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Faking It: Outtakes

Story: Faking It: Outtakes

Category: Twilight
Author: spanglemaker9
Last updated: 12/01/2009
Content: Chapter 1 to 1 of 1 chapters

Summary: A couple of outtakes from Faking It.

*Chapter 1*: Faking It: Outtakes
As some of you know, I participated in a wonderful even recently, The Fandom Gives Back, which raised money for
children's cancer research. I put myself on auction, the high winner getting a one shot from me. A team won my auction,
ciao_bella27 and littlesecret84. Since they were both big fans of Faking It, I rolled up my sleeves for them to see if I
couldn't come up with one more Faking It tidbit, and this is what I wrote. The Fandom Gives Back ended up raising over
$85,000 dollars, so thanks to my two winners for bidding on me, but thanks also to everyone who participated and made it
such a huge success.
My auction winners are both brilliant writers in their own right, so if you haven't checked out their stories, go now!
littlesecret84's Age of Consent: http:/www(dot)fanfiction(dot)net/s/5117293/1/
ciao_bella27's Living Backwards: http:/www(dot)fanfiction(dot)net/s/5074723/1/
Also, just a quick thanks to my posse of brilliant fanfic ladies who inspire and encourage me, drink sangria and eat nutella
with me and write awesome stuff. justaskalice (who beta'd this for me), WriteOnTime, TallulahBelle, the-glory-days, and of
course, littlesecret84 and ciao-bella27.
This takes place after Faking It ends but before the epilogue one year later. Edward makes mention of the night briefly in
the epilogue, so I just expanded on that, to tell you the whole story. Enjoy!
Oh, and the usual disclaimer, it's not mine except for the non-Twilight-y parts. I make no assumptions, cast no aspersions
on anyone that may appear in this fic. I'm sure you're all lovely, law-abiding citizens.
My ears popped uncomfortably as the plane began it's descent into LA and I groaned. Now I wouldn't hear right for hours.
It turned out that I was not a great flyer. My body didn't like it. I frequently got motion sickness and my ears were always
plugged up and painful. It was really a shame that I seemed to spend my life on planes these days.
"Okay, so Bella," Alice's head popped up over the seat in front of me and she was talking like we were in the middle of a
conversation, even though we hadn't spoken for most of the flight. "We're super short on time since we took off so late, but
I think we'll still make it. I texted Angela before we took off and she's got an extra person there to help you get ready, since
I'll be busy now getting myself together."
"Mmhmm," I mumbled non-committally. "Whatever, Alice. Just tell me what you need me to do and I'm there."
"When we get back to your place, just head straight to your room. Everybody will be waiting there for you. I made Edward
move to the guest room to give you a little space. And no matter what you are not allowed to go find him in there!" She
pointed a stern finger at me.
"Alice, I haven't seen him in a week!"
"And you'll be spending all night together, so that will have to be enough. Bella, if you step foot in that guest room, you and
I both know he won't let you out for hours."
I huffed and folded my arms across my chest, but I didn't argue, because there really wasn't any point. Alice always won
and she was right. Once I saw Edward, clothes would come off and we'd never make it to the VMAs on time. There should
have been plenty of time for a little…reunion when I got home but our flight from Ohio had been delayed because of bad
weather over the Rockies and now we'd all have just enough time to get ready and make it to the awards show on time.
Edward was sure to be cranky about it, and he'd be all the more cranky now that he'd been booted out of our bedroom to
get ready. I smiled fondly at the thought of him stomping around the house in a foul mood. God, I missed him.
"Just let them make you pretty, put up with a little awards show mayhem, and you can scoot out with him early and do
whatever depraved thing he wants for the rest of the night," Alice was saying soothingly.
"Excuse me? Depraved? Says you with Mr. Tiger Beat down there! Don't forget that time I caught you in our kitchen with
the lunchmeat…"

"Hey, I can hear you!" Jazz snapped from the seat in front of me.
"And so can I, and that's my brother so seriously, don't say another word or my ears will bleed!" Rose barked from behind
"Fine!" I shouted to everyone. "And didn't they say to fasten your seatbelt? Why are you still up?" I said to Alice.
She rolled her eyes at me. "Okay, fine, we'll finish going over the plans in the car on the way to the house." She turned
around and disappeared into her seat and I swear I could hear her and Jazz making out up there. And she gives me a
hard time.
Alice tried to hurry us through the airport, but four celebrities plus entourage will only move so fast through LAX, plus traffic
on the freeway was miserable, so it was another hour and a half before Seth was pulling in to the drive in front of the
"Just leave the bags, Bells," Seth said, coming around to hand me my carry-on. "I'll get it all inside later. I know you're in a
"Thanks, Seth. See you down here in an hour?"
"More like forty-five minutes!" Alice shrieked as she dug through the bags heaped in the back of the SUV looking for her
carry-on. "Go, go, go! I'll be right behind you!"
Seth scurried out of her way as she pushed me towards the door.
I shut the door behind me and closed my eyes, sighing with relief. Home. Just the smell of the house made me relax, even
if I was only going to be here for a couple of days.
"Jesus Christ, you're finally here, baby!"
My eyes snapped open just in time to see Edward closing in on me, his face lit up with his grin, his arms sliding around my
waist. His hair was a wreck, he must have been dragging his hands through it all day. He wasn't dressed yet either, still in
a black t-shirt and jeans, and he hadn't shaved. He looked mouth-watering and I wanted to climb him, wrap my arms
around him and never let go. I felt that way pretty much every time I laid eyes on Edward, but it was particularly bad when
I'd been away.
I dropped my bag from my shoulder and threw my arms around him in one motion. He pulled me in tightly, lifting me
halfway off the floor, as I pressed my smiling lips on his. His smile was gone instantly as he deepened the kiss, his tongue
sliding against mine. I sighed into his mouth as the electricity erupted all over my skin at the contact, always there when
we'd been apart like this. One arm stayed clamped around my waist as his other hand slid down to the back of my thigh
and he moaned, pulling me in tighter against him.
