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JL MC 201: Integrative Final Assignment

Rico’s Tacos: Strategy Memo

After three years of success in Story County, Rico’s has proved to be one of the best

food trucks in the area. We propose Rico’s to sell late-night on Campustown during the

weekends and hope it will be beneficial to their business. The late-night menu will introduce

a new item called the “night owl burrito.”

Rico’s Tacos won Ames Main Street Farmer’s Market Food Truck Showdown in

2016 and was a winner Ames Tribune’s Best of Story County in 2017. Rico’s been

nominated for Ames Tribune’s Best of Story County’s food truck this year. Rico’s proves to

be a favorite food truck in the Ames community, but the distance from campus makes it

difficult to reach college students in Ames. ISU students are essential to the Ames economy,

which is why we propose for Rico’s to open up their windows and serve college students late-

night on weekends near campus.

The new hours and location will also come with a new menu item, the “night owl

burrito,” which is a burrito loaded with meat, nacho cheese, Hot Cheetos, and fillings of

choice. This food mashup will only be available during the Rico’s Tacos late-night hours. We

hope this new menu item will attract students who are out at night as well as other members

of the community. Rico’s Tacos will unveil the new burrito at the Ames Main Street Farmer’s

Market Food Truck Showdown on May 5, which falls on Cinco de Mayo. Rico’s Tacos

participation in the competition will be promoted with a Cinco de Mayo theme.

We believe ISU students will purchase from Rico’s because of the wide variety of

dishes served. Many food trucks or carts that may compete with Rico’s do not offer many

options late at night. Besides just serving tacos, Rico’s also offers tortas, burritos, tamales,

and quesadillas which we believe will attract students to visit the food truck if located closer
to campus. Many college students go out to the bars on Campustown and we would like to

target them as customers. Many students live close to campus and Campustown and we

would like to target them as well.

If the location near campus and extended hours proves to be a success, Rico’s can

frequently start to sell on weekends to college students. This is an effort to expand the target

demographic who frequent Rico’s. College students are tech savvy and tend to be users of

social media. With Rico’s being on Facebook, we believe college students can keep up to

date with the social media updates posted by Rico’s.

We will put a media kit together and send it out to the Iowa State Daily and the Ames

Tribune. Specifically, we will send the media kit to Jill O’Brien, news editor of student life at

the Daily at and Michael Crumb, news editor at the Ames

Tribune at

The media kit will include a news release and a fact sheet. The news release will

announce the new location, extended hours, new food item and Rico’s Tacos’ efforts to serve

Iowa State students. It will also mention Rico’s Tacos participation in the Ames Main Street

Farmer’s Marker Food Truck Showdown where they will showcase their “night owl burrito.”

The news release will include quotes from Jose Rico, owner of Rico’s and will also include a

brief history of the business. This information will provide the media with enough

background for a story. The release will provide the media with visuals that accompany

cutlines and bylines. We will also suggest digital elements so the reporters have a feel for the

business and will make them more likely to pick up the story.

Along with the news release, the media kit will come with a fact sheet. The fact sheet

will provide the media with quick fact of Rico’s that may be relevant to the story such as

hours of operation, brief history, name of owners, contact information, ratings, awards, and
photos. With providing this information in the fact sheet, we hope to make the reporters’ job

easier than to go out of their way to find this information.

We believe the content we provide will be enough to get a story from the Iowa State

Daily and the Ames Tribune. It is more likely for the story to be picked up by the Ames

Tribune because Rico’s has been a winner of multiple Ames Tribune’s Best of Story Country

awards. Rico’s has grown to be popular among the Ames community since its start in 2015

and we are confident that the community would be interested in its expansion near campus

and goal to serve the Iowa State students.

We will work with Rico’s to help put out the announcement of their new location and

extended hours. Rico’s frequently updates statuses on Facebook and urge for them to

continue with the frequent updates. Rico’s current 3,254 Facebook likes will help with

spreading of the announcement, but if the media picks up the story, the announcement will

capture the attention of thousands in the community. We suggest for Jose Rico to post the

announcement on the Facebook group, “Ames People,” where there are over 19,000 members

interested in issues and information relevant to Ames.

