to reconcile them? (7:28)
children? (7:19) "Do you want to kill me as you did the
They were exposed so they would die Egyptian yesterday?"

245. What child was born and was "well 255. Into what land did Moses flee? (7:29)
pleasing" to God? (7:20) Midian
256. After fleeing Egypt, how many sons did
246. How long was this child reared in his Moses have? (7:29)
father's house? (7:20) Two
Three months
257. After how many years did the angel
247. Who took this child in and nourished him appear to Moses in a flame of fire in a
as her own son? (7:21) bush? (7:30)
Pharaoh's daughter 40

248. "Moses was learned in all the ______ of 258. Upon which mountain did the angel of
the Egyptians, and was mighty in ______ the Lord first appear to Moses? (7:30)
and in ______." (7:22) Sinai
Wisdom, words, deeds
259. In what did the angel first appear to
Moses as a flame of fire? (7:30)
A bush
2015 Bible Bowl 14 Acts 1 - 14

260. Whose voice came from within the object 271. What kind of idol did the people make
the angel of flame appeared? (7:31) while in the wilderness? (7:41)
The Lord's A calf

261. What was Moses' first response to the 272. What did God give the people in the
voice? (7:32) wilderness up to worship? (7:42)
He trembled and dared not look The host of heaven

262. What did the Lord tell Moses to take off 273. Stephen quotes Amos and mentions what
as he stood before Him? (7:33) specific tabernacle? (7:43)
His sandals Tabernacle of Moloch

263. Why was Moses to take off these articles 274. What star did Stephen mention? (7:43)
of clothing for God? (7:33) The star of the god Remphan
The place he was standing was holy
ground 275. Where would the people of God be
carried beyond, according to Stephen?
264. Who did the Lord say were afflicted and (7:43)
were groaning? (7:34) Babylon
His people in Egypt
276. What tabernacle did the "fathers" have in
265. What man did the Lord first want to send the wilderness? (7:44)
to deliver His people from Egyptian Tabernacle of witness
bondage? (7:34)
Moses 277. Who "found favor before God, and asked
to find a dwelling for the God of Jacob?"
266. How long were the children of Israel (7:46)
wandering in the wilderness? (7:36) David
40 years
278. Who built a house for the Lord? (7:47)
267. Who was the prophet that Moses spoke of Solomon
that would come from the people and
they would hear? (7:37) 279. In what kind of temple does the Lord
Jesus NOT dwell? (7:48)
Temples made with hands
268. What is an "oracle" as found in Acts
7:38? 280. "Heaven is My ______, and earth is My
An utterance of God ______: what house will you build for
me? says the Lord: Or what is the place
269. While in the wilderness, to what place of my rest?" (7:49)
did the people turn in their hearts? (7:39) Throne, footstool
281. In what two ways were the people
270. While in the wilderness, what man did described in 7:51?
the people of God turn to when unsure of Stiff-necked, uncircumcised in heart
what happened to Moses? (7:40) and ears
2015 Bible Bowl 15 Acts 1 - 14

282. Who did Stephen's listeners resist just 288. What punishment did the people give to
like their fathers? (7:51) Stephen? (7:58)
The Holy Spirit Stoned him

283. Who does the "Just One" refer to? (7:52) 289. Where did the punishment Stephen
Jesus Christ received happen? (7:58)
Out of the city
284. What was received by the direction of
angels? (7:53) 290. At what young man's feet were the
The law of Moses people's clothes laid while Stephen was
being punished? (7:58)
285. After Stephen spoke, what response did Saul's
he receive? (7:54)
They were cut to the heart, and 291. What was the last statement Stephen
gnashed at him with their teeth made? (7:60)
"Lord, do not charge them with this
286. Who did Stephen see as he was filled sin."
with the Holy Spirit and as he looked up
into heaven? (7:55) 292. After Stephen's last statement to God,
The glory of God and Jesus what happened? (7:60)
He fell asleep
287. Where was Jesus standing when Stephen
saw him? (7:55)
The right hand of God

293. What did the Christians have to do 297. Where were some Christians put after
because of the persecution against the being dragged off from their homes?
church at Jerusalem? (8:1) (8:3)
Scatter throughout the region Prison

