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Discover How to Master the

Techniques and Methods of Traveling
the Astral Plane

I want to thank you and congratulate you for downloading the book, “Astral
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Astral Plane”.
This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to travel the astral plane
whether you are a beginner or experienced.
Many people want to experience how it feels to get out into the dream world.
However, have you thought that you could actually induce the experiences you want
by traveling the astral plane? This book will introduce you to the world of astral
projection where your soul and body separate allowing your soul to experience an
out of body experience; you will be amazed by how this will make you have a
fulfilling life.
Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!
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Table of Contents
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Humans are multi-dimensional beings. This means that our beings are capable of
existing on two different planes. A plane is a level of existence. Different planes of
existence have different rules that must be adhered to if one wishes to exist in them.
We (humans) exist mainly on the physical plane, as this is where our consciousness
is mainly focused on. there are other planes of existence that our conscious simply
ignores so that we can survive in the physical plane.
Let me try to explain this in a way that doesn’t sound like science fiction. For
humans to exist in the physical world, they must adhere to the rules of the physical
world, which states that; any existence in the physical world must be made up of
I know you are also aware that on top of being physical (blood and flesh, which is
matter) humans have another aspect to them; the soul. The soul is what creates
emotions, feelings and beliefs and is what helps the physical body create
experiences in the physical plane.
While we are more conversant with the physical plane, there is another plane known
as the astral plane or the astral world; a world that philosophers believe to have
been in existence since the beginning of time.
More specifically, the astral plane has been suggested to have been in existence
even in the 3rd century AD. This philosophy of Neo-Platonism has been inspired and
drawn a lot from the Greek philosopher Plato. Though astral projection was initially
esoteric (an ideology preserved or known by few people), it has become very
popular today.
I know by know you must be wondering what an astral plane is and how comes you
have never heard or practiced it if it is so popular? An astral plane is a world of
planetary spheres that are used by the soul to cross into life and after death, they are
a projection of the physical world but that follow different rules.
For instance, unlike the physical world, the astral plane does not require any
existence to be matter. These astral spheres are where beings such as spirits and
angels are said to exist and does not require them to be matter, as we define it. The
human soul can project itself into this world easily, as it uses your body to exist in
the physical world. An astral projection is today commonly referred to as an OUT
The teachings of Plato and Aristotle are believed to have taught that the stars were
made up of a different matter than the four earthly elements (air, wind, earth and
water). They taught that a fifth ethereal element exists in the astral mysticism. They
also taught that this ethereal element is what made up the human psyche.
They believed that man was like a little world a (mikro cosmos) because he
possessed mind and reason, thus he was both divine and mortal. It is for this reason
that he corresponds with the stars and planetary bodies, (this is the reason you have
a planetary body for the day you were born).
It is believed that a man’s contemplative aspect is linked to Saturn, while his social
aspect is linked to Jupiter. His passionate side is linked to mars and his eloquence is
to the planet Mercury. It is also believed that Venus is responsible for his appetitive
nature while the sun and the moon are responsible for his sensitivity and vegetative
Such doctrines were commonplace in the Roman Empire and influenced the early
Christian church greatly. Muslims made these teachings (doctrines) orthodox when
they believed that the prophet (Mohammed) levitated through the seven heavens.
These early doctrines influenced astrology greatly too; by the 14th century,
occurrences of astral travel were especially described by Dante (Durante degli
Alighieri) who was vividly describing his travels through the astral spheres of
The astral plane can be visited. How? Through conscious astral projection, persons
who are adherent with astral projection can leave their physical bodies at will and
travel through the astral plane.
Astral projection is the aspect of experiencing an out of body experience (OBE)
separate from the physical body. It may be defined as the travel of the astral body
(spirit) in the astral world.
This is widely believed to be what happens after death by most common religions
where a traveler leaves his body and travels to ‘higher realms’. Science has not yet
proven the existence of these astral planes.
However, there have been wide reports of people who have been able to “project”
their astral bodies into other planes. Astral projection may be achieved by many
different means including meditation, hallucinogenic and hypnotic means.
