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U-Series 0

solid dielectric
automatic circuit recloser
Introduction and features 0

The U-Series solid dielectric automatic Reduced purchase cost

circuit recloser (also known as a circuit b Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and a range of communication ports are included in
breaker) represents Nu-Lec Industries’ the standard equipment. No additional RTU, modem, power supplies, batteries or
enclosures are required.
commitment to improved products and
ongoing product development. It provides Reduced installation costs
the features of a traditional recloser, plus the b Pole mounting brackets are provided in the standard package. An optional Voltage
benefits of up to date design optimised for Transformer (VT) for auxiliary supply is available.
automation, remote control and monitoring, b Configuration of the unit is from the Operator Control Panel (OCP), making
commissioning simple.
now or in the future. b These automatic circuit reclosers are ideally suited as low cost feeder circuit
The development of this product was driven breakers in outdoor primary substations. In this application, connection into the
by customer demand for improved return on substation control system is simple and low cost.
capital investment in the distribution
network. After carefully evaluating Reduced operating costs
b The integral protection relay provides fast isolation of faults, reducing damage.
customers’ needs, the U-Series was b The recloser constantly monitors line current and voltage without the need for
developed to achieve optimum performance additional measurement devices. This data can then be used for forward planning
and reliability, making use of the very latest and optimisation of existing feeders.
available technology in solid dielectrics, b Long lifetime, low maintenance equipment reduces lifetime cost.
vacuum interruption and microelectronics.
DSA/SCADA compatibility
The result is a competitive world-class
When used with a compatible Distribution System Automation (DSA) or SCADA
product of which we are justly proud. system, Nu-Lec Industries automatic circuit reclosers support remote control and
In the past, distribution equipment such as monitoring to provide the following advantages:
reclosers have been purchased only to b Information on recloser status and fault current values transmitted to system
control allows fast location of the faulted line section, reducing the travelling time of
support load growth. Today, your
line crews.
customers, the electricity consumers, are b This same information allows informed remote switching which reduces the
demanding reduced outages and lower affected area and quickly restores supply.
tariffs. We at Nu-Lec Industries are b Reclosers can be configured and settings managed from system control, without
technicians having to visit each individual recloser in the field, with a consequent
continually working to provide advanced
reduction in travelling time and improved system integrity.
equipment needed for tomorrow’s
competitive electricity distribution system. Increased customer satisfaction
By using this technologically advanced b Supply can be quickly restored to fault-free areas, resulting in reduced customer
equipment, operating costs will be reduced minutes lost.
and capital works can be deferred through
better management of existing plant. In Deferred capital works
b Remotely controlled and monitored reclosers give an improved knowledge of a
addition customer revenue lost due to system and provide better system control. Feeder and substation load can then be
outages will be reduced. remotely managed improving utilisation of existing plant. Purchase of new plant can
In addition to automatic circuit reclosers, the then most likely be deferred for a considerable period of time.
Nu-Lec Industries family of switchgear
includes a range of remotely controlled and
monitored pole mounted load break
switches and sectionalisers as well as
remote control and monitoring software.
This product family is a complete solution for
distribution system automation.

