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Vol.12 No. 3 May 18-24, 2019 80 Cents New York Edition Follow us on May 18-24, 2019
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Vol.12 No. 3 May 18-24, 2019 80 Cents New York Edition Follow us on

Trump denies, but US readying President Trump

military plan to counter Iran threat
Washington: President Donald
Trump dismissed a New York
threatens to slap
Times report about US top securi‑
ty officials reviewing a plan to
send as many as 120,000 troops
to the Middle East to counter
more tariffs on
"I think it's fake news, okay?
Now, would I do that? Absolutely.
But we have not planned for
Chinese imports
that," Xinhua quoted Trump as
saying to reporters at the White
"Hopefully we're not going to
have to plan for that. And if we US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meeting his Russian
did that, we'd send a hell of a lot counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Sochi, Russia Tuesday, said that
more troops than that," he added. US does not want war with Iran. (Photo courtesy EPA)
The New York Times reported plan to the Trump administra‑ East should Iran attack American
on Monday that acting Defense tion's senior security officials forces or accelerate work on
Secretary Patrick Shanahan had which envisions sending up to nuclear weapons. The updated
presented an updated military 120,000 troops to the Middle Continued on page 4

The President has planned to dole out aid

BJP decries to farmers hit by Chinese retaliation, but
Ravi Bhooplapur honored by
anti-Modi stories American consumers will find items such as
SUNY Old Westbury Foundation in foreign media as TV sets, electronics and appliances becoming
more expensive with an extended trade war.
election nears end
Washington: President Donald enact an identical increase in the
New Delhi: The BJP has slammed
Trump said that he is prepared to US import duties applied since last
American newsmagazine Time,
impose tarif fs on virtually all year to $200 billion worth of
which fea‑
Chinese imports to the US as the Chinese products.
tured Prime
trade war between the world's two Asked about the latest move
largest economies intensified. from Beijing, Trump said he wasn't
"We have the right to do another concerned about the impact on the
Modi on the
$325 billion at 25 per cent in addi‑ US economy.
cover of its
tional tariffs. That is a tremendous "I love the position we're in.
amount of money that would come There can be some retaliation, but
al edition
into our country. I have not made it can't be very, very substantial,
dated May
that decision yet," Efe news quoted by comparison. And out of the bil‑
20 with the
Trump as saying to reporters while lions of dollars that we're taking
headline "India's Divider in Chief".
we lcoming Hung arian Prime in, a small portion of that will be
"The author (Aatish Taseer) is a
Minister Viktor Orban to the going to our farmers because
Pakistani citizen who calls Modiji a
White House on Monday. China will be retaliating, probably,
divider and Rahul Gandhi tweets
At the SUNY Old Westbury College Foundationʼs annual Trump's comments came hours to a certain extent, against our
about it. What can we expect from
Leadership Awards Dinner on May 7 in Woodbury, NY, after China increased from 10 per farmers," he said.
Pakistan?" BJP spokesperson
Ravishankar Bhooplapur, President of Xavier University School cent to 25 per cent the tarif fs it Trump said he was planning a
of Medicine and humanitarian par excellence, received the Sambit Patra told reporters here.
levied last year on $60 billion $15 billion aid package for US
Leadership Award from Dr. Calvin O. Butts III and Dr. Bhupi Aatish Taseer is a British‑born
worth of US imports. farmers hurt by Chinese tariffs.
Patel, President and Trustee respectively of SUNY Old Westbury. writer‑journalist and the son of
Beijing was retaliat ing for Chinese and US trade negotiators
See detailed report on page 15. Indian journalist Tavleen Singh
Continued on page 4 Trump's decision last week to Continued on page 4


4 May 18-24, 2019 TURN PAGE

President Trump series of sanctions, designations

Federal Front can take Cong threatens to slap more

tariffs on Chinese
and military threats, following
Washington's year‑long cam‑
paign against Iran after US exit

support to form govt: TRS Continued from page 3

met last week in Washington,
but they adjourned without an
from the landmark Iran nuclear
deal in May last year.
In response, Iranian President
Hyderabad: A day after DMK chief partners will take a decision on it. Khan emphasized that the Federal agreement and no further talks Hassan Rouhani announced on
M K Stalin extended an invitation Congress will not emerge as a key Front will “not do any business are scheduled. Wednesday Tehran's withdraw‑
to Telangana CM K Chandrashekar player on May 23 and once the with BJP T he g loomy outlook for al from complying with the
Rao to join UPA, a TRS spokesper‑ results are announced, its partners Sources said KCR intends to resolving the trade conflict restrictions of the Iran nuclear
son on Tuesday said Federal Front will desert it and join the Federal meet Karnataka chief minister and spurred a steep drop Monday deal on the country's enriched
was open to taking Congress sup‑ Front,” he said. JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy in on the New York Sto ck uranium reserves and heavy
port in case it fell short of num‑ In his meeting with Stalin in the next few days in Bengaluru. Exchange, where the Dow Jones water supplies. Tensions have
bers to form a government at the Chennai on Monday, Rao had This would be the second interac‑ Industrial Average plunged 617 risen after sabotage attacks on
Centre but insisted that the Front urged him to join the Federal tion between the two. KCR had points. four oil tankers off the coast of
would not cede the driverʼs seat in Front while explaining the need earlier this month spoken to Trump, however, said he was the UAE with fingers pointing to
such a situation. for such a political conglomera‑ Kumaraswamy over the phone still hopeful about achieving a Iran.
TRS spokesperson Abid Rasool tion which is devoid of Congress purportedly over river water shar‑ deal and revealed that he
Khan told TOI that he was certain and BJP. However, the TRS ing between Karnataka and planned to meet face‑to‑face BJP decries anti‑Modi
that the Front would come to spokespersonʼs statement on Telangana, sparking speculation w ith Chinese President Xi stories in foreign media
of fice on its own at the Centre. Tuesday is a slight departure from over the Telangana chief minister Jinping at the June 28‑29 G20 as election nears end
“However, if it falls short of num‑ the partyʼs earlier position that it wanting to open a channel of com‑ summit in Osaka, Japan. Continued from page 3
bers and Congress voluntarily will not do any business with munication with Congress, which In 2018, the US imported and late Pakistani politician and
of fers to lend support, the Front Congress. In the same breath, is an ally of JD(S) in Karnataka. nearly $540 billion worth of businessman Salmaan Taseer.
Chinese products, while its His write up compares
Letter to
the Editor WhatsApp was breached, exports to China totaled $120
billion. Trump blamed Beijing
Jawaharlal Nehru's idea of secu‑
larism with the prevailing social
"stress" under Modi, who
for the impasse in the trade

Take your tells users to update negotiations.

The "sticking point" in the
"demonstrated no desire to fos‑
ter brotherly feelings between

protest to cybersecurity breach in the latest version of our app, as talks has been Beijing's resist‑
ance to the idea of enshrining in
Hindus and Muslims". The arti‑
cle also recalls the 2002
Facebook's messaging app well as keep their mobile operat‑
TIME magazine W hatsApp le ft users ing system up to date, to protect Chinese law measures about Gujarat riots that claimed many

respecting the intellectual prop‑ lives. Early this month, The
essage for Indian unknowingly vul‑ against potential
erty of US firms operating in Economist of London published
media: I assume you nerable to mali‑ targeted exploits
China, White House chief eco‑ another anti‑Modi op‑ed titled
have read the article in cious spyware designed to com‑
nomic adviser Larry Kudlow “Under Narendra Modi, Indiaʼs
TIME Mag azine portray ing installed on their promise informa‑
said Sunday. ruling party poses a threat to
Narendra Modi as ʻDivider‑in‑ smartphones, t ion stored on
democracy”. Incensed by the
Chiefʼ. This is just to belittle WhatsApp admit‑ mobile devices,”
Trump denies, but US article, BJP supporter Jagdish
India. A biased person has writ‑ ted Monday. the company said
readying military plan Sewhani of New York penned an
ten all wrong things, just to pull The security vul‑ in a statement.
open letter (published in the
down the image and high status nerability af fects “We are con‑ to counter Iran threat
last issue of The South Asian
both iPhone and stantly working Continued from page 3
of our home country and its Times) to The Economist, refut‑
Android devices, alongside industry plan, which does not call for a
prime minister. ing its assertions, and arguing
and W hatsApp is partners to pro‑ land invasion of Iran, was
I suggest many of our Indian why “A strong India under PM
urging users to update their apps vide the latest security enhance‑ ordered by hardliners led by
apex organizations/Editors of Modi is a guarantor of global
as soon as possible. WhatsApp, ments to help protect our users.” National Security Adviser John
Indian publications should seek peace & stability”.
which is used by over 1.5 billion Facebook issued a security advi‑ Bolton, reported the paper, cit‑
time from TIME editors to con‑ Even some liberal commenta‑
people, confirmed the vulnerabili‑ sory confirming the vulnerability ing anonymous sources.
vey our protest for giving space tors and journalists in India are
ty in a statement, but didn't name on Monday that outlines which Over the recent weeks,
to attack India's PM agreeing that this kind of nega‑
the perpetrator. “W hatsApp versions of W hatsApp where Washington has ratcheted up
Prof S. Sitaraman tive coverage of Modi is a
encourages people to upgrade to affected. pressure against Tehran with a
New York 11769 hatchet job.

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Shiv Chopra from Long Island wins

Hicksville High School on Long
Island. He is currently doing his
summer internship at Hughes, the
world's leading provider of broad‑
band satellite services, products,

ESPN Esports championship and network solutions headquar‑

tered in Germantown, MD.
A gaming enthusiast since child‑
hood, Shiv has regularly played
By The SATimes Team
Hearthstone (an online digital col‑
Hicksville, NY: A team from lectible card game) for the past
Georgia Institute of Technology, four years.
including Indian American Shiv Some 400 college teams from
Chopra, has won the Hearthstone the US and Canada participated in
Collegiate Championship, in the the Hearthstone championship
first‑ever ESPN Collegiate Esports qualifiers starting in March this
Championship that concluded in year and the semi‑finals and
Houston on Saturday. championship match was on live
Shiv and his teammates, Tyler LAN (lo cal area network) in
Hiu and Sean Joplin, also claimed Houston, produced and staged by
$9,000 each in scholarship money ESPN Events. The ESPN Esports
along with the trophy. They swept championship was held over the
of f Minnesota team 3‑0 in the May 10‑12 weekend at the George
final match that was livstreamed R. Brown Convention Center in
on ESPN3,, and other Houston as part of the 3‑day
Shiv Chopra is a gaming enthusiast, and (above) with his Georgia Comicpalooza, an annual multi‑
Tech teammates Tyler Hiu and Sean Joplin he won the genre popular culture convention.
Shiv Chopra told T he South championship match against odds.
Asian Times that they brought to Esports are becoming increasingly
Houston the decks only for the said were not goo d enoug h could anticipate what they will has been accepted to simultane‑ popular with the younger popula‑
semifinal ag ainst Ro chester ag ainst Minnesota, making bring to play, and it worked, yet it ously start his masters program. tion and now ESPN has lent it
Institute of Technology (RIT ), Georgia Tech the underdogs. But felt like a miracle.” Shiv has just He immigrated to America 11 prest ige even while
which too they won 3‑0 (in a best Shiv said, “We studied Minnesotaʼs passed his 3rd year computer years ago w ith his journalist parents may still scold their wards
of 5 games format). But those all previous games and realized engineering with high GPA at father (who is now editor of this for wasting time playing video
decks as the commentators also that our only chance was if we Georgia Tech, Atlanta, where he paper) and g raduated from games.

Trump hosts
Washington: President Donald Trump has
By Surekha Vijh Maharagama Dhammasiri, hosted his second annual iftar dinner at the
The South Asian Times Chie f Pre late of the White House and said it's "been a very
Washington Budd hist rough time" for Muslims around the world.
Washington DC: Sri Lankan Temple; Imam Hammad The dinner, which breaks the daily fast of
American community in the Ahmad, of the American Ramadan for Muslims around the world, on
greater Washington area is contin‑ Fazl Mosque; and Ray Monday night was attended by ambassa‑
uing to raise funds and have can‑ Vickery, of the U.S.‑India dors and members of the diplomatic corps
dlelight vigils for the victims of the Friendship Council. representing Muslim‑majority nations,
Easter Sunday terror attacks in the T he Budd hist Vihar reports ABC News.
island nation which killed over 250 Society in Washington DC The President recognized recent attacks
people including from America and cancelled their biggest festi‑ on places of prayer, specifically noting the
India. Other communities too are val, Vaisak, on May 5 to mosque attacks in New Zealand, the attacks
Congressmen Raja Krishnamoorthi and David Schwikert and on Christians in Sri Lanka, and the syna‑
holding meetings in solidarity. hold a memorial vigil in the
friends from the Sri Lankan Embassy at the interfaith vigil on
U.S. government and civil society National Cathedral instead. gogue attacks in Pittsburgh and California.
Capitol Hill may 10 for Sri Lankan victims. (Photo Twitter)
friends of Sri Lanka gathered at the Students of many D C, “In their blessed memory we resolve to
Capitol on May 11 to express sorrow and U.S.‑India Friendship Council. Virginia and Maryland universities, includ‑ defeat the evils of terrorism and religious
solidarity with the people of the subconti‑ “We, all of us, stand with Sri Lanka in this ing Georgetown and George Washington, persecution so that all people can worship
nental country. Reps. Raja Krishnamoorthi dark time,” said Jason Isaacson, AJCʼs Chief and the Sri Lankan Student Association without fear, pray without danger, and live
(D‑IL) and David Schweikert (R‑AZ) were Policy and Political Af fairs Of ficer. “We hosted candlelight vigils last month to by the faith that flows from their heart,”
joined by Principal Deputy Assistant assure Sri Lanka of our ongoing friendship, remember the lives lost in Sri Lanka. Suicide Trump said.Trump's speech emphasized
Secretary of State Tom Vajda and interfaith our solidarity, and our support.” bombers struck churches and hotels in Sri world peace. "We thank God that America is
leaders in addressing the vigil, organized by Also addressing the vigil were the Chargé Lanka on Easter Sunday in a highly coordi‑ a place founded on beliefs that citizens of
the American Jewish Committeeʼs Asia dʼaffaires of the Sri Lankan Embassy, Sarath nated attack targeting Christians and for‑ all faiths can live together in safety and live
Pacific Institute (API) in partnership with the Dissanayake; Jay Kansara, of the Hindu‑ eigners that left this island nation reeling. together in freedom."
Hindu American Foundation, the Interfaith American Foundation;; Rev. Dr. Christopher Sri Lanka is a predominantly Buddhist He ended his address with a Muslim bless‑
Council of Metropolitan Washington, the L. Zacharias, of the Interfaith Council of nation, but itʼs also home to significant ing: "Wish all the people around the world
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the Metropolitan Washington; Ven. Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities Ramadan Kareem."
6 May 18-24, 2019 TRISTATE

Music prodigy Lydian feted by New Jersey Tamil Sangam

By Suchitra Srinivas two medleys at the speed of 325
The South Asian Times beats per minute.
Just not piano, Lydian can play
New Jersey: A child prodigy musi‑ 12 instruments including the clas‑
cian, composer, winning the title sical percussion instruments tabla
of ʻT he Worldʼs Bestʼ and the and mridangam. While he is under
grand prize of $1 million ‑‑ none training to perfect his music skills
of this has gone to Lydian with various world fame teachers,
Nadhaswaramʼs head. T he 12‑ his quest for self‑growth through
year‑old walks around just as nor‑ self‑learning makes him different.
mal as he can be, smiling, playful He is a homeschooler, an anom‑
and respectful to anyone next to aly in a tradit ional city like
him. Yet, his deep penetrative eyes Chennai. He has a one‑pointed
tell you a lot about the depth of At the meet‑and‑greet event, (from left) Sathish Varshan (Dad), focus on music in his life. The chil‑
his talents. Lydian is the worldʼs Lydian Nadhaswaram, sister Amruthavarshini, dren in the audience were startled
best player of the western instru‑ and mother Jhansi Sathish. when he told them he never
ment piano and interestingly hails watches TV, movies or plays video
from the East. Dr. Sundaram Planisamy, Born and brought up in Chennai Lydian took to the piano and in no games.
Lydian was in New Jersey founder President of New Jersey in India, Lydianʼs musical journey time, he grabbed the worldʼs atten‑ Lydianʼs elder sister is a brilliant
recently at a meet‑and‑g reet Tamil Sangam, honoring Lydian began early. His father, a well‑ tion by playing Beethoven, Mozart, opera singer, pianist and plays the
Nadhaswaram who has won known music director Sathish Chopin and Liszt. flute. He credits her with being
org anized by the New Jersey
CBSʼs ʻWorldʼs Bestʼ title Varshan, had a deep love for music His recent w inning of ʻT he
Tamil Sangam where he stole the more talented than him. At the
and grand prize of $1 M. and nurtured his talent. Lydian Worldʼs Bestʼ title at CBS and the
hearts of the proud Indians by his meet‑and‑greet, the father‑daugh‑
down‑to‑earth conversation on his with his honest answers such as: was popular even as a two‑year‑ $1M grand prize was the proudest ter duo presented a beautiful
musical journey. practice makes all the difference. old playing the percussion instru‑ moment for him. Lydian beat par‑ vocal piece that wowed the audi‑
Children in the audience queued But you know what Lydian has ments to perfection. ticipants from over 150 countries ence. It was tough to conclude
up to question him and he made achieved is not just because he Inspired by his dad and elder in the talent show and for the final who is the real genius in the
the evening lively and touching practiced to be a musical genius. sister, Amruthavarshini Sathish, event he stunned all by playing family.