Astral projection assumes the existence of a spirit. It has also been described as
floating from your body and meeting other entities. It has also been described as
experiencing the physical world from an ethereal perspective.
Astral projection depends entirely on a strong belief of being able to travel as a
spirit. Additionally, astral experiences highly depend on a traveler’s expectation.
For instance, the expectations of humans to see angels, deceased spirits and even
gods after death may probably determine the nature of their out of body
experiences. Such beliefs determine what you see and what you experience.
Other than personal experiences, science has not proven the existence of astral
projection. Astral projection has also been referred to as lucid dreaming. While
scientist believe that dreams are just a projection of internally generated
experiences, astral travelers believe that dreams are the spirit literally travelling
outside the body in real, external spiritual realms.
As any other cultural practice that has been practiced for a long period, thousands of
myths have emerged about OBEs. In this chapter, we shall look into some of these
myths and try to uncover which ones are true and which ones are just myths

You should fear astral projection

This myth has characterized this practice since the beginning; there is no truth to it.
Actually, the astral body has been known to be the closest to the physical body
among the five subtle bodies of energy.
To debunk this myth, think of your astral body as a “wish body” that you can use to
travel to the locations you consciously desire. The reason you have vivid dreams
that seem unreal is because of the astral body detaching from the physical body
while you are asleep.
It is good to note that even though this happens while you sleep, you can induce
astral travel when you are fully awake and aware. The physical body and the astral
body are connected by a cord called the ASTRAL CORD, which can extend to the
farthest and deepest parts of the universe (there is no end to the places you can
travel to in the astral world).
Astral projection is harmful
This is another myth that is a complete misrepresentation of the facts. It is true that
some people have been known to project to worlds filled with nightmarish
experiences. While we look into this, I would like you to imagine something; it
doesn’t matter what it is.
It could be a magical world or an encounter with aliens. All day long, keep on
thinking of this world that you have made up and let it be the last thought on your
mind when you go to sleep in the evening. There is a very big chance that you may
experience a dream related to the world you have been thinking of.
Astral projection works in an almost similar way. You project to realms where you
are subconsciously thinking about. It is also important to note that even if in your
“other realms’ you encounter monsters, they are mere astral spirits, which cannot
harm your physical body.
Astral projection can help lost souls
This is true; astral travel can help lost souls find their way to the afterlife. In the
afterlife, the astral bodies come into contact with two pools of astral bodies. The
first pool is of low energy bodies that would love nothing more than to suck the
energy out of other astral bodies.
The second is a pool of welcoming, high-energy astral bodies. It is in these pools
that astral beings can see and chat with gone relatives without causing any damage
to the physical body.
The astral body is also capable of travelling to other “happier” realms that may offer
the physical body a lot of comfort. It is a scientifically proven fact that astral bodies
have travelled to the red planet (mars) and revealed details that have been proven to
be by astronomers.
As we looked at in an earlier chapter, astral projection requires that your astral body
leave your physical body. This involves falling asleep with the mind focused on one
thing and the body relaxed. This helps keep the conscious state awake during sleep
to experience when the astral body leaves the physical one.
Astral projection depends highly on preparations. It is good to train yourself to
concentrate during the day. This is because the mind, which relies heavily on the
conscious, is constantly active and can think of numerous things at the same time
(scattered thoughts). Preparing for astral projection requires that you focus the mind
as much as possible. This involves forcing the mind to think of only one thing; this
works a lot like meditation and visualization.
Think of something that you are highly interested in; this has to be something that
you would be interested in studying at great lengths. It could be anything; a candle,
a stone or a pillow (just as you choose an object while meditating). We shall use a
candle in referring to our astral preparation exercise.
The candle mind preparation exercise
Study the candle at great length. Take in everything about it including how the light
flickers, its texture, the size of the shadows that hit it, and its temperature. Try to do
this while still aware.
This makes it easier to remember everything that you have studied about it, as you
are now ready to begin the exercise. It is advisable to put the item (candle) in a
place where you do not need to move to see it.
