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1. Concept.

Marketing is an overall system of organizational activities designed to plan, bid, promote and
distribute products, services and ideas to meet the needs of the target market and achieve
organizational goals.
2. I am the Marketing Manager. Facing the difficult business situation of Vietjet, Vietjet's
decision to cut operating budget. So I made this report in the hope that the board of
directors will see the role and importance of our marketing department for the company
and change that decision.
Research market forecast:Collect market information to determine market demand, target
market, new market.Vietjet air focus on young, dynamic customer segments and first-time
aircrafts, middle-income earners. Customers who are proficient in technology and Internet such
as smartphones, email, social networks, online payment forms: visa, master card, ... and have
a hobby of exploring and traveling regularly with spending proper charge. Vietjet's customer
groups are mostly people who like to innovate, create, like to connect, ...
Organize the implementation of new product development program: Identify target
market, develop a plan in Marketing Mix strategy, build sales plan, long-term profit target for
businesses. Vietjet participates in the Seminar on "Innovation management and business image
building" which is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network of Global Entrepreneurship
Network (GEN). This is an opportunity for Vietjet and businesses to introduce their products,
creating cohesion and promoting business activities.

Market segmentation, targeting, brand positioning: Offer products of the same type but
with different uses, different packaging, different prices ... to cater to the different needs of
different customers. Moreover, the market segment is the premise basis for building the market
strategy of enterprises. When Marketer does a good job in market segmentation, it is easy to
identify the appropriate market segment to invest, leading to success for the company. The
model that Vietjet Air is aiming at is considered "hybrid" between cheap and traditional
aviation by limiting the disadvantages and taking advantage of each model. In the world, this
is also a new model in recent years.Vietjet Air defines its strategy to differentiate its brand
from its competitors in the same segment, it wants to become a new generation airline with
personality Featured brand: creative, playful, inspirational.

Develop and implement a marketing strategy plan: Good marketing strategy will direct
activities to accomplish the goals of the business. Therefore, Marketing strategy is very
important for businesses because it plays a key driving role in generating revenue and costing
a lot. Many companies are not successful because they do not have a plan to build a clear,
methodical and long-term marketing strategy. Vietjet is an airline that has an impressive
promotion. Remember in 2013, when Vietjet Air invited Ngoc Trinh with a group of hot long-
legged models, wearing bikinis posing on the plane, Vietjet brand suddenly became popular.
With the slogan "Flying is like right away", Vietjet gives passengers the experience of cheap
flights, 0d flights with good service, a young, dynamic hostess team, bringing to passengers
Many interesting things, fun on flights. Low fares are a special competitive way for Vietjet Air
to attract customers. To do this, Vietjet must optimize costs. Vietjet Air currently operates only
the narrow body aircraft line A320 and A321.Vietjet with priority for opening international

The quality of the product is very good and too low for the price: the price: the price of the
product You have a lot of business to know how to work with us to work at home, Professional
marketing services for all types of products, services, products, services, products, services,
products, services, products, services, etc. The company is the best company in the world.
Many types of languages and languages are available.Prices are important to know about the
image »from the beginning to the end It is important to the product, the product, and the
product. Low fares are a particularly competitive way for Vietjet Air to attract customers. To
do this, Vietjet must optimize costs. Vietjet Air currently only exploits the narrow body aircraft
line A320 and A321. This type of aircraft is also the most advanced, has a young age (3.3
years), which helps Vietjet save the maximum cost of gasoline (15% ).

For production: Helping to survey the market, production and consumption activities, to meet
customers' needs in a practical way. Marketing is a method of concretizing business plans at
the company. VietJet's target customers are young, dynamic customers who want to travel
everywhere to explore, who are the first to fly, have medium income. Therefore, from the
beginning, they have positioned themselves as "low-cost airlines."

For the market: Applying Marketing has the effect of stimulating the social market in and
outside the country, closely associated with the mechanism of economic life. Marketing is
essential when dealing with market problems, in the relationship between companies and
markets. Determining the right target customers of VietJet is a great success because at the
time of launch, VietNam Airline is a big airline only for high-income people, with the birth of
VietJet making air travel is not too far away.

For the plan: As a means, a tool to find the direction and path of future operations of the
company. Marketing reflects centralized economic planning. Planning and Marketing are
closely related: Marketing serves first the processes of implementing plans and creating an
objective scientific basis for the plan; whereby the science and reality of the plan are enhanced.
"Cheap price" is the top price strategy that VietJet Air maintains until now. Based on the
average income of Vietnamese people, such price strategy is absolutely correct. In its plan to
expand its route, VietJet prioritizes international routes.