Glen Rock community Marketing guru Jagdish

celebrates Holi 2019 Sheth gets Emory’s
New Jersey: The Glen Rock
Indian Community (GRIC)
hosted its 4th annual Holi
prestigious Jefferson Award
event on May 4th at the Atlanta: Lauded for local, regional
Lower Faber Fie ld in Glen and international contributions, mar‑
Rock NJ. Nearly 400 Glen keting professor Jagdish Sheth has
Rockers joined in the fun to published more than 350 papers and
celebrate with their families, books while continuously working to
friends and neighbors in the inspire and support others.
event sponsored by Pooja T his yearʼs T homas Je f ferson
Goyal (HGI group) and Ani Award winner is more accustomed to
Messikian (Coldwell Banker giving than receiving. Professor
Realty). Officer Matt Stanislao Jagdish Sheth, the Charles H.
(GRPD), Bryon Torseillo and Kellstadt Chair in Marketing, is the
Sanjiv Ohri (GR BOE mem‑ 2019 winner of an award that honors
bers) and Aarti Keibreich (GR a faculty or staf f member who has
More than 400 people attended the funfilled event Prof Jagdish Sheth
Councilperson) were also in significantly enriched the intellectual
attendance. ditional Indian savory snacks to be a town‑wide celebration and civic life of the Emory communi‑ unlock the potential of others.”
The smiling, colorful faces and desserts. where all community mem‑ ty. Sheth has combined intelligent Helping others find that potential is
at the event were a testament In addition to having fun, bers are invited to join in the inquiry, entrepreneurship and philan‑ a passion of Shethʼs and has fuelled
to how much fun the event the Holi eventʼs intent is to fun. The eventʼs growing pop‑ thropic zeal to build a career that his research and teaching. Erika
was, that included family‑ ce le brate the fest ivalʼs ularity is a reflection of the includes publishing more than 350 James, the John H. Harland Dean of
friendly activities like face essence of spreading the uni‑ values of friendship, diversity, research papers and books in various Goizueta Business School, and seven
painting, tug of war and the versal values of love, inclusion and inclusion that are the areas of marketing, including con‑ others across campus detailed the
kidʼs all‑time favorite color and equality. Since its incep‑ hallmarks of Glen Rockʼs com‑ sumer behavior and marketing for breath of Shethʼs work and activities
run. Guests feasted on the tra‑ tion, the GRIC Holi has grown munity. emerging markets. In addition, he in a six‑page nomination letter. The
serves on the boards of the impact was not lost on the judges, all
Community Foundation of Greater of whom are prior award winners.

Golf champ Malini Rudra Atlanta and the World Affairs Council
of Atlanta, and he has been active
“Anything that is unprecedented
always feels like another major mile‑
honored by Nassau County advising international governments
and policy makers including the U.S.
stone in lifeʼs journey,” notes Sheth,
who turned 80 last year. “It means
Department of Transportation and that the business school is an integral
Malini Rudra, a senior at Syosset High School received a
the government of Singapore. part of the university. It also means
citation from the County Executive Laura Curran on May
For Sheth, who has won a number that the ʻOne Emoryʼ vision of the
9th as a continued celebration of Asian American
Heritage Month. The awards were presented to Asian of honors, the Jefferson Award holds new leadership is successfully imple‑
Americans whose contributions and efforts have been particular meaning. mented with respect to diverse facul‑
instrumental in the progression of Nassau County. At the “T his award is really special ty talent and expertise. Most impor‑
ceremony Farrah Mozawalla the Executive of Asian because it is selected by a committee tantly, this award will pave the way
American Affairs said, “Through your hard work, you of university‑wide peers,” says Sheth. for others to be recognized for their
have inspired many others to follow in your footsteps and “Also, it is special because the talent and dedication to Emory and
have become a trailblazer for the community.” Jef ferson Award reinforces the mis‑ scholarship.”
sion of an academic, which is to (Source: NATIONAL May 18-24, 2019 7

Judge Amit Mehta puts

fight for Trump financial
records on fast‑track
Washington, DC: Amit Mehta, an Indian‑
American judge, will fast‑track a decision
on President Donald Trump's bid to
quash a subpoena for financial records
from his accounting firm, saying he will
decide the full case after a hearing on
May 14.
Amit Mehta of the District Court for the
District of Columbia, made his announce‑
ment on Thursday in a brief notice after
receiving first round of written argu‑ Amit Mehta, appointed by former
ments in the case, reports T he President Barack Obama in 2014,
Washington Post. gave all sides until May 13 to file any
The lawsuit was brought April 22 by further comments. (Image :
Trump and several of his businesses congressional hearing that Trump inten‑
against House Oversight Committee tionally mis‑reported the value of his
Chairman Elijah E. Cummings and the assets for personal gain.
President's accounting firm, Mazars USA. T he House Financial Services and
"The sole question before the court ‑ Is Intelligence Committees are also investi‑
the House Oversig ht Committee's gating the President's finances and have
issuance of a subpoena to Mazars USA delivered subpoenas to Deutsche Bank,
LLP for financial records of President Capitol One and other major banks.
Donald Trump and various associated Trump, his businesses, and three of his
entities a valid exercise of legislative children ‑‑ Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric ‑‑
power? ‑ is fully briefed, and the court are suing to stop the subpoenas to the
can discern no benefit from an additional banks.
round of legal arguments," Amit Mehta In suing the House as well as his banks
said. Amit Mehta, appointed by former and Mazars, Trump's lawyers argued the
President Barack Obama in 2014, gave President's past personal dealings were
all sides until May 13 to file any further irrelevant to the legislative branch's fun‑
comments. damental duty of writing bills.
Cummings's panel last month subpoe‑ T he House Ways and Means
naed Mazars seeking documents to cor‑ Committee has requested six years of the
roborate testimony of the President's for‑ President's personal and business tax
mer lawyer Michael Cohen, who said at a returns. (IANS)

Harvard economist Raj Chetty

named Carnegie Fellow for 2019
Washington, DC: Indian American economist MacArthur "genius grant" Fellowship and the
Raj Chetty has been named by the Carnegie John Bates Clark medal, given to an econo‑
Corporation as one of 32 Andrew Carnegie mist under 40 whose work is judged to have
Fe llows for 2019. Chetty serves as the made the most significant contribution to the
William A. Ackman professor of public eco‑ field. The Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program
nomics at Harvard. For receiv‑ is a continuation of the corpo‑
ing the so‑called “Brainy rationʼs 100‑plus‑year history
Award,” Chetty will receive a of promoting the advancement
grant of up to $200,000, mak‑ and diffusion of knowledge and
ing it possible for him to understanding by supporting
devote significant time to the work of a host of institu‑
research, writing and publish‑ tions, causes, organizations,
ing in the humanities and and individual scholars.
social sciences. Each year as part of the nom‑
“Iʼm delighted and honored inating process, the heads of
to have been chosen as a Raj Chetty more than 600 institutions,
recipient of the Carnegie fel‑ (Image : representing universities, think
lowship,” Chetty told the tanks, publishers, and nonprofit
Harvard Gazette. “I intend to use the fellow‑ organizations nationwide, are invited to nomi‑
ship to dedicate more time to our teamʼs work nate up to two individuals each for the fellow‑
on restoring the American dream at [the ships.
research policy institute] Opportunity For 2019, the corporation received a total
Insights, focusing specifically on how we can of 273 nominations. Each underwent a pre‑
improve childrenʼs opportunities in communi‑ liminary anonymous evaluation by national
ties that currently offer limited prospects for experts in the relevant fields. The top propos‑
upward income mobility.” Chettyʼs scholarship als were then forwarded to the members of
has been widely cited in the media and in con‑ the jury for review and the final selection of
gressional testimony, combining empirical the class of 2019.
evidence and economic theory to shape effec‑ The award is for a period of up to two years
tive public policy. He has received numerous and its anticipated result is a book or major
awards for his research, including a study.
8 May 18-24, 2019 NATIONAL COMMUNITY

GM fires Kappanna who exposed ATA launches Telugu

Volkswagen emissions fraud matrimony service
North Carolina: ATA Membership at
London: Indian‑American University, the "director of his, an initiative of (ignore if you are already ATA
Hemanth Kappanna, whose program asked him to complete a American Telugu Association (ATA) member); Get your ATA
research he lped expose g rant applicat ion from the to help Telugu & Indian community Membership number from ATA
Volkswagen's conspiracy to lie International Council on Clean within US & India to find their per‑ Membership committee; Register
about its diesel cars emissions, Transportation." fect life partner was launched on your profile at
has been sacked by General The council wanted to test the May 4th during ATA Board meeting ; mention your ATA membership
Motors (GM) ‑‑ his current emissions of German diesel cars in Raleigh, NC. ATA Matrimony site number & provide reference name
employer with a one‑way ticket to sold in America. exclusively maintained & adminis‑ from ATA Leadership individual
India. Kappanna's proposal helped the tered by ATA. ATA Matrimonial (example: Regional coordinator,
According to a New York Times university win a modest $70,000 services are free to ATA members. Committee chair, Board member)
report, Kappanna "was one of grant. Kappanna, with two other Also, non‑members can avail these from your location during profile
about 4,000 GM workers laid off graduate students – Marc Besch services by becoming ATA registration; You will receive an
in what the company called a from Sw itzerland and Arvind Matrimonial member. email about your registration con‑
strategic transformation." Thiruvengadam from India – per‑ AT Matrimonial website provides firmation from ATA‑Matrimony
"In 2013, he was part of a small formed the research into a platform to a lot of bride and; ATA Matrimony
team of engineering students in Volkswagen diesel cars. grooms to find a perfect match. Admin Team will verify your pro‑
West Virginia whose research Hemanth Kappanna Based on their research, the US There are different sectors like reg‑ file, your pictures and ATA
he lped expose Volkswagen's regulators began an investigation istration, partner, search, etc. So, Membership; ATA Matrimony
decade‑long conspiracy to lie detect when they were being test‑ and "forced Volkswagen to con‑ the bride and groom can get their Admin Team will activate your reg‑
about its diesel cars' emissions," ed, changing the performance fess that it had installed the cheat‑ interest for find their partner. Bride istration; You will receive an email
the report added. accordingly to improve results. ing software in 11 million diesel and groom can directly search confirmation about your profile
Dubbed as the "diesel dupe," the T he German carmaker has cars worldwide, including almost partner according to their required activation from ATA‑Matrimony
US Environmental Protect ion already paid $23 billion to resolve 600,000 in the US." criteria. Access to this site is by; At this point you
Agency (EPA) in 2015 found that criminal charges and lawsuits in GM said that Kappanna's dis‑ approval process at various levels can search by yourself and find
many Volkswagen cars being sold the US. Kappanna joined GM in missal "was not related to any by ATA Matrimony Admin Team. matching.
in America had a "cheating soft‑ 2014 after finishing his doctorate. emissions compliance concerns or ATA Matrimony process for ATA Email ATA‑Matrimony for any
ware" in diesel engines that could While studying at West Virginia related issues." (IANS) members includes: Register for information or questions.

Over $600,000 raised for teen Sadhguru to lead spiritual discourse during
struck by car in hate crime AAPIʼs 37th annual convention in Atlanta
Washington, DC: More than Atlanta, GA: Understanding the programs.
$600,000 has been raised for the inherent humanity that unites all "We need to create a culture of
treatment of a 13‑year‑old Indian‑ nations, religions and cultures, Health in society, instead of invest‑
American hate crime victim who Sadhguru is recognized for his pio‑ ing in just healthcare,” Sadhguru
remains in coma after being neering ef forts to nurture global says. “What we call feeling healthy,
struck down intentionally in April harmony, Dr. Naresh Parikh, is not just the absence of disease,
by a motorist who thought she President of American association but having a sense of wholeness
was a Muslim. T he GoFundMe of Physicians of Indian Origin within us. If we feel like a complete
page, created to he lp seventh (AAPI), said, while announcing spiri‑ being in our body, mind and spirit,
grader Dhriti Narayan's family tual discourse led by Sadhguru dur‑ that is when we are truly healthy."
Dhriti Narayan is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
cover the medical costs, had raised ing AAPIʼs 37th Convention in New An author, poet and international‑
fighting for her life
more than $600,000. The target York. T he 37th Annual AAPI and act as a bridge to the deeper ly renowned speaker, Sadhguruʼs
was $500,000. On April 23, Dhriti a huge medical bill and potential Convention & Scientific Assembly dimensions of life, will make the wit and piercing logic provoke and
and other members of her family rehab costs are expected for her will be held from July 3rd to July convention and the delegates from broaden our thoughts and percep‑
were crossing a road in Sunnyvale, recovery. 7th, 2019 at Omni Atlanta at CNN across the nation richer, in so many tion of life. Sadhguru has been an
California. Suddenly a motorist "We, friends of Dhriti's family, Center and Georgia World Congress ways,” said Dr. Sreeni Gangasani, influential voice at major global
struck them down intentionally. who were touched by her and her Center. Expected to have a record Chairman of the Convention. “His forums including the United
The family was targeted because family's caring and helpful nature, attendance of more than 2,000 del‑ approach does not ascribe to any Nations, World Economic Forum,
the motorist, Isaiah Peoples, are actively working with family egates including physicians, acade‑ belief system, but of fers methods the UK House of Lords, TED among
thought they were Muslim. members and other friends along micians, researchers and medical for self‑transformation that are many others.
Seven others, including Dhriti's with appropriate organizations students, “the annual convention both proven and powerful,” Dr. Just as he has stated, “Your suc‑
father Rajesh Narayan and her and organizing this fund‑raising offers extensive academic presenta‑ Gangasani added. cess in this world essentially
nine‑year‑old brother Prakhar campaign to support the family at tions, recognition of achievements Named one of India's 50 most depends on how well you can har‑
were injured in the incident. this difficult time." and achievers, and professional net‑ influential people, Sadhguru is a ness the prowess of this body and
Dhriti is currently in coma fol‑ Peoples was arraigned in Santa working at the alumni and evening realized Yogi and mystic who works this mind,” Sadhguru believes in
lowing severe trauma and head Clara County Superior Court in social events,” Dr. Parikh added. tirelessly towards the physical, dedicating his life for the service of
injuries. San Jose on May 3. He was “Having Sadhguru at the mental, and spiritual wellbeing of humanity. He established Isha
The fundraiser on the site reads: charged on eig ht counts of Convention with his unique ability all. Sadhguruʼs work has deeply Foundation, a non‑profit organiza‑
"While our hearts and prayer go to attempted murder. His next hear‑ to make the ancient yogic sciences touched the lives of millions world‑ tion supported by over three million
Dhriti for her speedy recovery but ing will be on May 16. relevant to contemporary minds, wide through his transformational volunteers worldwide. DIASPORA May 18-24, 2019 9

Hinduja brothers take back Indian Christian hosts iftar

top spot in annual rich list for 800 Muslim workers
Dubai: An Indian Christian businessman,
London: The billionaire Hinduja brothers who built a mosque for Muslim workers in
have been named as the wealthiest people the UAE, is serving iftar meals to nearly 800
in the UK for a third time, according to the workers during the ongoing month of
Sunday Times Rich List. Ramzan. Saji Cheriyan, 49, who hails from
Sri and Gopi Hinduja saw their fortune Kerala's Kayamkulam, built the mosque last
increase by 1.356 billion pounds ($1.7 bil‑ year for Muslim workers living in a worker
lion) in the last year to 22 billion pounds, accommodation that he rented out to 53
the BBC quoted the list as saying. companies in Fujairah.
The Hinduja Group, a family business, He built the Mariam Umm Eisa (Mary, the
was founded in Mumbai in 1914, and now Mother of Jesus) mosque after he saw work‑
Saji Cheriyan built the mosque
it has interests around the world including ers spending their earnings on taking taxis for Muslim workers
in oil and gas, banking, IT and property. to go to the nearest mosque to offer prayers
British citizens Sri, 83, and Gopi, 79, who during the holy month. Ramzan this year ent types of biryani so that they don't get
are based in London, are two of the four began on May 7. bored eating the same dish every iftar," he
brothers controlling the empire. The two Cheriyan, who landed in the UAE in 2003 said.
moved to London in 1979 to develop the with just a few hundred dirhams, hosts iftar Abdul Qayum, a 63‑year‑old Pakistani bus
export business. for about 800 people including workers and driver, who had iftar on Wednesday, appre‑
The third brother Prakash manages the other senior employees of various compa‑ ciated Cheriyan's efforts. "The world needs
group's finances in Geneva, Switzerland nies at an air‑conditioned convention center people like him. If there are no people like
while the youngest, Ashok, oversees the in the same complex, the Gulf News report‑ him, the world will end. We are praying for
British citizens Sri, 83, (left) and Gopi, 79,
Indian interests. ed. "The mosque opened on the 17th night him. Allah will bless him."
have topped the list twice before
Among the properties they own is the Old of Ramadan last year. So, I could offer iftar The mosque in the East Ville Real Estate
(Image courtesy:
War Office in Whitehall, which they plan to to the worshippers only for the remaining complex in Al Hayl Industrial Area can
reopen as a luxury hotel. able wealth including land, property, other days. From this year, I would be doing it accommodate 250 worshippers at a time.
The two brothers topped the newspaper assets such as art, and shares in companies, every day," he was quoted as saying by the Facilities for another 700 to pray in the
list in 2014 and in 2017. according to the Sunday Times. newspaper. The iftar meal includes dates, interlocked courtyard of the mosque, which
The list, which estimates the 1,000 rich‑ It does not include the amount contained fresh fruits, snacks, juice, water and biryani. will be shaded by the time it opens, have
est people in the UK, is based on identifi‑ in people's bank accounts. (IANS) "I have made arrangements to offer differ‑ also been arranged. (PTI)