"Edward," I murmured against his lips.
"Mmm?" he mumbled, pressing little kisses on my lips, my cheek, my jaw. I had something I was about to say, but I forgot
it completely when his tongue found my earlobe.
"Oh, Jesus…" I sighed, as my head fell back.
"I'm not Jesus, but I will make you look like an angel," Alice's voice came from right behind my shoulder. "But only if you
Get. Your. Ass. Upstairs!"
"Christ, Alice," Edward muttered.
"Let her go, Edward. No time! Tuck it back in and wait until later."
"Ugh!" His face twisted in disgust but he relinquished his hold on me. I shot him an apologetic smile as Alice herded me
up the stairs ahead of her.
"Later!" I shouted back over my shoulder. Edward groaned dramatically.
Alice and Angela descended on me as soon as the bedroom door shut. Alice only stayed long enough to bark her
instructions before racing out to get herself ready, since she was going tonight as Jasper's date. It had been a long day of
traveling and what I really wanted was to stay home tonight curled up in bed with Edward, but even I had to admit tonight
was a little exciting. We were nominated for Best New Artist. Sure, it was only the VMAs and not the Grammys, but
Emmett had some theory that it was actually better, since everybody knew that the losers who won the Best New Artist
award at the Grammys were doomed to failure. Whatever. A year ago we were getting fired from the few lousy bar gigs
we had, and now we were actually nominated for something. I didn't care if it was only for Best Use of a Weedwacker in a
Video or something.
Angela took me gently from Alice's hands, chasing Alice back to the extra guest room where she and Jasper were
dressing before stripping my clothes off and shoving me towards the shower. There wasn't really time for a shower, it
would make us late, but I'd been in an airport or on a plane all damned day and there was no way I was sitting through a
night at the VMAs smelling of plane funk.
The hairdresser seized me as soon as I cleared the water and double teamed with the makeup artist, the two of them
dancing delicately around me to get the mission accomplished. Angela did a quick once over of my nails and declared my
week-old manicure to be "good enough if I kept my hands fisted" before retrieving my clothes.
Alice had picked out a dark red shimmery silk halter dress that left my back completely bare and most of my left thigh,
since the skirt was slit nearly to my underwear. It seemed a little slutty, but she said this was the VMAs and not the Oscars
and everything was sexier, so I would trust her and hope I didn't end up shamed on the gossip blogs tomorrow. She'd also
left a pair of ridiculous black patent leather platform spike heels with a tight little ankle strap that looked like they came
from some sort of S&M clearance sale. I almost flat-out refused to try them, but Angela soothed me, chattering about how
they were all the rage on the runway in Paris last month and Alice had moved heaven and earth to get a pair on loan for
me and if I wore them my feet would be worshipped all over the internet. Once again, I was reminded of how screwy fame
was, when there were people being paid to make sure my feet got noticed.
Alice came flying into the room in a flurry of black chiffon and delicately tinkling silver jewelry, waving away the entourage
to examine me for herself. She practically orgasmed over the shoes, so I refrained from telling her that my feet felt numb
after three minutes in them. I'd be sitting for most of the night anyway. She fussed for a few minutes, changing out my
earrings and adding more dark red lipstick before stuffing a little black bag into my hands and yanking me towards the
"I swear, Edward better be ready or I'll kill him!" she huffed as I teetered precariously behind her on the stairs.
"I'm ready, munchkin," Edward drawled from the foot of the stairs, "but I don't know where your scruffy boy toy is. He's the
one you should be worried about."

Alice gasped in alarm. "Jasper!"

She turned on her heel and fled up the stairs to the guest room, although I'm sure he could have heard her scream his
name from anywhere in the house.
I laughed and turned back to Edward, who met me at the foot of the stairs. Fuck. That's all there was to say about Edward.
All the time. Just…fuck.
This was the VMAs, not the Oscars, so no tuxedo, but Edward was still looking far better than any mere mortal had a right
to. Alice had put him in a charcoal grey fitted suit that was wool, but a little shiny and a black dress shirt with a silver tie.
His hair had been "done" but it was still artfully tousled and I was dying to sink my fingers into it while I licked that freshly
shaved jawline. Fuck. It was just wrong that all that deliciousness was going to sit next to me all night while I was all wound
up like this.
His face split into a devastating smirk as I approached. He twirled his finger in the air, indicating that I should spin around.
I smiled at him over my shoulder as I did. His eyes raked over me, taking in the dress, my bare back, the ridiculously high
slit in the skirt. When he reached my shoes he froze and his mouth fell open.
"They're too slutty, aren't they?" I fretted, looking down at my feet. "I tried to tell Alice that they were too much, but she
wouldn't listen. I'm sure I have some others, I'll just go change them…"
Edward's hand whipped out and wrapped around my wrist to stop me.
"Don't change a thing. Those shoes…they're…fuck…" He mumbled, still not taking his eyes off my feet. I flushed slightly
and smiled. Who knew he had a shoe fetish? I decided to mess with him a little bit. I extended my leg slightly towards him,
pointing my toe, turning my calf one direction and then the other.
"So, you like them then?"
"Like them?" he growled as he swallowed hard. Then he finally dragged his eyes back up to my face. I knew that look.
Pure animal lust. My panties were instantly damp. He yanked on my wrist a little to pull me closer before he dipped his
head in, kissing me with surprising gentleness on my cheekbone just in front of my ear. Then I heard his low, rumbling
whisper. "I'm going to make you leave them on when I fuck you later."
My eyes slid closed and I let out a long shaky exhale. I was just wondering if it would be possible to pull him into the coat
closet for a minute when Alice's voice came floating down the stairs behind me.
