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A Detailed Lesson Plan for Science Grade IV

I. Objectives: at the end of the lesson the student should be able to;

a) describe what happens to food after it is digested in the intestine,

b) enumerate the parts of digestive system that digest the food we eat,

c) explain why do the food needed to be digested.

II. Subject Matter:

a) Topic: The Digested Food

b) Referenced: science for grade IV, PAGES 94-104

c) Materials: Drawing, Manila paper

d) Value: appreciate the digested food.

III. Procedure:


a. review
Good morning class, what was our last topic? Our last topic is the digestive system of the body
that regulates food and nutrients.

Can you give an example ana? Ma’am , mouth.

b. Motivation
What do you know about the foods that are The foods that are needed to be digested are
needed to be digested? vegetables, fruits and etc.

Why are the foods needed to be digested The foods are needed to be digested to gain
Keem? nutrients and give us strength.

That’s correct you may now take your sit. Thank you ma’am.

c. Presentation
Now class we will discuss about the digested Yes ma’am.
food. Do you want to know something about the
Digested Food?

But before we discuss about the Digested Food, Yes ma’am.

we will learn first what s Food?

What do you know about Food Vince? Food is the one who give us strength and
nutrients that our body needed.
That’s correct you may now take your sit.
d. Development of the lesson
Can you give me a part of digestive system Mouth ma’am it is where the food will enter.
Jake? And give its function.

That’s correct Kris can you give the function of Intestines are the one who digest the food we
the intestine? eat.
Ok you may now take your sit.
e. Discussion
I will group you into three groups, your task is
to make the step by step process of the digested
food. Put your answer in the manila paper
provided. After your done choose one on your
group to present your output in front. If there are
questions to the group who present each one of
the member will answer the question being ask.
f. Generalization
On our lesson for today, what did you learn All the part of the digested food are very
Marvin? important each one of them has a function that
connects to another if one of them will not
function then there will be no nutrients will our
body will get from the food we eat.

What about you Jane? We need to eat vegetables, fruits and other food
that gives us strength and nutrients to our body.
That’s correct class.
g. Application
Choose your own group mate, it should be by Yes ma’am
threes and draw the process of the digested food.

IV. Evaluation:

Explain briefly

a) What are the parts of the digestive system that results to digested food?

b) Give the function of each part?

1. Mouth

2. Stomach

3. Intestine

4. Anus

V. Assignment:

Read the next lesson, active participation will be graded next meeting.