Dhruv Patel gets top Owner of Malayalam TV station

job at London charity in UAE flees amid losses
Dubai: The Indian owner of a Dubai‑based But even that is likely to stop when their
London: The City Bridge Trust Committee, Malayalam TV station has fled the United contract with Etisalat expires this month
the largest independent grant giver of the Arab Emirates (UAE) as he struggled to keep end," he said.
City of London Corporation, has elected it afloat amid mounting losses, leaving A cameraman, who claims the company
Dhruv Patel its first Indian‑origin chair‑ unpaid employees in limbo, the media owes him seven months salary, said he was
man. reported. repeatedly assured that their dues would be
Dhruv Patel, 35, who founded the City Launched around two years ago, Channel settled.
Hindus Network in London's financial dis‑ D had two live shows daily. A senior staffer Fingerprint door access control of staffers
trict and has been an elected member of at Channel D told the Gulf News on Monday: was deactivated in March while telephone
the City of London Corporation since "We were not paid for months but in the lines were disconnected a month earlier.
2013, replaces Alison Gowman after her hope of a turnaround, the dozen‑o dd "These were obvious red flags but we did‑
full three‑year term, the Corporation said staffers lumbered on. Nobody expected the n't suspect anything amiss because we trust‑
on Thursday. end to come so soon." ed the owner," said another employee.
The City Bridge Trust Committee is the The TV station's of fice remains shut but The channel also had a unit in Kochi,
funding arm of the City of London the channel is still on air. Kerala, but that too has been reportedly shut
Corporation's charity, Bridge House "They are running repeats of old shows. down. (IANS)
Estates, making charity grants of 20 mil‑
lion pounds a year to tackle disadvan‑
taged communities across the British capi‑
tal. "It is a great privilege to be in the
Dhruv Patel, founder of City Hindus
Network is also an elected member of
City of London Corporation since 2013
Indian Embassy in UAE urges
expats to report salary delay
leadership role of one of the UK's most
(Image courtesy:
important supporters of civil society.
Together we will continue to help give all lent job of leading the Committee, which
London's communities the opportunity to works hard to deliver our strategy to help
Abu Dhabi: The Indian Embassy in the
thrive, and give young people, in particu‑ create a capital city in which everyone can
lar, the best possible start in life," said thrive," said Alison Gowman, who now
United Arab Emirates (UAE) has urged
Indian expats to report any delay in pay‑
Amid growing cases
Patel. "I am humbled to have been elected becomes Deputy Chair of the City Bridge
by the City Bridge Trust Committee to Trust Committee.
ment of salary by their employers. of duping and visa
In a public notice shared on Twitter on
serve as its Chairman, and I will strive to
do the best job that I can to tackle the
Dhruv Patel was awarded an OBE last
year for his voluntary services with the
Wednesday, it urged Indians to report to frauds, the Embassy
any such instance to the Embassy in Abu
inequality which should not exist in Hindu community and interfaith work as
Dhabi or the Consulate General in Dubai. also cautioned Indian
London," the businessman added. The City the founder of City Hindus Network, a
Bridge Trust has awarded around 8,000 non‑profit group seeking to promote vol‑
Amid growing cases of duping and visa
frauds, the Embassy also cautioned Indian
job seekers not to
grants totaling over 400 million pound
since it began in 1995. It helps achieve
unteering and charitable opportunities,
mentoring and networking, education and
job seekers in the UAE not to come on visi‑ come on visitor visas.
tor visas.
the City Corporation's aim of changing the philosophy among Hindu professionals in
The jobseekers must authenticate their recruitment agents. According to informa‑
lives of hundreds of thousands of the city of London. The City of London
employment of fers and permits before tion from the Embassy's Twitter handle,
Londoners, the City of London Corporation is the governing body of the
arriving in the country, it added. Vikram Kumar from Pali, Rajasthan, was
Corporation said. financial heart of London, known as the
T he Embassy also shared videos of duped by an illeg al agent from
"I feel sure that Dhruv will do an excel‑ Square Mile. (PTI)
Indians who fe ll victim to fraudulent Mumbai. (IANS)
10 May 18-24, 2019 US AFFAIRS

As US edges to 'constitutional crisis', Trump,

Democrats weigh impeachment impact
News Analysis by Arul Louis has refused to comply and the Committee
chair Richard Neal has said he will decide on
New York: As the US edges to a constitutional Thursday whether to go to court to compel
crisis with the Democratic‑controlled House him.
of Representatives unleashing a multi‑ Unlike all recent presidents Trump has
pronged attack on President Donald Trump refused to publish his tax returns saying they
and his officials and him launching a counter‑ were under audit.
offensive, both sides are working on the polit‑ Democrats want to examine the tax records
ical calculus of impeachment. to see if there are any irregularities they can
"We are now in a constitutional crisis", the pursue.
chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry T he House Inte lligence and Financial
Nadler, declared on Wednesday as the stand‑ Services Committees have demanded Trump's
off with Trump intensified. tax records from two banks, but Trump has
If a full‑blown constitutional crisis develops, gone to court to try to block them from com‑
the Democrats may impeach Trump ‑ a move plying.
that a large section of the party base The New York Times has published infor‑
demands but the leadership is cautious about. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that Trump “is goading us to impeach him mation from his tax returns for the decade
to solidify his base because he knows it would be divisive". 1984 to 1995 that show he had run up losses
However, Trump himself may be trying to
precipitate an impeachment if he sees elec‑ The full House is expected to follow‑up the The inquiry into Russian meddling conduct‑ totaling $1.17 billion and did not pay taxes
toral gain. He told a rally of his supporters in committee vote to hold him in contempt. ed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller found for eight years.
Florida: "They want to do investigations Theoretically, the House may have the power that neither Trump nor his campaign had col‑ Puncturing his image of being the master of
instead of investments. I think it drives us to arrest Barr if it votes to declare him in con‑ luded with Russians during the 2016 election, the art of the deal, the Times said that "in
right on to victory in 2020." tempt, although it is unlikely to go that far. disappointing many Democrats who had multiple years, he appears to have lost more
He may think that an impeachment ‑ or con‑ The House under Republican control in expected the probe to confirm their claims money than nearly any other individual tax‑
tinuing investigations ‑ that could drag on 2012 he ld former President Obama's and help unseat the President. payer".
while the election campaigns get underway Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for The version of the report that was released Trump, however, defended his record in
would rally his base and help him play the refusing to hand over information about a by Barr had portions blacked out as they tweets claiming it was "a sport" by real estate
martyr while Democrats are mired in an elec‑ sting operation against the illicit gun trade related to testimony that is legally secret, developers to show losses for taxes purposes
toral debate over him at the expense of poli‑ that went awry and came to be known as ʻFast ongoing investigations or innocent third par‑ by using tax shelters.
cies. and Furiousʼ scandal. But it amounted to just ties. The Democratic Party‑controlled New York
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has said she is a slap on the wrist. But the Democrats clamor for it in entirety state Senate voted on a work around on
against impeachment, saw through this ploy. Trump's exercise of his executive power hoping to find leads for further investigations Wednesday to make state tax returns that
She said last week that because Trump wants against the release of the full inquiry report or to enable them to take up the charge of contain information in the federal tax forms
to "solidify his base" regardless of the cost to could precipitate a constitutional crisis obstruction of justice against Trump ‑‑ an available to some Congressional committees.
the nation, he "is goading us to impeach him, because the House ‑‑ should it vote so ‑‑ impeachable of fence ‑‑ on which Mueller The House Judiciary Committee has also
that's what he's doing every single day. He's would be holding Barr in contempt for com‑ refused to neither clear Trump nor charge demanded documents from former Trump
just taunting, taunting, taunting because he plying with a presidential order. him with it. White House lawyer Don McGahn and asked
knows it would be divisive". On the other hand, the concept of executive Opening another front, House Intelligence him to testify before it. He has refused to give
Setting the stage for a constitutional crisis, privilege is itse lf controversial and Committee Chairman Adam Schif f issued a them the papers, paving the way for another
Jerry Nadler's committee voted to hold Democrats, who are already questioning it, subpoena to the Justice Department demand‑ confrontation.
Attorney General William Barr in contempt could ultimately take the matter to courts. It ing the unredacted version of the report. Meanwhile, the Intelligence Committee of
for refusing to give it the full report of the is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution Yet another House panel, the Way and the Senate controlled by his own party has
inquiry into the Russian interference in 2016 but has been exercised in the past as an Means Committee that deals with tax matters, ordered Trump's son, Donald Jr., to appear
elections. extension of the powers of the president and is embroiled in a standoff after requesting the before it. It is likely seeking information
Trump retaliated by exercising his execu‑ the separation of the executive and legislative Treasury Department for Trump's recent tax about his talks with Russians that is men‑
tive privilege to withhold it from the panel. branches of government. records. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tioned in the Mueller report.

Dems, Biden camp respond to Giuliani’s canceled Ukraine trip

Washington: Joe Biden's cam‑ Giuliani's proposed trip to tigation ‑‑ yes, it's an investiga‑
paign has of fered its first Ukraine was "so very troubling, tion designed to affect one of the
response after President Trump's very disappointing, and yet not a candidates they fear the most. I
personal attorney Rudy Giuliani total surprise, g iven this think it's reprehensible."
said he would not make a trip to President's behavior and the pat‑ Giuliani revealed his intention
Ukraine to urge the country to tern that he'd already set." to travel to Ukraine on behalf of
investigate the Democratic presi‑ Demo crat ic lawmakers on his client in a Thursday interview
dential candidate. Capitol Hill also chimed in with with The New York Times, but by
"It's g reat to see all these criticism of the proposed trip. Friday night, that plan was can‑
strong progressive voices stand "It's stunning that the Trump celed.
up to this attempt at a blatantly administration is going down the Giuliani planned to meet with
political smear which in and of same tragic path they did in the country's president‑elect to
itself reflects the urgent need for 2016. Here you have the encourage him to pursue two
change and to restore the soul of President's lawyer seeking help matters of interest to Trump:
the country," a Biden campaign from a foreign government again restarting an investigation into a
of ficial told CNN. Friday, Sen. Trumpʼs personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani had planned to meet with to influence a presidential elec‑ Ukrainian company linked to
Elizabeth Warren and former
Ukraineʼs president‑elect to encourage him to restart an tion. It's just appalling," House Biden's son, and looking into
investigation into a Ukrainian company linked to Joe Biden's son.
Rep. Beto O'Rourke were among Intelligence Committee Chairman whether Ukrainians worked with
the 2020 Democratic contenders cal for the President's personal the upcoming presidential elec‑ Adam Schiff said Friday. Democrats to prompt the FBI
to express concern about lawyer to go meet with officials tion," Warren said in Kermit, "And his defense that he's not investigation into Trump's for‑
Giuliani's efforts, reported CNN. from foreign government to see West Virg inia. In New seeking a foreign government's mer campaign chairman, Paul
"I just think it is highly unethi‑ if they can influence somehow Hampshire, O'Rourke said help in the election, just an inves‑ Manafort. US AFFAIRS May 18-24, 2019 11

10 mn signatures urging Actress, others plead

Trump impeachment guilty in college
admissions scandal
delivered to Congress New York: American actress
Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty on
Washington: Two House
Monday for paying bribes to help
Demo crats last wee k joined
her daughter gain admission to a
activists at the US Capitol who pre‑
prestigious university, avoiding
sented Congress with signatures of
what was sure to be a well‑publi‑
10 million people calling on law‑
cized trial and probably also dodg‑
makers to begin impeachment pro‑
ing jail time.
ceedings against President Donald
T he former "Desperate
Trump. "We are holding in our
Housewives" star was the latest
hands 10 million reasons for being
celebrity brought down by the
here today," progressive congress‑
wide‑ranging college bribery scan‑
man Al Green said, as he and first‑
dal that's snared a slew of wealthy
term congresswoman Rashida
American parents. American actress
Tlaib held up a flash drive.
In a tearful appearance before Felicity Huffman
Dozens of cardboard boxes fea‑
federal judge Indira Talwani in that includes CEOs and partners at
turing the signatures, gathered on
Boston, Huf fman pled guilty to major law firms ‑‑ 10 have already
petitions from groups such as
pay ing $15,000 to boost her pled guilty, including five parents.
MoveOn and the annual Women's
daughter's SAT college entrance Another 10 parents have said
March, were delivered to Tlaib,
House Democrats Al Green and Rashida Tlaib hold a computer flash exam score. The crime is punish‑ they will also plead guilty in the
who has introduced legislation drive bearing petitions with the names of 10 million people who are able by up to 20 years in prison scandal that saw some of the
that would direct the House calling on Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against and a fine of as much as $250,000, accused pay as much as $400,000
Judiciary Committee to begin pro‑ President Trump (Photo courtesy AFP) but by admitting guilt Huf fman to get their children into their cho‑
ceedings to investigate whether
will likely avoid those penalties. sen college.
Trump has committed impeach‑ recently re leased report on date who has called for impeach‑
Federal prosecutors have recom‑ The ringleader behind the scam,
able offenses. Russian election interference. ment proceedings.
mended a sentence of a year's pro‑ William "Rick" Singer, who authori‑
"In the face of this time, this But some Democrats argue that Other senior Democrats includ‑
bation and a $20,000 fine, though ties say was paid about $25 mil‑
remarkably dark time in our coun‑ the document lays out multiple ing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
the judge can modify the penalty if lion dollars to bribe coaches and
try, this to me is a moment of occasions in which the president have cautioned against such a
she pleases. university administrators, has
light," she said. Trump has pro‑ may have obstructed just ice, move, stressing it could deeply
Among the 50 people charged in pleaded guilty and is cooperating
claimed he was fully exonerated by including Senator Elizabeth divide the nation of about 325 mil‑
the admissions scandal ‑‑ a group with authorities.
special counsel Robert Mueller's Warren, a 2020 presidential candi‑ lion people.
12 May 18-24, 2019 INDIA NEWS

Author of Time article Pakistani,

maligning Modi's image: BJP
New Delhi: The BJP has slammed American
news magazine Time, which featured Prime
Minister Narendra Modi on the cover of its ‘Divider in-chief' title to
international edition dated May 20 with
the headline "India's Divider in Chief ", by
saying the author of the article was a
Modi is right: Kamal Nath
Pakistani national and that the neighbour‑ Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister "The title given to him by the Time mag‑
ing country's only agenda was to malign Kamal Nath on Monday said that the title azine is absolutely correct. I say they
Modi's image. ʻDivider in‑chief given to Prime Minister were in fact very kind to Modi."
"The author (Aatish Taseer) is a Pakistani Narendra Modi by Times magazine was Modi, without naming Kamal Nath, had
citizen who calls Modiji a divider and Rahul right and feels that the publisher was in attacked him for the anti‑Sikh riots that
Gandhi tweets about it. W hat can we fact kind to him. followed the assassination of then Prime
expect from Pakistan?" BJP spokesperson Talking to IANS, Kamal Nath said: "What Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984.
Sambit Patra told reporters here. did Modi not divide? He has divided the To this, the Chief Minister replied: "In
Aatish Taseer is a British‑born writer‑ RBI (Reserve Bank of India), CBI (Central the last 34 years, no one accused me,
journalist and the son of Indian journalist Bureau of Invest ig at ion), CAG nobody filed an FIR. None of the commis‑
Tavleen Singh and late Pakistani politician (Comptroller and Auditor General of sions called me guilty. But the Prime
and businessman Salmaan Taseer. India), Judiciary and the Elect ion Minister is now accusing me. This is the
The cover of Time news magazine. Commission. limit."
Patra said Pakistan's only agenda was to
malign the image of Modi at any cost, as he adding that Modi was a unifier, not a
has conducted two surgical strikes in the divider. The headline in the cover reads magazine, written by Taseer, with the head‑ social "stress" under Modi, who "demon‑
neighbouring country. "India's Divider in Chief " and carries a por‑ line "Can the World's Largest Democracy strated no desire to foster brotherly feel‑
"Pakistan can not touch a hair of the trait of the Prime Minister. A secondary Endure Another Five Years of a Modi ings between Hindus and Muslims," as per
Indian Army or Modi and that's why it is headline on the cover reads "Modi the Government?" The write up compares for‑ the article.
trying to malign the Prime Minister's Reformer." The title "India's Divider in mer Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's The article also recalls the 2002 Gujarat
image by writing such articles," Patra said, Chief " pertains to the cover story in the idea of secularism with the prevailing riots that claimed many lives.