Circuit breaker overview 0

and operation

The U-Series automatic circuit recloser uses The U-Series circuit breaker is controlled and monitored by either the pole mounted
vacuum interrupters, contained in epoxy Advanced Controller (ADVC) or the Pole Top Control Cubicle (PTCC). This booklet
describes the features when the U-Series is used with an ADVC. Please see the
bushings, eliminating the need for insulants separate booklet for PTCC features.
like oil and gas. The mechanism is enclosed Enclosed in a 316 marine grade stainless steel enclosure the ADVC provides an
in a 316 marine grade stainless steel tank Operator Control Panel (OCP) and electronic controller that monitors the circuit
with a stainless steel lid. The cyclo-aliphatic breaker and provides protection, measurement, control and communication
functions. A detachable control cable is used to connect the controller to the circuit
epoxy resin castings are bolted onto the lid. breaker. Combined together, the circuit breaker and ADVC form a remotely
controlled and monitored automatic circuit recloser.
The circuit breaker is operated by a magnetic actuator which produces a positive
opening and closing action. Switching occurs when a controlled pulse is sent through
the open/close actuator from a storage capacitor in the ADVC. When closed, the
switch is latched magnetically. Spring loaded pushrods provide contact loading on
the interrupters.
A Current Transformer (CT) and a Capacitive Voltage Transformer (CVT) are
moulded in the CT-housing. These are monitored by the ADVC for protection, remote
monitoring and display.
An auxiliary voltage supply of 110, 220 or 240 volts AC is required to power the unit.
Where this is inconvenient, a voltage transformer can be provided as a purchase
option. A control cable connects the ADVC to the bottom of the circuit breaker
through a covered plug/socket sealing arrangement on both the ADVC and the tank.
The recloser is supplied with copper stems or optional cable clamp connectors.
Mounting brackets for lightning arresters are optionally available.
The recloser contact position is shown by a large, clearly visible external pointer.
A hookstick can be used to engage the manual trip ring to trip and lockout the
recloser from the ground. The mechanical trip ring has two positions. In the “up”
position normal operation takes place. In the “down” position the recloser is tripped
and both mechanically and electronically locked open.
The ADVC interfaces to the recloser via the control cable and connects to the Switch
Cable Entry Module (SCEM) in the base of the tank. The SCEM uses non-volatile
memory to store all relevant calibration data, ratings and number of operations. The
SCEM also provides the first stage of electrical isolation and shorting electronics to
short the CTs and CVTs in the event the control cable is disconnected while current
is flowing through the recloser.
Cross section of circuit breaker
1 X-side terminal 8 Manual trip ring
2 Current transformer 9 Vacuum interrupter
3 I-side terminal 10 Epoxy bushing
4 Capacitive voltage 11 Earthing point
transformer 12 Stainless steel tank
5 Stainless steel lid 13 Magnetic actuator
6 Lightning arrester 14 SCEM card
brackets 15 Control cable
7 On/Off indicator

Solid dielectric bushing U-Series circuit breaker

Controller overview 0

The advanced protection, data logging and The cubicle is insulated and designed to minimise any temperature rise resulting
communications abilities of the U-Series from solar heating. A 316 marine grade stainless steel enclosure is used to mount
the Control And Protection Enclosure (CAPE), Power Supply Unit (PSU), customer
recloser are made possible by the accessories and Operator Panel. These modules are carefully located so that the
technology housed in the ADVC. It has been batteries at the bottom keep cool. In this way battery life of 5 years 1 can be achieved.
designed especially for outdoor, pole All weather access is provided to the Operator Control Panel through a lockable
mounted operation and is normally mounted hatch in the front of the control cubicle. Vents are screened against vermin entry and
the door is sealed with a rubber gasket. All electronic parts are enclosed in sealed
low on the pole for ease of access by modules which protects them from entry of moisture and condensation ensuring a
operating personnel. long lifetime.
The standard version of the ADVC is suitable for climates where the temperatures
rarely go above 50°C and occasionally go below -5°C, with a lower limit of -10°C.
The extended model provides heating to the batteries and has a temperature range
of -40°C to 50°C.
The ADVC incorporates the functions of a multi-function protection relay, a circuit
breaker controller, a metering unit and a remote terminal unit.
A built-in microprocessor controlled power supply provides uninterrupted operation
of not only the circuit breaker and ADVC, but also the communications radio or
modem. These accessories are connected to a built-in user progammable radio
power supply. Therefore no other power supplies are required for connection into
your SCADA or Distribution Automation System.
Due to careful design the efficiency of all parts is extremely high, allowing a battery
hold up time of up to 52 hours after auxiliary supply failure (from fully charged battery,
excluding telemetry radio or modem usage). The architecture used has the
advantage that the circuit breaker operation is independent of the high voltage
supply, relying on a set of batteries charged by the auxiliary supply.
Due to sophisticated power supply management techniques, a circuit breaker
operation is always guaranteed when attempted and alarms are raised over the
telemetry when auxiliary power is lost.
Communications equipment can be mounted within the Advanced Controller cubicle.
A V23 FSK modem, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet TCP/IP are provided as standard
to support all of your communications needs.