Lie or sit somewhere comfortable and try to deeply relax your body. When you are
comfortable enough, close your eyes, visualize, and recreate everything about the
candle. Remember all the details including how the light flickered, the texture and
If you do find your mind wandering, do not panic and think that you are failing,
simply breathe deeply and refocus your brain on the candle. Keep in mind that the
more comfortable and relaxed you shall be, the easier it shall be for you to visualize
the object and project it in your mind. One of the other methods that are particularly
effective is using the mind and imagination; this is not fantasizing.
It is more like utilizing all the five senses to recreate the object. This requires you to
imagine the object rather than remember it. You can try to imagine the texture of the
candle in the example above or the aroma of the candle if it is aromatic (some
aromas have been found to have very close relations with relaxation).
This exercise of using your senses and the imagination is very effective at keeping
you grounded and focusing the mind and body on one thing.
The dream journal
As you embark on this journey of astral projection, you will need to keep a journal
to act as a reminder. This journal should be filled with all the aspects of the dream
(projections) that you can remember. As you become more efficient in astral travel,
you shall realize that you are able to remember more.
Part of the reason why it is important to have a dream journal is to ensure that you
keep track of the spheres, beings and details of all the realms that you will travel to.
Unless you can remember the details of your OBE, it will feel like a dream to you.
This is why the dream journal is very important.
I would advise you to write down everything you experienced as soon as you come
out of the OBE. The brain is incapable of storing huge amounts of information. The
dream journal will be an important companion to you. Many people trying out OBE
for the first time tend to overlook this; that is why the rate of failure in projecting is
so high.
Brain wave generator (BWS)
Most of us find it very hard to focus our mind. The brain wave generator is a brain
stimulation system that creates sounds with binaural beats. It is a very effective
form of inducing relaxation, meditation, inducing sleep, self-hypnosis and enhances
learning capabilities.
It is very effective and easy since all you need to do is put on some earphones
(headphones) and let the brain wave generator take care of the rest; it can put you in
any state of mind that you want.
The sounds and visual stimulations in the BWG helps you prepare for challenging
and stressing situations. It does this by changing your brainwave frequency to the
ones you desire.
Set up your meditation space
Just like you need to prepare your mediation space during meditation, so is if you
wish to experience a successful OBE. This is because OBE is a sort of meditative
space; setting up a meditative space may include finding a comfortable chair or mat.
Finding a suitable place to practice and trap your concentration energy is vital to
attaining a successful OBE. An ideal space should be quiet (but, if you have a
preference for soothing music that may help you relax, you can listen to it at low
Lighting is also very important as earlier stated in the candle brain concentration
exercise. Very bright light will hinder your concentration in the meditative state.
Actually, it is advisable to have dim light.
You can try eliminating foreign sound that may distract you by using headphones. It
is important to note that you should try to avoid the bedroom or the bed as your
ideal space. This is because most of being programmed to think of sleep the
moment we see our beds.
Teach yourself to relax
Relaxation is the precipice by which the body and mind can be able to almost
disengage from each other. Relaxation is vitally important to experiencing OBE’s. It
is important that you not only relax your mind, but your body too.
One of the most effective ways of attaining a feeling of relaxation of the body is by
taking a long warm bath or shower. There are very many methods of relaxing the
body that you may try, some include; deep tissue massage, meditation and many
more that you can choose from depending on your preference. As you learn to
relax, it will become almost automatic and easy.

In order to achieve an OBE (out of body experience), it is important that you learn
to be highly concentrative. We all have different techniques that we use when we
want to achieve concentration. For instance, some of us may play some soft music
while some may meditate. Below are a few concentration techniques that have been
very effective when preparing for astral projection.
# The heart concentration techniques
In this concentration technique, you need to be relaxed. This is of great importance
in these heart concentration techniques. This is because you might reach the start of
projection, only to have your astral body trapped in the physical un-relaxed one.
Concentrate on the heartbeats- Do you know how many times your heart beats in
a minute? Well, this concentration technique teaches you to feel the beats of your
heart. To develop this skill, you should do it before going to bed every night. You
should start by finding a comfortable place free from interference.
