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Una furtiva lagrima

Nemorino's aria from the opera L'elisir d'amore (tenor)

Text by Felice Romani (1788-1865)
Set by Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848)

Una furtiva lagrima negli occhi suoi spuntò...

[u.na fur.ti.va la. ne.  swi spun.t]
A furtive tear in-the eye hers appeared...
(A secret tear appeared in her eye.)

Quelle festose giovani invidiar sembrò...

[kwl.le fe.sto.ze doar sm.b]
Those happy girls to-envy she-seemed...
(She seemed to envy those happy girls.)

Che più cercando io vo?

[ke pju tr. io v]
What more searching I need?
(For what more could I ask?)

M'ama, lo vedo.
[ma.ma lo ve.do]
She-loves-me, it I-see.
(She loves me, I see it.)

Un solo istante i palpiti del suo bel cor sentir!..

[un so.lo i.stan.te i pal.pi.ti del suo bl kr sn.tir]
A single moment the beating of her beautiful heart to-feel!...
(To feel the beating of her beautiful heart for just one moment!)

I miei sospir confondere per poco a' suoi sospir!

[i mji so.spir kon.e per p.ko a swi so.spir]
The my sighs blending for-a little with her sighs!
(To mingle my sighs with hers for just a moment!)

Cielo, si può morir; di più non chiedo.

[t.lo si pw mo.ir di pju non kj.do]
Heaven, one could die; of more not I-could-ask.
(Heavens, I could die now, I need nothing more.)

(Literal translation and IPA transcription © by Bard Suverkrop—IPA Source, LLC)

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