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All 16 Checklists have been included from the AIAG APQP Manual. User is able to change questions at anytime.

User can save this file many times and rename it per customer, project....users choice.

QSE A-8 Control Plan Checklist QSE

Customer or Internal Part No. TYPE YOUR PROJECT AND/OR TEAM NAME
Person Due
Question Yes No Comment/Action Required Responsible Date

Was the control plan methodology referenced in Section 6 used in QSE FMEA / APQP application enables user to follow the the
preparing the control plan? control plan methodology referenced in Section 6.

Corrective Actions and Action plans can be created in the full

Have all known customer concerns been identified to facilitate the
2 picture views . See QSE Concerns application for more detail of
selection of special product/process characteristics?
8D’s, Concern Resolutions etc.

Are all special product/process characteristics included in the Easy to use drop down electronic symbol or copy/paste symbol
control plan? attachment.

Were SFMEA, DFMEA, and PFMEA used to prepare the control This is mentioned in Phase I of the QSE Manual. The team
plan? uses this in the FMEA meetings.

QSE system specifications must be identified per characteristic,

5 Are material specifications requiring inspection identified?
it is up to the user to include inspection specifications.

The QSE systems encourages small simple steps of each

Does the control plan address incoming (material/components)
6 operations including transferring material from one operation to
through processing/assembly including packaging?

QSE application includes DVP&R and an easy to use fishbone

7 Are engineering performance testing requirements identified?
diagram for this information.

Are gages and test equipment available as required by the control Gage Plans and test equipment is linked to the control plan
plan? evaluation methods in the QSE FMEA/APQP application.

Required Approval of all documents can be tracked and

9 If required, has the customer approved the control plan?
identified in the Summary Revision layout.

In the QSE FMEA/APQP application multiple gage plans can

10 Are gage methods compatible between supplier and customer?
be opened at the same time and compared.

Each checklist has unique Revision Level and Date tracking in the footer. Two user defined fields as well as status field are also included per checklist.

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