Jet CFO, Deputy CEO

Amit Agarwal quits
New Delhi: Grounded Jet Airways contin‑
ues to lose its senior executives dashing
hopes of the airline's revival.
The latest to quit the company is its
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Deputy
Jaipur: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok can now be registered in Superintendent of
Chief Executive (CEO) Amit Agarwal. The
Gehlot on Monday accused Prime Minister Police office (for) the first time in India.
exit comes days after the airline's top
Narendra Modi of playing politics on the "Also, Case Of ficers equal to the rank of
executive Gaurang Shetty, considered
Alwar gang‑rape and using the issue as a Deputy SP will be deployed all across the
close to founder Naresh Goyal, resigned
political tool to draw mileage in the Lok state to ensure quick action in crime against
from the board of directors.
Sabha elections. women," he added.
In a regulatory filing, Jet Airways on
Speaking to the media at his residence, he Asked if Mayawati can withdraw her sup‑
Tuesday said that Amit Agarwal had
said Modi had been targeting the Rajasthan port to the Congress in Rajasthan, he said:
resigned from the services of the compa‑
Chief Minister in one way or the other wher‑ "Mayawati is the leader of a Dalit party and
ny with effect from May 13, 2019 due to
ever he goes be it Jodhpur, Madhya Pradesh, her anger on this incident is quite natural.
personal reasons.
Uttar Pradesh or Udaipur. She has clearly said that she will think on
Run out of cash, Jet Airways suspended
He said Modi lacked complete information withdrawing her support but has not with‑
its operations on April 17. Subsequent to
about the Alwar crime. "It is unfortunate that drawn it yet and she will definitely continue
this, hundreds of employees have left the
he used the incident elections. supporting the Congress.
carrier to join rival companies. Its aircraft
"Our police department was quick to act on "We will continue getting the support of
are also being gradually de‑registered.
this issue. Disciplinary action was taken the BSP in future," he added.
These events have added to the growing
against all derelict of ficials and all the Earlier, Modi had in one of his election ral‑
uncertainty about airline's revival.
accused have been arrested," he said. lies slammed the Congress‑led Rajasthan gov‑
Lenders of Jet Airways led by SBI are
"Now, I am planning to make Rajasthan ernment for allegedly suppressing the Alwar
currently in the process of selling the air‑
Police a role model in India. Rape complaints gang‑rape case. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.
line to recover their dues of over Rs 8,400
crore. Private equity firm TPG Capital,
Indigo Partners, National Investment and
Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) and Etihad
Airways had been shortlisted to submit
70 injured as Kashmir erupts against minor's rape
their bids after they gave their EoIs. Srinagar: The Kashmir Valley erupted in girl in Bandipora on May 9. he sustained a critical injury. The accused,
On May 10 ‑‑ the last date for submit‑ anger on Monday against the rape of a The incident occurred when Muslims Tahir Mir, has been arrested.
ting the binding bids ‑‑ only Etihad gave three‑year‑old minor, with 74 people were breaking their daily fast during the Former Chief Ministers Omar Abdullah
its offer and that too in the eleventh hour. injured in widespread clashes between the ongoing holy month of Ramadan. and Mehbooba Mufti, separatist leaders as
The other two bids for the airline were security forces and protesters. Forty‑seven security personnel were well as a number of social, religious and
unsolicited. Markets and educational institutions injured in Jammu and Kashmir's political groups expressed shock over the
Faced with salary delays and uncertain‑ were shut and most transport went off the Baramulla district when stone pelting incident.
ty over revival of the airline, thousand of roads as protests broke out in all 10 dis‑ mobs went on the rampage. Mehbooba Mufti has said that the guilty
Jet Airways employees, especially pilots tricts of the Valley with those taking to the An of ficial statement said an Assistant of such a heinous crime should be stoned
and engineers, have left the company to streets seeking death for the young man, Commander of the Sashastra Seema Bal to death by invoking the Muslim Sharia
join rival carriers. Tahir Ahmed Mir, who allegedly raped the (SSB) was hit on the head by a stone and laws. INDIA ELECTIONS May 18-24, 2019 13

BJP government holds on


to its approval ratings

satisfied with the current BJP Among the states, voters in
government and 25.33 percent Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Bihar and
said there were happy to some Gujarat remained most satisfied
extent. Another 27.37 per cent with the performance of the BJP
said they were not satisfied with government while those in
the government at all. The net Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil
approval rating on this day was Nadu and Punjab remained least
OF DEMOCRACY 43.76. satisfied. The trend among the
A month ago on April 9, 45.57 states has also remained
New Delhi: With Lok Sabha polls per cent respondents had said unchanged from the start of the
coming to an end with the last they were very much satisfied poll process towards the end.
phase of voting on May 19, the with the current government On January 1, only 36.35 per
satisfaction level of the people with overall approval rating of cent respondents had said they
with the ruling Bharatiya Janata 44.54. T he month showed were most satisfied with the per‑
Party remains high as most of intense campaign by Prime formance of the BJP government
the respondents in CVOTER‑IANS Minister Narendra Modi and an which had an overall approval
tracker cont inue to g ive a The respondents in CVOTER‑IANS tracker continue to give a equally charged pitch was made rating of 32.15. T here was a
thumbs up to the ruling dispen‑ thumbs up to the ruling dispensation. by the opposition to challenge spike in the approval rating to
sation. the government. The numbers over 60 in the first wee k of
In a month‑to‑month compari‑ 9 and May 9 during which voting May 12. show that the government has March after the Balakot air strike
son, the net satisfaction rating was held for five of the seven In a sample of 11,250 on May been able to hold its popularity before it started coming down in
for the government remained phases of Lok Sabha polls. Voting 9, 45.60 per cent respondents among the voters during the cru‑ mid‑March to settle in the mid‑
almost unchanged between April for the sixth phase were held on said that they were very much cial phases of the poll process. 40s throughout May.

6th phase of Lok Modi a big hit among

Sabha elections first-time voters in Delhi
sees 63.3% turnout New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra
Modi seemed quite popular among
first‑time voters in Delhi as most of
them hailed his foreign policies,
nationalism and reforms in education,
besides his "love for the youth".
Among the capital's new voters
IANS spoke to, the Prime Minister
was no less than a hero.
First‑time voters Dinesh and Sanjay
voted for Modi due to the way foreign
countries have started "respecting"
India. "We have voted looking at the
respect India is getting in foreign
countries. Modi has travelled to sever‑
The first‑time voters in Sadar Bazar,
UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi with Delhi Congress al countries and he has brought invest‑ New Delhi. (Photo: IANS/ECI)
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind
President Sheila Dikshit after casting their votes in Kejriwal after casting ment, which will start yielding results
New Delhi on May 12, 2019. (Photo: Bidesh Manna/IANS) in coming days," said the residents of Motilal "My parents always say hard work is the key.
his vote.
Nehru Marg. Without studying or doing hard work if people
New Delhi: The sixth phase of Lok Sabha elec‑ Haryana, eight each in West Bengal, Bihar For 21‑year‑old Akarti, no politician loves the cry there is no job, it's their issue. The govern‑
tions, covering 59 seats across seven states, and Madhya Pradesh, four in Jharkhand and youth as much as Modi. "Where in the world do ment will only let the hardworking people in
saw a voter turnout of 63.3 per cent which all seven seats in Delhi. you see a Prime Minister addressing the stu‑ the system. Look how much hard work Modi is
was less than 65.67 per cent recorded in T he polling percentage was 62.91 in dents before the board examinations? Modi is doing at this age. He is an icon. We should learn
2014 for the same seats, the Election Haryana (71.86 in 2014), 65.17 in Jharkhand the one. No politician can love the youth as from him and support him," said the resident of
Commission said on Sunday. (65.43 in 2014), 79.93 in West Bengal (84.98 much as he does. He takes out time from his Bhajanpura.
The voter turnout was higher in Bihar and in 2014), 60.06 in Madhya Pradesh (56.8 in busy schedule to talk to students, to meet them However, there were also a few who said
Madhya Pradesh and almost the same in 2014), 59.38 in Bihar (57.25 in 2014) and so that he can address their issues," said the B. "blind faith" in any political party can be "scary".
Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. Delhi recorded 54.12 in Uttar Pradesh (54.53 in 2014). Com student living in Burari. "You don't hire a person without checking his
a voter turnout of 59.8 per cent which is less Sinha said that with completion of sixth Priyanshu Rai, a first‑time voter from Mayur or her background or just because he or she is
than the 65.1 per cent in 2014. phase of polling, 28 states and union territo‑ Vihar, was impressed with the Modi govern‑ from a certain city, community, religion or
"The overall polling percentage was 63.3 ries have completed their polling. ment as it focused on skill development. "I voted caste. The blind faith in one party or man can
per cent for seats that went to the polls in the He said the polling percentage for the first on the issue of education and development. The be scary. At least look at the track record," said
sixth phase of Lok Sabha elections. It was five phases was 69.5 per cent, 69.44 per cent, (central) government is not just focusing on 19‑year‑old Vaibhav.
65.57 per cent in 2014," Senior Deputy 68.40 per cent, 65.5 per cent and 64.16 per education but skills as well. They have prepared For 12th pass Varun, lack of jobs were an
Election Commissioner Umesh Sinha said. cent, respectively and the overall percentage the ground for students to develop skills. I have issue. "I have two siblings. I am the youngest.
He said the poll percentage is expected to was 67. 40 per cent which is 1.33 percentage voted for Modi," said the 21‑year‑old B. Tech My father is the only earning member in the
go up further as final figures come from vari‑ points over the 66.07 per cent in 2014. student. house. Both my siblings graduated three‑four
ous states. He also said that a distinct aspect of the On being asked if unemployment is not an years ago. They are preparing for government
The sixth phase was the penultimate phase election was that polling percentage of issue for him, 22‑year‑old Naman Gupta said jobs. If there were jobs, my father could have
of Lok Sabha elections and voting took place women, at 67.44, almost caught up with men jobs were available, but "those lacking skills will got some help. I am voting for change this time,"
for 14 seats in Uttar Pradesh, all 10 in (67.5 per cent). not get it and cry about it". said the resident of Shahdara.
14 May 18-24, 2019 INDIA ELECTIONS

there's a printed copy of a poetry interview, which earlier drew a lot
also has a printed question on the of criticism for what is now com‑
top," Sinha posted on Twitter. monly referred to as Modi's "cloud
The post was accompanied by an theory" on the Balakot air strike.
image that showed part of that Modi was trolled on Twitter for
question ‑‑ I want to know from his remarks that he had asked the
poet Narendra Modi if he's written Air Force to carry out Balakot air
OF DEMOCRACY anything in the past five years? ‑‑ strike on Fe bruary 26 in bad
as well as the poem. weather as his "raw wisdom" said a
New Delhi: Prime Minister "The part of question that is visi‑ cloud blanket would he lp the
Narendra Modi's interview to News ble in the papers he ld by PM Indian fig hter planes escape
Nation may have already caused @narendramodi matches word‑to‑ Pakistani radars.
enough embarrassment to the word to the question asked by the The prime Minister also came
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) sup‑ anchor Deepak Chaurasia," Sinha under attack for claims of using
porters, but the fact‑checking web‑ said. He also posted a "slowed digital camera, email in 1987‑88.
site Alt News now suggests the PM down" version of the video (sans "An interview clouded by radar
had prior knowledge of questions audio) in which the Prime Minister claims, email claims, digital pho‑
to be asked. flips through the papers present in tography claims. Now this ‑‑ evi‑
Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Alt News Co‑founder Prat ik his file. dence that the interviewee already
Sinha created a thread on Twitter "PM Modi is asked to recite a HIS file, which is duly handed over, Sinha's "thread" was retweeted had the questions given to him,"
that suggested that the interview recent poetry of his in the and he starts fiddling with a bunch thousands of t imes as people former Jammu and Kashmir Chief
was scripted. @NewsNationTV intvw. He asks for of papers. The paper on which found new fodder for fun in the Minister Omar Abdullah tweeted.

BJP to win over 23 seats in Vadra posts Paraguay

Bengal: Amit Shah flag in place of
Joynagar (West Bengal): Taking a
jibe at West Bengal Chief Minister
Lok Sabha elections, irrespective of
whether you allow us to talk or hold
Tricolor, gets trolled
Mamata Banerjee over cancellation meetings, or deny us to talk or
of one of his rallies in the state, BJP organise rallies," he said addressing
President Amit Shah on Tuesday said a public meeting here.
the state's voters have decided to The people of Bengal have made
send more than 23 BJP MPs to the up their mind to "give more than 23
Lok Sabha irrespective of whether Lok Sabha seats to the BJP", he said.
the state government allows them to BJP chief Amit Shah addresses Shah's scheduled rally in Baruipur
hold meetings. Shah also dared a public rally in Joynagar, West on Monday was cancelled as the
Banerjee to arrest him for chanting Bengal. (Photo: IANS) state government allegedly denied
"Jai Shri Ram", a week after three here at Joynagar and the permission permission to it.
persons were arrested in the West for (my) second rally has been can‑ "Mamata didi often says Jai Shri
Midnapore district for allegedly celled because Mamata didi fears Ram cannot be chanted. I am chanti‑
chanting the slogan while her con‑ that her nephew would lose his reign ng Jai Shri Ram from this stage in
voy was passing through the area. if the BJP workers get united. the Joynagar constituency and going
"I am supposed to go to three "People have already decided to to Kolkata from here. If you have
places today (Monday). I have come defeat Trinammol Congress in the courage, arrest me," Shah said.
Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra with her husband
Robert Vadra arrive to cast their vote in New Delhi's Lodhi

Pitroda must apologize for Estate. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS)

New Delhi: In an embarrassing butt of jokes on social media,

anti‑Sikh riots remark: Rahul goof‑up, Cong ress leader

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's hus‑
band Robert Vadra used the
remained for over four hours
on his Twitter page.
Soon after the goof‑up, Vadra
Khanna/Hoshiarpur (Punjab): ly to damage the Congress' prospects
flag of Paraguay instead of the was mercilessly trolled on
Congress leader Sam Pitroda must in the state that will go to the polls in
Tricolor to spread awareness social media, following which
apologize to the nation for his the last phase of the Lok Sabha polls
about the Lok Sabha elections he deleted the tweet.
remarks in connection with the anti‑ on Sunday.
on so cial media, invit ing A user said, "Robert Vadra
Sikh riots of 1984 and those guilty of Pitroda, the Indian Oversees
ridicule from netizens. Declared Himself A Paraguayan
the riots should be punished, party Congress chief, had brushed off the
"Our rig ht our strength!! Citizen On 12th May, 2019".
President Rahul Gandhi said on 1984 anti‑Sikh riots by saying, "it
Everyone must step out n Another sarcastically asked,
Monday. He reiterated that Pitroda's just happened" and later apologised,
vote...we need all support, to "Voted for BJP right?"
"Hua toh hua" (it just happened) saying that what he had said was
Congress party President create a combined future for Though Vadra posted a cor‑
remark on the tragic events was "completely twisted and taken out of
Rahul Gandhi. our loved ones, n for a secular, rect caption on his Facebook
"shameful". "What Sam Pitroda said context because my Hindi isn't
safe productive future of our page, he however failed to
on the 1984 riots was wrong. I called Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder good."At the rally in support of can‑
country," Vadra tweeted with a check the of fending flag while
him and have told him to apologize. I Singh at the rally in Khanna, which is didates Amar Singh from Fategarh
joined hands emoji, the Indian posting it on Twitter.
have told him it has to be a public known for the largest grain market Sahib, Raj Kumar Chabbewal from
Parliament and a Paraguayan Hours later he deleted the
apology," he said at an election rally in Asia as it gets millions of tonnes of Hoshiarpur and Santokh Singh
flag, along with a photo of his tweet and posted the screen‑
in Khanna town. At the same time, he produce from Punjab's agricultural Chaudhary from Jalandhar, Gandhi
inked finger after casting his shot of his Facebook post which
said those responsible for the riots fields. The 1984 anti‑Sikh riots have said these elections were an ideologi‑
vote. had the Indian flag in the cap‑
should and will be punished. The been a sensitive issue for people of cal fight between false promises and
The tweet, which became the tion.
Congress chief was accompanied by Punjab, mainly the Sikhs, and is like‑ realistic commitments. COMMUNITY May 18-24, 2019 15

Bhooplapur honored for leadership

by SUNY Old Westbury Foundation
Woodbury, NY: The SUNY Old
Westbury College Foundation
held their annual Leadership
Awards Dinner on May 7 at the
Crest Hollow Country Club here.
The elegant event was attended
by over 600 prominent people.
The goal of the Leadership
Awards was to recognize a select
few individuals who have com‑
mitted themselves to leadership
work and helping others. The
awards, as per the college foun‑
dation, “honor distinguished area
citizens and College alumni who
enrich our community in distinc‑
tive ways ̶ economically, scien‑
tifically, culturally, intellectually Jaya and Ravishankar Bhooplapur with Nassau County
and socially ̶ and whose Executive Laura Curran at the event.
Ravishankar Bhooplapur, President of Xavier University School
efforts, taken together, are help‑
of Medicine (XUSOM), addresses the audience
ing to transform the Long Island
at the Leadership Awards Dinner.
Ravishankar Bhooplapur, Award by SUNY Old Westbury in efforts globally. He was present‑
President of Xavier University recognition of his lifelong dedica‑ ed the award by Dr. Calvin O.
School of Medicine (XUSOM), tion to leadership and his tireless Butts III, President of SUNY Old
was awarded the Leadership commitment to humanitarian Westbury, and Dr. Bhupi Patel,
SUNY Old Westbury Trustee.
Bhooplapur, a prominent
Lionel Chitty, Rotarian, graciously accepted the
President of award and addressed the audi‑
the Alumni ence on what being honored with
Association at this award meant to him.
SUNY Old The other two honorees were
Westbury, was Dr. Laura Anker, a distinguished
also honored service professor at SUNY Old
with Westbury, and Lionel Chitty,
Leadership President of the Alumni
Award at the Association at SUNY Old
May 7 event. Westbury.
He is seen with The SUNY Old Westbury Ravishankar Bhooplapur with XUSOM Chancellor Dr JG Bhat.
Ronald Terenzi, College Foundation also offered
Trustee of a special Salute to College his college an excellent place for Westbury College Foundation in
President Dr. Calvin O. Butts III students to receive a high quality order to help it continue to pro‑
for his work to continuously cre‑ education. vide scholarships to students and
ate an excellent atmosphere at All of the proceeds from the to support academic enrichment
SUNY Old Westbury and to make event went to the SUNY Old programs.

Ravishankar Bhooplapur: Xavier in top 10 Caribbean

medical schools list
Humanitarian par excellence
avishankar ʻRaviʼ

resident of Xavier University projects. He is the founder of the Bhooplapur took
School of Medicine “Gift of Life, India” and has been over as President of
(XUSOM), Ravishankar instrumental in saving over 1500 Xavier University School of
Bhooplapur has many feathers in his children’s lives by providing heart Medicine (XUSOM), Aruba in universities accredited by
cap. A very active Rotarian for four surgery to children under the age of 2008 and within a decade has both CAAM‑HP and ACCM. It
decades, he served as Governor of 15. He has actively lobbied in United transformed it to become one is registered with NCFMEA
Rotary Dist 7250 in 2009-10. For his States Senate and House for the of the Top 10 Caribbean and WFME. They have recent‑
commitment to humanitarian work advancement of India for the past Medical Schools in 2019, as ly achieved a 100% First Time
worldwide, the Rotary Foundation two decades. He was recognized by listed by! For pass rate on the USMLE Step 1
has given him its highest “Service the US Congress and presented an the accomplishment, Ravi, of exam. They also offer scholar‑
above Self” award. He is a Hall of award by Congressman Gary course, likes to thank their ships to well qualified stu‑
Fame Member at the Rotary Ackerman for his outstanding con- hard working faculty mem‑ dents and have recently
Foundation. Currently he serves on tributions to local & international bers and staff. announced special scholar‑
the Rotary Investment Committee to humanitarian causes. With admissions office in ships for Sikh heritage stu‑
manage and advice for $1 billion in In 2012, Ravi was awarded the Woodbury, NY, XUSOM is dents to celebrate the 550th
foundation donations. prestigious “Ellis Island Medal of chartered by the government birth anniversary of Guru
Bhooplapur is a board member of Honor,” which honors recipients for of Aruba with authorization Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of
numerous charities, hospitals, and professional contributions to by the Ministry of Education Sikhism.
businesses. He travel at his own cost America and their immigrant of Aruba.
to many countries for humanitarian heritage. XUSOM is one of the few Website:
16 May 18-24, 2019 ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD

'Student of the Year 2':

Trite but breezy

The film
actors Tiger
Shroff and
Tara Sutaria
A still from the movie ʻStanley ka Dabbaʼ.

