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The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business schools is one of the premier business

schools of Ireland and offers a world class model of education with an understanding of
the dynamic business environment. The MSc Human Resources programme is itself a
comprehensive module that covers all the components that are essential to understand the
role of human resources in the development of the world economy.

The field of human resources is constantly evolving and growing with time. This is
mainly due to changing organizational structures in response to economic and social
factors. As a student of sociology I have studied such social phenomena with respect to
sociological research and contemporary society. Sociologists have a knack for
understanding human behavior and forming theories based on social patterns. It has given
me the ability to critically analyze and come up with plausible conclusions when it comes
to social phenomena. I completed my major in Sociology with a minor in Economics
from Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University which further gave me a well rounded
approach to socio-economic issues.

I have completed my schooling from a Military School which gave me the pleasure of
interacting with students from all over India who would frequently got posted out of
station. I was therefore, always meeting new people who had their own distinct cultural
identities. Again at college, I was a student of the prestigious Delhi University which is
home to the best students from all walks of life. The working pattern of the University
and its activities help students to be sensitive to different cultural identities and develop
and integrated view.

Being from a country with the second highest population in the world and distinct
cultures, I understand the importance of human resource organization and development.
It also bothers me that many sectors have somewhat neglected the importance of human
resources. For the success of any organization, whether in the public or private sector, the
health of the institution is largely dependent on the minds that run it. Understanding
employment relations, employment law, international human resource management are
all part of a comprehensive human resource management module.

Through the three years of my undergraduate study, I was a member of the college
theatre society and was responsible for handling the public relations, social media
platforms of the team. I was given the post of the street theatre head in my final year.
This meant that I was constantly interacting with representatives from other colleges,
event heads and faculty members. Running a college society involves dealing with
multiple critical issues at the same time and honing ones leadership skills. It gave me
valuable insight in tackling logistical, administrative and managerial issues keeping
human relations in mind.

Being a street play actor/artist, I was constantly working with social issues and
interacting with audiences on the ground. Our work took us to the National School of
Drama, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Government awareness events and various NGOs.
Our plays talked about political issues, corruption, gender stereotypes etc. These self
scripted plays required detailed research and a sensitive approach to the sentiments of the
audience. The aim is to inform, inspire and bring about social change. This has helped me
to develop an understanding of human emotions and communication skills. We won
multiple awards in colleges, and were invited to give guest performances at many reputed
platforms. Apart from this, I was awarded the ‘Youth Icon 2018’ by the reputed Asmita
Theatre Group.

My family has been supportive of my endeavors and have themselves inspired me to

realize my potential. My mother is a single parent and has at the same time had a
flourishing career as renowned journalist, musician and is currently an assistant professor
in media and performance studies. Her work has given me the courage to not limit
myself to any one area and gather as much knowledge as I can. My father is a retired
Army Officer and is currently pursuing his passion for architecture.

At a personal level I have always tried to challenge myself and explore in academic and
extracurricular fields. As a subject sociology has given me insight into understanding
society and theatre has given me a practical understanding of human emotions. Working
with people and working out real solutions is a dynamic and interesting field. I have also
interned with the centre for human rights in the OP Jindal Global University where I was
working on many pertinent issues like death penalty for drug offenders and the exclusion
of individuals from the National Register of Citizens. I feel that I am ready to take on the
responsibilities of a human resource executive and further work on research in this field
with international organizations. It is my intention to contribute in a larger way to
international human resource studies and employment theories. It is absolutely essential
to recognize the global nature of human resources as the world is becoming smaller with
the growth of multinational institutions.

The breadth of my curriculum and experiences outside of it have helped me realize my

interest in the field of human resources. There is a lot of scope in this field and areas to be
explored. It is my firm belief that with the resources of your esteemed institution, reputed
faculty and an global approach to human resources, I will be able to develop as an
individual and become well versed in this field. I intend on achieving my goals with hard
work and dedication so as to make this a mutually beneficial learning process.