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Why Dr.

Ambedkar is relevant in todays world

1. Dr Ambedkar understood individual suffering as social suffering; finding the root of India’s
social suffering to be caste, so that in his view the end of suffering would be the
‘annihilation of caste.
2. Dr Ambedkar insisted that the conditions of the poor were the result not of individual
disappointments but of the working of the social system under which they lived.
3. Dr Ambedkar does not separate social inequality from economic inequality, or caste from
class. Indeed, Dr Ambedkar was the only person in his time to link the rights of the
oppressed classes and the right of Dalits.
4. Addressing the needs the marginalised is a commitment of the international Sustainable
Development Goals to ‘end poverty in all its forms’, to reduce inequality of opportunity, to
provide decent work for all, ending modern forms of slavery and discrimination.
5. Dr Ambedkar insisted that political freedom is of limited value without social freedom;
and that in the absence of economic democracy (that is freedom of opportunity) political
democracy would be under threat.
6. It is Dr Babasaheb’s clarity about what real democracy means, combined with his loyalty
to the experience of the downtrodden that makes him so relevant as a guide to social
policy makers, educators, politicians and reformers for the coming years,

Chief Guest Respected Shri. Rajesh Kakkar , Director (Offshore), Senior

executives present , members of the collectives , ladies , gentleman and young
ones present , a very good morning and Jaibhim to you all.

It is my honour and privilege to welcome you all today as we all re-install the
portrait of our beloved Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar at renovated premises of
Vasudhara Bhavan on Babasaheb’s 128th birth anniversary .

Babasaheb’s Jayanti is a unique occasion for all of us to proudly celebrate the

genius of the father of that one great book which is the foundation of India –
the Constitution.

Even six decades after its adoption, our Constitution has become the uniting
sprit of the country, guiding us through challenging times and unprecedented
global and national social and political change.

May I now request all of you to procced for the floral tribute to the Portrait of
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar followed by Prayers for the occasion.
Revised Sequence of events

1. Welcome of guest speech by Rashmi Madam.

2. Floral tribute followed by Prayer for the occasion.
3. Introductory remarks by Secretary AISCSTEWA, Mumbai (Shri.
4. Speech by Chairman , AISCSTEWA, Mumbai (Shri. Jagesh
5. Speech by Working President-CWC, AISCSTEWA, ONGC (Shri.
Nagsen Sonare)
6. Speech by ED-MHA ( shri Dileep)
7. Speech by ED-HRO( Shri. Gopinath)
8. Speech by ED-Basin Manager, WOB(Shri. Ayyadurai)
9. Speech by chief Guest Shri. Rajesh Kakkar, Director-Offshore
10. Vote of thanks by Vice chairman, AISCSTEWA (S Kamble)
11. Announcement for High Tea.
Chief Guest Respected Shri. Rajesh Kakkar , Director (Offshore), Senior
executives present , members of the collectives , ladies , gentleman and young
ones present , good morning

It is a very happy occasion for all of us to have reinstalled the portrait of Dr.
Babasaheb Ambedkar .On behalf of AISCSTEWA, Mumbai region we are
extremely thankful to our beloved Shri Rajesh Kakkar Sir , Director –Offshore
who has consented to grace the occasion despite his prior commitments.

Thanks are also due to respected Dileep sir ED-MHA and Shri Ayyadurai Sir ED-
BM, WOB who have graced the occasion.

This momentous occasion is possible due to efforts of ED-HRO who has guided
us towards installation of Portrait of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. I on behalf of
AISCSTEWA, Mumbai region thank you sir!

Thanks are also due to Support Manager Shri Kaul Sir and I/C HR-ER MH Asset
who is also building administrator of VB to have provided with all the facilities.

AISCSTEWA further thanks hospitality, civil, electrical, logistics sections and

canteen services for whole heartedly supporting the programme.

We also wish to thank all you supportive ladies, gentlemen and kids who have
chosen to be present despite today being a holiday.

Lastly, thanks are due to todays compere Madam Rashmi for conducting the
proceedings with aplomb.

Jaibhim and Jaihind !