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Kally Morozin’s Curriculum Vitae ♦ (224) 406-1281 ♦ 904 Fairlawn Avenue, Libertyville, IL 60048

Education .
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, (ABET Accredited) May 2019
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, Indiana GPA: 3.93
Biomaterials Concentration Class Rank: 28/521
Biology Minor
Qualifications .
 Advanced analytical and technical writing qualifications
 Strong leadership and communications skills
 Extensive experience with statistical analysis of data and experimental design

Relevant Coursework .
 Introduction to Tissue Engineering  Mendelian and Molecular Genetics
 Tissue Biomaterial Interactions  Cancer Biology
 Biomedical Engineering Design I, II, & III  Microbiology
 Biomaterials  Cellular Physiology
 Biomechanics  Comparative Anatomy and Physiology
 Biomedical Instrumentation &  Technical and Professional
Measurements Communication
 Biomedical Engineering Lab  Design for Manufacturing
 Analysis of Physiological Systems I & II  Analysis & Design of Engineering Systems
 Genetic Engineering  Mechanical Systems
 Regulatory Affairs of Medical Devices  Statics and Mechanics of Materials I & II
 Bioethics  Graphical Communications

Lab Experience .
Spectrophotometer, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Gel electrophoresis, DNA extraction, animal
dissection, cadaver dissection, cell culturing, microorganism culturing, cell staining, serial dilution,
spread plating, Instron testing machinery, micro pipetting, drug encapsulation, aseptic technique, and
scaffold manufacturing (porogen leaching)

Manufacturing Skills .

Milling, turning (lathe), TIG welding, sand casting, abrasive grinding, injection molding, sheet metal
shearing, sheet metal bending, vacuum forming, and water jet cutting

Software Proficiency .
 MATLAB/SimuLink  Multisim  Labscribe
 Maple  SolidWorks  Minitab
 Qualisys Track Manager  LoggerPro  Microsoft Office

Publication .
An Introduction to Tissue-Biomaterial Interactions textbook (authorship pending) 2018
Tissue Biomaterial Interactions final project
 Revised and updated Chapter 1: Biomaterials and Chapter 4: Blood-Biomaterial Interactions and
Academic Projects
Angular Correction Measurement Kit for Intraoperative Use in Pediatric Osteotomies 2018-2019
Yearlong senior capstone design project
 Designed two surgical instruments to measure the amount of correction made in osteotomy
surgery for children
 Documented and justified design control measures
 Collaborated with a team of three other students to design, prototype, and test the surgical kit
 Communicated with an orthopedic industry client

The Crawl Course 2018

Junior capstone design project
 Developed an affordable, at-home solution to assist crawling for babies affected by cerebral palsy
in order to accelerate physical and emotional development
 Modeled a reconfigurable track system with a suspension harness to relieve babies of excessive
 Collaborated with a team of two other students to document and model design

Comparison of Reverse and Anatomic Shoulder Arthroplasty for Treating Osteoarthritis 2018
Biomaterials and Biomechanics final project
 Conducted a literature review of the primary types of shoulder implants: anatomic and reverse
 Compared biomechanics of joint stability, muscle tensioning, and postsurgical range of motion
 Analyzed biomaterial properties of wear characteristics and bony ingrowth

Biomechanics of Baseball Player Throw 2018

Biomedical Engineering Lab final project
 Evaluated the differences in throwing mechanics between infielders and outfielders in relation to
higher rates of elbow injury in infielders
 Implamented motion capture tracking software to find starting elbow position and wrist

Effect of Multiple Washes on an Alginate Hydrogel Bead Drug Delivery System 2018
Biomedical Engineering Lab project
 Designed an efficient, tunable alginate bead drug delivery system
 Developed experiment to test the effect of multiple washes on drug encapsulation efficiency
 Conducted statistically analysis to evaluated differencing in muscle strain

The Dangers of Expanded Polystyrene Waste in Marine Environment 2017

Technical and Professional Communications final project
 Synthesized expert-level sources to form a comprehensive evaluation of plastic pollution of
marine life and humans
 Identified and critiqued current recycling and alternative initiatives
 Proposed national policy to regulated and restrict expanded polystyrene usage

Bright Boot: Interactive Recovery Boot 2017

Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurements final project
 Prototyped a therapeutic walking boot to monitor force distribution of a patient’s foot
 Built circuit with force sensors, Arduino microcontroller, and LED lights to provide immediate
feedback to patients
 Created a software interface for patient specific customization

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Engineering Experience .
Research and Development Engineering Intern 2018
Wright Medical Group, Inc., Warsaw, Indiana
 Designed, prototyped, and tested surgical instruments for a convertible total shoulder system
 Performed mating analysis using GD&T specifications to ensure device functionality
 Participated in an engineer review cadaver lab to evaluate the effectiveness of new surgical
Research and Development Engineering Intern 2017
Wright Medical Group, Inc., Warsaw, Indiana
 Conducted product verification testing of a stemless shoulder implant
 Proposed a design modifications to improve ease of cleaning for reusable trial implant
 Maintained and reorganized client complaint log
 Developed and modified product prints using Solidworks

Work Experience .
Grader, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 2019 - Present
 Graded homework for freshmen level engineering design course (EngD 215)
 Efficiently completed and returned assignments to students
 Managed gradebook for homework assignments

Community Tutor 2018 - Present

 Assisted high school students with Pre-Calculus, Geometry, Chemistry, and Biology courses
 Developed and monitored weekly study plans for students

Delivery Driver, Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches Summer 2015, 2016

 Resolved conflicts within the workplace professionally
 Promptly delivered orders to customers
 Handled currency and credit transactions

Volunteer Experience .
Special Olympics Unified Bowling – Terre Haute, Indiana 2017-Present
 Participated on bowling team with Special Olympics athletes from the Terre Haute community
 Represented Rose-Hulman athletics and Heartland Colligate Athletic Conference
 Raised funds for Special Olympics teams

Make a Wish – Terre Haute, Indiana 2015-2018

 Assisted in organizing biannual fundraising effort with Chi Omega fraternity
 Managed volunteer assignments for 60 women

Trees Inc. – Terre Haute, Indiana 2015, 2016, 2017

 Lead team of student in plant trees in Terre Haute community

Holy Family Soup Kitchen – Waukegan, Illinois 2010-Present

 Spent over 200 hours working first hand with underprivileged adults and families
 Organized, prepared, and served healthy, homemade meals to patrons

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Honors/Awards .
 Rose-Hulman Dean’s List 11/11 quarters 2015-Present
 Conference team champion in Cross Country, Indoor Track (x2), and Outdoor Track 2017-2019
 Track and Field Sportsmanship Award, Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference 2019
 Greek of the Year, Rose-Hulman Greek life 2019
 1000 meter Record Holder, Rose-Hulman Track & Field 2019
 3rd place Engineering World Health team project competition 2018
 All-Conference Cross Country (x3) 2016-2018
 Runner of the Week, Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference 2017
 Rose-Hulman Cross Country MVP 2016-2017

Leadership .
President, Panhellenic Council
 Managed the largest women’s organization at Rose-Hulman
 Led weekly meeting with executive represents from three sororities
 Restructured and implemented a new recruitment style
 Organized and marketed promotional recruitment events for unaffiliated women
 Planned service events to foster positivity and cooperation Greek community

Team Co-Captain, Rose-Hulman Cross Country and Track & Field

 Led of team of sixteen women
 Organized team optional team practices and team bonding events
 Communicate with coach on team’s behalf

Vice President, Engineering World Health

 Established EWH chapter at Rose-Hulman
 Assisted with creating an Android app to recognized jaundice in infants
 Organized soldering skill building workshop

Director of Career and Personal Development, Chi Omega fraternity

 Developed and directed a professional skills building workshop for women in STEM
 Conducted risk management training

Executive officer, Alpha Lambda Delta

 Led fundraising efforts for Project Linus Blanket Drive and St. Anne’s Dental Drive

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