"Alright, alright, break it up, kids! We're all here now, let's go get Rose and Emmett!"
Edward and I took a step back from each other, but our eyes were still locked and his expression was giving me
"Um…do we need to give you guys a minute or something?" Jasper mumbled awkwardly.
"No, we do not!" Alice snapped. "They'll keep their oversexed hands to themselves and get in the car!"
I sighed and slipped my hand into Edward's, our fingers tangling familiarly as we let ourselves be ushered out the door
and into the waiting SUV with Seth.
We hurried out the door ahead of Alice and I stopped to help Bella into the back of the SUV. She stepped up into the back
of the car with her right leg, causing the slit in her dress to spread wide and expose her entire left leg, long and curvy, all
the way down to her shoe. Her shoes. Fuck… I had no words for those fucking shoes. Every time I glanced down at her
feet I got hard. This was going to be a long night. I wasn't kidding about what I'd said to her earlier. When I finally got my
hands on her, those fucking shoes were staying on. I was going to fantasize about fucking Bella in those shoes for the rest
of the night.
She was only four hours late getting home, which shouldn't have been that big of a deal. But when I woke up this morning, I
was thinking she'd be home by two and I'd have a few uninterrupted hours with her before we had to start getting ready for
the VMAs. Then her flight was delayed, then delayed again, and by the time she walked in the door, all I got was a
thoroughly unsatisfying kiss and a little grope before Alice stole her away for her dressing. And to top it off, I'd been
banished from my own fucking bedroom to get dressed. It all left me feeling really strung out and frustrated. All of it might
have been alleviated by a little back-of-the-limo groping, but no, Alice and Jasper were riding with us. And we were
picking up Rose and Emmett, because apparently we had to go to this thing like a bunch of high school seniors riding to
the prom.
It was starting to feel like I'd never be alone with Bella. And now she was wearing that amazing dress and of course, those
fucking shoes…
I leaned my head back on the seat and closed my eyes, groaning softly.
"What's the matter?" Bella murmured in my ear, her breath tickling my ear. That only made things worse.
"I want you. Really badly," I griped.
She pressed her lips against the side of my neck and chuckled. Was she trying to kill me?
"I know what you mean," she murmured.
I turned my face towards her a little. Alice was talking a mile a minute to Jasper and not paying attention to our nuzzling but
all the same, I didn't want her to hear what I was about to say. She would definitely not approve.
I dropped my voice to its lowest register, the voice that I knew made Bella weak in the knees. It was a cheap shot, but I'd
take it. "I don't know if I can hold out all night, baby. You in this dress and those shoes…it's driving me crazy."
She closed her eyes and sighed, nuzzling into my neck a little further. "What are you suggesting?"
"You know what I want," I whispered.
I chuckled, "Please, baby?" The "please" was a low blow, too. That always got to her.
"What if we get caught?"
"We won't. Seth will help us."
"Seth will kill us," she mumbled.
"It's what he gets paid for."
She sighed, then paused. "I'm not promising," she finally said. "But we'll see. Maybe."
I shot a smirk at her. 'Maybe' was good enough for me. If she said maybe, then I knew I could get her to say yes.
With Alice barking in his ear, Seth made it to Rose and Emmett's in record time. The SUV was not really big enough for
all of us, especially when one of us was Emmett, and I couldn't believe with all my fucking money that I was squeezed into
the back of this car like some road-tripping college kid.
Thankfully the drive from Emmett's to the theater where the VMAs were being held wasn't long. There was a wait, for our
turn on the red carpet, but Emmett produced a flask and that helped the time pass a little faster. Bella was pressed up
against me, her legs crossed, the whole long expanse of her thigh exposed by the slit in her dress and I was having a
really hard time looking anywhere else. As soon as we sat down inside, I was going to slide my hand up inside that slit
and finding out what kind of underwear she had on.
We cleared the car and Seth handed the keys over to a valet, since he was escorting us in tonight. The red carpet was a
bit on the loud and rowdy side. It was the VMAs, after all. It was a different crowd than at the Oscars. The clothes were
flashier, more people were nearly naked, and everyone was already half-drunk when they got there. Fantastic.
I was probably crazy and over-protective demanding that Seth come inside with us, but I wanted him near Bella making
sure she was okay at all times. He shuffled slowly behind us on the red carpet, sunglasses on, staring off over our heads
impassively, hands clasped lightly in front of him, the picture of calm professionalism. I waited until Charlotte stole Rose
and Emmett for a few photographs before pulling Bella back to walk alongside Seth.
"Hey Seth, we're going to need your help with something once we get inside."
His face fell and he grimaced. "Oh, Jesus, not again! What the hell is with you two?"
"Seth, come on!" I urged. "Just help us out here. Scope the place out for us."
"Your kink is not my problem," he huffed.
"Yeah, but I pay your salary," I countered.
"Not enough to deal with this shit!"
"He's right," Bella chimed in, "We don't pay him enough."
"Fine!" I growled, "You get a raise. Now will you just do it?"
"Fuck…Yeah, I'll look around once I get inside. Just behave yourselves until I get back to you."
I smirked and clapped him on the shoulder. "We owe you."
"Yeah, you fucking do."
"Edward, I didn't say yes…" Bella warned softly.
I dipped my head so I could kiss her neck just below her ear. "But you will."
"Fuck you…" she whispered softly, her eyes closed, her tone breathy and sensual. I totally had her.
The red carpet mania went well enough. Pictures were taken, questions were shouted, we smiled a lot. I even kissed Bella
once, just to give them all a thrill. You'd have thought the world was ending the way the media phalanx exploded when I did
that. It was kind of fun to mess with them sometimes. We were eventually ushered inside and once Seth had gotten us to
the door of the main hall he peeled off, shooting me a meaningful glance before he left.