Advanced Controller cubicle

Operator Control Panel swivels out and the customer

compartment tray can be moved forward to ease access to
communications equipment.

(1) Battery replacement interval is influenced by environmental temperature.

Modular design 0

A marine-grade stainless steel cubicle

houses the three main modules and
customer compartment of the Advanced
Controller. The cubicle is ventilated to help
cooling and contains insulation against
Operator control panel
radiant heating. System health checks, trip The Operator Control Panel (OCP) is mounted in the
circuit monitoring and an IP65 design door of the cubicle. Access is through a hatch in the
ensure excellent reliability. door or, when the door is open, by swivelling the panel
away from the door. The menu driven Control Panel
provides access to the system status, event log,
measurement, protection, automation and
communication parameters. A computer port is
provided for local control, configuration and data
retrieval using the WSOS program.

Customer compartment

Located at the top of the cubicle is the large Customer

Compartment. It provides ample mounting space for
modems, radios, Input/Output expanders and other
customer accessories. During installation it is possible
to move the accessory tray to a bracket at the front of
the cubicle, making installation and commissioning
much easier.

Control and protection enclosure

At the centre of the cubicle is the Control And

Protection Enclosure (CAPE). The sealed unit
incorporates the switchgear controller and all the
control, protection, measurement and communication
functions. All the connections are easily accessible.
Standard DB9, RJ45 and RJ11 terminations eliminate
customised communication cables making installation
and commissioning very easy.

Power supply unit

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) and its batteries are
located at the bottom of the cubicle. A built in,
microprocessor controlled power supply provides
uninterrupted power to the switchgear, protection relay
and communication devices. A customer auxiliary
supply terminates in the PSU and is used to charge the
batteries. The battery location on top of the power
supply provides easy access for maintenance.

Block diagram & features 0

The Nu-Lec Industries automatic circuit Special extended range current transformers provide a range from 1A to 12,500A for
reclosers provide many outstanding measurement and protection. Embedded voltage screens accurately image the
primary voltage value and phase relationship, at the analogue front end, allowing
advantages to the user. New and innovative measurement of voltage, current, power factor and frequency in the electronic
features have been made possible by the module.
intimate way the pole mounted circuit Each recloser is provided with an Operator Control Panel which has a four line liquid
breaker and control cubicle work together. crystal display with back lighting for night operation. From here a user can access
and program the many measurement and protection features available.
The block diagram below shows how the Three levels of user interface are available with the Operator Control Panel and
two items are interfaced. Laptop computer. These are as follows:
1. Operator level
This allows basic operation like Trip, Close and display of settings, such as:
b Protection settings and fault history
b Line measurements and historical data
b Recloser functions such as:
v Remote control ON
v Local control ON
v Sensitive Earth Fault ON/OFF
v Earth Fault ON/OFF
v Auto reclose mode ON/OFF
v Close/Trip ISOLATE
b Alarms/Status such as:
v Auxiliary supply fail
v Battery supply fail
v Lockout
2. Technician level
This level is password protected at the user’s discretion in the “Engineer Level” and
allows the setting of all protection related parameters.
3. Engineer level
This is accessible through a laptop or desktop computer only and allows advanced
customisation of the Operator Panel, setting of passwords, and all the Operator and
Technician Level functions.

Telemetry interface
The Nu-Lec Industries automatic circuit recloser can be interfaced to your SCADA
system either through its built-in V23 modem and a radio, or its RS232 ports and a
modem of your choice, RS485 and Ethernet TCP/IP are also available. A variable
voltage uninterruptable power supply is included for the radio or modem, which can
be mounted inside the communications cubicle. Many telemetry protocols can be
supported. DNP3 and IEC 60870-5-101 are examples of the available protocols.

