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Money habits

Discuss the statements with your group. Do you agree with them or not? Why?´s important to own your own home?

If a party saves money and does not pay for apartment rent and nobody bothers when you
make noise or events, you live with peace of mind.

2.I’d rather save money than spend it

If there is no need you can not spend your money better keep it and when you have an
emergency you have to get out of trouble

3.If I have some extra money, I spend it

It is better to save your money, you could spend it if there is an important event and you want
to attend and you can give yourself that luxury

4.People worry too much about money

in these times money is the one that moves the economy of the state, and it is normal for
people to worry about money since without money they will not be able to feed their family
nor will they be able to educate their children

5.You should never borrow money

you should not have debts of money you get problems if you do not have the capital to pay the
monthly fee the interest will be raised

6.I always pay back money I owe

In my case I do not usually lend money

7.You can never be too rich

f you can achieve what you want all this to have the ability to invest, do business and make
your money grow and become a millionaire

8.It isn’t a good idea to lend money to friends

in my recommendation try to lend little money so that you have the facility to return

9.I spend my salary as soon as I get

It depends on your expenses, if you want to have money, look for economy, cheap things so
you do not spend more than normal

10.I sometimes waste money on things I don’t n

You can not buy expensive ornaments or other things that are only luxury, it is better to save
that money that is increasing
11.I often buy things I can’t afford and charge them to my credit card.

in my case not how much with credit card since that is a scam they charge you 80% interest

12.I know how much everything I own is worth.

Definitely, if it was me who bought all the truth is that I should know how much is the
valuation of all my properties

13.I always check my bills carefully to make sure I haven’t been charged too much.

In that aspect I'm always careful I do not trust anything I ask the price of each product

14.There are some things money can’t buy

life and love the only thing that is priceless

15.I want to earn as much money as possible.

For me it is not about earning so much money the key is to know how to make money and that
this money generates increase without having to work too much