We were seated in large groups at tables, rather than in rows in an auditorium. I liked it better for two reasons. First there
was a tablecloth, which meant I could grope Bella under the table without being seen. Second, they served liquor, which
made this the best awards show ever. Okay, the Golden Globes were pretty good too, but the VMAs were turning out to
be a whole new level of awesome. I mean, the Golden Globes are fun because it's a room full of stuffy, self-absorbed
actors getting drunk and cutting loose. But at the end of the day, it's still a room full of stuffy, self-absorbed actors. The
VMAs…well, this is rock stars. And they know how to cut loose and have a good time.
We settled in and immediately a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket appeared beside the table. Emmett scooped it up
and poured us all a glass. The mood was festive, jovial. Jasper and Rose were teasing each other, Emmett was busy
scanning the room to see who was sitting where, constantly exclaiming when he saw some famous musician he admired.
Bella was leaning into my side, legs crossed towards me, that silky expanse of thigh taunting me. Alice was on my right
and she asked me a question and I turned my head to answer her. At the same time I reached my left hand under the table
and curled it around Bella's left knee. She sighed and leaned into me, her breast pressed to my arm. I kept talking to Alice
as my hand slid slowly up her bare thigh. Her breathing picked up. I reached the edge of the slit and ran a fingertip
underneath. She held her breath. I slid the rest of my hand up under her dress. She smothered a gasp. I curved my hand
around her thigh, sliding higher, until I reached the edge of her panties. Lace. And nothing but a little string holding them
together at the side. I groaned and so did she.
"You'd better stop that," she whispered. "The cameras are on us."
I turned to her and smiled my most dazzling smile. "What? I'm just talking to my sister."
She smiled back broadly. "You perv," she said fondly before leaning in and giving me a quick peck on the lips. Flash
bulbs went off in the wall of photographers set up across the room and video cameras swiveled in our direction. We
sighed and separated slightly.
The awards show got underway and there were some mildly distracting performances and some mildly amusing drunken
acceptance speeches. Bella's category wasn't scheduled to be announced until much later in the evening, so there wasn't
much to do except chat with each other and drink the endless champagne they provided. Emmett and Alice got into a
mildly heated debate about the alleged genius of Lady Gaga, Jasper spent fifteen minutes moaning about electronic
music taking over the world, and I stared at Bella relentlessly and fantasized about her shoes.
Alice asked Bella something and she leaned across me to hear her better over the non-stop din of the show. She braced
her hand on my thigh and her hair swung across my chest. I glanced down as she uncrossed her legs and I saw another
flash of her shoes. I inhaled sharply and the smell of her hair, floral and sweet, flooded my head. Fuck. Can't. Take. It.
She laughed at whatever Alice said to her and sat back as I reached out and seized her hand. Her eyes swiveled to me
and she took in the look on my face. Her eyes darkened, her lips fell open a little, her chest rose sharply as she inhaled
"I need some air," I muttered, standing and pulling her to her feet. Bella said nothing, she just rose abruptly to her feet as
well and followed me out the door. Outside the door was a long narrow entry hall, full of people milling around, wayward
guests from inside plus various entourage and support staff. Seth was nearly a foot taller than anyone else in the room,
which made him easy to pick out in a crowd. We wove our way through the crowd and I kept my eyes focused on Seth,
ignoring the curious looks coming at us from all sides.
"Hey, Seth," I said expectantly as we reached his side. He sighed and gave us both a pained expression.
"Upstairs, off the south lobby, there's a coat room that's not being used. I think the door locks."
I beamed at him. "Thanks, buddy."
"You're sick," he muttered. "And it's not my problem if you get busted."
"No worries," I said. "We never do."
Seth just rolled his eyes in exasperation and turned back to his conversation on his cell, probably with that girl he met a
couple of months ago at ComiCon. I turned and pulled Bella after me towards the stairs that led to the upper lobby.
Okay, so the public sex thing. It all started a few months after we got back together. Bella was out on tour and I was doing
an intensive on location shoot for three weeks. It was the longest we'd ever been apart and after that, we declared that
we'd never do it for longer than a week again. But anyway, she flew back into LA on the same day I got back from the
shoot and we had this charity dinner to go to. The dinner and the speeches were freaking endless and she looked so
beautiful and I'd missed her so much. By the dessert course, we'd locked ourselves in a bathroom and fallen on each
other in absolute desperation. Public sex is a pretty crazy thing for anyone to engage in, but when you're as famous as we
are, it's fucking insane. And really, really hot. Bella likes to act all outraged, like it's just my thing and I drag her along for
the ride, but she can't lie about her responses in the heat of the moment. That shit turns her on. And just now? I saw her
face. She wanted this just as bad as me. We just needed to find a private little corner…
Bella jogged up the stairs behind me as fast as she could manage in her un-fucking-believable shoes, and we headed
down a narrow, less populated hallway that skirted the edge of the hall on the right. I was looking for anything that looked
like an unused coat room. Of course, people were still noticing us, smiling, saying hello, because that's what happens
when you're us and that's what makes slipping away unnoticed for a little hot illicit sex so damned tricky.
Finally I saw it, a little brown door with gilt edging and a placard overhead that said "Coat Check". Except this is LA and
nobody wears coats. I tried the door and it opened. I looked back over my shoulder at Bella and shot her a wicked grin. I
glanced around quickly and for the moment at least, no one seemed to be watching us. Of course you never knew…and
that was part of the thrill.
"Edward, if this ends up on Perez Hilton, I swear to God I'll kill you!"
"Well, then you'd better hurry up and get in here before somebody sees you!"
I pulled on her hand and she giggled in spite of herself as she slipped in the door behind me before I pushed it closed.
There was one dim wall sconce by the door, otherwise the room was dark. There was a wooden divider across the center.
If they were taking coats, they'd stand behind it and you'd hand your coat over it. But now the room was dim and quiet and
that divider was just the right height…
We were finally alone in this room and she was standing right up against me, smiling up at me, and I hadn't seen her in a
week and I'd been touching her skin for hours and before I even knew what I was doing I'd shoved her across the room
and up against the divider and my tongue was in her mouth. She was scrambling, wiggling, trying to find purchase up
against me, to get a grip on me and leverage herself in tighter against me as my hands clawed at her, twisted up the
fabric of her dress, hauled her in against me.
One minute I was laughing and we were sneaking around and giggling like children and the next Edward had me pinned
hard against the room divider, kissing me deeply, his tongue plunging into my mouth. I groaned and wrapped my arms
around his shoulders, wanting to be closer to him, to feel more of him on me.
"Is that locked?" I asked as I tore my mouth away from his. Edward threw a glance back over his shoulder at the door.
"Shit!" he hissed. He backed up a step, dragging me with him and stretched out behind himself to flip the lock on the
handle. The minute I knew that door was locked, I felt myself get wet in anticipation. I wanted his hands, his fingers, his
mouth, all over me.
"Get back here," I muttered, wrapping his tie around my hand and pulling his face down to mine. He was smirking as his
lips crashed into mine and his hands slid down to grip my hips, pulling them in against his. I could feel how hard he was.
He pulled back from the kiss, still smirking down at me, and began to scrape his fingertips up and down my arms, still
pinning me against the room divider with his hips and his massive hard on.
"Tell me what you want first, baby," he murmured, his voice low and rumbling. Fuck. He knew what the low rumbly voice did
to me.
"First you can come here so I can do this," I said, pulling his tie again, but this time angling his face to the side a little.
Then I licked him, his beautiful chiseled jaw, from his chin straight back to his earlobe, just the way I wanted to earlier back
at the house. He hissed, his eyes falling closed. When I got to his earlobe, I sucked it in between my lips and nipped him
with my teeth. His head twisted slightly as he moaned underneath me. I felt one hand slide down to my thigh, to the slit in
my dress.
"What do you have on under here?" he muttered, sliding his fingers inside the slit and working his way up to my hip.
"Just some panties," I whispered, my voice innocent, against his ear. "Black lace ones. Oh, and I'm not wearing a bra."
"Fuck…" he muttered as his fingers closed around the side of my panties.
"Don't you dare rip them."
"You're no fun," he said, but he smiled and slid his other hand up under my dress, wrapping his fingers around both sides
of my panties and sliding them down my thighs. I wiggled slightly, both to help him work them free and also to press my
thighs together because I was so freaking aroused and all I could think of was getting some part of Edward on me, in me
as soon as possible.
"Feeling tense, baby?" he murmured, pocketing my underwear.
He kissed me again, sliding his hands up under my hair to the back of my neck and pulling the ties of my dress free. "Let's
see what we can do about that."
The top of my dress came loose, pooling around my waist and his hands slid down immediately to my breasts, cupping,
his thumbs scraping back and forth over my nipples. I arched back and closed my eyes. He pinched them as he pushed
his erection harder against my hip. I pulled straight down on his tie, which was still wrapped around my hand, effectively
yanking his head to my chest. He didn't resist, he just closed his perfect lips around one nipple and sucked hard. I moaned
and dug my free hand into his hair. He kept sucking as he flicked the tip with his tongue and I shuddered in response.
"Oh, fuck, Edward…"
"Mmmhmmm," he moaned around my nipple, which just made me writhe harder underneath him. His hands slid down to
my hips and dug in. I heard the loud chatter of voices pass right outside the door and we both inhaled sharply.
Edward released my breast and brought his mouth back to mine, his tongue diving deep, as his hands slid down my
thighs, pulling my legs apart, stepping in between them. I groaned at the feel of him scratching the sensitive skin of my
inner thighs. His lips moved to my earlobe, flicking it with his tongue.
"We'll have to hurry, baby," he whispered, his voice low and seductive. "Somebody could find us any minute now. And
what would they see if they opened that door? Your dress around your waist, your nipples still wet from my tongue, your
dress hiked up and your panties missing…"
My head fell back and I groaned loudly, his words making me crazy with arousal. Edward's breaths were hot and ragged
across my neck. His hands dug into my ass and he abruptly hoisted me up off my feet, setting me down on the edge of the
room divider. Oh, God, the height was perfect…
My hands flew to the fly of his pants, my fingers working frantically at the button and zipper. Edward drew back just enough
to look me in the eye, his face lit up with his sexy smirk.
"Ready for something, baby?"
His fly released allowing my hand enough room to slide down inside his boxers and wrap around the long hard length of
him. The smirk disappeared from his face as his eyes closed and his head fell back and he groaned, low and guttural.
"You're right," I whispered into his ear. "Somebody could walk in at any minute. So you'd better fuck me and fast."
"You asked for it, baby," he muttered, shoving my dress further up my thighs as I pushed his pants and boxers down just
far enough to free him. Seconds later I felt him sliding against me, his tip pushing in, his fingers digging into my hips,
hauling me closer to the edge, positioning me. And then he thrust and he filled me. I cried out and one of his hands came
down over my mouth.
"Shhh, baby," he murmured, his lips against the curve of my neck. "Someone will hear you. You can't make a sound while I
fuck you senseless."
His words were driving me right to the edge as he began pounding into me rapidly. This wasn't going to take any time at
all. I was enflamed, so ready, desperate to fall apart. He slid his hand off my mouth, moving it to grasp the back of my
neck, holding me steady as he thrust. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, and my calves around his hips, steadying
myself on my precarious perch on the ledge, my head thrown back and my eyes closed as I felt myself draw nearer to
His other hand left my hip and I felt it close around my right foot, massaging the arch, his fingers tracing the curve of my
ankle. I opened my eyes to see that Edward had his head turned to the side as he watched his own hand slide over my
foot, my shoe, before traveling up over my ankle and calf.
