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Answer the question by choosing the best answer e. news items

between a, b, c, d, or, e
2. What is the social function of the text?
The text below is for question number 1 – 5 a. To describe about coconut shells
WHY THE SKY IS HIGH b. To entertain the readers with fairy legend
c. To inform readers about coconut shells
A long time ago, the sky was close to the d. To describe how the farmers open the
earth. When you stood up and stretched your arms, coconut shells
you could touch it. e. To explain to readers why it’s hard to
One day, a farmer brought some coconuts open coconut shells
for his wife. His wife wanted to drink the juice
inside. She knocked on of the coconuts against a 3. Based on the text above, what made the woman
rock to break open the shell get angry?
“That’s not the way to do it, “her husband said. a. The sky went up too high
“You should cut it open with a knife” b. He husband didn’t want to help her
He gave her his bolo or jungle-knife c. She couldn’t cut the sky into pieces
His wife raised the knife to cut the coconut shell. d. Her husband forbade her to crack the
“crack !”. As she lifted the knife about her head it coconut shell open
split open the sky and there was heavy rain. e. The sky gave her rain, thunder, lightening,
The woman told the sky, “Will you please go a little and typhoon
higher? I can’t raise my knife high enough to cut
this coconut shell” 4. Which one of the following statements is NOT
She raised the knife over her shoulder the second TRUE according to the text?
time. Once again, it hit the sky and there was a. A bolo is a jungle knife
thunder and lightening b. The woman tore the sky for several times.
“You are still too low,” the woman said to the sky. c. A very long time ago, the sky was very
“Please go higher.” low
She raised the bolo a third time. It still cracked the d. The farmer broke the coconut with the
sky. There was a typhoon, and the woman’s house knife for his wife
was almost blown away by the fierce wind. e. The farmer’s wife wanted to drink some
“What are you doing?” cried her husband, “Can’t coconut water
you even try to open a coconut shell without
causing a typhoon?” 5. “She knocked one of the coconuts against a rock
“It’s not me,” his wife answered. “It’s the sky which to break open the shell” (paragraph 2).
is too low”. I need more room to use the knife.” The underlined word can be replaced by__ .
Finally, the woman became very angry. She a. cut
looked up and shouted at sky. “You’d better do as I b. stroke
told. Otherwise I shall cut you to pieces.” c. opened
The clouds rose and rose and the sky went up higher d. kicked
and higher. That’s why it is now so high. e. threw

1. What is the type of the text above? The text below is for question number 6 – 10
a. narrative Kendari SAR Team Found 3 More Victims
b. descriptive
c. report KENDARI, Southeast Sulawesi, on
d.recount Thursday a searching and rescue team found three
more victims from a ship that sank in Banda Sea, b.a person who join the SAR team
who had been missing since the incident occurred c.a person who cures the sick people
on Friday last week. They were Aris Triono, the d.a person who helps the injured people.
captain of Amami cargo Ship, Takub, a crewman, e.a person that is injured or killed in an
and Suharto, a passenger. accident
They were found on Thursday floating in
waters close to Menui Island, Central Sulawesi The text below is for question number 11 – 14
Province. The province is adjacent to South East Della and Jim Young, newly married, were poor.
Sulawesi Province, within those territory lies the Jim’s wage was enough to rent only a very small
Banda Sea. Two other victims were earlier saved by apartment. But there were two things of which each
SAR team in the Banda Sea on Saturday last week was extremely proud. Della had the longest and
only a day after the ship sank due to the bad most beautiful hair in all New York, thought Jim, as
weather. he watched her combing it; and Jim possessed a
The SAR team is still searching for 10 crew magnificent gold pocket watch, given by his father.
members and a passenger still missing from the Christmas was drawing near, and Jim and
incident, said Rocky Asikin, the head of Kendari Della began to think what present they could afford
SAR Team. to give each other. Della always noticed sadly, when
Jim looked at his watch (which he did whenever he
6.The communicative purpose of the text is ___ . had an excuse to), that it was fixed to the button-
a. to retell past experience hole of his coat by common old leather strap. He
b. to describe particular thing really needed a gold chain. And Jim often thought,
c. to explain about SAR team’s work as he looked at Della doing her long hair, how well
d. to persuade readers to help victims it would looked if only he could buy her jeweled inform readers about an important comb to hold it in place. But a gold watch-chain or
event jeweled hair-comb would have cost far more money
than either of them possessed.
7.Why did the ship sink to the sea? It happened Now it was Christmas Eve. With tearful eyes
because ______ Della had counted the money she had saved for
a. the weather was bad Jim’s Christmas present for the tenth time 87 cents.
b. the ship was broken “If only I knew ...” she thought. Then suddenly she
c. the ship was over loaded had a wonderful idea. She hurriedly putting on her
d. there was a leak in the ship old hat and coat, she ran down the street to the shop
e. the ship crashed another ship with the notice “Hair bought”. She entered and an
hour later walked out of the shop richer by 15
8. How many crew members and passengers dollars, but without her chair! On the way home she
included in the accident? stopped at every watchmaker’s shop until at last she
a. two found exactly the right chain to suit Jim’s watch.
b. three Returning home, with one dollar and 87 cents left in
c. five her pocket, she had just enough time before Jim
d. sixteen arrived home from work to wrap the precious gift.
e. more than sixteen She also curled her remaining hair. When Jim saw
it, he was speechless. “Oh Jim, don’t look at me like
9.Who is the source of the news? that. It will grow again”, Della cried. “And I had to
a.SAR team do it. Here. She gave the parcel to Jim,” you see, “I
b.Yakub, a crewman had to sell my hair to get money for your present!
c.Suharto, passenger Merry Christmas, dear”.
d.Aris Triono, the captain When Jim opened it, he collapsed on a chair.
e.Rocky Asikin, the head of SAR team “I think we’d better put our presents away for a
while,” he said gently at last, “You see, I’ve sold my
10.SAR team found three more victims. watch to but this comb for your hair”. He gave the
The underlined word means ___ . package to Della.
a.a passenger of a ship
Nodding while tears rose in her eyes too, In the period between May through to
Della gave Jim a brave smile and said, “Our gifts August 1999, it was reported, some 9,400 of the
are the best presents in the world, you know?” protected animals had been traded.
According to Putu Lisa Kusuma Mustika, a reptile
11.What did Della do to get the money to buy her expert from the Indonesian World Wildlife Fund
husband a Christmas present after she counted that (WWF), tortoises have long been killed in several
her saved money wasn’t enough? of Indonesia, with the highest number in Bali.
a.she didn’t want to spend the money she “Most of them are consumed as food while
had saved some of them are used for traditional ceremonies,”
b.she couldn’t think what to buy for 87 cents Putu told Antara.
money Besides its meat, Putu said, tortoise shells
c.she did not understand why she had such are also used as souvenirs for tourists.
little money
d.she thought Jim hadn’t saved any money 15.The communicative purpose of this text is ___ .
e.She sold his long and beautiful hair a.To describe the threatened turtle in Bali
b.To tell the readers that turtles are threaten
12.Della thought theirs were “the best Christmas to extinct
present in the world” because they ___ . c.To inform about important and
a.had cost a lot of money newsworthy events
b.would be useful for a long time d.To explain the important of protecting I could get some more money turtles
d.spent really a great deal of time e.To describe the way how to preserve
e.showed how much they loved each other turtles

