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The following dialog is for number 1-3 Rina : …………., especially tart cake.

In the class, there are Andi, Tina, Tono, and mother and I often make it at home.
Rudi. Suddenly, Rudi asks Tono. 7. The best expression for the dialog is…
Rudi : Ton, may I borrow your pencil? I lost a. I don’t really like cake
mine. b. I dislike cake
Tono : Sure, mine is on my table. c. Cake is not really my thing
Rudi : OK, I’ll take it. Thanks. d. I love eating cake
1. The underline sentence is the expression Read the dialog to answer number 8
of …. Ria : What do you think about Mr. Rio?
a. asking for help Tina : ……….. he is a clever teacher. He
b. giving opinion teaches me many things.
c. asking for thing 8. The best expression for the dialog is…
d. asking for information a. I don’t like him
2. Where is Tono’s pencil? b. I dislike him
a. on his house c. I think
b. on his table d. I’m sorry
c. on his cupboard
d. on his pencilcase
3. Mine is on my table.
The underline word refers to…
a. Tono c. Andi
b. Rudi d. Tina
The following dialog is for number 4-6
Dika : Hi Si, how are you?
Sisi : Hi Dika, I’m fine thanks.
Dika : Si, do you know what cause Cika got
a bad score? I’ve never seen if she got
a bad score before.
Sisi : Sure I know, I am her good friend
Dika : Explain it to me, I want to know too.
Sisi : She told me that last night, she didn't
study because she wasn’t getting
enough sleep. She also told me that
she was so sleepy and can't learn
Dika : Oh, poor Cika.

4. The underline sentence is the expression

of ….
a. asking for thing
b. giving opinion
c. asking for clarification
d. asking for help
5. From the dialog above, we know that…
a. Dika wants Sisi to clarify what cause
Cika got a bad score
b. Sisi asks Dika to tell what happened to
c. Dika asks for help to Sisi
d. Sisi asks a thing to Dika
6. According to the dialog, it can be inferred
a. Dika doesn’t care about Cika
b. Sisi is Cika’s close friend
c. Dika knows everything about Cika
d. Cika always get a good score
Read the dialog to answer number 7
Mia : Do you like eating cake?
The following text is for number 9-10 14. From the text, we know that the writer
probably wants to…
a. Decorate the room
To: Elsa and Kiki
b. Change the room color
Congratulation for the birth of your
c. Buy the new house
lovely baby. Heard it’s a baby boy.
d. Waste the time
Time to stuff your house with toys!
15. What is the function of the text?
From: Nia
a. To entertain the readers
b. To remind the things we want to buy
9. Who is the sender of the greeting card?
c. To retell the past events
a. Nia c. Elsa
d. To inform the reader about something
b. Kiki d. Rio
10. We usually send this kind of card The following dialog is for number 16
Anna : Sorry, I’m coming late Sir.
Mr. Joe : Please, always come on time Anna.
a. a baby is sick
I don’t want to see you come late
b. a relative have new baby
c. a friend celebrates a special event
Anna : Okay Sir, thanks.
d. someone is going to have holiday
16. The underline word means that Anna
The picture is for number 11
a. come late again
b. go outside
c. come punctually
d. stay at home
The following text is for number 17-20
11. What does the picture means? It means
that you… here.
a. are allowed for taking pictures
b. are not allowed to take pictures
c. are allowed to buy cameras
d. can repair your camera
The following text is for number 12-15
Dear Masha,

Please help me to buy these things:

 1 kilo of pink paint 17. For whom the announcement? It is for..

 1 kilo of blue paint a. English Club members
 2 brushes b. Teacher
 2 cute doormats c. Students
 1 ounce of small nails d. Movie Club members
 3 big posters 18. What time do the members should
a. 1 a.m. c. 2 a.m.
Daniela b. 1 p.m. d. 2 p.m.
19. What is the function of the text?
a. To announce all members of English
Club to come to the lab
12. What kind of nails should Masha buy? b. To retell the readers about past
a. small c. huge events
b. big d. giant c. To entertain the readers
13. Please help me to buy these things. d. To inform that Mr. Yudha is the actor
The underline word “things” means…. 20. English Trainer.
a. Examination The synonym of the underline word
b. Experimentation “trainer” is..
c. Equipment a. driver c. student
d. Education b. teacher d. principal
The following text is for number 21-24 The following text is for number 25-28

Dream Food Restaurant HOW TO MAKE STARWBERY

There is a new restaurant near
my house in Jalan H. Ari No. 2
The restaurant is big and cozy.
It has large parking and plenty
flowers. Dream food restaurant
provides Japanese and Indonesian
food. You should try its oxtrail
soup and Dorayaki cake, the taste
are so delicious. It also gives Utensils: blender, spoon, glass, knife,
discount for students, just show straw
your students’ ID when you pay at
the cashier. Ingredients:
 6 cubes of ice
 9 strawberries
 5 spoonful of sugar
21. What kind of restaurant it is?  2 glasses of water
a. Teenager restaurant Steps:
b. Family restaurant 1. First, wash the strawberries
c. Kids restaurant 2. Cut them into small pieces
3. Put them into the blender
d. Adult restaurant
4. Add five spoonful of sugar into the
22. What can you get by eating there? blender
a. A big discount 5. Add two glasses of water into the
b. Promo price blender
c. Students’ discount 6. Press the ‘ON’ button and wait for a
minute or until it is mixed well
d. Free food
7. Press the ‘OFF’ button
23. What is the text tell about? 8. Pour the strawberry juice into the
a. Japanese restaurant glass
b. Indonesian restaurant 9. Add two cubes of ice in each glass
c. Sudanese restaurant 10. Put the straw in each glass
d. Dream food restaurant 11. Finally, it is ready to be served
25. When for threewe
add ice cubes in each
24. It has large parking and plenty of flowers
plants. glass?
a. After pressing the ‘OFF’ button
The underline word “it” refers to…
b. After cutting them into small pieces
a. dream food restaurant
c. Before putting the straw in each glass
b. food d. Before pouring the strawberry juice
c. oxtail soup into the glass
d. dorayaki 26. We need… equipment to make the
strawberry juice.
a. 4 c. 6
b. 5 d. 7
27. The function of the text is to….
a. tell how to make a strawberry juice
b. tell how to make sugared strawberry
c. tell how to make strawberry flavored
d. tell how to make strawberry cheese
28. Finally, it is ready to be served.
The underline word “it” refers to…
a. Water c. glass
b. Sugar d. Strawberry juice
The following text is for number 29-32 33. We have to strain the juice to remove …
a. The seeds
Agnes Monica b. The pulp
c. The sugar
Agnes Monica was born in d. The water
Jakarta, Indonesia, on July 1, 1986. 34. How many lemons do we need to make
Her full name is Agnes Monica the lemonade beverage?
Sukma, but she is well known as a. 5 c. 7
Agnes Monica. Her parents are Ricky b. 6 d. 8
Muljoto and Jenny Siswono and they 35. “Chill or serve over ice cubes”. The
are 100% behind her in everything underlined word has similar meaning
she does. Agnes Monica has only one with …
sibling. His name is Steve Muljoto. a. Combine
He is about nine years older than b. Serve
Agnes. c. Heat
Agnes is a young talented d. Cool
singer. He has a very awesome voice.
She is good in dancing too. The following text is for number 36-38
Agnes has long wavy black
hair. She is trying to make her skin My House
brown. She is tall and slim.
My house is small and
29. What does the text tell us about? comfortable. There are 5 rooms in my
a. Agnes’ characteristics house. Although my house is not big,
b. Agnes’ description I can guarantee that my house is clean
c. Agnes’ profession enough.
d. Agnes’ hobbies
30. How old is Agnes now? There are two beds, a
a. 25 years old nightstand, and an antique small desk
b. 26 years old in my room. In my parents’ room,
