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Megaworld International Jakarta Satellite Office Marketing Plan – 3Q 2014

I. Objective for 3rd Quarter 2014

To generate sales of P370M from initial sales thrust conducted in May/June and launching to be conducted on August 23, 2014. (Refer to attached projected sales).

II. Current Situation (May to June, 2014)

Established Jakarta Satellite Office

Recruit and Train 2 Mktg Managers and 3 Mktg Associates

Conduct visits and presentation to the Philippine Embassy, ASEAN Secretariat, PWA, Filcomin Bowling Association, Filcomin Golf, Teachers group and other expats

Conduct house to house sales campaign to Filipino expats

Conduct visit to investment house to tap opportunities for Indonesian investors

Data gathered indicate fair potential sales (9 interested clients of estimated P59M sales) from interested Filipinos based in Jakarta and promising bulk sales of P100M from 2 interested clients.

Potential Indonesian investors' interest gathered from MM and MAs representing them are showing interest on Megaworld projects. We have to identify projects suitable to these investors particularly on the issue of attractiveness and ROI. These group are particularly interested also on the perks and ROI that Megaworld could offer.

The potential customers are enthusiastic in knowing the details of Megaworld properties and are eager to attend the launching we proposed to be conducted on August 23, 2014.

Suggestions from MMs and MAs for Megaworld to establish a permanent office in Jakarta to cater to clients also surfaced as developers offering properties in Philippines do not have offices in Jakarta and customers are having difficulties communicating with these developers.

III. Marketing Plan – July to September, 2014

Continuous recruitment and training of MMs and MAs

- To build up marketing network in North, Central and south Jakarta as well as JABOTABEK (suburban Jakarta).

- Recruitment through referrals, associations and social media

- Temporary allowance for MM and MA during initial sales campaign prior to sales closing

- Proper training on property knowledge, documentation, site tripping, etc.

Continue building rapport with the Philippine Embassy especially the trade attaché, ASEAN Secretariat, PWA and the different sports and other expats community organizations

Continuous house to house sales campaign / matching of needs with availability

Conduct major event for the launching

- Pullman Hotel, August 23, 2014

- Target participants of 60 to 100 pax

- Sending of invitations at least 1 month prior to the event

- Categorization of presentation materials according to clients’ needs Properties


Location (Luzon/Manila/Vis&Min)


Type (Condo/House&Lot/Lot/Condotels)


Market Range (Low/Mid/High

Clients (Filipinos/Indonesians)


Individual (Profession industry/residential status/location in Phils)


Bulk reservation investor (Single/Group/Project lists)


Serious investor (Investment industry/history/project interest)

Recommended program structure for the event

- Light meal / Drinks

- Introduction of Megaworld International / Megaworld Corp / Owners / etc.

- Investment portfolio / Philippines

- MWI project types (Township/Condo /Lots/H&L/Leisure/Condotels /Hotels)

- Township projects in Manila (BGC/CBD/Bayshore/Eastwood & Newport)

- Township Projects Regional (Southwoods City / TagaytayTL /Mactan / Iloilo /Boracay)

- After sales services program / MWI sponsorship and future programs in Indonesia / Tenure plan

- Dinner / Entertainment show / Band

Attend to inquiries from MMs/MAs and clients during and after the program

- 2 Individual running projectors for regional (LuzViMin) & Manila Projects

- Brochures and tarpaulin exhibit of related projects

Specialized presentation in VIP area (for investors)

- Translated information

- Factual analysis and comparisons with neighboring cities (Singapore/Hongkong/Tokyo/Jakarta,etc.)

- Special arrangements (Terms/Discounts/Privileges/Offers/Guarantees/etc.)

IV. Budget

We are proposing a budget of P495k as shown on the attached spreadsheet be provided by Megaworld to achieve this goal. (Refer to attached worksheet).