294. Through what regions did the Christians 298. What did those who were scattered do?
go? (8:1) (8:4)
Judea and Samaria Went everywhere preaching the word

295. Where did the apostles go when the 299. Who went to the city of Samaria and
church scattered? (8:1) preached Christ in Acts 8? (8:5)
They stayed in Jerusalem Philip

296. Who made havoc of the church after 300. What was the response of the people in
Stephen's death? (8:3) Samaria to the gospel? (8:6)
Saul They gave heed to it
2015 Bible Bowl 16 Acts 1 - 14

301. What miracles did Philip perform in 311. "For I see that you are ______ by
Samaria? (8:7) bitterness and bound by ______." (8:23)
Healed the lame Poisoned, iniquity
Drove out unclean spirits
Healed those who were paralyzed 312. What did Simon ask Peter to do for him
after being told to repent and seek
302. What was the general reaction in the city forgiveness? (8:24)
when Philip went there? (8:8) Pray to the Lord for him
There was great joy
313. When Peter and John returned to
303. What man in Samaria used sorcery, Jerusalem, in what villages did they
astonished the people, and claimed he preach the gospel? (8:25)
was someone great? (8:9) Villages of the Samaritans
314. Where did the angel tell Philip to go after
304. Of whom was it stated, "This is the great preaching in Samaria? (8:26)
power of God"? (It was a false statement) Gaza
Simon 315. How is the place Philip was told to go
after Samaria described? (8:26)
305. What was the sorcerer's response to the Desert
gospel message? (8:13)
He believed and was baptized 316. From what country was the man Philip
met as he traveled from Samaria? (8:27)
306. What two apostles were sent to Samaria Ethiopia
after the apostles heard of the great
response to the Word of God? (8:14) 317. How is the man Philip met described?
Peter and John (8:27)
Eunuch of great authority
307. How did the believers receive the Holy
Spirit? (8:17) 318. Under what queen's authority was the
The apostles laid their hands on them man Philip met? (8:27)
Candace, queen of Ethiopia
308. What did Simon offer the apostles for the
Holy Spirit and the ability to give the 319. What was the man Philip met in charge
power of the Holy Spirit to others? (8:18- of in his country? (8:27)
19) The queen's treasury
320. Where had the man Philip met been and
309. What apostle told Simon the power of the what was his reason for being there?
Holy Spirit could not be bought? (8:20) (8:27)
Peter Jerusalem to worship

310. What part of Simon was not right in the 321. From what prophet was the man Philip
sight of God? (8:21) met reading? (8:28)
His heart Isaiah
2015 Bible Bowl 17 Acts 1 - 14

322. About what animal was the man reading 326. Who went down into the water when the
when Philip approached him? (8:32) man was baptized? (8:38)
Sheep Philip and the eunuch

323. About whom did Philip immediately 327. What happened to Philip after the man
began teaching the man? (8:35) was baptized? (8:39)
Jesus The Spirit of the Lord caught him
324. "Now as they went down the road, they
came to some ______. And the ______ 328. What was the man's frame of mind as he
said, 'See, here is ______. What hinders went on his way? (8:39)
me from being ______?'" (8:36) He was rejoicing
Water; eunuch; water; baptized
329. Where was Philip found after the
325. What did the eunuch say he believed? conversion of the man in Acts 8? (8:40)
(8:37) Azotus
That Jesus Christ is the Son of God
330. Philip preached to all the cities until he
came to what city? (8:40)

331. What man breathed out threats and 336. What was Saul's immediate reaction to
murder against the disciples? (9:1) what he saw on the road to Damascus?
Saul (9:4)
He fell to the ground
332. To what synagogues did the high priest
write letters about the disciples? (9:2) 337. What question did Saul first hear from
Damascus Lord on the road to Damascus? (9:4)
"Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting
333. According to the letters of the high priest, me?"
if any disciples were found, to what city
could they be taken as prisoners? (9:2) 338. Who was speaking to Saul on the road to
Jerusalem Damascus? (9:5)
334. How were the disciples described in Acts
9:2? 339. After Saul asked the Lord what to do,
The Way what answer did he receive? (9:6)
"Arise and go into the city, and you
335. While on the road to Damascus, what did will be told what you must do."
Saul see? (9:3)
A light from heaven 340. What did Saul's men see? (9:7)