c. 27 years old there is a big bed and dresser. In the
d. 28 years old living room, there is a sofa, an
31. What is the main idea of the third armchair, a coffee table and a TV.
a. Agnes’ family In the dining room, there are
b. Agnes’ personal characteristics four chairs, an orange table, and a
c. Agnes’ physical appearance bookcase. There is also a big picture
d. Agnes’ hobby of my family hanging on the wall. The
32. What is the function of the text? kitchen has an old refrigerator, a gas
a. To describe Agnes Monica stove, a sink and some cabinets.
b. To tell about Agnes’ characteristics
c. To tell about Agnes’ profession 36. The picture is hanging on the wall of …
d. To tell about Agnes’ hobbies a. The living room
The following text is for number 33-35 b. The dining room
c. The writer’s room
LEMONADE BEVERAGE d. The parents’ room
37. The main idea of paragraph one is…
 6 medium lemons, should yield 1 cup of juice
 3 ½ cups water
a. The writer’s house
 ¾ cup sugar (can be adjusted by +/- ¼ cup to b. The dining room
taste) c. The kitchen
 Ice cube d. The living room
Equipment: Citrus reamer, pitcher, spoon, glass 38. Where can you find a dresser?
Steps: a. In the writer’s parents’ room
1. Juice the lemon on a citrus reamers, rolling
the lemons on the counter with moderate b. In the living room
pressure prior to juicing will result in more c. In the dining room
juice from each lemon. Try to keep out the d. In the writer’s room
seeds. If you prefer lemonade with no pulp,
strain the juice to remove it.
2. Dissolve the sugar in the water. Heat may
be helpful if using a large amount of sugar.
3. Combine the juice and sugar water in a
pitcher. Stir well.
4. Chill or serve over ice cubes.
Fill in the blank with the correct answer. This Fill in the blank with the correct answer. This
text is for number 39-42 text is for number 46-48
How to Make a Beautiful Notice
Our school is on Jalan
Kemang. It has … (46), the place
First, draw pictures of flowers and where the students do experiments.
leaves on thick paper. Then … (39) the Our principal is Mr. Agus. He is very
pictures using scissors. Color the … (47) so that the students like him
pictures using … (40) crayon, to make very much. If the students wants to …
the picture interesting and can be seen (48) a textbook, they can go to the
from a long distance. Prepare the library. The librarian will help them
Styrofoam ….. (41) the picture around find the book that they need.
the Styrofoam using some double tape
or strong glue. Stick the picture …. (42) 46.
a. hall c. classroom
39. a. cut c. bring b. sport centers d. laboratory
b. put d. take 47.
40. a. kind c. stubborn
a. soft c. hard b. arrogant d. talkative
b. dark d. bright 48.
41. a. clean c. listen
a. cut c. bring b. read d. write
b. stick d. throw
42. Arrange these words into the right sentence.
a. weakly c. quickly bring – hospital – don’t – to – the – animals
b. strongly d. loudly 1 2 3 4 5 6
49. The best arrangement is…
The following text is for number 43-45
a. 3-4-1-6-5-2 c. 3-1-6-4-5-2
b. 3-1-2-4-5-6 d. 3-6-1-4-5-2
My Lovely Doll
Arrange these sentences into the right
I have a doll. It is a teddy bear. It paragraph.
is my favorite thing. I got it from my 1. Then put the water, ice, and sugar
mom. She gave it to me on my last 2. Next, cut the mango pieces and put them
birthday. into the juicer
It is light on its body but dark 3. First, peel the mango and clean it
4. Finally, pour the mango juice into the
brown on its hands and feet. Its head is
glass and ready to drink
light brown too but its snout is dark 5. After that, turn on the juicer and wait
brown. It looks so cute. It is made of about 15 seconds
very soft wool so it makes me warm 50. The best arrangement is…
when I sleep with him. That is why it is a. 3-2-5-4-1
always with me when I sleep. I like it b. 3-2-5-1-4
very much. c. 3-1-5-2-4
d. 3-2-1-5-4
43. Which statement is true based on the text?
a. Its feet and snout are dark brown
b. Its body and head are dark brown
c. Its body and snout are dark brown
d. Its head and feet are dark brown
44. The main idea of paragraph two is…
a. The description of the doll
b. The hobbies of the writer
c. The writer’s birthday
d. The characteristics of the writer
45. It looks so cute.
The underline word “cute” has similar
meaning to…
a. small c. pretty
b. big d. ugly