3. The interrelationship between marketing function and other functional units of a

Financial Accounting:Vietjet's marketing department must closely coordinate with the
accounting and finance department. On the way of development, Vietjet needs more airplanes
(cho ví dụ: số lượng máy bay, tương đương số tiền) to do business, in such times, it needs close
coordination between the marketing department and the finance and accounting department.
Human resouces department: The company will have times when there is a shortage of
human resources and want to have strong human resources. Vietjet is a growing airline
company so there will be a shortage of pilots and flight attendants at this time. personnel must
coordinate with marketing department to find more personnel.(Cho ví dụ)

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LO2.Compare ways in which organizations use elements of the marketing mix (7Ps) to
achieve overall business objectives.
1.Concepts about the extended marketing mix (7Ps)

Product: General policies on product branding, positioning, cancellation, repair, addition,

design, packaging, etc.
Price: The general price policy should be followed for each product group for each market
Place: General policy on channels and customer service.
Promotion (also known as communication): General policy on communication, contact
activities with customers such as: advertising, sales, promotion, community relations,
exhibitions fair , correspondence, customer service center, internet etc.
People: General policy on developing human resources and personnel in general; Marketing
manpower in particular.
Process: Process of implementing, improving product process, process of performing tasks ...
Physical evidence: Infrastructure, technical material, factors supporting Marketing strategy.

2. Provide a variety of examples and practices about how different organizations utilize
each elements of the marketing mix . cần đánh giá chiến lược của Vietjet trong từng P
xem có phù hợp hay không, so sánh với hãng hàng không khác trong từng P)
Product: Vietjet air is the first private airline in Vietnam to be licensed for domestic and
international flights. Its motto is to create more opportunities to fly at lower cost for domestic
residents and tourists to Vietnam. Other services include: airport transfer, services on each
flight, on-flight entertainment services, etc. For Vietnam airline competitors, there are the
following services: Baggage service, Seat service, Food service of the company is very rich
and diverse, etc. To create a premise for sustainable development in In the future, Vietnam
Airlines has implemented the strategy of developing the fleet in the direction of prioritizing the
selection of aircraft using advanced technology in the world civil aviation industry. In recent
years, the company has ordered new and upgraded existing fleet to meet its goal of becoming
a major airline in the region, expanding its fleet to 101 units by 2015 and 150. in 2020 with a
variety of advanced, fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly aircraft such as Airbus
A350XWB, Boeing 787-9.
Price: Vietjet uses a competitive price strategy combined with cost-based strategy, offering
competitive prices with other low-cost airlines such as Jetstar to create a competitive advantage
for the company, in addition to lowering ticket prices by How to reduce unnecessary costs.
Vietjet applies cheap strategy with the slogan: "cheaper prices, more flights. "
Place: Vietjet gives priority to opening international routes, as of 9/2017 Vietjet has opened
12 years of service while opening only two domestic routes. For Vietjet, he chose 2 main
distribution channels which are the ticket office system in the country and buy tickets online
via webside. Vietjet Air currently operates 22 routes with 16 major destinations in Asia.
Promotion: In the personal Vetjet sales activities combined with free or surprisingly cheap
aircraft to attract customers to their booths at fairs. Vietjet Air promotes its brand to customers
with TVC showing its own identity. The banners are placed outdoors, in front of ticket agents.
Through the internet, it helps customers easily access. Vietjet has many promotions, tickets
now cost 0 VND. Sexy airline has an impressive PR skill. Vietjet air pursues the image of
bikini models. Many believe that this is a cheap PR form that is not suitable for solemn events.
People: Vietjet There are 154 pilots, 303 Stewardesses including foreigners, 30 flight
executives and 260 technical personnel. Recruited in September every year, the company
always has specific plans on recruitment and training every month. Recruitments are held
openly and seriously. Employees in the company as of 2017 are 2435 people. The human
resources of vietjer are mainly specialized in aviation which are recruited and trained at home
and abroad.Depending on the company's revenue, the payroll will be adjusted accordingly. The
average income of pilots is up to 180 million VND / month, in addition to receiving many
Process: Vietjet has the following processes: Ticket booking and payment process, ticket
refund procedure for the complaint process and maintenance process. Each process has
guaranteed standards. Vietjet will be fully active in maintaining and maintaining aircraft. .
Save time, costs to bring passengers safe flights on time.
Physical evidence: Vietjet Air signed a principle agreement with air bus manufacturer to order
a total of 100 types of aircraft for Vietjet, of which 62 were ordered, 30 were purchased and
eight were hired. Vietjjet wants to build a cheap airport for itself. Vietjet is developing a new
and most advanced fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft. This is also a highly reliable aircraft with
low operating costs.