341. What did Saul's men hear? (9:7)

A voice
2015 Bible Bowl 18 Acts 1 - 14

342. What did Saul's men say? (9:7) 353. After being healed, what did Saul do?
Nothing, they stood there speechless (9:18)
He was baptized
343. What handicap did Saul have when he
arose from the ground? (9:8) 354. After his conversion, what did Saul do in
He was blind the synagogues? (9:20)
Preached Christ
344. How long did Saul have this handicap in
the city? (9:9) 355. What was the reaction of many
Three days concerning Saul's conversion? (9:21)
They were amazed
345. To what disciple did the Lord go, telling
him to go to Saul? (9:10-11) 356. After many days, what did the Jews
Ananias conspire to do to Saul? (9:23)
Kill him
346. What was the name of the street Saul was
staying on? (9:11) 357. How did Saul escape from Damascus and
Straight the plot to kill him? (9:25)
The disciples let him down the wall of
347. In Damascus, whose house was Saul the city in a basket
staying in? (9:11)
Judas' 358. What was the reaction of the disciples
when Saul returned to Jerusalem? (9:26)
348. From what city was Saul? (9:11) They were afraid of him and didn't
Tarsus believe he was a disciple

349. What was Ananias' response to the Lord 359. What man took Saul to the apostles and
after the vision to see Saul? (9:13) explained what had happened? (9:27)
He said he had heard of the harm Saul Barnabas
had done to the saints in Jerusalem
360. With what people did Saul dispute in
350. Saul was a "chosen vessel" to eventually Jerusalem? (9:29)
preach the gospel to what people? (9:15) Hellenists
Gentiles 361. After learning of the plan to kill Saul, to
Children of Israel what two places did the disciples send
him? (9:30)
351. How did Ananias heal Saul's handicap? To Caesarea and to Tarsus
Put his hands on him and told him that 362. The churches throughout what three areas
Jesus had sent him so he might receive were edified and multiplied? (9:31)
his sight and be filled with the Holy Galilee
Spirit Judea
352. What fell from Saul's eyes after Ananias
healed him? (9:18) 363. Peter, after traveling through the country,
Something like scales visited saints in what town? (9:32)
2015 Bible Bowl 19 Acts 1 - 14

364. What was the name of the man with palsy 370. Where was Peter when this bad thing
that Peter healed? (9:33) happened to the woman in Joppa? (9:38)
Aeneas Lydda

365. How long had this man been bedridden 371. When Peter arrived to see the woman in
and paralyzed? (9:33) Joppa, who was weeping and showing the
Eight years tunics and garments she had made?
366. From what two towns were the people Widows
who turned to the Lord after seeing the
healing of the paralyzed man by Peter? 372. What did Peter do for the woman at
(9:35) Joppa? (9:40)
Lydda and Sharon Knelt down
367. In Joppa, what was the name of the He raised her from the dead
woman full of good works and charitable
deeds? (9:36) 373. How did many respond to the miracle
Tabitha that Peter performed in Joppa? (9:42)
Many believed on the Lord
368. By translation, what was the woman in
Joppa's name? (9:36) 374. With whom did Peter stay in Joppa for
Dorcas many days? (9:43)
Simon, a tanner
369. What happened to this good woman in
Joppa? (9:37)
She became sick and died

375. Where did Cornelius live? (10:1) 379. What did Cornelius see about the ninth
Caesarea hour one day? (10:3)
He saw a vision
376. What the occupation of Cornelius? (10:1)
Centurion 380. Who came to Cornelius about the ninth
hour one day? (10:3)
377. What was Cornelius' regiment called? An angel of God
The Italian Regiment 381. To what town was Cornelius to send
men? (10:5)
378. Cornelius was "a ______ man and one Joppa
who feared God with all his ______, who
gave ______ generously to the people, 382. Who were Cornelius' men to look for and
and ______ to God always." (10:2) call for? (10:5)
Devout, Household, Alms, Prayed Simon whose surname is Peter
2015 Bible Bowl 20 Acts 1 - 14

