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Kiya Woods

Theatre ½
rTerm 2-2017
Miss Labella

The Start of my Career Commented [1]: So looking forward to having you join
Theatre Production next year! You did an awesome
job this term! I so appreciate your hard work, positive
The class was all in all great learning wise. We were taught theatre or drama which ever approach, and kind spirit!
one and the goals was to know how to read a script,interpret and the beats and pauses and

blocking and etc. The teacher was Miss Labella and she was always successful in teaching me

how to do the things I’m capable of doing now from all the lessons and learning. I also liked how

we were able to switch between the theatre classroom and the actual theatre to get a feel of what

it’s like to perform up there.

There were always good times and bad times in the class when it came to the learning

part. I remember the most enjoyable assignment we got was the one with the pantomiming and

with very few words and coming up with a scene for them especially,but I’d have to say that the

most enjoyable assignment was when we had to come up with tablo picture frame scenes it was

funny working with different people and able to make it work and be funny. The

tests,projects,and assessments for me were easy since I love theatre a lot and am focus when it

comes down to working,but although some were easy there were difficulties and challenges that

came up with it like working with someone you don’t like or wanna work with and dealing with

the ones who don’t wanna put any work in it.

Though there were good things to go along like learning with those people things you guys never

thought you could pull off together and somehow make it work. I grew because I’m able to get

comfortable in front of an audience faster and easier than when I used to and I feel learning

theses new things will help me in my goal of completing it. If I had to give myself a grade in this

class it would be an A,because I was always on task and gave everything I did my all;the skills I

learned in this class will surely help me when comes to thinking up on the spot when performing

a presentation and I forget something,I could use the skill of improvisation to help me out. I’m
Kiya Woods
Theatre ½
rTerm 2-2017
Miss Labella

pretty sure I’ll remember more of what I learned in this class then what I think I will and

especially since I have an A in here. And there were never any problems I had outside of school

to effect this class for me.

The areas I will focus on for next year will most likely be line memorization and

creativity and improvisation flow. I can use what I learned here for my career because I want to

be an actor and since I’m learning theatre now it will show me the types of skills that I will need

to possess in order to truly make that really happen. And what I will do to make sure I reach this

goal is go to a college that has theatre and drama to really up my game and try out for other

places that do theatre too.

What I’ll probably remember about this class is all the jokes and good times I’ve made in

here with the new friends I have and Miss Labella and how she helped me the most and inspired

me to join the drama production next year after I saw one the plays she directed. I was really

surprised about what we learned in this class to be honest cause I never knew there was so much

more to it than just acting and performing,but instead the process and how it happens and the

effort put into it.