"Are you checking out my shoes while we fuck?" I murmured.
"Absolutely," he said, with no hesitation. "Bella, we are never giving these shoes back."
I would have laughed, but he shifted his weight, altering the angle of his thrusts, just as he pressed back on my knee,
opening me up further to him. It was all I needed, my whole body tightening around him.
"Are you coming?" he whispered against my jaw.
"Oh, God, yes…"
"Jesus, you feel so good, Bella. I am, too. Christ!"
Edward gritted his teeth against the growl that ripped through his chest as I buried my face in the shoulder of his suit,
letting the fabric muffle my gasping cries as I fell over the edge.
We held onto each other for several long moments, our breathing labored, our chests heaving against each other. Another
burst of happy chatter right outside the door snapped us both out of it.
"Oh, God, I can't believe we did that again," I murmured.
Edward chuckled and I felt the vibrations ripple through me. "I can."
"We're sick!"
"It's not my fault you looked so damned hot tonight. And Bella, those shoes…seriously. They're criminal."
Edward was recovering himself, slipping out of me, putting himself to rights, sliding my dress back down and gently
helping me down off the partition. My legs felt like rubber, completely unsteady, and I clung to his arms as I tried to get my
feet back under me. He smirked again, slow and sexy and inordinately pleased with himself, before gently pulling the top
of my dress back up and into place.
"Turn around, baby, so I can fix you up."
I turned, gripping the room divider. Edward brushed my hair off my neck and re-tied the ties of my dress before he leaned
in and pressed a soft kiss to the curve of my shoulder.
"I love you," he whispered.
"I love you, too." I leaned back into him for just a second as his hand stole around my waist. "Okay, who's going first?"
We'd learned that we could often disappear together, but the real key was reappearing separately. People might get
suspicious when you vanish together, but if you show up again separately, from different directions, they usually dismiss
the suspicion.
"You go first. I'll see you back at the table in ten."
"Alright. See you soon."
Edward turned me in his arms and kissed me again, but this time slow and loving and sweet. He stroked the back of one
hand down the side of my face. "We'll pick up again back home."
I just smiled back as I slipped out of his arms. I unlocked the door and silently cracked it open. I could hear the music had
gotten louder, which meant somebody was performing. The upper lobby was nearly deserted as a result. Everyone had
gone back inside to watch. I did a final smooth of my hair before slipping out of the coat room and heading towards the
upstairs ladies room with all the nonchalance I could muster.
I cleaned up inside and belatedly realized that Edward still had my underwear. Fuck. That meant I'd be sitting with my
thighs clamped together all night long in this ridiculous dress or else I'd risk pulling a Paris Hilton. He did that on purpose, I
was sure of it. Such a perv. I smiled and shook my head fondly as I fixed my lipstick and fluffed my hair.
When I left the ladies' room, Seth was leaning nonchalantly against the wall outside.
He raised an eyebrow at me. "All done?"
"Shut up," I muttered.
He threw his head back and laughed, but pushed of the wall to walk me back to the main hall. He peeled off at the door,
going to look for Edward, no doubt. Edward was too famous, he really shouldn't wander around unescorted. It made me
so nervous whenever he was off someplace by himself.
I slipped into my seat at the table as unobtrusively as possible, but four pairs of eyes swiveled expectantly to me
"Where's Edward?" Alice asked.
"Um, I'm not sure. Bathroom, maybe?" I tried to sound casual and unconcerned.
"Ah, fuck, not again!" Rose snarled. "You two should be locked up!"
I was saved from responding when I felt Edward's fingers close around my shoulder and he slid into his seat next to me.
"What?' he asked innocently. "What did I miss?"
Rose leaned across the table towards him, her voice a low hiss. "You two had better not pull that shit at the Oscars. I
mean, really!"
Edward sneered at her. "As if I'd do that at the Oscars! Give me some credit. But this is the VMAs. That shit's practically
Rose snorted in disgust, leaning back and folding her arms across her chest. Emmett ducked his head, trying to hide his
own laughter, until Rose smacked his arm to silence him.
"Don't you dare get any ideas!" she muttered at him.
I sighed and leaned against Edward's arm, grateful to have him next to me again. My peaceful moment with him didn't last
however. A rough clearing of the throat and a clumsy tap on my shoulder made me turn my head.
Kid Rock. He was standing between our table and the neighboring one, smiling broadly down at me. I recognized him of
course, but I'd never met him in real life. His long, dark blonde hair looked a little greasy and lank underneath the ratty
baseball cap he wore and I couldn't see his eyes at all behind the mirrored aviator shades he was inexplicably wearing
inside. As he stood there he seemed to sway slightly, and I wondered if he was drunk. Then the smell hit me and I realized
that he was probably stoned as well.
"Hey." That was all he said, still grinning at me like an idiot.
"Hey," I said back, unhelpfully.
"I just wanted to come an introduce myself," he said, his words heavily slurred.
I stood quickly, hoping to catch the attention of his bodyguard, or Seth, or somebody who could help me manage the
"Oh," I said weakly, "That's really nice of you. I'm Bella."
He smirked. "Yeah, I know."
"Right." I cast a nervous look at Rose and Emmett. Rose was snickering behind her hand and fucking Emmett looked
star-struck again, so no relief there. I guess I'd just do a quick round of introductions and hope he would either get bored
and wander away or one of his handlers would come to retrieve him. "So this is Rose and Emmett. That's Jasper and
Alice. And this is Edward."
He gave a wobbly nod of his chin at the table in general. "I'm Kid."
"I know," I said. Great. Brilliant response, Bella.