383. The man Cornelius' men were to look for 394. Who told Peter that three men were
was staying at Simon the tanner's house, looking for him? (10:19)
by what geographical location? (10:6) The Spirit
The sea
395. What was Peter to do in response to those
384. Where did Peter go to pray about the looking for him? (10:20)
sixth hour? (10:9) Go with them
The housetop
396. How long was it before Peter went with
385. What physical need did Peter have at the those searching for him? (10:23)
time he went to pray? (10:10) The next day
He was very hungry
397. Did Peter go alone with those who had
386. What did Peter fall into while he was been looking for him? (10:23)
praying about the sixth hour? (10:10) No, some brethren from Joppa
He fell into a trance accompanied them

387. What was the object likened to that was 398. Who was with Cornelius when Peter
descending from heaven that Peter saw? came to him? (10:24)
(10:11) His relatives and close friends
A great sheet bound at the four corners
399. When Peter came in to see Cornelius,
388. What was in this object that Peter saw? what was Cornelius' response? (10:25)
(10:12) He fell down at his feet and worshiped
Wild beasts him
Birds of the air
Four-footed animals 400. What did Peter do in response to
Creeping things Cornelius' action toward him? (10:26)
He told him to stand up, and said, "I
389. What did the voice say to Peter? (10:13) myself am also a man."
"Rise, Peter; kill and eat."
401. What did Peter tell Cornelius was an
390. What had Peter never eaten up to the time unlawful thing for a Jew to do? (10:28)
he saw this object descending from Keep company with or go to one of
heaven? (10:14) another nation
Common or unclean things
402. How long had it been between the time
391. How many times did Peter see this object Peter visited Cornelius and the time
descending? (10:16) Cornelius had his vision? (10:30)
Three Four days

392. Did Peter understand everything he saw 403. What kind of clothes did the man who
and heard while in a trance? (10:17) appeared to Cornelius have? (10:30)
No, he did not understand it all Bright

393. Who came looking for Peter while he was 404. The first thing Peter told Cornelius is, "In
in a trance? (10:17) truth I perceive that God shows no
The three men sent from Cornelius ______." (10:34)
2015 Bible Bowl 21 Acts 1 - 14

405. In which nations would God accept those 411. While Peter was speaking to Cornelius
who fear him and work righteousness, and the others, what/who fell on all that
according to Peter? (10:35) heard the word? (10:44)
Every nation The Holy Spirit

406. About what baptism did Peter first speak 412. Why were the Jewish men who came
to Cornelius? (10:37) with Peter astonished after Peter had
John's taught the gospel to Cornelius and
others? (10:45)
407. By whom were the people oppressed that Because the Holy Spirit was poured
Jesus healed? (10:38) out on the Gentiles also
The devil
413. With what did the Jews who came with
408. After Jesus was crucified, on which day Peter hear the Gentiles speak? (10:46)
did God raise him? (10:40) Tongues
The third day
414. What was the final thing that Peter told
409. Jesus was ordained of God to be the Cornelius and the others who believed to
Judge of who? (10:42) do? (10:48)
The living and the dead Be baptized in the name of the Lord

410. What is the meaning of the term 415. What did Cornelius and the other
"remission"? (10:43) Gentiles who obeyed the gospel ask Peter
Forgiveness to do? (10:48)
Stay with them a few days

416. What country were the apostles in when 420. With what did John baptize? (11:16)
they heard of the Gentiles receiving the Water
word of God? (11:1)
Judea 421. With what/who were Cornelius and
others baptized? (11:16)
417. When Peter returned to Jerusalem, what The Holy Spirit
response did he get from the Jews for
converting Gentiles? (11:2) 422. After Peter had told his story of Cornelius
They contended with him to the Jews in Jerusalem, what response
did he receive? (11:18)
418. What specific thing did Peter do with the They held their peace and glorified
Gentiles (besides going to them) that the God
Jews were very upset over? (11:3)
He ate with them 423. Those who were scattered after the
persecution started went as far as what
419. How many brethren accompanied Peter three places? (11:19)
when he went to visit Cornelius? (11:12) Antioch
Six Cyprus
2015 Bible Bowl 22 Acts 1 - 14