ʻChildren's films
ignored in Bollywoodʼ By Troy Ribeiro
angs of Wasseypur" fame screen‑ ment industry does not provide more con‑
play writer Zeishan Quadri, who tent for children, Quadri said: "I think chil‑ et's not talk what is novel or original he delivers his standard chops along with
has made his debut as a writer‑ dren's films are an ignored genre because in this film. Let's not talk intelligent his flamboyant moves, with ease. Equally
director on the digital platform with the for the last few decades, we have stopped stuff too. If you are fine with this, impressive is Aditya as Manav. But both by
web series "Bhoot Purva", says writing a providing content for them. Their parents then let's proceed. Needless to say, ʻSOTY2ʼ no stretch of imagination appear to be col‑
fantasy story keeping children in mind is a are taking them to watch mainstream is a fluffy, well‑packaged rehash, inspired lege students.
tough task, and perhaps that is a reason masala films and that is why the new gen‑ from various films of its genre. Tara as the sweet and ambitious Mridula
why children's films is an ignored genre in eration would rather watch a Salman A predictable underdog story moves at a aka Mia, and Ananya as the perky and
Bollywood. Khan film than a children's film. rapid pace. The narrative focuses on Rohan spoilt brat Shreya, debut with this film.
The story of the show revolves around a "Making content for children which is (Tiger Shroff ) a student of the LS (low soci‑ Both are cute and capable actors.
youngster and his friendship with a ghost, commercially viable is also a task. We still ety) Pishorilal Chamandas College, who Samir Soni fills in Rishi Kapoor's boots as
and how the world of the ghost is inter‑ love watching 'Mr. India'. But we are not dreams of getting into St Teresa's college the Principal of St Teresa's. With his car‑
twined with the reality of Purva, the cen‑ making such films where the reality and because his childhood sweetheart, the awe‑ toonish demeanor who is always screeching
tral character. fantasy meet in one narration. Children struck Mridula (Tara Sutaria) has taken on the microphone or getting stumped for
It has been garnering children's interest films are also good family entertainment... admission there. words, he is such a let‑down.
as well. Asked why the Hindi entertain‑ we just need to package them well." While he has been accepted with open The songs are well choreographed and
arms into this prestigious college, there are they mesh into the narrative seamlessly.
undercurrents of hostility between him and Hollywood actor Will Smith's uncalled for
'O WOMANIYA': BOLLYWOOD the other students of the college namely;
Manav (Aditya Seal) and Shreya (Ananya
appearance does not up the number, "Yeh
jawaani hai diwani".

FILMS DOUBLE UP WOMAN POWER Panday), children of a school trustee and

their friends.
Overall, mounted on a lavish scale and
with a lazily drafted screenplay, the film

ollywood, hitherto fueled by its The film is naturally Tiger's canvas and lacks chutzpah.
favorite ingredient ‑hypermasculini‑
ty and machismo ‑ seems to be
changing as filmmakers are taking a step
forward by doubling up woman power in
Acting guru Roshan Taneja
dead, 'students' pay tributes
movies and going beyond the usual formula
of a boy fighting baddies to save women.

Some films that are yet to release this
year or later such as “Good News", "Saand oshan Taneja, the man behind the
Ki Aankh" and "Bala", showcase not just one treasure trove of talent in
but two female leads. Bollywood including the likes of
Bhushan Kumar, head honcho of T‑Series, Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah, Jaya
who is bank‑rolling female lead films Bachchan, Anil Kapoor and Shatrughan
including movies like "De De Pyaar De", Sinha, is dead at 87. His students paid
"Bharat" and "Pati Patni Aur Woh", told emotional tributes.
IANS: "Women are playing important roles "My father passed away in his sleep on
across all walks of life. As a result, what is Friday (May 10) at home after prolonged
happening in the outside world will sooner illness," the acting guru's son Rohit Taneja
or later find its way to mirror itself in A still from the upcoming said. Roshan Taneja was diagnosed with
pancreatic cancer in February this year. He Roshan Taneja was known to many as
films." movie ʻSaand ki Aankhʼ.
the 'pioneer of method acting' in India.
"De De Pyaar De" stars Tabu along with women in any domain. Writers are writing is survived by his wife Mithika and sons
Rakul Preet Singh; "Bharat" stars Katrina about contemporary characters irrespective Rohit and Rahul. the 1960s, first at the Film and Television
Kaif and Disha Patani; "Pati Patni Aur Woh" of their gender. There is no escaping that. Roshan Taneja's passion for acting took Institute of India (FTII) in Pune and later at
will have Bhumi Pednekar and Ananya "Today, the industry is infused with writ‑ him to New York at The Neighborhood his private school in Mumbai, the Roshan
Panday; "Saand Ki Aankh" has Bhumi ers who are bringing new thinking and Playhouse School of the Theatre to train Taneja School of Acting.
Pednekar and Taapsee Pannu; and "Good fresh ideas and perspectives to the stories under the famous Sanford Meisner & Shabana paid condolences, and tweeted:
News" has Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kiara they bring on board. It's not to say that Sydney Pollack, who went on to become an "He was my Guru at FTII and the only per‑
Advani. women will not be playing glamorous char‑ Academy Award winning director. son whose feet I touched. I was privileged
"Today's writers are writing stories that acters anymore in films, but as I see it, Known to many as the 'pioneer of to be trained in acting by him."
talk about issues that they see around glamor will not necessarily be the only hall‑ method acting' in India, Roshan Taneja Among Bollywood's younger talent,
them. Whether we like it or not, we cannot mark of a character essayed by an actress was held in high regard in the Hindi film Abhishek Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor
escape the presence and influence of in our movies," Kumar added. industry. He had been training talent since have trained under the master actor. ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD May 18-24, 2019 17

Bollywood, Hollywood to woo Hollywood doesn't high‑

light people of color: Davis
movie buffs during World Cup O
scar‑winning actress Viola Davis says it is
because of fear that Hollywood refrains from

giving projects about people of color the
ndia's love for cricket may not eclipse tent is good, people come out in numbers
importance they
its love for films after all in the forth‑ to watch their favorite stars. With a line‑ Oscar‑
coming World Cup season. While up like 'Bharat', 'Kabir Singh' and 'Toy winning
At an Inclusion
Bollywood's slate includes Salman Khan's Story 4', we don't see the World Cup hav‑ actress
Summit in Los
"Bharat", Shahid Kapoor's "Kabir Singh" ing any impact on business," Umrotkar Viola Davis.
Angeles, Davis spoke
and Sonam Kapoor's "The Zoya Factor", added. In distributor Rajesh Thadani's
about the impor‑
Hollywood buffs have a heady mix of opinion, some impact may be seen on the
tance of taking a
franchise entertainers to look forward to. movie business.
firm stance about
The World Cup begins on May 30, and "But if the content of these films is
fostering inclusive
will end on July 14 in England. good, they will not have any issue, except
content, reports vari‑
Bollywood has lined up supernatural a slight dip on the days when India is
horror film "Khamoshi", starring playing," Thadani said.
Asked why execu‑
Tamannaah Bhatia, for May 31, which is An interesting Bollywood release would
tives and casting
also when "Godzilla II: King Of The be "The Zoya Factor", as its plot hinges
Actor Salman Khan‑starrer ʻBharatʼ agents in Hollywood
Monsters" will release. on a girl who turns out to be a lucky
is set for a June 5 release. still refrain from giv‑
The much‑awaited "Bharat" is Salman's charm for the Indian team during a
ing projects about
Eid treat for his fans. Directed by Ali is essential. Salman hopes to get maxi‑ World Cup. The movie, featuring Sonam
people of colour the
Abbas Zafar and co‑starring Katrina Kaif, mum eyeballs with the show," producers and Dulquer Salmaan, will hit the screens
same attention as
the movie will release on June 5. Atul Agnihotri and Bhushan Kumar said on June 14.
those toplined by
Salman knows India's heart beats for in a joint statement. After that, the Bollywood box office
non‑person of color,
cricket, and he ensured he made use of "The World Cup will not have any awaits: "99 Songs" (June 21), Shahid's
Davis said: "Fear".
the finale of the T20 cricket league adverse impact on business. India is a rugged avatar in "Kabir Singh" (June 21),
The "Widows" actress echoed the sentiments of many
Indian Premier League (IPL) fever to be cricket loving nation, but it also loves Ayushmann Khurrana‑starrer and
participants throughout the day, which was that the
on a show with Katrina and Sunil Grover Bollywood. Cricket is still not a (source Anubhav Sinha‑directed "Article 15"
"people in power" were the ones who needed to make
to promote his film, which will release in of) family entertainment, but films are (June 28), Karan Johar's production
the change. "They're not being asked those hard‑hitting
the midst of the World Cup. the only source of family entertainment. "Drive" (June 28), starring Sushant Singh
questions," Davis said.
"It is important to be part of all the Considering it's the holiday season, we Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez, and
Davis explained how she doesn't believe inclusion rid‑
major shows and events to ensure a wide see films will do better business than last "Jabariya Jodi" (July 12) featuring
ers are an entirely adequate solution to the diversity
reach for the film. 'Bharat' being one of year,” said Mohan Umrotkar, CEO, Sidharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra
problem in the industry.
the biggest films of this year, promoting Carnival Cinemas. once again. The Hollywood calendar is
"I do not want to be a part of any piece of paper that
our film on India's biggest cricket league "Recent past trends suggest that if con‑ enticing with franchise films.
has to force people to see me."

Taking baby steps to

merge healing with Neeed money y
work: Irrfan Khan forr groceries
cclaimed actor Irrfan
Khan, who has is back
on the sets to shoot for
"Angrezi Medium" after being
Downloadd the new ACCESS HRA app,
diagnosed with neuroen‑ the on
nly app to apply for SN
docrine tumor, says he is tak‑
ing baby steps to merge heal‑
ing with work.
Irrfan released a statement
addressing to his "friends in
the media" and said the "last
few months have been on a
road to recovery a period to
heal to fight the fatigue and
face the reel and real world".
"I am aware of your concern
and request to talk to you,
share my journey, but I am
fathoming it myself inhaling Upload document Apply for and manage
and internalising, taking baby images :5(7 ILULÄ[Z
steps to merge my healing with
work and trying to experiment
the amalgamation of both," he Actor Irrfan Khan is shooting in
added. Udaipur for ʻAngrezi Mediumʼ.
The 52‑year‑old star says he not ever complete the last one, but that Check your Recertify for
is deeply touched by the wishes and is what I will try. I circle around God's balances *HZOILULÄ[Z
prayers. primordial tower, and I circle ten thou‑
"I truly respect the way you respected sand years long; And I still don't know if
my journey giving me time and space to I'm a falcon, a storm, or an unfinished
heal. Thank you for your patience and song ‑ Rilke."
the warmth and the love all through this It was in March last year that the ver‑
overwhelming journey." satile actor had announced his diagnosis
"I feel an urge to share with you some‑ and said that he was going abroad for Department of
Social Services
thing. I live my life in widening rings treatment. He returned to India in
which spread over earth and sky. I may February this year.
18 May 18-24, 2019 COMMUNITY

International Ahimsa Foundation echoes a message

of non‑violence on Mahavir & Gandhi anniversaries
New York: International Ahimsa Foundation
USA celebrated on May 5 Non‑Violence “A
Message of Lord Mahavir” on his 2618th birth
anniversary and commemorated the 150th
anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
The event at the Indian Consulate here was
graced by distinguished special guests includ‑
ing Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Guest
Speaker Professor Lawrence A. Babb of
Amherst College, Assemblyman David Weprin,
NYS Senators John Liu and Kevin Thomas and
Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer.
Consul General Sandeep Chakravorty said
Over 200 guests attended the event from the
Mahatma Gandhi was influenced by the work
Indian American community, foreign press, so‑
a Jain, Founder of and principle of civil disobedience of US philo
and diplomatic missions and consulates from Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Dr Neet Cong resswoman Malo ney
n, Consul general Sandeep Chakravorty pher Thoreau while
International Ahimsa Foundatio d the
Italy, Bangladesh, Japan, Georgia and
and other guests at the lamp lighting of
the event. emphasized how Gandhi in turn influence
Indonesia. civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.
Rep Maloney who introduced a bill in the US
House of Representatives to posthumously work and principle of civil disobedience of nity. She is Democratic District Leader for UN Toshiya Hoshino, and CG of Italy in NY,
present the Congressional Gold Medal to American philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Assembly District 25 Part B in Queens and has Giampiero Biagioli. The guests were enter‑
Mahatma Gandhi in recognition of his promo‑ “Our freedom fighters were also deeply influ‑ won accolades for her tireless work in the tained by cultural performances by
tion of nonviolence, said Gandhi was “transfor‑ enced by the American independence move‑ South Asian community. Manglastak Rhythm Dance Academy, Ghoomar
mational in so many ways” and an inspiration ment and the Constitution,” he added. Samanis Malay Pragyaji and Niti Pragyaji of by Rhythm Dance Academy and Raghupati
to all Americans and people across the world. Dr. Neeta Jain, President and Founder of Jain Vishwa Bharati of North America conduct‑ Raghav Raja Ram (Gandhiʼs prayer song) by
She said Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther International Ahimsa Foundation (IAF), gave ed Shanti Ki Preksha (Peace Meditation) chants United Nations International School. Hon.
King Jr both attributed their philosophy of non‑ welcome remarks and reiterated in our time along with the guests. Judge Deborah Taylor of The Honorable
violence and their leadership to Gandhi and the importance of non‑violence and teachings Consul General Chakravorty, along with Dr. Society of the Inner Temple presented a video
both are already recipients of the of Lord Mahavir and Mahatma Gandhi and Jain and IAF Vice President Dr. Raj Bhayani commentary on Gandhi.
Congressional Gold Medal. related how the Foundation was formed in honored the dignitaries – NYS elected officials The evening began with special Jain vegetar‑
Consul General Sandeep Chakravorty said 2012 to spread the message of non‑violence and diplomats including CG of Bangladesh ian reception and concluded with Jain vegetari‑
Gandhi himself was deeply influenced by the and peace from Jain principles to the commu‑ Sadia Faizunnesa, Deputy PR of Japan to the an dinner and desserts May 18-24, 2019
20 May 18-24, 2019 OP-ED

Opposition's continuing handicap - no leader

By Amulya Ganguli when it was felt that he was moving close
to the BJP. But that phase is apparently

ith Bharat iya Janata Party over.
(BJP) leader Ram Madhav now However, it is the belief among the
saying that his party will get a opposition parties that the BJP may get
majority of its own in the Lok Sabha and the first chance to form a government,
not fall short of the requisite number as which has persuaded them to consider
he had said earlier, the opposition will writ ing to the President, Ramnath
probably have to redouble its unity Kovind, that they are ready to give letters
efforts. of support for an alternative government.
Madhav's earlier comment had appar‑ While the Telangana chief minister
ently galvanized the opposition parties to wants someone from the south to be the
try yet again to come together. First off PM ‑ is Rao thinking of himself ‑ Naidu
the block was Telangana chief minister K. seemingly has a preference for Mamata
Chandrashekhar Rao, who spoke to his Banerjee although he has been equally
counterparts in Kerala and Karnataka, friendly with Rahul Gandhi.
Pinarayi Vijayan and H.D. Kumaraswamy The West Bengal chief minister herself
to sound them on his ideas of forming a is believed to nurture such ambitions if
non‑BJP, non‑Congress front. only at the behest of her party men who
However, he now seems to have want a Bengali prime minister.
become softer towards the Congress, pre‑ However, her major dif ficulty at the
It is the belief among the opposition parties that the BJP may get the
sumably because both Kumaraswamy moment is the challenge which she faces
first chance to form a government so they are ready to give letters of
and Stalin have told him that they have support for an alternative government. from the BJP in West Bengal which
earlier supported Rahul Gandhi's claim to appears to have replaced the Left and the
be the prime minister. Banerjee as a Bengal tigress. What is The ever‑active grapevine of Lutyens Congress as the Trinamool Congress's
In any event, Rao himself may have obvious from these smoke signals is the Delhi has it that Odisha chief minister main adversary in the state.
realized that since he raised the issue of a realization that the non‑BJP parties have Naveen Patnaik tops the list of such Mayawati has also thrown her hat in
forming a non‑BJP, non‑Congress federal a chance if they can get their act together potential allies followed by YS Jagan the ring by saying that if she gets a
front w ith Mamata Banerjee a few because the BJP, in their view, is faltering. Mohan Reddy of the YSR Congress Party chance to be the prime minister, she will
months ago, it is not possible to keep the However, they are also scared that if in Andhra Pradesh, who is on record for stand for the parliamentary elections
Congress out of the equation, especially if they do not move quickly, then the BJP saying that he will support the BJP in a which she is not contesting at present.
it gets 100‑odd seats, more than any may use its status as the largest party in "hung" Parliament if it promises granting The khichdi image, therefore, remains
other non‑BJP party. the House ‑ which is a certainty ‑ to form special status to his state ‑ the issue on valid about the opposition, confirming
After Rao's endeavors, And hra a government by wooing allies from out‑ which Naidu quit the NDA. Arun Jaitley's fear of "chaos" overtaking
Pradesh's N. Chandrababu Naidu has side the Nat ional Demo crat ic Front Ironically, Rao's name was also men‑ the country if the opposition comes to
entered the fray with praise for Mamata (NDA). tioned in this context some time ago power.

