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Hello, welcome to Acadsoc! I’m your DS Daria and I’ll try my best to help you in acadsoc.

Pls feel free

to contact me if you have any concerns. I’ll be on duty on Tus-Sat 10am-7pm. If I’m not on duty, ask for
help from my TM on-duty colleagues for help.

Here is our training process:

1. Self-training:

1) Log in tutor system and read Training Kit carefully;

2) Update your Tutor Information {profile, self –introduction (more than 200 words and attractive), voice
recording (1min-2mins, refer to example recording, and government ID. pls make sure clean background
sound and do not mention about your nationality), photo and certificate}

2. Tool downloading/ Process training

1) Download QQ and update your information, Download link :

2) Checking your internet speed (Speed Test on tutor system)

3) Make a video call with your TM on QQ


QQ and Skype format: Tutor name(TUID) | Acadsoc

QQ and Skype profile: Acadsoc logo

QQ and Skype location: Canada/United states

Process training (confirm time with your PT trainer)

3. Test Lesson. (schedule time with your PT trainer)

Well prepared for it (Read the TL standard carefully). If you need anyone to help you practice, just call
your TM. Both Process training and Test lesson are conducted in QQ.

During your training period, please update your training process with you TM, and you have only 7 days
to finish all the training or you need to reapply for this job.

As your DS, I kindly remind you that there are two basic requirements for all the tutors in my
team: 1) Pls send me the picture or screenshot first before you ask me for help. 2) Pls be on
time and be pretty sure about your scheduled time. If for any emergence you want to re-
schedule, always remember to inform me and related persons in advance.



BACK-UP SITE: (which only includes course information)