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1. Change the verb into the correct form:
a. I (go) to the city once a week.
b. You (play) the guitar very well.
c. She never (visit) me.
d. Tom always (find) new ways to do things.
e. Ann (want) to speak.
2. Change the answer of question no.1 into negative
3. Change the verb into correct form
a. (I wake up) at five in the morning?
b. (you go) to work by train?
c. (she drink) coffee every morning?
d. (he smoke)?
e. (it hurt)?
4. Every summer, my friend Jorge (throw) a party for his birthday. He (be) just 15. All his
family and friends (go) to his party. The party (start) at 9 o’clock. Rose usually
(give/not) an expensive gift. The food and drink (be) always just perfect. We (eat ) a lot
of fast food and we (not/ drink) very much. Jorge’s mother (be/ not) almost always late.
But, She (bring) a big birthday cake. Everybody (bring) him beautiful gifts but
I sometimes (forget) to give him mine. Everything never (end) at midnight and we
seldom (get/not) home late. We all (be) so happy. We (enjoy) the party very much.
Finally, I want to have my own party to invite all of my friends.
5. Please introduce a friend sitting next to you!
6. Translate into good Bahasa Indonesia.
Jim Sullivan likes music. He plays many instruments. He plays the piano, clarinet,
saxophone, trumpet, guitar, and bagpipes. The bagpipes are his favorite instrument to
play. Not very many people play the bagpipes.
Jim plays the bagpipes for celebrations. He also plays the bagpipes in parades. The
audience listens to the bagpipes. They clap for Jim. They enjoy the music of the bagpipes.
Jim also teaches people how to play the bagpipes. He gives lessons to children and adults.
He teaches them the history of the bagpipes. He teaches them how to play music with the
bagpipes. Jim is a good teacher.
7. Compose simple present tense sentence based on the word: attend, go, cancel, type,