Are Indian tariffs really high as Trump thinks?

By Amit Kapoor and wines; about 75 per cent on services, generic drugs and
automobiles; 50 per cent on refined petroleum products,

he Trump‑driven trade mango juice and so on. However, where India possesses a compar‑
war does not seem to India is not alone in doing so ative advantage of labor cost.
relent. In the latest devel‑ and, in fact, it is also not close to The US, on the other hand,
opment, the US has raised tariffs the highest tariffs charged by finds similar advantage in export
on $200 billion worth of Chinese other countries in the global of high‑end manufactured goods
imports to 25 per cent, up from economy. As per the World Tariff like aircraft, medical devices,
10 per cent imposed last year. Policies 2018 published by WTO, patented drugs and so on as it
China, on its part, has threatened the highest tariff charged by has a comparative advantage in
to retaliate. India has never been some of the major economies their production. Tariffs have
far from the skirmish. are: 736 per cent by Japan, 807 evidently played little role in
In fact, just a few days ago, US per cent by South Korea, 350 per defining such a trade portfolio.
Commerce Secretary Wilbur cent by the US, 163 per cent by The US is also an exporter of cap‑
Ross accused India of following Australia and 150 per cent by ital to India in the form of for‑
restrictive trade policies that cre‑ India. Merely looking at the high‑ eign direct and portfolio invest‑
ate significant market access bar‑ est tariff rate provides only a ment. These provide huge
riers for foreign companies. The limited view to the country's tar‑ returns to investors back in the
evidence of this claim, according iff structure. A better representa‑ US.
to him, lay in the fact that the US tion that takes into account all That being said, India must
was India's biggest export mar‑ imported goods can be obtained also make sure it reduces import
ket, accounting for a fifth of its by assessing the average tariff duties and tariffs wherever it
total exports, while India was and trade‑weighted tariff of the possible. In the automobile sec‑
Narendra Modi with President Donald Trump.
only the 13th largest market for (Photo: White House/IANS) country. India's average tariffs at tor, for instance, Indian auto
American exports. 13.8 per cent turn out to be makers need not be protected
India has been called out many products from developing trade deficit that the US has with higher than most major trading with 60‑75 per cent import
numerous times by the Trump countries like India to enter the India to the tune of $24.2 billion economies like China (9.8 per duties.
administration before for its tar‑ US duty‑free. in 2018. The question, thus, cent) and US (3.4 per cent). The bilateral trade between the
iffs and duties on imports. In Although the decision to remains whether there is any The Trump administration also two countries has grown over
October last year, Trump himself revoke the GSP has been post‑ truth to the claims of Trump and needs to understand that trade six‑fold in the last two decades
dubbed India the �tariff king'. poned until after the new govern‑ Ross with respect to India's tariff imbalances are rarely a result of from $20 billion in 2000 to
In March, he even expressed his ment comes into power in India, structure. policy rather than competitive $126 billion in 2017. A contin‑
intent of ending the favorable the trade war is beginning to There is no second opinion and comparative advantage. The ued growth of this trade relation‑
treatment that India enjoyed impact the country more directly. about the fact that India imposes bulk of Indian exports to the US ship will be a big win‑win for the
under the Generalized System of The fact that has particularly high duties on many items of comprise goods like gems and largest economy in the world and
Preferences (GSP), which allows irked Trump is the substantial import ‑ 150 per cent on whiskey jewelry, textiles and apparel, IT the fastest‑growing one. SUBCONTINENT May 18-24, 2019 21

After a decade of peace, Paradise bleeds again

By Sonia Dandona
Hirdaramani Outpouring

life long New Yorker, I of an
moved to Sri Lanka in
2008, when it was in the American of
midst of a brutal and seemingly
never‑ending civil war. I quickly Indian origin
became accustomed to carrying my
passport and stopping at check‑
living in
points every few miles, where army Colombo
of ficers would point their rifles
into my car, checking for anything during the Sonia Dandona Hirdaramani,
suspicious. I internalized the fear
that a bus next to me could possi‑ horrific Easter 2002 graduate, continues to
be involved with Columbia
bly explode with a bomb ̶ a com‑
mon tactic employed by the mili‑ Sunday through her roles as member of
the Young Advisory Council for
tant organization, LTTE, in those
days ̶ only sometimes caving and
attacks in the College, Class Agent
International Vice‑Chair,
naively requesting that my driver Sri Lanka. Regional ARC Chair and
avoid buses, a futile request on Class Correspondent.
crowded Sri Lankan roads. My hus‑
band worked in the capital, at hardest parts for me. My first expe‑
Colomboʼs World Trade Center; the rience with terrorism was when I
eerie similarity in name with NYCʼs was a Columbia College senior; I
World Trade Center used to haunt distinctly remember being in my
me. Broadway dorm room when my
It is still hard for me to reconcile parents called me, completely dis‑
the peaceful nature of this predom‑ traught. I rushed to the common
inantly Buddhist country with its room to watch the news with my
violent history, because I really did floormates, all of us huddled
not live through it for very long. around the screen watching the
Within a year of moving, the civil towers fall. All of it seemed surreal
war was suddenly over. The emo‑ and incomprehensible to me at the
tional scars remain for those who age of 20. My children are, unfor‑
did live through it, but the physical tunately, having to grapple with it
reminders of the war were gone ̶ at the tender ages of 5 and 7.
no more checkpoints and no more They have, until this point, only
rifles. seen the seemingly happy co‑exist‑
Slowly, Sri Lanka began to be ing of faiths. In my home, when
unearthed as the hidden gem that one accounts for my household
it was. Instead of having to implore staff, we have all four of the major
friends to visit me, Sri Lanka was religions of Sri Lanka living happi‑
appearing on all sorts of travel hot ly under one roof, my own little
lists, including T he New York melting pot.
Times, Condé Nast Traveler and Speaking of melting pots, I have
Lonely Planet. Sri Lanka was final‑ never been prouder to be an
ly having its long overdue moment American citizen. Since the attacks
and tourists were pouring in. first unfolded, our American
Pristine beaches, breathtaking Embassy has been available to all
safaris, lush tea country, cultural of those directly af fected and to
and religious treasures ̶ so many those of us simply seeking infor‑
experiences, all wrapped into one mation. News alerts have been
small teardrop‑shaped island. informative, accurate and consis‑
After 10 years of this fanfare, we tent; everyone I meet seems to
are back to the tears. Tears shed want to know what the American
for more than 250 innocent lives alert level is. We hope that the FBI
lost due to terrorism, again. It and other American agencies here
could have been me and my family helping with the investigation will
at those brunches ̶ those were be able to assist in finding the per‑
hotels that we frequented ̶ or any petrators of these heinous attacks
of my Christian friends at those so we can begin to rebuild ... again.
churches. Back are the security Sri Lanka is bleeding, but if it can
checkpoints, back are the guns and emerge after 30 years of war, it
back are the curfews. Imagine, for will most certainly rise again, safer
an American, to be told that you and stronger. America, the country
cannot leave the house until cur‑ of my birth, did after 9‑11, as did
fews have been lifted. I could not India, the country of my familyʼs
access Facebook or WhatsApp, my origin, after 26/11 [the 2008
primary methods of communica‑ Mumbai attacks]. Once the dust
tion with my loved ones. The limi‑ settles and the path to reconcilia‑
tations on personal freedoms have tion recommences, I invite all of
been a lot to digest, but something you to visit our beautiful paradise
I accept, considering the intent. island, the country that has my
My childrenʼs school will remain heart.
closed indefinitely. Answering my Reprinted with permission from
sonsʼ questions has been one of the Columbia College Today.
22 May 18-24, 2019 SUBCONTINENT

Militants attack hotel in Balochistan province

Islamabad: At least five people
lost their lives in a terror attack
targeting a five‑star hote l in Gwadar hotel attack bid to
Pakistan's port city of Gwadar in
Balochistan province, the Army's damage economy: Imran
media wing said as it announced
akistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan termed the attack on a
the conclusion of its clearance
five‑star hotel in the port city of Gwadar in Balochistan
operation of the establishment.
province as a bid to "sabotage prosperity" in the area. "Such
Four hotel employees ‑‑ three
attempts especially in Balochistan are an ef fort to sabotage our
staffers and a security guard ‑‑ as
economic projects and prosperity. We shall not allow these agen‑
we ll as a Navy soldier were
das to succeed. Pakistani nation and its security forces shall defeat
killed, while six people, including
them all," Khan said in a statement issued by his office.
two Army captains, two Navy sol‑
diers and two hotel employees
armed forces. Army and Navy The terror group said that the
were injured as gunmen stormed The hotel sits on a hilltop overlooking the
officers then proceeded to evacu‑ hote l ‑‑ the centrepiece of a
the Pearl Continental hotel on Gwadar port on the Arabian Sea.
ate residents of the hotel and the multi‑billion dollar Chinese proj‑
May 11, the Inter‑Services Public
which all three terrorists were and the terrorists went to the staff. ect ‑‑ was selected in order to tar‑
Relations (ISPR) said in a state‑
killed, Dawn online reported. staircase leading to upper Authorities said the terrorists get Chinese and other investors.
According to authorities, the floors", the ISPR said, adding that had made the CCTV cameras dys‑ The hotel sits on a hilltop over‑
The attack was claimed by the
gunmen attacked the hotel in the armed men "kept firing indis‑ functional and planted IEDs at all looking the Gwadar port on the
outlawed Balochistan Liberation
Gwadar with the intention of tak‑ criminately" and killed four hotel entry points leading to the fourth Arabian Sea, which is being
Army and the clearance opera‑
ing hostages, but they were chal‑ employees. floor. But the security forces developed by China as part of the
tion at the hotel continued until
lenged by the hotel's security According to the ISPR, the gun‑ "made special entry points to get China‑Pakistan Economic
late at night.
guards. men were barricaded in a corri‑ into fourth floor, shot down all Corridor, a network of roads, rail
T he Army announced that
Staff raised the alarm "denying dor on the fourth floor by the terrorists and cleared planted lines and pipelines between the
security forces had completed
them entry into the main hall swift arrival of the Pakistani IEDs". two countries.
the operation at the hotel in

Ex-journalist, cultural adviser ‘End terror or we stop

shot dead in Afghanistan our share of water’
New Delhi: If Pakistan continues to support
Kabul: A former journalist and cultural cross‑border terrorism, India will have no option
adviser to the lower house of but to take the "hard" decision of stopping its
Parliament has been shot dead by share of water of three common rivers, Water
unknown gunmen in Kabul, just days Resources Minister Nitin Gadkari has said, in a
after she shared on social media that warning to the neighboring country.
her life was in danger. He said India is starting a study and a Detailed
Mena Mangal made her name as a Project Report (DPR) of all the three rivers over
presenter on the Pashto‑language chan‑ which it has complete right under the Indus
nel Tolo TV, Afghanistan's largest pri‑ Water Treaty and has taken up two projects on
vate broadcaster, and later with local these. Under the 1960 Indus Water Treaty gov‑
TV networks such as LEMAR TV, erning six common rivers, India has the complete
Shamshad News and Ariana TV. right over the waters of three rivers ‑ Ravi, Beas
She came under attack in Kart‑e‑Naw and Sutlej, while Pakistan has the right over
Indiaʼs Water Resources
area in Kabul's PD8 in broad daylight water of Indus, Jhelum and Chenab. Minister Nitin Gadkari.
on May 11, the Ministry of Interior The treaty was intended to "increase brother‑
Affairs said in a statement. hood, love and affection" between the two coun‑ do so, he replied: "Of the six (common) rivers,
Mena Mangal was a former
The police have started an investiga‑ TV presenter. tries and India, "as a big brother, is giving water" our right is on three rivers... Our water is going
tion into the incident, Ministry's to Pakistan, Gadkari said. to Pakistan. First, we have taken up two projects.
spokesman Nasrat Rahimi was cited as Frogh. Mangal had shared her fears in a "Now nothing is there. In place of love and We are going to stop our share water to
saying by Tolo News. Facebook post on May 3. She said she af fection, we are getting bombs and they are Pakistan. We are (also) starting making study,
The attack prompted an outpouring was being sent threatening messages attacking innocent people of India. So this is the research, DPR of all the three rivers going to
of grief and anger from women's rights but declared that a "strong woman was‑ time, if they don't want to stop terrorism and Pakistan."
activists, directed at "authorities who n't afraid of death" and that she loved supporting terrorist organizations, then we don't He went on to add: "We are giving them
had left her unprotected in the face of her country. have any option but to stop water which is going (Pakistan) an opportunity. They should stop sup‑
threats". "This woman had already Mangal was also an advocate of to Pakistan," the senior minister said. porting terrorist organizations. If they stop sup‑
shared that her life was in danger; why women's rights to education and work "We are going to stop our share of water to porting terrorist organizations, we don't have
did nothing happen? We need answers," and had recently become a cultural Pakistan... This is the appropriate time (for end‑ any problem. But if they continue supporting ter‑
said Afghan human rights lawyer and adviser to the lower chamber of ing support to terror), otherwise they will have rorism and terrorist organizations, then we don't
women's rights campaigner Wazhma Afghanistan's Parliament. to face the music," he asserted. Asked if it was have any option. We have to take hard step to
just an empty threat or India was really going to stop water which is going to Pakistan." INTERNATIONAL May 18-24, 2019 23

Amid rising tension in Gulf, 2 UN chief warns of

Saudi oil tankers sabotaged global threat from fleeing
Riyadh: Saudi Arabia said that two
of its oil tankers came under
IS foreign fighters
attack off the coast of the United United Nations: UN
Arab Emirates (UAE), shortly after Secretary‑General Antonio
the latter said four of its vessels Guterres has warned of a
had been sabotaged amid rising major global threat from
tensions in the Gulf. foreign fighters fleeing the
Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al‑ defeated Islamic State (IS)
Falih said that the two Saudi oil terrorist organization and
tankers were sabotaged of f the declared stopping them
coast of Fujairah. One of the two should be a high global pri‑
vesse ls was on its way to be ority. "They, as well as those
loaded with Saudi crude oil from they inspire, represent a
Many IS fighters are looking for safe
the port of Ras Tanura, to be deliv‑ major transnational threat", haven to regroup.
ered to customers in the US, state‑ he said at the launch of the
run Saudi Press Agency (SPA) UN Countering Terrorist Travel them are returning home or relo‑
Saudi Arabiaʼs Energy Minister Khalid Al‑Falih.
reported. Programme (CTTP). "Detecting cating to other trouble spots or
The news agency didn't mention otaged" off its eastern coast. The crude exports. Washington has and disrupting these terrorists safe haven, he added.
casualties or oil spills, but said attack took place near to UAE ter‑ also been increasing its military and other high‑risk criminals "It is apparent that that these
there had been "significant dam‑ ritorial waters in the Gulf of assets in the Middle East in the prior to them carrying out an terrorist who lost territory else‑
age to the structures of the two Oman, east of the Emirate of face of what it regards as new attack is a high priority for the where are looking for new pres‑
vessels" in attacks it described as Fujairah, said the country's threats from Tehran. international community". He sure points to ignite", Sri Lanka's
"posing a threat to the security of Ministry of Foreign Af fairs and Fujairah is located close to the warned, "Many are well trained Permanent Representative Rohan
global oil supplies". The Saudi International Cooperation. Strait of Hormuz, a strategically and could carry out future terror‑ Perera, whose nation was attacked
Minister called on the internation‑ The UAE Ministry said authori‑ important waterway that connects ist attacks. Others hope to radical‑ by Islamist terrorists last month
al community to protect maritime ties were working with local and the Persian Gulf to the Arabian ize and recruit new followers to on Easter, said.
navigation and oil tanker security international bodies to investigate Sea. their cause". Two years ago the Two affiliates of IS has claimed
to prevent "adverse consequences" the incident, which it described as T he accusations of sabotage UN estimated that over 40,000 responsibility for the Easter sui‑
for energy markets and the global a "dangerous development". It said came less than 24 hours after the foreign terrorists from more than cide bombings in his country and
economy. there were no injuries or deaths. UAE government denied reports 110 countries may have traveled it is investigating IS links to two
The report followed a statement The incident came amid rising alleging that seven oil tankers to Syria and Iraq to join terrorist local groups, National Thowheed
by the UAE government that four tensions in the Gulf as the US were involved in an explosion in groups, he said. With the fall of Jamath and Jamath Millate
commercial cargo ships were "sab‑ tightened sanctions on Iran's the port of Fujairah on May 12. the territories held by IS, many of Ibrahim, he said.