This could be lying down or sitting. However, if it is a sitting position, ensure that it
is somewhere you can sleep. When you are adequately comfortable, relax your body
and concentrate on your heart beats. If the heartbeats seem faint or are hard to feel,
take a few deep breaths and try again.
Like a visual meditation technique, if you feel your thoughts begin to wander to
other things, simply refocus. As you do this and are able to hold your concentration
on the heart for a few minutes at a time, try to feel the heartbeats in other parts of
your body, the hands or the feet for instance then try to feel the whole body
pulsating with the heart.
As you develop this skill, you will find that you can experience the “heartbeat”
sensation all through your body, a sensation much like an electric current or
Visualization of the heart
This concentration exercise works much like the one I described above. However,
in this one, you concentrate more on the mystery of the heart. The organ that is
absolutely vital to our existence.
As in the previous exercise, sit or lie down in a comfortable position and ensure that
you are adequately relaxed. If you are ready, visualize yourself as a tiny being
outside your body. Turn and float towards your chest, pass through it and make your
way to the heart.
Take in all its beautiful nature, the size, and the beautiful throbs of pumping the life
liquid into your body (blood). Take in all its glory and the texture, this exercise
makes use of all the five senses.
Do not let your mind wander from this exploration. However, if you do find your
thoughts drifting, gently nudge it back to the heart and the concentration technique.
With the development of this skill, you shall be able to appreciate your heart more
and it will help you concentrate better while astral projecting
Very many methods out there promise to help you achieve the state of astral
projection, with each methods having its own success rate. In this chapter, we shall
look at the different techniques that you can choose from.
It is good to experiment with many techniques until you find one that works well
for you. For these techniques to work, you must be prepared as we discussed in the
previous chapter.
Rid your mind of all the daily stress it may be tempted to carry onto the OBE state.
If you are in a relaxed meditative state, let us get down to it.
1#- The yoyo method
This is the favorite method to most people and is easy to try. Before going to bed,
choose a spot in your bedroom. You can choose anything, just make sure that it is
something that you are familiar with.
It could be a picture, a door, a painting on the wall or bookshelf. Concentrate on the
item and examine it as carefully as you can; like in the candle mind preparation
exercise, take it all in. Look at how it works, how it feels in your hands (texture).
Once you are satisfied that you have “memorized” all the details, go to bed.
The moment you wake up the next morning, shift your mind and thoughts to the
spot you had chosen to concentrate on the previous night (this must be done before
you switch on the lights, in darkness).
Visualize the object as vividly as possible for a second (1 second) then sit up and
observe the darkness in front of you. Keep on staring into the darkness and repeat
the visualization process for one more second.
Do this over and over again like a yoyo bouncing back and forth on its string. This
will cause many energy vibrations and will eventually cause a separation from your
physical body.
This method is very easy to practice as it requires very minimal exercise (however,
it is good to be in a relaxed mood, body and soul), as this will help you visualize
better and enhance your projection skills. It is also important to have the correct
ambience in order for this technique to work.
In this case, your bedroom should not allow too much light at daybreak as this will
hinder effective darkness visualization as your eyes even when closed can detect
light, which may distract you.
It is also good to have a soft mattress on the bed as this serves to relax you as you
sleep, which in turn translates to relaxation in the morning before undertaking the

2#- The free fall technique
This technique also requires that you be in a very relaxed mode. It is also easy to try
since all you need is to imagine yourself falling down from an incredible height.
You can imagine that you have just jumped out of a plane without a parachute, do
not panic.
Instead, experience and live in the all the sensations that accompany free-fall. Feel
the wind in your face, the excitement and anticipation. If you do it right, you might
experience a feeling of not being sure where you are in space and vibrations.
Some of the symptoms of OBE that will occur include vibrations, buzzing noise,
voices or rapid heartbeat. If they do occur, continue the visualization. When you
feel like you are close to astral projecting, imagine that you have hit the ground, do
not just imagine this, feel it. Sudden collisions have been known to cause sudden
separations between the physical body and the astral body.
3#- Staring into the darkness
This is also a relatively easy exercise that you can do anywhere. As you become
experienced in astral projection, you will be able to project out of your physical
body even when riding the metro to work.
In this exercise, close your eyes and observe the darkness that forms behind your
eyelids. If you concentrate enough, patterns of light should begin to form in front of
you. If you are not disturbed and you continue in this state, the patterns will start to
transform into recognizable figures or objects.
As the clearness and realism of the objects continues to manifest, you may be able
to separate your astral body from your physical body and live in the realm observed
behind your closed eyelids. As this happens, you will begin lucidly dreaming.
4#- OBE Inducer software
This free software was developed by astral forums. It is a browser based software
that is extremely easy to use. It only requires that you click a start button and drift to
sleep. After a couple of hours (4-5) you are woken up by a pre-recorded voice
message, which instructs you not to move and to keep your eyes closed.
As you do this, you are likely to start drifting back to sleep after which another
voice wakes you up and instructs you not to move. After listening to a few of these
alarms, your consciousness becomes awake and you will be able to reach a state of
sleep paralysis.
After reaching this state, it becomes very easy to use any of the methods mentioned
above to project your astral body into any sphere you may wish to visit.
5#- The rope technique
This technique of projection is also very popular. It was made popular by Robert
Bruce, a self-proclaimed astral projection guru. The idea behind it is relatively easy.
You simply imagine that there is a long rope hanging directly above you and
without moving or reaching out to reach it with your physical body, you simply
visualize reaching out for it.
If successful at this, start climbing the rope and experience all the sensations that
accompany the nature of rope climbing. You should also feel the tension in your
arms. At this point, it is important to remember that it is not real tension hence you
shouldn’t tense your body or panic.
As you continue climbing the rope, you will experience vibrations that will increase
as you continue visualizing the climb. Do not stop when the vibrations start;
instead, fasten your climbing visualization (climb the rope faster and faster). This
will hasten the process of astral projection. Do this until your physical and astral
body separate.
6#- The Exhaustion technique
Like most of the techniques we have discussed so far, this one is also relatively easy
to do. It borrows heavily on the doctrine that the body achieves the state much
easily when extremely exhausted.
It states that you can attain the state of sleep paralysis if you can be able to keep
your mind awake. When you are in this state (sleep paralysis), it becomes very easy
to project. It requires you not to go to sleep until you feel too sleepy. Actually, you
should keep your eyes open even when too sleepy.
At this stage, lie down in an uncomfortable position (lying on your back is one of
the most uncomfortable positions for most people). From this uncomfortable
sleeping position, try to be aware of all the sensations that accompany the feeling
and process the feeling.
If falling asleep, it is important to not let your awareness and sense of “being
awake” fade away. No matter how much you concentrate on staying awake, it is
inevitable that you shall drift into slumber.
Once you start experiencing the vibrations, pass through the hypnologic imagery,
and experience all the other symptoms of projection, simply try to get up without
actually getting up (not getting up using your physical body). At this point,
separating your two bodies should be easily achievable.
7#- The tunnel method
Most of the methods we have discussed so far have been relatively easy to practice,
so is this one. One of the most common things about the different methods
(techniques) of astral projection is how easy they are to do.
Once you are relaxed and comfortable, it becomes almost effortless to astral project.
In this technique, you need to visualize yourself in a long and dark tunnel. Imagine
that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel you are in then visualize yourself
flying through the tunnel like an airplane ready for takeoff or like a bird drifting
through the air in flight.
As you accelerate and go faster, you should start experiencing the vibrations and
noises that are usually accompanied by the other signs of projection. Ignore the
vibrations and noises but instead focus on your “flight visualization” as you fly
faster, and enter the bright white light. Your bodies will separate from each other
allowing you to begin astral projection.
8#- Vibrational field
Lie down on your bed and close your eyelids then visualize a field of energy all
around you and in front of you and try to experience how the energy vibrates within
the field. Although you can visualize it in whichever way you want, the most
effective way I have found is visualizing it as a square field or a white light (like
that of angels).
All you have to do is visualize how it is vibrating in front of you. At this point, if
you have been successful at the “light” projection, try to move the field (the
vibrational field in front and around you) towards you. If your body touches this
field of energy, it shall absorb the vibrations.
