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Running head: RESEARCH (MIL) 1

Research (MIL)

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Research (MIL)

I. Abstract (Drumm, Popescu, Cooper, Trecartin, Seifert, Foster & Kilcher, 2014)

In this research paper, the main focus will be onto the resilience and

spirituality in the context of restorative approach from shock. The shocks

considered will be the loved one’s loss, physical abuse, sexual abuse, the

stress that is the post shocking trauma, the injury that is caused by the trauma

in brain and etc. Primarily, the discussion of Resilience and Spirituality will be

conducted in the introduction part with the statement of problem and the limitations

of the study. The second part will be the methodology through which the research

will be conducted. In this part the research approach will be designed. After that

literature review will be presented keeping in view the previous researches. The

fourth part will of the results and the analysis. Finally, the conclusion will be given.

II. Introduction (Gnanaprakash, 2013)

a. Statement of the Problem (Kvarfordt, Sheridan & Taylor, 2017)

b. Limitations of Study (Ozawa, Suzuki, Mizuno, Tarumi, Yoshida, Fujii & Uchida,


III. Methodology (Reis & Menezes, 2017)

IV. Literature Review (Sharma, Marin, Koenig, Feder, Iacoviello, Southwick & Pietrzak,


V. Analysis/ Results (Gnanaprakash, 2013), (Reis & Menezes, 2017)

VI. Conclusion (Ozawa, Suzuki, Mizuno, Tarumi, Yoshida, Fujii & Uchida, 2017), (Reis

& Menezes, 2017)

VII. Appendices
Research (MIL) 3


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