424. To whom did those scattered after 429. "...And the disciples were first called
Stephen was killed, preached the word? ______ in Antioch." (11:26)
(11:19) Christians
The Jews only
430. What prophet came to Antioch and said
425. What group in Antioch was taught the there would be a great famine throughout
word of God and believed? (11:20-21) the world? (11:27-28)
Hellenists Agabus

426. Who did the Jerusalem church send to 431. In what ruler's days did this great famine
Antioch after they heard of the great come? (11:28)
response the gospel was receiving? Claudius Caesar
Barnabas 432. What did the disciples decide to send to
Judea during the great famine? (11:29)
427. The man sent to Antioch by the Relief
Jerusalem church left and went to what
city in search of Saul? (11:25) 433. To what group of men was the help sent
Tarsus in Judea? (11:30)
The elders
428. How long did Saul and the man sent from
Jerusalem stay in Antioch? (11:26) 434. By whose hands was the help sent to
A whole year Judea? (11:30)
Barnabas and Saul

435. What king stretched his hands to harass 440. How many men were delivered to keep
the church? (12:1) Peter in prison? (12:3)
Herod Four squads of soldiers

436. Who did this king kill that harassed the 441. What did the king intend to do to Peter
church? (12:2) eventually? (12:4)
James Bring him before the people after
437. Who was the brother of the man killed by
the king? (12:2) 442. While Peter was in prison, what did the
John church do for him? (12:5)
Constantly prayed
438. By what means was the man killed by the
king? (12:2) 443. In what condition did Peter sleep in
Sword prison? (12:6)
Between two soldiers and bound with
439. When was Peter taken prisoner by this two chains and there were guards at
evil king? (12:3) the door of the prison
The Days of Unleavened Bread
2015 Bible Bowl 23 Acts 1 - 14

444. Who came to get Peter out of prison one 454. When the people in the house saw Peter,
night? (12:7) how was their reaction described? (12:16)
An angel of the Lord They were astonished

445. What happened to the chains on Peter's 455. Did Peter stay at the house he first went
hands? (12:7) to? (12:17)
They fell off No, he went into another place

446. What did Peter think was happening as he 456. When Herod learned that Peter had
escaped from prison? (12:9) escaped, what was the punishment for the
He thought he was seeing a vision soldiers who let him get away? (12:19)
447. What kind of gate led to the city where
Peter was going? (12:10) 457. Where did Herod go after Peter's escape?
Iron (12:19)
From Judea to Caesarea
448. To what woman's house did Peter go after
escaping from prison? (12:12) 458. With what people was Herod highly
Mary's displeased? (12:20)
The people Tyre and Sidon
449. Who was the woman's son whose house
Peter went to after escaping from prison? 459. Who was the king's personal aide?
(12:12) (12:20)
John whose surname was Mark Blastus

450. What girl came to the door when Peter 460. After Herod spoke, to whom did the
knocked? (12:13) people compare Herod? (12:22)
Rhoda God

451. After Peter knocked at the door, what did 461. What happened to Herod for not giving
the person came to the door do? (12:14) God the glory? (12:23)
Did not open the door but ran to tell He died
the others that Peter was at the door He was eaten of worms
An angel struck him
452. What did the people think about the girl
when she said it was Peter at the door? 462. Who did Barnabas and Saul take with
(12:15) them when they returned to Antioch from
They thought Rhoda was beside herself Jerusalem? (12:25)
John, whose surname was Mark
453. Who did the people in the house think
was at the door? (12:15)
Peter's angel
2015 Bible Bowl 24 Acts 1 - 14

463. What two groups of people were 474. Who was Saul's father? (13:21)
specifically mentioned as in the church at Kish
Antioch? (13:1)
Prophets and teachers 475. Who was the son of Jesse? (13:22)
464. What two men did the Holy Spirit want
set apart for a specific work? (13:2) 476. Who said the following: "Who do you
Barnabas and Saul think I am? I am not He. But behold,
there comes One after me, the sandals of
465. The two men from Antioch went to whose feet I am not worthy to loose."
Seleucia and sailed to what place? (13:4) (13:25)
Cyprus John the Baptist

