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Spice Island Medical Center INVOICE # NO. 12419R

DATE: 12 April, 2019

SIMC U4 Upper Floor

Morne Rouge
St. George’s
473 444 1833

TO Rose-Ann Wickham
(473) 419-3249

Description Price
Well Woman Annual Exam & Follow up $150.00
Phlebotomy $50.00
Written Report $100.00
Rapid Testing: HIV I/II $80.00
Chlamydia $60.00
Gonorrhea $60.00
Syphilis $40.00
Urinalysis $20.00
Pregnancy Test $20.00

Subtotal $580.00

Laboratory Fees: Complete Metabolic Panel $280.00

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone $40.00
Complete Blood Count $15.00
Human T-Lymphotropic Virus 1/2 $70.00
Stool (FOB, OCP, Direct examination for Amoeba, Giardia, etc.) $60.00

Subtotal $465.00

Total $1045.00

Cheques are to be made payable to Dr. Meachel James-Sleeman & for Laboratory fees to Sunrise Diagnostic Centre.
All external laboratory results are usually available within 24-48hrs except for the HTLV which will take 4 days and the pap test which will
take 6-8weeks. Blood collection needs to be done while fasting.

Done by: Ms. Sabrena Smith