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Do Make
Do and make There was a woman Trevor needs to
To begin explaining the differences involved in the port, doing a make amends with
of themselves, we need to know the painting of the sunset the past
Don’t forget to do You need to make a
definition of each one of them.
the dishes after choice
Make is used for the following dinner That client never
Have you finished stops in making
Construct or creating: doing homework? complaints of our
You must do your products
Make a cake, make a poster
duty as a soldier! Make an effort in
Preparing food/drinks: Why everybody hates passing that test
doing paperwork? I made a mistake
Make a coffee, make a breakfast, and make a He did the laundry during my courses
cocktail yesterday You shouldn’t make
I’m doing some an exception too
research for my often
Do is used for the following thesis Making someone a
favor usually gets
To perform an action or activity me in trouble
Lisa and I usually do
Do the laundry, do the shopping the shopping Since my parents
To do most types of “work” have made a
business, they don’t
Do housework, do homework depend too much in


TO? Differences between do and make
A painting Research An The We use do when someone performs actions,
The The exceptio cookin repetitive tasks and obligations
dishes shopping n g
Homewor Amends Someon Dinner Oftenly used when referring to work of any
k A choice e a favor The king and referring to the action itself.
Your duty A complaint A job ironin
Paperwor An effort Business g In the other hand, make is for creating,
k An A A producing and constructing.
The error/mista fortune phone
Used when referring to the result
laundry/t ke The call
he gardeni the
washing ng bed