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John 10:35

It Cannot Be Broken

We believe the original manuscripts of the Bible are verbally Inspired by God. All 66 books of the Bible,
39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament are 100% infallible. Yet we know the original
manuscripts do not exist today. There are thousands of Old and New Testament manuscripts that presently
exist. I believe in the providence of God that if the original manuscripts did exist, men would vainly
worship them. Only the True and Living God of Scripture is to be worshipped.
Illustration: (E. J. Young, “Thy Word is Truth”) of the School Teacher writing a letter to the President of
the United States. She receives a reply from the President himself and desires that her students copy the
letter for an assignment…

I. Infallibility Of The Scriptures

A. Definition of Infallibility
1. Some think infallibility means completeness – John 20:30
2. Some think infallibility means all copied manuscripts are without
minor errors of scribes.
3. The original words, content, ideas are inspired (breathe of God)
II Tim.3:16

B. The Little Parenthesis

1. “ And the Scriptures cannot be broken”
2. Greek word – Luo means “loose”
3. The Scriptures collectively cannot be annulled or denied its full
force of inspiration. (J. C. Ryle)

II. Jesus’ View Of Infallibility

A. Jesus’ emphatic statement on the infallibility of the Law – Turn To:
Matthew 5:17-20
1. Easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one letter of the
Law to fail.
2. Illustration: The King of Prussia demanding the veracity of the

B. Jesus appeals to Moses – Turn To: John 5:45-47

1. Jesus gave credence to the Law, the Old Testament Scriptures
showing its true validity.
2. The Law demonstrates our inability to keep it and therefore the
gospel encourages us to run to Christ for redemption.

C. Jesus appeals to David – Psalm 110:1

1. God the Father called Christ, “Lord”
2. David called Christ Lord (Adonay)
3. Christ gave every evidence that He accepted the Old Testament
as the infallible Word of God.
III. Paul’s View Of Infallibility
A. Paul’s pastoral counsel of Timothy – II Tim. 3:16,17
1. B.B Warfield defines inspiration – Psa. 33:6
2. The work of creation compared to the creation of the Bible.

B. What happens when evangelicals hold to a low view of Scriptures?

1. They inevitably possess a low view of Biblical doctrines
2. They inevitably find themselves substituting the words of
Scripture for the traditions of men – Turn To: Mark 7:5-9


1. Jesus has explicitly stated that the Scriptures cannot be broken – Titus 1:2,3

2. Jesus by implication states that the Scriptures are irresistible – Jer.23:29

3. Paul tells us the Bible is not just another book, its God’s book that changes our
lives. (Augustine’s text – Romans 13:14 and Luther’s text – Romans 1:17)

Pastor Nick Iamaio

Reformed Presbyterian Church
207 South First, Fulton, NY 13069
11/ 27/2005