It is amazing how easy it shall be for you to begin feeling the vibrations; do not
stop. Keep moving the field towards you until you feel your whole body
encompassed in the white light vibrations. It should be easy for you to feel the
vibrations running through your body.
Intensify the vibrations and simply roll out of your physical body into the astral
realm. This technique is most effective for anyone who is very comfortable, relaxed
and stress free.
9#-The spinning technique
Have you ever tried spinning? When you spin around on the Y-axis, you experience
the world from a different perspective; this method borrows greatly from that. You
visualize yourself spinning on the Y axis (make sure you do not actually spin your
physical body, just visualize the spinning).
You should try to focus on the effects the “spinning” has on you; this technique has
been most effective in inducing a vibrational state or to immediately separate form
the physical body.
10#-The recall technique
Unlike in the other techniques that we have discussed, you should not try this
technique until you have become experienced in projecting your astral body. If you
have reached a state of projection before (this method requires that once you reach
the state of sleep paralysis), begin “re-living” your last astral projection as vividly
as you possibly can.
Imagine all the sensations that came with body separation, and how the vibrations
felt when they started. Try to imagine everything you felt then. Was there some
buzzing noise or was there heaviness; recall all the details you can.
If the recall is done correctly, the same sensations can and may be re-experienced.
This in effect will lead into another astral projection different that the one you were
Regardless of which method you choose, you always have to remember to note
down in your dream journal the realm or astral projection you have experienced.
This will make it easier for you to remember the feelings you experienced while in
the astral world.
It is also important to remember that OBE will only be a distance dream unless you
relax, concentrate, and are well relaxed. Take more time preparing as most
techniques for inducing projection are very easy and simple.
There are times when projecting may be nearly impossible due to certain mental
blocks that your subconscious mind has set for you. Here are some probable mental
blocks that you may probably be having and probable solutions for dealing with the
When you are not confident about your ability to travel into the astral world, you
will probably have a hard time projecting yourself into this new world of the
unknown. To counter this feeling, you have to realize that if one person has done it
before, so can you.
Actually, the more your conscious self believes that you actually experience OBEs
every night, the more it becomes apparent to you. The best you can do is practice as
often as possible. In any case, very few people have actually projected themselves
on the first try.
Being overly excited
It is very important to be calm during your projection period even when you
actually break through the astral world. Don’t get too excited about succeeding in
your projection otherwise you will break the session. In simple terms, try to be free
from any emotions if you want to experience an OBE for longer.
Fear that you might be locked out
You may be scared that you may actually not get back to your body because you
cannot find your way in. Although this is a genuine concern, you shouldn’t give it
too much thought since getting out (experiencing and OBE) is probably harder than
getting in; you will probably find it a lot easier to reconnect with your body after
the experience. Always keep in mind that you cannot stay out of your body forever.
Don’t worry, you won’t die because you have an OBE!
The fear that you may encounter demons
Although it can be frightening to experience “unusual” beings in the astral plane,
they cannot harm you. The biggest problem you should actually be worrying about
is your own fear. Actually, many of these images of demons are actually creations
of your subconscious mind hence the need to have the right thoughts if you really
want to get into the astral plane without fear.
Trying too hard
In as much as you should have confidence in experiencing an OBE, try not to be too
hard on yourself that you must do it since this will probably put too much pressure
on you, which means you will actually not be fully relaxed. Being relaxed is
actually fundamental if you are to succeed in any projection try. If you try too hard
but fail, you will probably be disappointed; you should counter this by using a
different technique.
The fear of getting lost in the astral world
You may probably think that you may get lost in the “other world” and never find
your way back to your body especially if you are a beginner. One thing you have to
remember is that you will end the OBE session by the mere thought of your body so
don’t be scared!
The fear of being possessed
The astral plane is full of spirits and beings that don’t exist in the physical realm.
This may make a beginner to have the fear that he or she may be possessed in the
process of projecting. Always keep in mind that nothing can possess your body
permanently given that you are the only one who can control your body; your astral
self will not be subdued by a spirit simply because you were having an out of body
experience. Your astral self and your body are joined by an astral cord, which
cannot be connected by any other spirit.
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