"You guys are awesome," he mumbled, his words seriously slurred now. "I just wanted to come tell you that."
"Oh…well, thanks."
"No, seriously. You were good on that show…what was it called?"
"America's Next Great Band."
"Yeah…that. You guys rocked on that. But your album didn't even suck! That's awesome."
"Um…thanks." Was I seriously thanking this dick for telling me that we didn't suck? Somebody needed to come get him
now. I cast another look around the hall but I saw no one coming to retrieve the pesky drunk rock star.
"And hot!" he muttered.
"Excuse me?"
"You girls are so fucking hot!" he repeated, and this time he threw one arm around my shoulders. I jumped at the
unexpected contact and I felt the whole table tense behind me.
"Oh, well…that's really…"
"I mean, Blondie's the stone cold hottie," he continued as if he hadn't heard me, his face getting closer to mine. I smelled
Southern Comfort and pot rolling off of him in waves. His arm around my shoulders tightened. "But you…you got that
sweet little girl thing going on…"
He reached out with his free hand to stroke my upper arm but in his drunken stupor he missed and his fingers skimmed
right over my breast. I gasped and stiffened, expecting him to release me, but he seemed enraptured by the mistake,
leaning in closer. Then the fuckhead let his fingers skim my breast again on the way back up.
I threw my hands up in preparation to shove him away from me when a flurry of motion at the table made me freeze in
surprise. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, even though it only took a few seconds to transpire. Edward surged up
out of his seat, to my right and slightly behind me. His sudden movement surprised Kid, who dropped his arm from my
shoulders and fell back slightly. I stepped back instinctively and Edward leaped across the gap at Kid, his left hand fisting
into Kid's shirt, his right first sailing out and connecting with Kid's jaw with a resounding crack. I gasped and stepped back
even further at the exact moment that Alice shrieked and Rose shot to her feet. There were startled shouts and the sounds
of chairs scraping back, both at our table and at the tables all around us. My newly developed inner alarm that sensed
potential publicity nightmares began shrieking in my head. This was a disaster.
Edward let fly again at Kid again, this time connecting with his cheekbone. Kid's sunglasses flew off his face and he fell
backwards completely under the blow, stumbling into the people sitting at the next table. There were startled shouts and
the crash of falling glassware. Edward held onto his shirt, though, so he didn't fall over yet.
Jasper and Emmett both shot to their feet simultaneously just as Edward landed a third punch to Kid's gut. Jasper had
been on the receiving end of a punch from Edward and that must have made him hesitate just a moment, so it was
Emmett that got to Edward first, throwing his arms around Edward's shoulders and hauling him backwards. It startled me
out of my frozen state and I grabbed at Edward's still-swinging arm, trying to keep him from doing any more damage to
Kid, who was now lying across the lap of someone at the next table. Edward was growling a stream of unintelligible
curses at Kid, his hair falling forward into his face as he strained against Emmett. Jasper reached them then, pressing on
Edward's chest with both hands.
"Dude, chill! People are taking pictures!" Jasper hissed under his breath.
"That motherfucker was feeling her up!" Edward roared.
Emmett tightened his grip. "I know! We'll deal with him! Just not here!"
"Edward, stop!" I shouted. He stopped fighting Emmett, allowing himself to be pulled to the far side of the table. At that
moment Seth reached the table and barreled into me, shoving me away from the perceived threat, back towards Emmett
and Edward. The commotion had drawn the attention of every single person in the room. Camera flashes were going off
wildly and voices were raised in confusion as people pushed through the crowd to get to us.
"I'm fine, man, just let me go," Edward snarled at Emmett. Emmett released him, holding his hands up in supplication.
"Sorry I was late, Bells."
"It's okay, Seth. I'm safe."
"Bella…" Edward began.
"What the hell were you thinking?" I hissed at him.
"Me? That guy was molesting you!" he shouted in outrage.
"So you punched him, Edward? Here?"
"He's lucky I didn't rip his fucking head off," Edward growled.
I huffed and threw my arms in the air before shoving past both him and Seth to get to the table Kid had collapsed onto.
"Oh, God, I am so sorry!" I said frantically when I reached the table.
"No worries. Your boyfriend there was totally in the right."
I looked up at the familiar voice. Justin Timberlake. Oh, God. Tonight just couldn't get any worse. Kid Rock was lying
across Justin Timberlake's lap, moaning, his lip split and bleeding. Justin was just sitting still, his expression bemused, as
two newly arrived security guards started trying to pull Kid off of him. The security guards lifted each of Kid's arms over
their shoulders and began to half-carry, half-drag him out of the hall, still moaning and bleeding, in front of hundreds of
curious celebrities. I groaned internally.
Justin stood, brushing off the front of his pants, smiling and shaking his head.
"No, really, I'm so sorry." I insisted, touching Justin's arm lightly.
"Really, it's not a problem."
"Jesus, I'm sorry he fell on you, man," Edward's voice was right behind me. I turned to look at him. He seemed in control of
himself now, although his face was still slightly flushed and his eyes were bright with adrenaline. His hair was a chaotic
mess as he reached a hand up again and raked through it.
"I was just telling your girlfriend here that it's okay," Justin said again.
Edward stuck a hand out then, remembering his manners. "Edward Cullen."
Justin shook it and smiled. "Yeah, I know. I'm Justin. And this must be Bella Swan."
I smiled and blushed feeling so ridiculously awkward.
"Dude," Emmett's voice broke into our conversation as he clapped Edward on the shoulder. "You seriously fucked up Kid
Rock. I hope he doesn't sue you!"
Edward scowled at Emmett.
"Fuck that," Justin interjected. "If he tries to sue, I'll testify for you. The asshole was totally feeling up your girlfriend. He had
it coming."
Edward swiveled to look at me, his expression smug. "See? Justin Timberlake agrees with me!"
I rolled my eyes.