May's Brexit talks Israel announces Golan Heights

with Labour grave
mistake: Ex-Minister settlement in Trump's honor
Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister
London: UK Prime
Benjamin Netanyahu announced
Minister T heresa
the establishment of a new Jewish
May's Brexit talks
settlement in the occupied Syrian
with the opposition
territory of Golan Heights, honor‑
Labour Party were a
ing US President Donald Trump.
"g rave mistake",
In March, Trump had of ficially
according to a for‑
recognized Israel's annexation of
mer minister.
the Golan Heights, a part of Syria
"Even if Labour do
that has been under Israeli mili‑
a deal, break bread
tary occupation since the Six‑Day
w ith the Prime
War of 1967.
Minister and
"I promised that we would
announce that both
establish a community named
parties have reached
after President Donald Trump. I
an agreement, it can British Prime Minister Theresa May. would like to inform you that we
only ever end in
have already selected a site on the
tears," the BBC quoted former government.
Golan Heights where this new
De fense Secretary Gavin "His goal, and he has made no
community will be established
Williamson, who was sacked by secret of it, is to bring about a
and we have started the process,"
May earlier this month, as say‑ general election," he added.
Netanyahu said at the beginning
ing. Williamson was sacked fol‑ Williamson's remark comes
of the weekly Cabinet meeting via
lowing an inquiry into a leak as May is hoping to reach a Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
a Twitter post.
from a top‑leve l Nat ional cross‑party consensus on her
He said he was going to ask will be completed soon with the ed the Israeli annexation of the
Security Council meeting. He withdrawal agreement after
President Reuven Rivlin for an transfer of the of ficial residence Golan Heights, considering it as
has "strenuously" denied leak‑ failing to get it throug h
extension of the period to form a of the Ambassador David "null and void and without inter‑
ing the information. Parliament three times.
coalition after winning April's Friedman. national legal effect".
"The Labour Party does not The UK had been due to leave
general e lect ions, Efe news Trump's recognition of Israeli Even before Trump's recogni‑
exist to help the Conservative the European Union on March
reported. sovereignty over the Golan has tion of Israeli annexation of the
Party. Jeremy Corbyn will do all 29, but the deadline was
In addition, he said that Israel been controversial since the UN Golan Heights, his support for
he can to divide, disrupt and pushed to October 31 after
w ill commemorate the first Security Council on December 17, Netanyahu was seen as connected
frustrate the Conservatives in Parliament was unable to agree
anniversary of the opening of the 1981, unanimously adopted to the US administration's Middle
the hope of bringing down the a way forward.
US Embassy in Jerusalem, which Resolution No. 497, which reject‑ East peace plan.
24 May 18-24, 2019 BUSINESS

Trade row: Trump, Xi fleeing India
in larger
likely to meet next month numbers: Report
Washington: US President Hours after Liu le ft New Delhi: All the chest thumping over a big
Donald Trump and his Washington, Trump leap forward in the ease of doing business index
Chinese counterpart Xi announced that he had and the tag of the world's fastest growing econo‑
Jinping are likely to meet in ordered US Trade my in the world may not be of much worth, as a
Japan next month during Representat ive Robert new report suggests that Indians who have the
the G20 economic summit Lighthizer to draw up plans to means to quit the country are doing so and in
amid rising trade tensions extend tariffs to an additional increasing numbers.
between the world's two $300 million worth of Chinese India saw the third highest outflow of wealthy
largest economies, a senior imports. individuals last year. Nearly 5,000 millionaires,
White House of ficial has Kudlow said Sunday that or high‑net‑worth individuals (HNWIs), left the
said. while there were "no concrete, country, which is 2 per cent of the total number
There is a "strong possi‑ definite plans" for the resump‑ of HNWIs in India, says the Global Wealth
bility" that the two presi‑ t ion of discussions, the Migration Review (GWMR) 2019 by AfrAsia
dents will hold talks on the Chinese have invited Mnuchin Bank and research firm New World Wealth.
sidelines of the conference and Lighthizer to Beijing. The net outflow of HNWIs that India saw in
in Osaka, Efe news quoted "T he talks will continue," 2018, was even faster than the UK, which is in
White House chief econom‑ Kudlow told Fox's Chris the middle of a political turmoil owing to Brexit.
ic advisor Larry Kudlow as Wallace. "I will say this: There For the migrating millionaires, the US and
saying during a TV pro‑ is a G20 meet ing in Japan Australia topped the list of the most sought after
gram on Fox News. toward the end of June next country destinations.
Negotiators failed last month and the chances that Nevertheless, India's total wealth is set to grow
week to reach an agree‑ President Trump and at a handsome rate in the next 10 years. The
ment to end the trade war President Xi will get together GWMR notes that India will outperform the UK
Negotiators failed last week to reach an agreement to end the
that began in 2018 with trade war that began in 2018. at that meet ing are pretty and Germany in terms of wealth generation to
Trump's decision to impose good." become the fourth largest wealth market in the
a 10 percent tarif f on $200 Premier Liu He, the leader of deeply regrets that it will have The Trump administration world by 2028.
billion worth of goods from the delegation that traveled to take necessary countermea‑ increased the tarif fs because Among the cities which will drive this growth
China, which retaliated with from Beijing to Washington for sures," the Chinese govern‑ Beijing was resisting the idea in the next 10 years are Delhi, Bangalore and
levies on $60 billion worth of the two‑day round. ment said in a statement after of enshrining in Chinese law Hyderabad. Delhi would do so on the back of its
US products. At 12.01 am last Friday, the higher tariffs took effect. some of the concessions well‑diversified economy and strength in a num‑
"T here were constructive between the first and second Though both sides spoke of Beijing has of fered, such as ber of key sectors, Bangalore on its prowess in
conversations," US Treasury sessions of those talks, the US their readiness to continue the measures to respect the intel‑ the fields of IT and R&D, and Hyderabad on the
Secretary Steve Mnuchin told raised the tarif fs on af fected negot iat ions, Mnuchin lectual property of US firms base of its being the "Pharmaceutical Capital of
reporters last Friday as his bid Chinese imports from 10 per acknowledged Friday that no operating in China, the White India" and its many special economic zones, the
farewe ll to Chinese Vice cent to 25 per cent. "China further talks were scheduled. House adviser said. report said.

CHANDA KOCHHAR Deveshwar transformed ITC into

APPEARS BEFORE ED a diversified conglomerate
Kolkata/New Delhi: Yogesh
Chander Deveshwar, whose goal
stantial share‑holding in ITC,
wanted the Indian company to
New Delhi: Former ICICI Bank was creating "Indian brands", suc‑ stick to the tobacco business and
chief Chanda Kochhar on Monday cessfully transformed ITC Ltd looked at taking over majority
appeared before the Enforcement from being predominantly a ciga‑ control in ITC to realise its vision.
Directorate (ED) for questioning in rette‑maker into a diversified con‑ Deveshwar was credited for suc‑
connection with the Videocon loan glomerate. cessfully keeping Brit ish
case. Recognised around the world American Tobacco Company
Last week, the financial probe for creating an exemplary Indian (BAT) from taking larger control
agency summoned Kochhar to enterprise, Deveshwar, as ITC of the company with the help of
record her statement after she Chairman for over two decades, Life Insurance Corporation of
failed to appear on May 5. led the company into a range of India. Deveshwar had a brief stint
The case is related to the alleged new businesses which took it to with Air India. He led the national
Yogesh Chander Deveshwar.
irregularities and corrupt practices new highs. During his tenure as carrier as its chairman and man‑
in the sanction of a Rs 1,875 crore Executive Chairman, the compa‑ being appointed as a Director on aging director between 1991 and
loan disbursed by ICICI Bank to ny's revenues and profit before its Board in 1984. He rose to 1994. In its stellar journey under
the Videocon Group during 2009 tax, along with returns to share‑ become the Chief Executive and Deveshwar, ITC has to day
Former ICICI Bank chief holders, rose manifold. Chairman of the Board in 1996. emerged as one of India's fastest
and 2011. The ED got clues about Chanda Kochhar.
an illegal transaction running to Today, ITC is not only known for While every ITC Chairman since growing FMCG companies, the
crores of rupees routed to NuPower Renewables Ltd through its leading cigarette brands ‑ the late 1960s had explored ways country's largest paperboards and
NuPower. his firm Supreme Energy as quid‑ Classic, India Kings, and Gold and means to diversify the compa‑ packaging business, a globally
In March, the ED had conducted pro‑quo for loans cleared by the Flake ‑ but also for its Sunfeast ny from its tobacco business port‑ acknowledged agri‑business, and
a series of searches at the resi‑ ICICI Bank under Chanda Kochhar. range of cookies and biscuits, the folio, it was Deveshwar who ulti‑ a leading hotel chain in India.
dence and of fice premises of the Out of the Rs 40,000 crore loan Bingo! snacks and Aashirvaad sta‑ mately made it happen. The company's wholly‑owned
Kochhars as part of its investiga‑ to the Videocon group, Rs 3,250 ples and ready meals. Business rationalization and the subsidiary, ITC Infotech India Ltd,
tions and also questioned Chanda crore was given by ICICI Bank and Born in Lahore in Fe bruary diversification into the non‑ciga‑ is also a player of promise in the
and her husband Deepak Kochhar a large portion of the loan by ICICI 1947, Deveshwar joined ITC in rette FMCG sector as well as infor‑ IT sector.
along with Videocon Group pro‑ was unpaid at the end of 2017. 1968 after studying at the Indian mation technology was not with‑ With his high stature in the cor‑
moter Venugopal Dhoot. The bank proceeded to declare the Institute of Technology, Delhi, and out its share of problems and porate world, Deveshwar became
Allegedly, Dhoot had invested in Rs 2,810 crore of unpaid loan as the Harvard Business School, and challenges. Brit ish American a role model to many entrepre‑
the Deepak Kochhar company, non‑performing asset. had a meteoric rise that saw him Tobacco or BAT, which had a sub‑ neurs and industrialists. SPORTS May 18-24, 2019 25

Mumbai Indians players with

the trophy after winning the
finals against Chennai Super
Kings in Hyderabad.
(Photo: Surjeet Yadav/IANS)

Hyderabad: Lasith Malinga deliv‑

ered the killer blow as Mumbai
Indians (MI) defeated bitter rivals
Chennai Super Kings (CSK) by one
run to lift a record fourth Indian
Premier League (IPL) title in a rip‑
roaring final at the Rajiv Gandhi
International Stadium here on
With two runs needed of f the
final delivery, Malinga executed a
slower yorker to perfection, trap‑
ping Shardul Thakur (2) right in
front to send his teammates, includ‑
ing skipper Rohit Sharma, into delir‑
ium as Shane Watson, whose
breathtaking 80 went in vain, sunk
in his seat in the Chennai dugout.
Chasing a modest 150 for victory,

Mumbai lift fourth IPL title

Watson, who was dropped on 56 by
Rahul Chahar, carried Chennai's
hopes with a belligerent 80 off 59
balls, his innings laced with eight
fours and four sixes.
But once he was run out in the Defeats Chennai Super Kings in a nail‑biting finals with 1 run
fourth ball of the final over, it was
Sri Lankan Malinga who showed his Mumbai's best bowler Jasprit 13, Watson and Suresh Raina (8) 51‑run partnership for the fifth for Mumbai as he hammered three
class to snatch the crown from the Bumrah (2/14) then bowled a bril‑ shared a 37‑run stand for the sec‑ wicket which was finally broken by fours and three sixes. For Chennai,
defending champions. liant penultimate over, sending ond wicket as Chennai looked to be Bumrah. From there on, it was a Shardul Thakur also picked up two
In the last five overs, Chennai Bravo (15) back in the hut after the cruising. Rohit then gave the ball to see‑saw battle which eventually saw wickets for 23 runs.
needed 62 of f 30 balls. Watson latter gave Quinton de a simple Rahul Chahar (1/14) who started Mumbai continue their dominance But Pollard hogged the limelight
then hit Malinga for a hat‑trick of catch behind the stumps. However, Chennai's downfall by trapping over Chennai in what was their for the wrong reasons in the last
fours to trim the equation to 42 off de Kock missed an easy gathering Raina (8) in front. Ambati Rayudu fourth final meeting. over when as a mark of protest
24 balls. to gift Chennai four byes in the last (1) could not add much to the tally, Earlier, Deepak Chahar (3/26) and against the umpire not calling a
There was no stopping the veter‑ ball of the over. getting caught behind off Bumrah. Imran Tahir (2/23) starred with the wide in the previous delivery, he
an Australian, who scored a hun‑ Earlier, Faf du Plessis (26) and T he game‑changing moment ball as CSK restricted MI to 149/8, walked across ‑‑ even leaving the
dred in the final to help Chennai Watson gave Chennai a steady start came in the 13th over when M.S. even as Kieron Pollard hit an pitch ‑‑ to face the fourth ball before
win the IPL last year, as he clob‑ before Krunal got the former Dhoni (2) was caught short of the unbeaten cameo (41* off 25) down Dwayne Bravo pulled out.
bered Krunal Pandya for three stumped by de Kock by luring him crease by Ishan Kishan, with replays the order. Opting to bat, Mumbai were off to
back‑to‑back sixes in the 18th over to come down the wicket. showing it to be a close call. Watson Pollard, who was dropped on 25 a flying start riding on de Kock's
which costed Mumbai 20 runs. With du Plessis gone for 26 of f and Bravo then joined hands for a by Suresh Raina, was the top‑scorer power hitting.

MI win best mother's Dhoni's run‑out: Turning

day gift: Nita Ambani point in IPL 2019 final
New Delhi: Mumbai Indians Hyderabad: The Mumbai Indians (MI) who pulled it away towards
(MI) owner Nita Ambani is defeated the Chennai Super Kings the leg side for a sing le.
known to treat her players as (CSK) in one of the most dramatic Malinga collected the ball
part of the Ambani family and finals one could have seen in the and threw it on the bowler's
after a tense battle of over 52 Indian Premier League (IPL) history. end but Hardik failed to stop
days, the Indian Premier After posting 149/8, Mumbai suc‑ it. Sensing an opportunity to
League (IPL) was finally won cessfully defended the target to sneak another run, Dhoni
by the Mumbai outfit at the clinch their fourth IPL title, here on asked Watson for a double.
Rajiv Gandhi International Sunday. It was lanky Sri Lankan However, Ishan Kishan was
Stadium here. And the elated pacer Lasith Malinga who kept quick to collect the ball after
owner thanked son Akash nerves of steel and bowled a brilliant the overthrow and aimed a
Ambani for the best mother's final over as CSK fell short by just direct hit at the stumps
day gift after MI registered a one run. which saw Dhoni's bat to be
one‑run win over the Chennai However, the turning point of the judged to be on the line.
Super Kings to lift their fourth match came when CSK skipper MS The third umpire took his
title. Nita Ambani and Akash Ambani at
Dhoni was involved in a controversial time to make the decision as
IANS learnt that during the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in
run‑out. to whether a small part of
team cheer in the dressing Hyderabad. (Photo: Surjeet Yadav/IANS)
With CSK chasing 150 which was a Dhoni's bat was over the
room after the game on Sunday night, back by his mother. This after Nita below par total considering the pitch, Chennai Super Kings' crease or not. Eventually he
Nita Ambani thanked son Akash for had taken it on herself to look after Mumbai bowlers turned the game skipper MS Dhoni. decided not to give the bene‑
gifting her a win in the final of the the team from 2010 and ensured that around by picking up the wickets of Faf du Plessis fit of doubt to the batsman and deemed the video
IPL. While the team is coached by an every player and support staff of the (26), Suresh Raina (8) and Ambati Rayudu (1) in footage conclusive enough to give Dhoni out.
array of stars w ith Mahe la franchise was looked after like one of quick succession. Dhoni walked in to bat with the After Dhoni's dismissal, the Yellow Brigade went
Jayawardene as head coach, Akash is their own. In fact, after the loss in score on 73/3 and the match hanging in balance. into deep waters. Though, Watson played a bril‑
known to ensure that the team man‑ their opening game against Delhi In the 13th over of the CSK inning bowled by liant 59‑ball 80‑run knock, he could need help his
agement and players get the best pos‑ Capitals, skipper Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya, Dhoni was adjudged run out by side cross the line as CSK managed 148/7 in their
sible facilities after he was handed team was invited to the Ambani third umpire Nigel Llong. stipulated quota of 20 overs and handed the IPL
over the managerial reins two years household to de‑stress and bond. Pandya bowled a short one to Shane Watson, 2019 trophy to Mumbai Indians.
26 May 18-24, 2019 LIFESTYLE

Goa university to teach Americans among

astrology and vaastu courses most negative people
on Earth: Survey
new survey has found Americans said they felt worried
that Americans are a lot, and more than one in five
among the most nega‑ (22 percent) of Americans said
t ive people on the planet. they fe lt ang ry a lot. And
Gallupʼs latest update on the according to Gallup, the econo‑
worldʼs emotional my's not the
state reported problem, as the
that 55 percent of survey found the
Americans said levels of negative
they experienced emot ions are
a lot of stress in even higher than
2018, one of the during the Great
highest rates out Recession.
of the 143 coun‑ "The answer to
tries polled and whether money
Goa university has become a rare education institution to offer higher education in Indic knowledge systems.
we ll above the truly buys happi‑

tudents will soon be able edge systems. On April 5, in the new subjects and then global average of 35 percent. ness is st ill far from being
to pursue higher education Chancellor Mridula Sinha assent‑ expand by of fering MPhil and The U.S. trailed only Greece (59 understoo d, but this report
programs of fered by Goa ed to the formation of four schools doctoral degrees in Sanskrit and percent), the Philippines (58 gives global thinkers an idea of
University in ancient Indian under the university, of which the Indic knowledge systems. percent) and Tanzania (57 per‑ who is living the best and worst
knowledge systems like vaastu School of Sanskrit and Indic T he late Goa chie f minister cent) on the stress table and is lives in the world," wrote Jon
shastra (architectural design ) and knowledge systems is one. Under Manohar Parrikar had first prom‑ tied with Iran, Albania and Sri Clifton, Gallup's global manag‑
jyotish shastra (astrology), as also the school, programmes will also ised to set up a Sanskrit Lanka at 55 percent. The poll ing partner in a preface to the
take up study of the ancient be offered in the ancient texts like Mahavidyalaya to promote educa‑ also reported that 45 percent of report.
Indian languages of Sanskrit, Pali manuscriptology, and Vedic and tion in classical Indian languages
and Prakrit. puranic knowledge, practices like in his 2014 budget and repeated
T he courses are expected to
begin from the academic year
yoga and panchkarma, and classi‑
cal Indian philosophy, literature,
the promise in the subsequent
budget speeches. “The Sanskrit Shun these 4 triggers to
2019‑2020, making Goa universi‑ poetics, grammatics and computa‑ language and yoga have been pil‑
ty rare among varsities to of fer
higher education in Indic knowl‑
tional linguistics. The university
plans to offer a masters program
lars of Indian culture and educa‑
tion,” Parrikar had said.
limit smartphone addiction
esearchers have decoded