Computer interface
WSOS is an advanced personal computer based software package to allow off-line
and on-line programming, monitoring and control of a recloser via the RS232 port or

Remote control
The ADVC offers an impressive list of communication ports for use in remote control
b 1 x RS232;
Advanced Controller block diagram b 1 x Ethernet; and
b Any combination of three of the ports listed below:
- 3 x RS232
- 1 x RS485
- 1 x V23
As an additional option, Nu-Lec Industries offers the WSOS multiple connect feature
that allows the software package to individually remote control and monitor a
population of reclosers. The system communicates with the control cubicle by either
cable, fibre optic, telephone line or radio. WSOS provides additional features such
as alarm and event handling, dial in and dial out facilities and report generation.

Basic Display Unit (BDU)

Windows Switchgear 0

Operating System (WSOS)

WSOS is the Nu-Lec Industries Switchgear WSOS Version 5 integrates Nu-Lec Industries field proven Windows based
Operating System software based on switchgear operating system and its powerful features and tools, developed over
many years, into a modern desktop. The desktop includes the Switchgear explorer
Microsoft Windows®. It provides easy to organise your switchgear the way you like it and the Launch pad for handy links to
access to all switchgear functions from online help, getting started, updates and much, much more. Controlling, configuring
opening/closing, through configuring and accessing valuable switchgear data from a local or remote location is now even
protection and communication parameters easier than before.
to accessing measurement and analytical Local and remote control
data. By using a desktop or portable PC b Switchgear operation.
engineers can manage a large number of b Protection group selection.
b Protection group copy.
reclosers either remotely via a b NPS on/off/alarm control.
communications link or locally via a serial b Auto reclose, earth protection and SEF on/off control.
port or Ethernet connection. b Work tag, low gas and dead lockout on/off control.
b Configurable Input/Output Expander (IOEX).
b Configurable quick keys.
b Configurable delay for local Open and Close operations (Hit and run).
b Configurable SCADA protocols:
- DNP3.0 is included as standard.

Communication options
b Local RS232 port connection.
b Radio modem.
b GSM / PSTN modem.
b DNP3 virtual terminal object.
b Communications output capture.

Measurement screens
b Three-phase, earth and sequence current.
b Phase voltages:
- Phase - phase,
Example of the WSOS desktop - Phase to earth, and
- Sequence voltages.
b Phase live/dead indication.
b Apparent, reactive & real power:
- Total, and
- Per phase.
b Power factor.
b Signed or unsigned power.
b Frequency.
b Power quality toolkit.
- Waveform capture.
- Harmonics.

Switchgear explorer window

Credit notice
Launch pad provides links to frequently used features and Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and
online help
other countries.

Advanced protection 0


Directional blocking
Directional blocking is a protection feature that restricts tripping on faults to a
designated side of the recloser. It prevents nuisance tripping if particular network
conditions are causing “false” earth faults. In radial systems Directional Blocking
prevents nuisance tripping by blocking faults in the source direction and only
responding to faults in the load direction.

Directional protection
Distinct protection for faults in the forward and reverse direction. A forward fault may
use a different time-current curve and settings to a reverse fault (i.e. these are
individually selectable). Both the forward protection and reverse protection are
operating at the same time. This is an additional protection feature.

Live load blocking

Live load blocking prevents a recloser from closing if any of the load side terminals
are live.
b Live Load Threshold Voltage range: 2 - 15kV

Dead lockout
Dead lockout prevents a reclose unless one or more of the source side or load side
terminals are live. If all terminals are dead then the controller goes to lockout.

Loss of phase
Loss of phase protection trips the recloser if phase-earth voltage on one or two
phases falls below a set voltage threshold for a set length of time.
b Threshold voltage range: 2 - 15kV
b Voltage resolution: 1V
b Time range: 0.1 - 100 sec
b Time resolution: 0.1 sec

Multiple protection groups

The ADVC supports up to 10 Protection Groups, each of which can be configured
with completely separate protection characteristics with different inverse time curves
and setting currents. The number of protection groups available to the operator can
be configured using the Windows Switchgear Operating System thereby restricting
or enabling access to protection settings as required.