13.Which one is TRUE according to the text? 16.What is the main information of the article
a.Della and Jim were a well-to-do family above?
b.Della and Jim could give each other a a.Turtle trading
Christmas gift b.A reptile expert
c.Della didn’t want to sell her long and c.The protected animals
beautiful hair d.Fauna Conservation for life
d.Jim finally gave his magnificent gold e.Souvenirs from tortoise shells
pocket watch to his wife as a Christmas
present 17.It can be concluded form the text that ___ .
e.Della and Jim couldn’t celebrate the a.Turtles are not protected animals
Christmas since they didn’t have enough b.Turtles are mostly traded in Bali
money. c.Turtles mainly traded for souvenirs
d.Traditional ceremonies always require
14.She hurriedly putting on her old hat and coat turtle
(paragraph 3). e.Because they are not preserved, turtles are
The word “putting on” means ___ . threatened to extinct
b.ironing The text below is for question number 18 – 20
c.wearing The sugar glider is a marsupial, just like the other
d.washing Australia animals – the Kangaroo, the koala and the
e.keeping wombat for instant. The sugar glider is a possum –
very similar to the tupai in Indonesia. It basically
The text below is for question number 15 – 17 lives in trees. It eats leaves and fruit. However, the
Denpasar, Bali; Environmental Organization Australia sugar glider has a very special skill. It can
Fauna Conservation for Life (EOFCFL) claimed jump from tree to tree like a tupai but it can also
that Bali is the biggest site of turtle trading in the ‘sort of fly’ as well. In fact, it glides or terbang
country. laying in Bahasa Indonesia. When it jumps from
one tree to another it spreads its four legs out wide;
and its extra skin also spreads out and function like e.The characteristics of AFI
a parachute.
22.What is the organization of the text above?
18.What does the text mainly tell us about? a.general statement – description
a.The Koala. b.general classification – description
b.The sugar glider. c.identification – description
c.The Kangaroo. d.orientation – event – resolution
d.The wombat. e.orientation – complication – resolution
e.Australia animals
23Which one is true about Mawar?
19.Why can sugar glider jump from tree to tree? a.She is taller than Ve.
a.It eats leaves and fruit. b.She is heavier than Ve.
b.It basically lives in trees. c.Her skin is darker than Ve’s
c.It has a very special skill dShe taller than smile
d.It can spread its legs and skin out wide. e.She is younger than Smile.
e.It is very similar to the tupai in Indonesia. 24 “Her bright skin, chubby cheeks.“ (Paragraph 2)
The underlined word can mean …
20.“ … it spreads its four legs out wide … “ a.white
The underlined word means … b.dark
b.expand d.brown
c.exceeds e.brownish
e.extends The text below is for question number 25 – 27
The students of IA have just finished doing
The text below is for question number 21 –24 an experiment in the laboratory. It is nine fifteen. It
is time for them to have a break now. Etvia and her
Young Stars friends are in his canteen. The canteen is big and
The finalists of “Akademi Fantasi Indonesia 1” clean. There is a washing table with the sentence
(AFI) are wonderful young people. “wash your hands before and after eating” above it.
Mawar who was born on 26 February 1985 is a cute There are bowls of side-dishes and drinks sold in
girl. She has straight, short hair. Her bright skin, the canteen. All the students queue up to buy their
chubby cheeks and lovely smile make her look very food. Discipline and obedience help to make sure
marvelous. She is not very tall. However, her every body follows the canteen rules. The rules are
weight which is 40 kgs matches her body well and to queue up to buy food and not to split on the floor.
makes her look cute. If the students are cooperative, the canteen will be
Unlike Mawar, Ve looks tall. She is 1.69 clean and safe.
meters tall. She looks quiet slim. She weighs 45
kgs. Compared to Mawar, Ve looks darker. The 22- 25.Where are the students now?
yeas-old girl has black, straight hair. a.In the laboratory
Another finalist is Ismail who is better b.In the library
known as Smile. The young man who was born on c.In the canteen
16 September 1983 looks much bigger and taller d.In the classroom
than his two female friends. He is tall and muscular. e.In the office
His complexion is fair and his hair is short and
straight. 26.What are the canteen rules?
a.Discipline and obedience.
21.What is the main information of the text? b.Don’t be noisy in the canteen
a.Ve AFI c.Work together to prepare food.
b.Mawar AFI d.Wash your hands before and after eating.
c.Ismail AFI e.Queue up to buy food and not to spit on
d.The finalist of AFI the floor.
29.“Please forward your application letter with your
27.“There is a washing table with the sentence CV....”, Line 1
‘wash your hands before and after eating’ above it”. The underlined word stands for…
The word ‘it’ refers to … a.Cultural variety
a.The washing table b.Curriculum vitae
b.The sentence c.Company vacancy
c.The canteen d.Competence and vita
d.The hand e.Creativity and validity
e.The rule
30.The text above is a kind of functional text in the
The text below is for question number 28 – 31 form of ____
Our company-one the biggest national d.Brochure
pharmaceutical trading company (pharmaceutical e.Notice
raw materials including food; feed; cosmetics)is
offering a challenging position. 31.What position is the company offering?
b.A challenging position
Right candidate should possess a degree from c.A career opportunity
reputable University either abroad/ local with at d.An operational director
least 10 years experience in company with similar e.A marketing manager
activities. Being a team leader you are expected to The text below is for question number 32 – 34
be dynamic; innovation with a strong capacity to SOUTHGATE AREA
perform in a multicultural environment. Sharp with
a strong initiative; self motivated and hardworking. Brand new luxury 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. At
For the right candidate we are willing to offer Heatherdowns and Green Street. Convenient to
competitive and benefit package which will suit to Southgate Shopping Center. Close to bus route 22.
your needs for your long term career development.
Please forward your application letter with your CV Rentals from $250 include the following utilities:
covering details of your previous employment heat, air, shag carpet, appliances, dishwasher, patio,
records professional achievement plus a recent laundry, room, pool, 1 year lease and security
photograph and contact phone number to deposit.

PO. BOX 199 JKP 10019 One- preschool-aged child considered in 2

Application should reach us by 10 the October 2008 Absolutely no pets.
and will be treated with the strictest confidence.
Only applicant who meets our requirements will be Model open weekdays 1-6, Sun. 1-5 by
contacted for selections and on interview. appointment 241-7721. Managed by Sands

28.Which one is not requirement needed? An equal housing opportunity.

