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Study Abroad Learning Contract (Due: Week 11)

This learning contract provides a broad framework for you to develop an individualized learning
plan for your study abroad experience. The contract asks you to identify specific learning
objectives for your time abroad, determine methods that you will follow in order to achieve these
objectives, and/or identify signs that you have made progress toward these objectives. While
your development of this contract is a requirement of the Study Abroad Seminar, the completion
of the goals is self-directed. You are encouraged to reflect on this contract periodically
throughout your study abroad program and use it as a means for processing your time abroad
once you have returned.

You should identify at least one objective in each of the following categories.

Academic Development
Examples of Academic Development objectives may include foreign language usage, class
grades, increased knowledge of major area, career experience, and networking in your field.

Global Awareness
Examples of Global Awareness objectives may include host country politics, regional history,
home country/host country relations, and social justice issues.

Personal Growth
Examples of Personal Growth objectives may include maturity, independence, courage,
extroversion, and reflection.

For each category, identify the following:

Learning Objectives—Objectives should be realistic, concrete, and able to be observed and/or


Methods—Methods indicate how the learning objective will be achieved. If the objective is to
acquire knowledge, your methods may include observations, interviews, additional reading, etc.
If the objective is to enhance self-awareness, keeping a reflection journal might be an effective

Evaluation—An evaluation method will help you evaluate whether or not you have achieved
your goal. How will you know or prove that you’ve learned it?
Adapted from Embedded Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit, 2006

Name: Molly Cook

Academic Development
Objective: I want to expand my art techniques and style through the different
types of studio classes offered.
(What I want to accomplish)

(How I will accomplish it)

1. I’m signing up for a variety of new studio classes that I have no experience in.

2. I’m going to commit to keeping up with my schoolwork for the sake of learning more
and expanding my knowledge, not just grades. This is easier since I will be taking
only studio art classes and the projects are going to be more untraditional.
3. I'm not going to worry about not knowing what I’m doing, or stick to what feels
comfortable, in order to push myself to try new things
Evaluation: My portfolio at the end of the semester should reflect my knowledge.
(How I will show that I’ve
accomplished it)
Likewise, I’ll be more prompt in documenting my work and keeping
an online portfolio of sorts to actively keep track of my progress
throughout my time abroad.

Global Awareness
Objective: I want to learn more about the dynamics of living in Greece, and
start to understand their culture’s worldview and see behind their
(What I want to accomplish)
actions and beliefs.

(How I will accomplish it)

1. I want to spend ample amounts of my time out in Greek culture, exploring the
different cities and getting as much exposure to typical Greek life as possible.
2. I’m going to try new things that are more “traditionally” Greek, and be open to new
experiences that may seem weird or uncomfortable at first
3. I'm going to try and make connections with Greek natives, as meeting and connecting
with someone who grew up in the culture is going to be the fastest way to experience
the true Greek lifestyle.
Evaluation: I think evaluating this objectively is a little difficult, but through
(How I will show that I’ve
accomplished it)
something like keeping a journal (even a super casual one) or some
other way of documenting my experience would be the best way to see
the progress and really notice a difference in my thinking and view of
Greek culture.

Personal Growth
Objective: I want to become more motivated to get the most out of each
(What I want to accomplish)

(How I will accomplish it)

1. I will make myself sign up for events or activities, as well as plan trips and excursions
to go on.
2. I will not let myself sleep the day away or waste my time doing things that I could do
in America, while wasting the opportunity to do something unique to Greece.
3. I'm going to be mindful of my mental health and work towards doing things that
scare me or I might be insecure about.
Evaluation: Likewise, documenting this goal is going to be a bit difficult, but I
(How I will show that I’ve
accomplished it)
think a form of journaling would be the easiest way to track my
progress. Despite how nice my blog may be, I don’t really want
anyone seeing it. This being said, I will most likely make an instagram
or some other form of social media as a travel blog, since thats easier
for me to use on the go and keep in contact with people. All three of
these objectives will be tracked/updated on there, so people can see
what I am doing/creating. Likewise, through this I can do some
journaling and put down my thoughts somewhere.