Automatic protection group selection

Automatic Protection Group Selection is used to change the protection group
depending on the direction of power flow. This allows the recloser to be correctly
graded with devices downstream regardless of the power flow direction.

WSOS offers a quick, easy way to configure

the protection groups.

Advanced protection 0


Inrush restraint
Inrush restraint raises the phase and earth threshold currents for a short period of
time to allow for short duration inrush currents when closing onto a load.
b Multiplier range: 1 - 30
b Multiplier resolution: 0.1
b Time range: 0.05 - 30 sec
b Time resolution: 0.05 sec

Cold load pick-up

Cold load pick-up allows for a loss of diversity when a load has been without supply
for a period of time.
b Multiplier range: 1-5
b Multiplier resolution: 0.1
b Time Constant range: 1 - 480 min.
b Time constant resolution: 1 min.

Under / over frequency protection

This feature trips the recloser when the system frequency exceeds the under and
over frequency trip threshold values.
b Frequency tripping range: 45 - 65 Hz
b Frequency calculation: Once per cycle over a two
cycle period
b Number of under/over frequency 2 - 1000
cycles before tripping:
b Accuracy: ±0.05Hz

Under / over frequency protection

Loop automation
Optional Loop Automation software can be purchased at the time of your order or it
can be upgraded at a later stage.
Loop Automation is a Distribution System Automation (DSA) scheme that will restore
supply to fault-free sections of a network if they have been disconnected because of
a fault in another section of the network. Loop Automation can also restore the
normal network configuration automatically when the faulted section is repaired.
The distributed intelligence embedded in the reclosers operates the scheme without
communications or operator intervention by using the built-in voltage detection of
Nu-Lec Industries reclosers.
Optional external CVTs are required to utilise all the features offered by Loop

Sequence Components
Negative, positive and zero phase sequence currents and voltages can be monitored
and logged.
In addition, the negative phase sequence current protection can be used for
detection of low-level phase-phase faults in the presence of high level three phase
loads. Inverse Time, Definite Time and Instantaneous operation is available.
b Setting current range: 10- 1260 A

General protection features 0

Operating Sequence
Reclose times are individually selectable. The operating sequence is defined by:
O - 1st rt - CO - 2nd rt - CO - 3rd rt - CO where rt = reclose time.
where O = open.
where C = close.

Reclose times
b 1st Reclose Time range: 0.3 - 180 sec
b 2nd Reclose Time range: 2.0 - 180 sec
b 3rd Reclose Time range: 2.0 - 180 sec
b Timing resolution: 0.1 sec

Sequence reset time

b Sequence Reset Time: 3 - 180 sec
b Timing resolution: 1 sec

Trips to Lockout
Overcurrent and fault trips to lockout are selectable between 1 and 4. A separate
setting is available for Sensitive Earth Fault and Negative Phase Sequence.

Inverse time curves

The ADVC offers a total of 48 user selectable inverse time protection curves. These
b Three IEC60255 curves: Inverse,
Very Inverse and
Inverse time curves
Extremely Inverse.
b Three IEEE C37.112 Inverse Time curves: Moderately Inverse,
Very Inverse and
Extremely Inverse.
b 42 Non Standard Inverse Time Curves: Refer to the Operating
Manual for a full listing.

Instantaneous protection
Instantaneous protection works by tripping the recloser if the line current exceeds the
Instantaneous Multiplier x Setting Current.
b Multiplier range: 1 - 30
b Resolution of setting: 0.1
b Max effective setting: 12.5kA

Definite time protection

Definite Time is an alternative to Inverse Time protection. It works by tripping the
recloser at a fixed time after pick-up.
b Setting current range: 10 - 1260A
b Definite time resolution: 0.1 sec
b Definite time range: 0.5 - 100 sec
b Setting current resolution: 1A

Sensitive Earth Fault (SEF)

SEF causes the recloser to trip when the earth current rises above a set level for
longer than the set time.
b SEF trip current range: 4 - 20A
Modified curve
b SEF operating time range: 0.1 - 100 sec
b SEF trip current setting resolution: 1A
b SEF operating time resolution: 0.1 sec

Sequence Coordination
Sequence Coordination allows a recloser to keep its trip sequence in step with
another recloser downstream.

