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530 Hail, holy Queen enthroned above

1. Hail! ho - ly Queen en - throned a - bove, 0 Ma n a!

2. Our life, our sweet-ness here be -low, 0 Ma ri a!
3.To thee we cry, poor sons of Eve, 0 Ma ri a!
4. This earth is but a vale of tears, 0 Ma ri a!

Hail! Mother of mer - cy and of love, o Ma n a!

Our hope in sor - row and in woe, o Ma n al
To thee we sigh, we mourn, we grieve, o Ma n a!
A place of ban - ish - ment, of fears, o Ma ri al

Tri - umph, all ye cher - u - bim, Sing with us, ye

ser a - phim. Heav'n and earth re sound the hymn.

- Sal ve,

5. Turn then, most gracious


ve, sal

6. When
ve Re -

this our exile is complete,

gi na!

o Maria! o Maria!
Toward us thine eyes compassionate, Show us thy Son, our Jesus sweet,
o Maria! Refrain o Maria! Refrain

7. 0 clement, gracious, Mother sweet,

o Virgin Mary, we entreat,
o Maria! Refrain

TEXT: Salve Regina, probably Aimor, Bishop of Le Puy (lIth cent.), SALVE REGINA
this anonymous translation appeared in The Roman Hymnal, New York, 1884 8 4 . 8 4 with Refrain
MELODY: from M.L. Herold's Choralmelodien zum Heiligen Gesiinge. 1808
HARMONIZATION: John Rodgers, copyright © 1966 by Benziger Editions, Inc.