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Mahesh Reddy


 Have 3+ years experience as Developer based on HTML and Java architecture and
Client/Server model
 Currently working in IBM India Pvt Ltd from June, 2009
 Have worked for QSO technologies India Pvt Ltd from July 2007 to March 2009
 Was Software Trainee for IIIT-B & Infosys from Oct 2006 to Apr 2007
 Have good knowledge on core Java and OOPS concepts
 Extensively developed Web Applications using Java, JSP, Servlets, JDBC and Java scripts
 Experience in Java Swings, JSP, HTML to implement the UI components
 Have good knowledge on writing complex SQL Queries to pull the reports from the DB
 Good experience in providing solutions with Application and Web Servers like, Apache
 Have been involved in the entire project life cycle starting from requirements gathering
to implementation
 Hands-on experience in IDE Tools: Eclipse and NetBeans
 Developed and deployed applications in Windows
 Knowledge and Experience of Manual Testing
 Have very good communication / interpersonal skills and is capable of maintaining and
Working with team


Languages HTML, CSS, Java, Java Script, SQL

Technologies/ tools Applets, Java Swings, AWT
Development tools Dream weaver, Eclipse and SQL*Plus
Platforms/ hardware Windows and MAC
Database Oracle and MySQL
Web /application Apache Tomcat Server


1. Audiometer
Abstract: Audiometry is the technique to identify and quantitatively determine the degree
of hearing loss of a person by measuring his hearing sensitivity, so that suitable medical treatment
or one of the appropriate hearing aids and assistive devices can be prescribed. In audiological
investigations, the hearing sensitivity is tested for pure tones, speech or other sound stimuli. The
result, when plotted graphically, is called an audiogram. The electronic instrument used for
measuring the hearing threshold level is called an audiometer. Using it, the tones of different
frequencies and levels are generated and presented to the patient and hearing thresholds are
determined on the basis of patient’s response.

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Role & Responsibilities:

 Extensive Research on Audiometer Techniques and sound intensity levels
 Worked as a Component Developer to code in Java and J2EE technologies
 Generated User interface Templates using Java Swings
 Developed the Java Code using Eclipse as IDE
 Involved in generation of sound using Java sound APIs
 Involved in plotting the Audiogram using Java Packages
 Performed Manual Testing

Java, Java Swings, Java sound APIs and Eclipse

2. Data Accessibility in school using Smart card

Abstract: This project is developed to maintain the database of the students, staff, admin
and the parents. The student’s information like personal information, educational details from the
admission in the school till his completion of studies is updated. Also it is stored in the database
permanently. Same way the staff information is stored. The parents can view the details of the
student online. The student, staff, admin can enter the School premises using the Smart card. All
the rights to view and edit is given to Admin.

Role & Responsibilities:

 Involved in writing technical proposal for the client
 Worked as a Component Developer to code in Java and J2EE technologies
 Generated User interface Templates using JSP, CSS, HTML and Dream Weaver
 Creation and updation of database using mySQL
 Have performed Manual Testing

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java

3. Pension Soft
Client: Allianz Group
Abstract: This is a software which helps to give different types of offers to their
employees. This software is mainly used by Allianz sales group. They can add, delete and edit
the company employee group and also search the company employee group, employees and also
provide various pension schemes to the employees wherein the employee can choose the pension

Role & Responsibilities:

 Involved in writing technical proposal for the client
 Involved in the development of user interface and Report generation
 Creation and updation of database using mySQL
 Developed the Java Code using Eclipse as IDE

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java swings, Eclipse

4. Automation of Infy Bank

Abstract: The Main objective of this Project is to provide better service to the Bank
customers, Infy Bank plans to automate and web enable their services. Friendly Bank, another
leading bank in the country, provides a service to its associated banks to transfer fund from an
account in the associated bank to an account in Friendly Bank. Infy bank is associated with
Friendly Bank and one objective of the automation of Infy Bank is to leverage this service.

The system was designed to provide better service to the customers. There will be three kinds of
users namely Manager, Staff and Customer who can avail the service provided by this system.
The services would be fund transfer, deposit, and withdraw money and reporting. There will be
different levels of authorization as far as maintaining (adding, deleting, editing customer details
and change password) the database is concerned.

Role & Responsibilities:

 Understanding the business requirement for database and application design and
 Developing front-end screens in JSP and HTML
 Client side validation using Java Script
 Database connectivity for applications using JDBC
 Embedding business logic in Servlets
 Using Back end tools such as SQL Plus in Oracle 9i


Servlets, JSP, Java Script, HTML, JDBC, SQL Plus, Eclipse

Personal Details:

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Visvesvaraya

Technological University in 2006, Bangalore, India.


The above information provided by me is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Mahesh Reddy

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