Measurement features 0

True RMS voltage is measured on the three I-Side terminals. A user configured
threshold indicates live terminal.
Optional external Capacitive Voltage Transformers (CVTs) can be fitted to measure
the voltage on the other three (X-Side) terminals. External CVTs can be purchased
at the time of your order or can be added to an existing installation when required.
The external CVTs are mounted onto a cross-arm adjacent to the recloser and the
secondaries are connected to the SCEM card located in the base of the recloser.

RMS current is measured on three phases (reading 2-800A).

External CVT The Advanced Controller measures kW, kVA, kVAr and powerfactor on a per-phase

Configurable historical measurements

Average demand profiles may be configured using WSOS. Customised configuration
enables the user to specify only the parameters that are required, negating
unnecessary information capture. Parameters such as line voltages and currents,
power, kWh, battery voltage and cubicle temperature can be recorded in intervals
selectable between 1 and 1,440 min.

Event History
b Minimum number of typical events 30,000 events
stored in the event history:

Power Quality Toolkit

b Supply outage measurement:
v The Supply Outage Measurement feature utilises built-in recloser features to
record the number and duration of outages. These statistics are recorded in the
controller and are available to the Utility to help calculate system outage customer
v The controller records the:
Harmonic analysis - cumulative total number of outages,
- cumulative total outage duration, and
- the time and duration of each outage event in the Event Log.
v These records are accessible to the user and can be retrieved using the operator
control panel, WSOS or a SCADA System.
b Harmonic analysis:
v Harmonics 2 to 16 and the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) are calculated over a
80 ms period for four currents, six line-line voltages and six line-earth voltages.
These harmonics are available via WSOS.
b Waveform capture
v Based on an user defined trigger, the ADVC captures and stores in non-volatile
memory scaled raw data (10 x 3200 samples per second) of the six line-earth
voltages and four currents for a predefined time window either side of a user-defined
v The user can configure a pre and post trigger time ratio for data to be stored. This
defaults to 50% pre-trigger and 50% post-trigger.
v The captured data can be uploaded at anytime in COMTRADE (IEEE Std
C37.111-1999) format via WSOS.

Waveform capture

U-Series recloser pole 0

mounting details

Side view of Mid-point mounting arrangement Side view of End mounting arrangement

(1) Details given in this illustration are subject to change without notice. For full details see the
Installation Manual.
(2) Earthing connections are not shown and are to be in accordance with the Installation Manual.
(3) Optional substation mounting frame available on request.

Cable connection options

Connections are made to the bare recloser terminals using crimp lugs, parallel
groove clamps or stud connectors. This arrangement is suitable for connection into
an insulated or bare conductor system, as appropriate.

400-15TP stud connector 630-30TP stud connector

Pole mounted U-Series recloser with Advanced Controller. HJ connector

U-Series recloser 0


Ratings 15kV 27kV

12.5kA 12.5kA
Maximum system voltage 15.5kV 27kV
Rated continuous current 630A 630A
Fault make capacity (RMS) 12.5kA 12.5kA
Fault make capacity (Peak) 31.5kA 31.5kA
Power operating time (Close/Open) 0.1 / 0.05s 0.1 / 0.05s
Mechanical operations 10,000 10,000
Rated full load operations 10,000 10,000
Short time current (1 & 3s RMS) 12.5kA 12.5kA
Breaking capacity
Mainly active (0.7pf) 630A 630A
Fault break capacity 12.5kA 12.5kA
Cable charging 25A 25A
Transformer magnetising 22A 22A
Lightning impulse withstand level
Phase to earth 110kV 125kV
Across interrupter 110kV 125kV
Power frequency withstand voltage
Phase to earth 50kV 60kV
Across interrupter 50kV 60kV
Service conditions
Ambient temperature °C(1) -10 to 50 -10 to 50
Ambient temperature °F (1) 14 to 122 14 to 122
Radiation (Max) 1.1kW/m² 1.1kW/m²
Humidity 0 to 100% 0 to 100%
Altitude meters (Max) (2) 3000 3000
Altitude feet (Max) (2) 9840 9840
Net weights
Circuit breaker with pole mount bracket (kg) 146 146
Circuit breaker with pole mount bracket (pounds) 322 322
Control cubicle with control cable (kg) 41 41
Control cubicle with control cable (pounds)) 90 90
Gross weight of crate (kg) 263 263
Gross weight of crate (pounds) 580 580
Crate dimensions
Standard model Width: 960mm/37.8”
Depth: 1020mm/40.2”
Height: 1160mm/45.7”

(1) -40 to +50°C (-40 to 122°F) available as option when battery heater is fitted.
(2) For altitudes above 1000m (3280 feet), derate in accordance with ANSI C37.60.

Required details for order U-Series Recloser 0

(U15 and U27)

Only one of the boxes (ticked or filled by Circuit Breaker unit Quantity
the needed value) have to be considered between each
horizontal line. Blue circle lead-time should be requested Rating (System Voltage / Interrupt / BIL) 15.5kV / 12.5kA / 110kV
from your distributor. 27kV / 12.5kA / 125kV
If the option required is not available for selection please detail
Rated current (A) 630
requirements in the “Special notes” section.
Standard features Frequency 50/60Hz standard
Sensitive earth fault rating 4 - 20A
b Ten protection groups;
b Automatic protection group selection; Language English US English
b 48 protection curves; Spanish Portuguese
b Sensitive earth fault;
Circuit breaker indication English (On / Off)
b Loss of phase;
b Cold load pickup; Controller
b Live load blocking;
b Directional blocking; and Advanced controller (ADVC) see separate order form page 15
b Over & under frequency.
b V, I, kW, kVA, kVAR; Mounting arrangement Pole mount: Centre mount End mount
b Power factor measurement; and
b Frequency. Substation frame: Adjustable Fixed

Concrete pole clamps Not Applicable 230-270 mm 270-310 mm

Medium voltage Bare Terminal 630A

Termination options termination options. 15TP connector 400A
(set of 6)
30TP connector 630A

Control cable length 4 metres 7 metres

11 metres 20 metres

Auxiliary equipment
External capacitive voltage transformers Not Applicable CVTs
400A 15TP connector 630A 30TP connector Three external CVTs can be added when voltage measurement on all six bushings are required.

Surge arrester brackets Standard inclusion

(Set of 2 brackets with End mount option. Only one with Centre mount and substation options).

Surge arresters Not Applicable Surge arresters

Special notes

Required details for order Advanced Controller (ADVC) 0

Only one of the boxes (ticked or filled by Control unit Quantity

the needed value) have to be considered between each
horizontal line. Blue circle lead-time should be requested Ambient temperature (ºC) Standard: -10 to 50
from your distributor. Extended: -40 to 50
If the option required is not available for selection please detail
Auxiliary supply type Single supply: 115Vac 240Vac
requirements in the “Special notes” section.
Courtesy outlet (2A max.) Australia UK
USA South Africa
None Other

Battery hold up time 38 hours 52 hours

Language English US English

Spanish Portuguese

Standard protocol DNP3

Advanced features Power quality module
Loop Automation

PTCC pole mounting adapter plate Not applicable Yes

Maximum of 1 option in each group column.

Group A Group B Group C Group D

IOEX2 (Input output expander)

Modem RS232 Phone:

600 ohm interface TERM1:


UHF Radio V23 FSK radio:

RS232 radio:

Special notes

Nu-Lec Industries Corporate office & USA office As standards, specifications and designs change from time to
factory time, please ask for confirmation of the information given in this
35-37 South Street 1252 Old Alpharetta Road
Lytton, 4178 Alpharetta, Georgia
Queensland 30005-3986
Australia United States of America

Tel: +61 7 3249 5444 Tel: +1770 521 2000

Fax: +61 7 3249 5888 Fax: +1770 521 2100

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