a.good at operating computer
b.a degree from reputable university 32.Which of the following statement is TRUE
c.innovative, self motivated and hard according to the text?
working a.There is no lease required. least 10 years experience in a company b.Open only in weekend
e.dynamic and innovative to be the team c.The bus route is far away.
leader d.The rent includes some utilities.
e.Only one-bedroom apartment are Koes Plus was well known as pop music group in
available. the seventies until the eighties. At that time most
Indonesia people were ____(37) about their songs
33.Which of the following families would be able to because they were nice and simple. Every radio
rent an apartment according to the advertisement? station broadcasted these songs and always put
a.A man with a small cat them in the top of pop music. Their music shows
b.A woman and her twelve-year-old child. were always full of _______ (38).
c.A husband, wife and their preschool child.
d.Under five-year-old baby and his pet 37 a. fanatical
e.A husband, wife and two small pets b. dissatisfied
c. crazy
34.“Rentals from $250 include heat, air, shag d. disappointed
carpet, appliances … “ e. boring
The underlined word means ..…
a.devices 38. a. followers
b.requirements b. spectators
c.improvements c. participants d. speakers
e.payment e. members

The text below is for question number 35 – 36 The text below is for question number 39 – 41
Breakfast is provided free of charge. We also have A tiger once caught a fox while hunting for food.
special discount on food and drinks at our restaurant The fox was very bold. “I am the king of the
for all registered guests. On top of that, there’s a forest,” he said. But the tiger grew ____ (89) and
fifty percent discount for children below 12 at our said that he would eat the fox at once. “If you don’t
restaurant. We are located close to the apple garden believe me, come for a walk with me, “answered
and butterfly farm. You can also see the sunset and the fox quite calmly. “You’ll soon see whether all
sunrise from our room. Children would also be the other animals are afraid of me or not. “Tiger
entitled to free horse riding lessons every morning. agreed to go with the fox. _____(90) all the animals
Rp.430, 000 per night saw them coming ____ (91) ran away as fast as they
could. The tiger never found out that animals were
COOL HEAVEN, BATU HIGHLANDS, MALANG really frightened of him and the fox.
Reservation : (0341) 7689980
Email : 39. a. righten
b. quite friendly
35.Which is free of charge in the hotel? c. very angry
a.Having food and drinks in the restaurant. d. rather sad
b.Having breakfast and horse riding lesson. e. very strong
c.Entering the apple garden.
d.Staying for nights. 40. a. if
e.Registered guest b. so
c. because
36. “On top of that, there’s a fifty percent discount d. before
for children below 12 at our restaurant.” e. when
The underlined word means …
a.over 41. a. he
b.under b. she
c.after c. it
d.above d. they the age of e. their

The text below is for question number 37 – 38

42.Desi : Ali, I’ve got good news for you. Roy, the b.Isna didn’t invite Atik to her wedding
crazy guy, has got the personal manager job. party
Ali : What? c.Isna will invite Atik to her wedding party
What does Ali’s expression mean? d.Atik didn’t know it so she didn’t come
a. An agreement e.Atik came to the party with her husband.
b. A surprise
c. A question 47. Manager : Why was Yoga absent yesterday?
d. A refusal Jack : What did the manager want to
e. An objection know, Tari?
Tari : He wanted to know ___ .
43.Mr. Joy : How is your final Exam, a. if Yoga was absent
Indra? b. why Yoga was absent
Indra : I passed with flying colors, I c. why was Yoga absent
got 95 for the test. d. whether Yoga has been absent
Mr. Joy : ___ . e. why Yoga had been absent
a.I agree with you
b.I’m very proud of you 48. Yusuf : Do you feel like coming to
c.I don’t believe it my birthday party next weekend?
d.I’m disappointed with you Septi : I’d love to but I’m afraid I
e.You are very great can’t. I have to take my parents to my brother’s
house in Jakarta
44.Ariel : Do you know the result of the game? What does Septi mean with her statement?
Sunu : Not yet. The announcement __ twice. a. She declines the invitation
a.postponed b. She wants to come to the party
b.will be postponed c. She approves of the invitation
c.was postponed d. She doesn’t like the party
d.have been postponed e. She object to the invitation
e.was being postponed
45.Dona : Where did you buy this new dress? 49. Mother : Have you washed the dishes?
Dini : I bought it in “Matahari” Rini : Sorry, I can’t hear you Mom?
department store. Why? Mother: I asked you ____ the dishes.
Dona : It seems very beautiful and suit on a. have you washed
you. b. had you washed
Dini : ________. c. if you had washed
a.Don’t be silly d. whether you can wash
b.Are you sure e. whether you have washed
c.Thank you
d.I don’t believe it 50. Amir : “Has Mother finally decided what to buy
e.You are very kind to me for herself?”
Riko : “I don’t know, let’s ask her what ___.”
46. Isna : What’s wrong with you? You didn’t a. does she want to buy
come to my wedding party yesterday. b. did she want to buy
Atik : I’m sorry. I have to accompany my c. will she buy
husband to the dentist d. does she buy
From the dialogue we can conclude that__ . e. she wants to buy
a.Isna invited Atik to her wedding party