466. While in Salamis, where did the men 477. "You will not allow Your Holy One to
from Antioch preach the word of God? see ______." (13:35)
(13:5) Corruption
In the synagogues
478. Could man ever be justified by the law of
467. Who was the sorcerer, false prophet, and Moses? (13:39)
Jew on the isle of Paphos? (13:6) No
479. When the congregation was broken up,
468. Who was the proconsul of the country on who followed Paul and Barnabas to listen
the isle of Paphos? (13:7) to some more of their message? (13:43)
Sergius Paulus Jews and devout proselytes

469. What was Elymas? (13:8) 480. How much of the city came to hear the
A sorcerer word of God on the next Sabbath?
470. What affliction fell upon Elymas for his Almost the whole city
wickedness? (13:11)
Blindness 481. What sinful emotion were the Jews filled
with when they saw the reaction Paul and
471. Who returned to Jerusalem when Paul Barnabas were receiving? (13:45)
and his company went to Perga? (13:13) Envy
John Mark
482. To whom did Paul and Barnabas preach,
472. After leaving from Perga, to what town since the Jews rejected the message?
did Paul and his company go? (13:14) (13:46)
Antioch in Pisidia Gentiles

473. Who spoke to the men in the synagogue 483. Among what two groups did the Jews stir
at Antioch? (13:16) up anger against Paul and Barnabas?
Paul (13:50)
Devout and prominent women, and
Chief men of the city
2015 Bible Bowl 25 Acts 1 - 14

484. What did Paul and Barnabas shake off entered Iconium? (13:51)
after being expelled from the region of The dust off their feet
Antioch of Pisidia and before they

485. Upon arriving in Iconium, where did Paul 495. Who did the people of Lystra think was
and Barnabas go? (14:1) the chief speaker? (14:12)
The synagogue Paul

486. What two groups believed the gospel 496. What two things did the priest of Zeus
message in Iconium? (14:1) bring to the gates to sacrifice? (14:13)
Jews and Greeks Oxen
487. Who stirred up the Gentiles against
brethren in Iconium? (14:2) 497. When Paul and Barnabas heard what the
Unbelieving Jews people were doing for them, what did
they do to their clothing? (14:14)
488. How did some want to injure Paul and Tore their clothes
Barnabas? (14:5)
By abusing them and stoning them 498. What did Paul and Barnabas have to
identify themselves as to the people of
489. To what two cities of Lycaonia did Paul Lystra? (14:15)
and Barnabas flee after being threatened Men
in Iconium? (14:6)
Lystra and Derbe 499. In what ways were the bygone
generations allowed to walk? (14:16)
490. How long had the man in Lystra been Their own ways
crippled? (14:8)
From his mother's womb 500. Jews came from Antioch and Iconium
and persuaded the people in Lystra to do
491. Who told the crippled man in Lystra to what to Paul? (14:19)
stand on his feet? (14:10) Stone him
501. As the disciples stood around Paul's
492. What did the people say when they saw body, what happened? (14:20)
the crippled man healed? (14:11) He rose up
"The gods have come down to us in the
likeness of men!" 502. After returning to Lystra, how long was it
until Paul and Barnabas went to Derbe?
493. What did the people of Lystra call (14:20)
Barnabas? (14:12) The next day
Zeus (or Jupiter)
503. After preaching in Derbe, to what cities
494. What did the people of Lystra call Paul? did Paul and Barnabas return? (14:21)
(14:12) Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch
Hermes (or Mercury)
2015 Bible Bowl 26 Acts 1 - 14

504. Who were appointed in every church as 505. To what city did Paul and Barnabas
Paul and Barnabas returned to cities in eventually sail to report on their trip?
which they had already preached? (14:23) (14:26)
Elders Antioch

506. How long did Paul and Barnabas stay

with the people to whom they reported on
their trip? (14:28)
A long time