"Absolutely, man," Justin said, raising a hand to Edward. They did some stupid bro high five and laughed together, instant
friends. I heard Rose snort in disgust behind me and mutter "Men!" under her breath. Alice was talking a mile a minute at
Seth and Jasper about the need to control the situation and I saw Charlotte making her way across the chaotic hall
towards us, her cell phone glued to her ear. I felt like I could hear Laurent's yelling from where I stood.
At that very moment the announcements from the stage, which I'd totally tuned out until now, broke through my
consciousness when I heard the band name. We all turned to stare at the stage, trying to sort out what was happening.
Seth cleared his throat across the table.
"Um, you just won Best New Artist. I think you're supposed to go up there or something."
Oh, Christ. Now we had to go make a fucking speech? On TV? I cast a panicked look at Rose, Em and Jazz. They stared
back at me, stunned.
"I am not doing the talking!" I said firmly, throwing my hands up.
The three of them nodded and we all turned towards the stage like we were facing a firing squad instead of accepting an
award. I couldn't tell you later what happened over the next twenty minutes. Emmett, of all people, did the talking and
accepted the award. I have no idea what he said. I've been told there's a tape, but I can't bring myself to watch it. I just
stood in the background and willed myself to disappear. As we were ushered off the stage and into the media room,
Charlotte was there to meet us, flanked by Edward and Seth. We arranged ourselves at the podium, prepared to answer
questions, but almost immediately the questions turned to what had just transpired out in the audience. Charlotte stepped
in and quickly shut down the proceedings. As we left the podium, she began outlining plans for the rest of the evening.
"I think it best if we all just act normally," she began, her voice brisk. "Let's get you all moved on to the after party. If you just
show up and look like you're enjoying yourselves, you won't look too concerned with what just happened."
Edward and I turned to stare at her in unison.
"There is no way I'm going to an after party," I said.
"Bella, be reasonable…"
Edward chuckled and I felt his hand close around mine. I still couldn't believe he did what he had, but somehow his
presence, the physical contact, was calming me down, anchoring me. "Charlotte, if you make us go to some fucking after
party now, I swear to God, we'll either have sex in a closet again or I'll punch somebody else. I'm taking Bella home now."
Charlotte's mouth opened and closed soundlessly. Emmett started laughing uncontrollably. Alice sighed dramatically.
"Charlotte, Jasper and I will go to the after party and I promise we'll be good. Okay?" Alice interjected.
Charlotte just nodded dumbly and flipped her cell open to make a call and change the plans.
Alice reached out and pinched Edward's arm.
"Ow! Alice!"
"Such an animal," she sighed, shaking her head. "Now, I've dealt with tonight, why don't you get the hell out of here before
you commit some other crime against your career? Just turn your phone off and don't answer until tomorrow. Laurent's
going to be apoplectic by now."
Edward smiled his crooked smile at her before he leaned down and kissed her cheek. "You're the best, Al."
"Yeah, I know. Now go!"
"Seth?" Edward said to him. "Get us out of here?"
Seth rolled his eyes. "With pleasure. Man, Edward, you know how to kick a party into overdrive."
"Shut up, Seth!" I growled half-heartedly.
Edward leaned his head down to mine. "Let's go, baby."
He pulled on my hand and we followed Seth out of the media room. I looked back over my shoulder to see Jasper and
Alice facing the media gauntlet, Jasper grimacing in discomfort, Alice turning and smiling like she was born for it.
"Come on, you two," Seth muttered, ushering us through the back exit from the hall, cell phone clamped to his ear. "You've
done enough damage for one night."
The SUV was there to meet us at the employee entrance when we emerged with Seth. Thankfully, there was no media
there to witness me flashing my crotch as I climbed in, since I had yet to retrieve my panties from Edward's suit pocket. I
flushed red to my roots as I realized that I'd accepted the award live on MTV in front of millions of people going
commando. File that under things I never imagined doing in my life.
When Seth finally shut the door and silence enveloped us, Edward and I fell back simultaneously on the seat with heavy
sighs. Our heads turned towards each other instinctively.
"I'm sorry, Bella. You're right, I probably shouldn't have hit that asshole, no matter how much he was asking for it. I'm sorry if
I embarrassed you." Edward's face was lined with contrition.
I looked back at him for a long minute, trying to sort out exactly how I felt about the whole thing now. Yes, it was
embarrassing, and once it hit the gossip websites and the news shows, it would continue to embarrass us both for quite
some time. I should be mad. I should be furious. Oddly I wasn't. It had stirred up feelings inside of me, but mad didn't seem
to be one of them at the moment. I was almost embarrassed to admit to myself exactly what I was feeling. But I knew
Edward wouldn't find it embarrassing. Hell, he'd be turned on.
So I slid across the small distance separating us in the back seat and sat up, twisting around and quickly throwing my leg
over his so that I was straddling his lap. As my dress rode all the way up and reminded Edward of the current location of
my panties, he sucked in his breath sharply. I hooked my hands behind his neck.
"Funny, I don't seem to be mad anymore."
He swallowed thickly. "You're not?"
I shook my head slowly. "No."
"What are you then?" he murmured, having a hard time keeping his eyes from darting back down to my crotch, pressed
against the fly of his pants. I leaned forward until my lips were just an inch from his ear.
"Unbelievably turned on," I whispered.
"Seth!" Edward shouted abruptly. "Drive faster!"
Seth groaned audibly from the front seat, but he floored it. The motion threw me forward into Edward's chest and I laughed
as his arms came around me tightly to steady me.
"Sorry to rush, baby, but you and I have had more than our fair share of trouble tonight. The next time I take you, I want to
be safe in our own bedroom." Edward smirked then, his crooked smile making my head swim slightly, before he lowered
his voice and murmured softly, "And you'd better leave those shoes on."