There is a possibility that neither media organizations will pick up the story due to

have other relevant news they many want to publish. The Iowa State Daily is more focused

on campus events or information that Iowa State students find interesting. With providing

them with facts and visuals we hope they will pick up the story especially since the goal of

the new location and extended hours is to target students.

With the release of the media kit to the Iowa State Daily and the Ames Tribune, we

are providing them with the announcement that Rico’s has to extend its hours and be at a

closer proximity to Iowa State students. If the story is picked up, it will make the Ames and
Iowa State community aware of the plans. We believe this strategy will be beneficial and

successful to Rico’s because it will help expand the target demographic in Ames.
JL MC 201: Integrative Final Assignment


NEWS RELEASE Issued by: Rico’s Tacos

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Maria Ruiz-Ramos
April 26, 2018 PR Specialist for Rico’s Tacos


(AMES, Iowa)- Rico’s Tacos has announced plans to extend business hours and be

located on Ames’ Campustown. Rico’s Tacos will also introduce a new food item for its late-

night menu.

“We are excited to announce that we will be extending our hours from Thursday

through Saturday and be located on Campustown. Our current locations are quite a distance

from Iowa State students and we feel like this is a great opportunity to serve them because

they contribute a lot to the economy in Ames,” said Jose Rico, owner of Rico’s Tacos.

Rico’s Tacos has been serving the Ames community since March 2015. Since then,

they have partnered up with other local businesses and have expanded the size of their main

food truck.

Rico’s Tacos food truck will be located in the back lot of 303 Welch Avenue starting

next Thursday. Rico’s will be open from 10 p.m. till 2:30 a.m. The menu will consist of
Mexican street food favorites such as tacos, tortas, tamales, quesadillas, burritos as well as

the new “night owl burrito.”

“I am also excited to introduce our “night owl burrito” that will be showcased at the

Ames Main Street Farmer’s Market Food Truck Showdown on May 5, which also falls on

Cinco de Mayo.” said Rico. The new menu item will be available during the competition, but

will be a regular item only during the late-night hours.

Rico’s Tacos will strive to serve the Iowa State community by being closer to campus.

Many food vendors currently sell many food items during the times that students are out at

bars. Owner, Rico hopes to welcome new customers to his food truck.

The Ames and ISU community can find out more and stay up to date on Rico’s daily

location on their Facebook page,


A customer stands outside of Rico’s Tacos

food truck. Rico’s permanent location is on
E Lincoln Way in Ames. Photo by Maria
Tacos and tortas are popular food items
found at Rico’s Tacos. A torta is a
Mexican steak sandwich. Other food items
such as quesadillas, burritos, and tamales
are available as well. Photo by Maria Ruiz.

Rico’s Tacos will be introducing their new

menu item for their late-night hours at the
Ames Main Street Farmer’s Market on
Cinco de Mayo. The “night owl burrito’s”
main ingredients consist of meat, nacho
cheese, and Hot Cheetos. Illustration by
Maria Ruiz.
Digital Elements:
Rico’s Tacos serves a variety of fresh Mexican food. A short video can feature all the food
products Rico’s has available for guests. Jose Rico can be featured in the video and briefly
tell viewers about the menu items. The video will also introduce the new menu item “night
owl burrito.” It is likely that many viewers have not tried most of the food items so this will
help viewers learn more.
The story can include a video of Rico’s Tacos at its new Campustown location. Jose Rico
will discuss his excitement for the new location and late-night hours. Rico will also talk about
his goals to serve the ISU community with its close proximity to campus.
The story can include an infographic with picture of all the food items available at Rico’s
Tacos. The audience can click each picture to be educated on the item. Information such as
ingredients, nutrition and what the product is will pop up.
Twitter Pitch:
Rico’s Tacos rolls its way over to Campustown with a new “night owl burrito.”
Fact Sheet: