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SERVICES BATTLECARD  Innovation. Providing you the ability to develop new and
relevant drugs in a shorter period, while saving you
PLAY DESCRIPTON money by locating the right information at the right time

 Efficiencies. Increasing employee satisfaction through

Our customers are chasing big goals and complex elimination of the frustration they experience today from
challenges. They face external pressures from their inefficient R&D processes.
shareholders to maximize value and to stay ahead of the
competition. ACME is already providing customers with the  Value. Partnering with ACME to support your
best content to keep up with the competition, and now we organization’s information needs offers an opportunity to
are offering services to get ahead. allocate resources in a more flexible and cost effective
manner. Drawing on a wide breadth of resources and
Partnering with ACME to customize solutions for our the unique skill sets of an expert research team, ACME
customer’s biggest information challenges enables them to can provide unmatched quality and timeliness.
work smarter. Services provided by ACME will give
 Comprehensive. ACME can provide comprehensive
organizations a strategic information advantage through
analysis of a chemical IP portfolio and deliver actionable
ACME’s unique content collection, unmatched subject
outputs that provide insight and empower you to make
matter expertise, and specialized technology to deliver
better decisions and seize future opportunities.
solutions that will have a real impact on their success.
 Reputation. Enhancing the company’s reputation in the
This document focuses on how ACME provides this strategic industry and maintain positive board and stockholder
advantage. relationships through the emergence/reinforcement of
your leadership position.
 Expertise. Leveraging the industry expertise of our team,
we work alongside you to develop solutions that allow ACME is a global team of scientists helping scientists.
your teams to focus on effective innovation.
For more than 110 years, ACME has been the leader in
 Information Management. Developing customized developing cutting-edge information solutions to advance
solutions that allow your team to manage the ever- innovation across the spectrum of science and technology.
growing volume of information and data in ways they
previously have not been able to. Every day at ACME hundreds of scientists analyze the world’s
disclosed scientific discoveries and, leveraging the latest
technologies, infuse insights to deliver answers.



 Large Commercial. The large commercial segment is This section outlines how ACME competes against its main
the primary target for ACME services today. service providing competitors. Your competitors will be talking
about their strengths before you even show up. Here are a few
PERSONAS strengths that can be used no matter who the competitor is:


 Director of Informatics / Library Manager (Wins because…) STRENGTH
DO NOTHING  Right information  Costs nothing  Costs too
 CXO (i.e. CIO)
at the right depth  People can much
 Lawyers / IP  Creates stay in their  Don’t see it
 Regulatory efficiency in their “safe place” is worth it
processes e.g. with the  Don’t need
TYPICAL MARKET PROBLEMS  Corrects poor research they it right now
performance are  What we
 Eliminates lost comfortable have today
 Want a simple one-stop solution for accessing all the opportunity cost with is working
relevant data sources.  Positive impact  No personal
 Existing information repositories are not build with the on revenue risk in decision
focus to solve very specific problems  Moves the needle making
 Struggle to keep track of all the different chemical entities NICHE  Comprehensive  Lower cost  Costs too
CONSULTING content  Less much
covered within their portfolio (IP)
 Experience threatening to  Not
 Inefficiencies by trying to fit your unique data into publicly  Industry expertise value of job comfortable
available generalized taxonomies LARGE TECH/  Industry expertise  Lower cost  Services
 New projects are constantly starting that require new CONSULTING  Comprehensive  Content “good experience
kinds of information and analysis skills content enough for  Price
 Timely access to high quality information and skilled price”
analysts to support research and intellectual property DO IT  Process  Costs nothing  Costs too
YOURSELF efficiencies  People can much
decisions  Improved stay in their  We can do
 Efficient information sharing performance “safe place” this
 Opportunity cost  No personal  Don’t see
risks that exist risk in decision value you
 Improved making bring