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Topic One

What you are expected to know at the end of this chapter?

 Why this course is important (other than it is a required course)?
 How to measure and estimate mechanical properties of elastic materials?
o Different loading types
o Different types of Stress-strain relations
o Difference between elastic and Non-linear elastic materials
o Different types of modulus measurements
o What is Poisson’s ratio, typical values and how it can be
o What is yield stress and how it can be estimated
o What is elastic-plastic behavior
o What is work, energy, toughness, modulus of toughness, elastic
resilience, hyper-elastic resilience, and how they can be estimated?
o How to estimate area under the curve using trapezoidal rule or
Simpson rule.
 What is time-dependent response?
o Difference between elastic, viscous, and viscoelastic behavior
o Difference between creep and stress relaxation
o How the visco-elasticity can be modeled
o Difference between Maxwell, Kelvin and Burges Models and their
appropriateness for modeling creep and stress relaxation
 What are the Non-mechanical Properties?
o What are density, unit weight, specific gravity, thermal expansion
and contraction?
o How they can be measured and estimated
 What are different types of surface characteristics’?