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Internal Account Transfer

 Internal Account Transfer is to make transactions from one KBZ bank account to another KBZ bank
 To make Internal Account Transfer transactions, navigate to Transfer >> Internal Account Transfer
 (You can also navigate from Site map >> Transfer >> Within Bank >> Internal Account Transfer)

 KBZ bank account

 Transfer >> Internal Account Transfer
 (Site map >> Transfer >> Within Bank >> Internal Account Transfer )

 To transfer between one KBZ bank account to another KBZ bank account

1. In Payment To

(1) Existing Template : Select the existing payment template for transfer.

(2) Make New Payment : Make the new transfer entry.

(3) User Reference : User reference number that would be used to identify the transaction.

(4) Source Account : Select the source account to withdraw amount.

(If you click button beside this text box, it will display the available amount for the selected source
 KBZ bank account KBZ bank account

၁.In Payment To

(၁) Existing Template : template

(၂) Make New Payment

(၃) User Reference transaction user reference number

(၄) Source Account account

(T button source account


2. In Beneficiary Details

(5) Beneficiary Account : Choose the account customer wishes to transfer money to. (Have to

configure in Beneficiary Maintenance.)

(6) Beneficiary Branch : Branch Code of the beneficiary account.

(7) Beneficiary Email : Email of the beneficiary.

၂.In Beneficiary Details

(၅) Beneficiary Account account (Beneficiary Maintenance

account )

(၆) Beneficiary Branch account ၏ branch code

(၇) Beneficiary Email ၏ Email

3. In Payment Details

(8) Transfer Amount : Enter the amount to be transferred.

(9) Transfer Currency : Choose the currency customer wishes to transfer.

(10) Pay Now : To proceed the fund transfer immediately.

(11) Pay Later : To make the transfer on future selected date.

(12) Setup Standing Instruction m k h h d d p ym p i d. “S pS di g
i ”i d, m i h S d i .

၃.In Payment Details

(၈) Transfer Amount :

(၉) Transfer Currency :

(၁ ) Pay Now :

(၁၁) Pay Later :

(၁၂) Setup Standing Instruction : ၍

schedule “S pS di g i ”
SI Details

4. In SI Details

(13) SI Execution Frequency : Select the standing execution frequency for the fund transfer.

SI Execution Frequency can be chosen as per following.

 Daily
 Weekly
 Fortnightly (to do instructions per 2 weeks)
 Monthly
 Bi Monthly (to do instructions per 2 months)
 Quarterly
 Half-Yearly
 Yearly

(14) First Execution Date : Select the execution date from the calendar to initiate the first standing

(15) Expiry Date : Pick the expiry date of standing instruction from the Calendar.

၄.In SI Details

(၁၃)SI Execution Frequency schedule

SI Execution Frequency

(၁၄) First Execution Date : Standing instruction

(၁၅) Expiry Date S di g i i

5. In Other Details

(16) Narrative : Type the reason of the transfer.

(17) View Limits : To view the Utilized Limits screen in which utilized remaining number of

transaction and remaining daily limits (in terms of amount) allowed.

(18) Save as Template : To create a payment template of the transaction.

(19) Save as Draft : To create a draft version of the transaction. Draft version can be used

later to initiate the payment for one time.

(20) Initiate : To make the transfer.

(21) Save and Submit : To create a payment template of the transaction as well as initiation the


Remark: Fill all the text boxes that are marked with star.

၅. In Other Details

(၁၆) Narrative

(၁၇) View Limits : i

(၁၈) Save as Template : ဤ transaction template Template ဤ


(၁၉) Save as Draft : ဤ transaction draft Draft ဤ


(၂ ) Initiate

(၂၁) Save and Submit template ၍ transaction

text box

 Customer need to check the information for the transfer.

(22) C i k “C i m”.

 Customer

(၂၂) “C i m”

(23) Type in the answer for the security questions appear. (This security question is the question asked
when you first log into the system).

24) C i k “S mi ”.

(၂၃) security question ၏ (ဤ security question system

log in m security question )

(၂၄) “S mi ”
(25) Type in the One Time Password (OTP) that will send to the customer via email & SMS and click
“S mi ”.

(Remark: One Time Password will only be available for the 5 mins from the time it was emailed to the
customer. If the customer failed to enter the OTP within 5 mins, the customer has to request the OTP again.)

(၂၅) Customer email message One Time Password (OTP) ၍ “S mi ”

( One Time Password email ၅ ၅ OTP


(26) C i k “OK”.

(၂၆) “OK”