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Hydrological cycle:


Simple term-

Water bodies=evaporate, formation cloud takes places, water falls from cloud known as
precipitation/rainfall occurs and falls onto the earths and water bodies and the cycle continues.

Hydrological cycle –draw diagram


Sun-energy from, water evaporate from sea, water heated up and water droplet turn gas/water vapour,
move up later condensation (cool temp water vapour-water droplets-form clouds,


As saturated, water drop/falls as precipitation onto the surface mt, sea and some river, some onto land.


Water evaporation from mt, or some into river, store-lake, back into sea and cycle back to atmosphere.


Some intercepted vegetation (store water) for plant, land-overlandflow-move down across land back
into sea, water infiltrated (downward) into soil-throughflow-sea, some deep down bedrock-percolation
back sea.

Form flow-


Throughflow –

Overlandflow –

Draw and label the diagram of a hydrological cycle.

Drainage Basin: