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World War I

As it’s known World War I is one of the biggest wars that took place in the Middle East,
Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Ocean. The estimated deaths are 37 million. As we
all know, world war 1 began in July 28th of 1914 and lasted until November 11th of 1918.
Some of its main conflicts were about territory and the assassination of the Archduke
Franz Ferdinand and his wife. During the war, in Europe, six major powers were split in
two alliances: the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance. The Triple Entente was formed
by Britain, France, and Russia while the Triple Alliance was formed by Germany,
Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

Before WW1 began, Europe already had troubles, and the death of the archduke was
the event that caused it. In many European states there were agreements and
alliances; this means that, if one country declared war on another, the other countries
would also have to enter the conflict since its part of their agreement. Before the death
of the archduke, Austria-Hungary had threatened war on Serbia. They set out some
very harsh demands that Serbia had to meet. Germany sided with Austria-Hungary
while Russia sided with the Serbians. At this point, Europe was at the edge of going to
war. One month later, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie from from the
Austro- Hungary Empire were killed. This took place on July 28th 1914 and this is when
WW1 started. He was shot by the Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip. His death was
planned by the Serbian terrorist group called “The Black Hand”. Austria-Hungary
declared war on Serbia with the backing of Germany; Germany then declared war on
Russia and on France .

On August 4 1914, the German troops marched on France and the route they took
went through Belgium. Since Britain had agreed to maintain the neutrality of Belgium,
they immediately declared war on Germany. British and German forces first fought at
the Battle of Mons in Belgium. Some stuffed that happened during war were this war
affected people all over the world. They war was fought between 2 powerfuls grupos,
which were germany, austria- hungary, bulgaria and the triple entente. T​he United
States joined the war in April 1917, ​because of germany's decision to revived unristion
summerinzies warfare. ​Which gave the Triple Entente greater power; Germany was not
strong enough to continue fighting, especially as the US had joined the war and
hundreds of thousands of fresh American soldiers were arriving in France. This added
greater military strength to the Triple Entente forces,​because of germany's decision to
revived unristion summerinzies warfare. Which that made US declare war on germany
ally Austria Hungary. Germany was now losing the Great Battle in France and the
German Navy had gone on strike and refused to carry on fighting. World War One
ended at 11am on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, in 1918. Germany signed an
armistice that had been prepared by Britain and France.

During WW1 the United States of America had a major economic break. This was
because when the war started the europeans started purchasing U.S. goods for the war
until later the United States joined it itself. Due to its entry ​into the war in 1917
unleashed massive U.S. federal spending which shifted national production from civilian
to war goods. Between 1914 and 1918, some 3 million people were added to the military
and half a million to the government. Overall, unemployment declined from 7.9 percent
to 1.4 percent in this period, in part because workers were drawn in to new
manufacturing jobs and because the military draft removed from many young men
from the civilian labor force.

Some positive effects of the war on America was that thanks to it the U.S. was able to
be the leading world power and to become the industrial hub around the world. As well
as african american and women gained the right to work a variety jobs. And since the
industrial “boomed” the economics did too. And previously the unemployed people
gained jobs and the finances of the public, which had been really poor, improved
drastically. Some negative effects were that when soldiers came back the industry
production went down. As well that there wasn't enough jobs for the returning soldiers.
The unemployed rates took part in causing the Great Depression. And americans were
hasted with the great number of soldiers that died during war.