Encounter with ʻGodʼ may

four common triggers for
the compulsive use of
smartphones which, if addressed,

bring long‑lasting health can help shun the screen addic‑

tion. The four triggers for habitual
smartphone use are: During unoc‑

personal encounter with the “Although modern Western medi‑ cupied moments, like waiting for a
“ultimate reality” or God̶ cine doesnʼt typically consider ʻspir‑ friend to show up; before or during
spontaneous or under the itualʼ or ʻreligiousʼ experiences as tedious and repetitive tasks; when
influence of a psychedelic drug̶ one of the tools in the arsenal in socially awkward situations and
can bring positive changes in psy‑ against sickness, our findings sug‑ when people anticipate getting a
chological health even decades gest that these encounters often message or notification. that teens use their phones the
after the initial experience, says an lead to improvements in mental "For a couple of years, I've been same way adults do. But I think
interesting study. health,” he argued. looking at people's experiences this compulsive itch to turn back
In a survey of thousands of peo‑ The researchers say a majority of with smartphones and listening to to your phone plays out the same
ple who reported having experi‑ experiences may have healing prop‑ respondents attributed lasting posi‑ them talk about their frustration way across all these groups,"
enced personal encounters with erties. tive changes in their psychological with the way they engage with Hiniker noted.
God, researchers from Johns “Experiences that people describe health̶life satisfaction, purpose their phones," said study co‑author To the team, the finding pointed
Hopkins University report that as encounters with God or a repre‑ and meaning̶even decades after Alexis Hiniker, Assistant Professor to a more nuanced idea behind
more than two‑thirds of self‑identi‑ sentative of God have been reported their initial experience. at the University of Washington's people's relationships to their
fied atheists shed that label after for thousands of years, and they For the new study, the scientists Information School. phones.
their encounter, regardless of likely form the basis of many of the used data from 4,285 people world‑ "But on the flip side, when we "If the phone weren't valuable at
whether it was spontaneous or worldʼs re ligions,” said lead wide who responded to online ask people what they find mean‑ all, then sure, the lockout mecha‑
while taking a psychedelic. researcher Roland Griffiths, profes‑ advertisements to complete one of ingful about their phone use, nism would work great. We could
The findings, described in a paper sor of psychiatry and behavioral sci‑ two 50‑minute online surveys nobody says, ʻOh, nothingʼ.” just stop having phones, and the
in the journal PLOS ONE, add to evi‑ ences at Johns Hopkinsʼ School of about God encounter experiences. Researchers conducted in‑depth problem would be solved," Hiniker
dence that such deeply meaningful Medicine. ‑IANS interviews to learn why people said. "But that's not really the
compulsively check our phones. case".

US stores install cameras that guess people's shopping habits They found a series of triggers,
common across age groups, that
Instead, the researchers saw that
participants found meaning in a

wo US retailers are testing agency reported. The cameras guess Washington. Instead of using usual start and end habitual smartphone diverse set of experiences, particu‑
cameras that could guess peo‑ a shopper's age and gender, but the clear glass doors that allow cus‑ use. The team also explored user‑ larly when apps let them connect
ple's age, sex or mood to deter‑ information is anonymous and the tomers to see inside, the retailer put generated solutions to end unde‑ to the real world.
mine their buying habits. Grocery data is not being stored, Kroger said. video screens that display ads along sirable phone use. These were: Hiniker recommends that next
store chain Kroger is testing cameras If the tests work out well, the compa‑ with the cooler's contents. This new Competing demands from the real wave smartphone designers shift
embedded in a price sign above ny said it could expand it into other technology, which could help physical world, like meeting up with a away from system‑wide lockout
shelves in two stores on the outskirts locations. stores to better compete with online friend or needing to drive some‑ mechanisms. Instead, apps should
of Cincinnati and Seattle. Video Drugstore chain Walgreens rivals like Amazon, has raised con‑ where; realizing they had been on let users be in control of their own
screens attached to the shelves can installed cooler doors with cameras cerns over privacy as people may not their phone for half an hour and engagement and people should
play real‑time ads and show dis‑ and sensors at six locations including realize that they are being watched coming across content they'd decide whether an app is worth
counts to shoppers, Xinhua news New York, San Francisco and while picking their groceries. already seen. "This doesn't mean their time. IMMIGRATION May 18-24, 2019 27

By Dev Banad Viswanath,

Esq. & Michael Phulwani, Esq.
The B2 Visa - The Pleasure
B‑2 visa is a temporary

Visitor’s Gateway to America!

non‑immigrant visitor
visa for pleasure or per‑
sonal needs. This visa is for indi‑
viduals who are coming to the
ent visa. Each dependent who

U.S. for tourism purposes. Some
qualifying tourism purposes will join the B‑2 visa holder to
include: the U.S. must apply separately

4 Vacation; for their own B‑2 visa.
4 Visiting family and friends; This is the appropriate visa for
4 Enrolling in a short recre‑ most, short term, visitors to the
ational course of study such United States for pleasure and it
as a two‑day cooking class; is a convenient way to come
4 Participating in a musical,
Am I Eligible quickly to the US. For more infor‑
sports, or similar event if not for a B‑1 Visa? mation to see whether the B‑2
being paid for participation; visitor visa is right for you or
In order to be eligible for a B‑2
4 Medical treatment; or your family or friends you should
visa an individual must meet the The steps of the application 2 nonimmigrants, spouse and
4 Tourism contact an experienced immigra‑
following criteria: process for a B‑2 visa vary children under the age of 21, are
Travel activities not allowed to tion attorney with consular expe‑
4 The visit must be for a legit‑ depending at which U.S. Embassy not allowed to obtain a depend‑
take part in on a B‑2 visa: rience.
imate visitor purpose; or Consulate you apply at. It is
4 Employment, whether paid
4 The trip must be for a spe‑ recommended that applicants
or unpaid; Dev Banad Viswanath is the Principal Attorney of
cific limited period of time; NOT make firm travel plans to
4 Receive education which The Banad Law Offices PC in the United States,
4 You must be able to finan‑ visit the US until they have their
credits to a degree or diplo‑ and Banad Immigration in India for which
cially fund the trip and stay B‑2 Visitor Visa in hand after Attorney Michael Phulwani is also affiliated as Of
on your own; interview and approval. Counsel. With Offices in Manhattan, Queens,
4 Arrive in the U.S. as a part
4 You can show proof that Under a B‑2 visa an individual Bangalore, and Mumbai, the firm is able to assist
of a crew of a ship or an air‑
you have a residence out‑ may stay in the U.S. between one clients with all facets of the immigration process,
side of the U.S. and you and six months, six months being including Employment Visas, Consular Visa
4 Work as a journalist, for‑
have an intention of return‑ the maximum. After the initial Assistance, Student Visas, Removal &
eign press, or other infor‑
ing at the end of the visit; period of stay ends, an extension Deportation, US Citizenship and Green Card
mation media;
and Applications based on Family or Employment.
4 Perform before a paying of stay may be granted for up to
4 You donʼt have any other Dev B. Viswanath can be reached at
audience; an additional six months. The
restrictions that would not and 718‑361‑5999.
4 Manage a business located maximum total amount of time
allow you to be admitted in He will be in India from April 21 through
in the U.S; or permitted in B‑2 status on a sin‑ May 10 and able to meet people for
to the U.S. such as an arrest gle trip is one year, with limited
4 Permanent residence in personal consultations.
or previous visa violation. exceptions. Any dependents of B‑
the U.S.

Unseasonal rain damages
No "large" structural damage to
Hyderabad's iconic Charminar
Hyderabad: Konark Sun Temple after cyclone: ASI
Charminar, the sym‑ Puri: A team of senior officials from
bol of Hyderabad, the Archaeological Survey of India
has suffered damage (ASI) on Friday reported no "large"
as a piece of lime structural damage to the Konark Sun
stucco work on one Temple in the cyclone‑ravaged
of its minarets fell Odisha, and that it would open to the
down following public in "2‑3 days".
unseasonal rains. On request of the state govern‑
A portion of the ment, the ASI was sent to assess the
stucco work quantum of structural damages to
detached from the the Jagannath Temple in Puri and
granite slab on the the Sun Temple in Konark in wake of
minaret facing Mecca Cyclone 'Fani'.
Masjid side and fell "The team observed that by and
off late on large, there is no structural damage
Wednesday, sending to the monument. There is some dis‑
panic among the peo‑ location in the scaffolding provided
ple around the mon‑ for chemical cleaning at upper level
ument. which is being set right. The ASI sent a team to assess the quantum of structural
Police cordoned off "More than 200 trees have been damages to the Jagannath Temple in Puri and the
the area where the damaged which are being cleared. Sun Temple in Konark in the wake of Cyclone 'Fani'.
debris fell. A large The electric and illumination system
number of onlookers Director General Usha Sharma, Archaeologist of ASI Bhubaneswar
including internet access has gone
gathered near the accompanied by a team of senior Circle inspected the monuments and
out of order, restoration of which
monument. of ficials, is assessing the damages "found no major damage to the
will take some time," the ASI said in
The Archaeological caused to the heritage temples by structure of the temple".
a statement.
Survey of India (ASI) Charminar was built in 1591 by the cyclone. The state government had sought
It also said that the heritage tem‑
had undertaken restoration work Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah, the The ASI is also visiting Jagannath direction to the ASI for deputing a
ple will be opened to the public in
on the monument sometime back. fifth king of the Qutb Shahi dynasty. Temple at Puri to assess the damage. high level team to assess damage
next 2‑3 days. "The monument will
While the incidents of lime plasters The 428‑year‑old edifice, stands It will suggest restoration exercise and implement remedial measures
be restored to normal within about a
peeling off are not new, the latest at a staggering 160 feet from needed for the monuments and the ahead of important cultural event of
damage raised new concerns about ground level. It has four minarets surrounding areas. Rath Yatra in Puri, which is slated
The Union Culture Ministry on
the safety of the iconic structure. after which it is named. Earlier, the Superintending for July 4.
Friday said in a tweet that ASI
28 May 18-24, 2019 HUMOR

Humor with Melvin Durai

Talented chicken can

teach us a lot
f youʼve been on
the Internet a lot
late ly, youʼre
probably familiar
with Jokgu the chick‑
en. Jokgu is a musi‑
cian and as close to
being a celebrity as a
chicken can get.
Jokgu is the Taylor
Swift of chickens,
except that Jokgu
BEST does not sing about
It was her owners who trained her to peck
RATE Jokguʼs talent isnʼt in singing – itʼs in play‑
ing the piano or keyboard. Jokgu recently
at the keyboard in a deliberate pattern, play‑
ing the notes of “America the Beautiful.”
FOR appeared on the show Americaʼs Got Talent
and amazed everyone by playing the tune of
“It took about two weeks to get her to this
level through clicker training,” Shannon
INDIA “America the Beautiful” on a keyboard.
Members of the audience just couldnʼt believe
Myers, co‑owner of the coop, told Huffington
Post. “Just about 10 minutes to get her to
AND their eyes. Was it really possible for a chicken
to have more musical talent than half the
peck the keys initially.”
Clicker training is a method of training ani‑

PAKISTAN audience?
It turns out that it is indeed possible, as
mals through positive reinforcement. After
performing a task, the animals hear a click
long as chickens are given an opportunity to and then receive a reward, such as a morsel of
learn music at an early age. Jokgu, a two‑year‑ food.
New York Head Quarter old chicken of the Buff Brahma Bantam breed, “Because you can click faster than give a
422‑S Broadway lives in a Maryland coop that is well‑stocked reward, they immediately associate the click
with toy musical instruments, such as a key‑ with the wanted behavior which then leads to
board, drums and xylophone. Some of the reward,” Myers said.
NY 11801 chickens in the coop have even formed a This is exactly how my wife trained me to
band. Tour dates will be announced soon. do the laundry. Every time I put clothes in the
516‑827‑1010 Perhaps theyʼll even make a trip to India, like washing machine, she made a clicking sound
Justin Bieber did recently. and handed me a reward: the TV remote.
Jokgu, in case youʼre wondering, didnʼt Jokgu is obviously a talented chicken, but I
learn to play “America the Beautiful” all by canʼt help feeling a little sorry for her.
herself, although she did come up with a tune Perhaps I misread her body language on
called “America the Wormful.” Americaʼs Got Talent, but I donʼt think she
really wants to be a celebrity. I donʼt think she
wants to pose for selfies with all her fans. I
Laughter is the Best Medicine donʼt think she wants to learn how to write
autographs. And most of all, I donʼt think she
wants to go on a concert tour.
Chickens, in general, do not like to travel,
whether itʼs in the cargo hold of a plane or on
a tour bus. Theyʼre especially leery about per‑
forming at venues that serve food. Imagine
By Mahendra being on stage, trying your best to entertain
Shah everyone with your musical talent, and some
rude person in the audience is eating fried
chicken. Itʼs just not right.
Mahendra Shah is
Whatever she does with her career, Jokgu
an architect by
should serve as an inspiration to everyone. If
a chicken can play a musical instrument, what
entrepreneur by
excuse do humans have for not even trying?
profession, artist
Jokgu shows that not only are we failing to
and humorist,
maximize our own abilities, weʼre also failing
cartoonist and
to harness the abilities of the animals around
writer by hobby. He
us. Take my dog, Legacy, for example. What
has been recording does she do at night? She sleeps. What does
the plight of the she do in the morning? She sleeps. What does
immigrant Indians she do in the afternoon? She sleeps.
for the Imagine if I could teach her to play a musi‑
past many year in cal instrument or two. Instead of sleeping all
his cartoons. Hailing day, she could entertain me.
from Gujarat, he But even if a musical instrument is too
lives in Pittsburgh, much for Legacy to learn, surely I could get
Pennsylvania. her to master the washing machine. It would
be a great service to our family – as long as
my wife doesnʼt reward Legacy with the TV
remote. ASTROLOGY May 18-24, 2019 29

Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874

By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899;

MAY 18‑24, 2019

Aries: Your belief in yourself will help Cancer: Arrival of relations may Libra: Your tendency to overreach Capricorn: Donʼt repose too much faith
you overcome all competition on the turn out to be a welcome change yourself may get you into all sorts on someone close on the financial
academic front. Search for a groom or from your dull and dreary daily of problems at work. You may need front, as you can be let down. Good
bride may soon end, as you find a suitable routine. Turning your ideas into action at to clear the obstructions on the career path focus and concentration may lead you to suc‑
match for the eligible. Earning big bucks work is possible and will be appreciated to better your prospects of promotion. cess on the academic front. Things may not be
needs prompt action from your side. A job too. A windfall is in the scheme of things Quick recovery for those ailing is foreseen. hunky dory on the romantic front. Praise on
change may help you in starting with a and dest ined to make you rich soon. There is good chance of getting a loaned the professional front is likely to prove a balm
clean slate. Your desire to come back in Remaining cut off from someone does not amount back. A relaxing time at home is for your ego and self‑esteem. Irregular routine
shape may motivate you to turn your atten‑ augur well for you. It is time you offered an foreseen for some, but may get disturbed may af fect your health adversely, so bring
tion towards personal fitness. olive branch to those you dislike. with the arrival of guests. some discipline in your life.
Taurus: Those forced to live away Leo: Students preparing for competi‑ Scorpio: Homemakers will need to Aquarius: Expect distinct improve‑
from family may encounter initial tions will need to shift into top gear. tighten the purse strings. Gaining an ment in love matters that were
hardships, but will get used to it Those working hard to get back in upper hand in a situation will be unfavourable up till now. A much
soon. An outdoor activity is likely undertak‑ shape are likely to succeed. Markets offer a important and you wonʼt even have to awaited cheque or an important document
en for fitness may give you a chance for fifty‑fifty chance of making it big to those break a sweat for it! Marketing and busi‑ may be received. Your way with words is
sweating out. Backlog may need to be playing the stocks. Donʼt tackle tasks in a ness development personnel will find the likely to put your ideas across most suc‑
cleared, if you want peace to reign once half‑hearted manner, as this may lead to week favourable. Chances of winning the cinctly while negotiating a deal. Keep a
again in a government job. Moodiness of confrontation and unnecessary heartburns. heart of the one you love look bright. An happy outlook by thinking posit ive
lover may thwart your romantic aspira‑ A favourable change is in the offing on the alternative to your staple diet will prove thoughts. Fierce competition on the aca‑
tions. domestic front. immensely beneficial. demic front may unsettle you, but you are
Gemini: A new partnership is likely to Virgo: Someone may need emotional Sagittarius: Builders and property likely to measure up to it.
be forged, but test the waters before support, but may be reluctant to con‑ dealers may find the horizon bright‑ Pisces: Financial situation remains sat‑
you venture into unknown territory. vey this to you. Social networking ening up, despite some immediate isfactory and home front, too, appears
You will hold your own in the competitive will help you interact with people you have hurdles. Those wishing to study abroad are warm and cosy. You will enjoy good
environment on the academic front. Expect not seen in a long time. Your present job likely to overcome all financial difficulties. health by sticking to routine and leading an
full support from close associates in a new may keep you engrossed, as you endeavour Health supplements may have unforeseen active life. On the academic front, make
venture. to give your best. Your decision to put side effects. Spending time with people of efforts to stand above the rest in areas of your
A fruit and juice diet may help in bringing money in a safe investment will prove to be your generation is indicated and will be lots expertise. You will succeed in impressing
the system in line. Spouse may blow hot right, considering the prevailing financial of fun. Deft handling will help in diffusing lover. You may be hard put to convince some‑
and cold, so bear with it! conditions. an explosive situation. one at work, so handle the matter with tact.

18 May, 2019 its peak. The organization that

Influenced by number 9 and ANNUAL PREDICTIONS: FOR THOSE BORN IN THIS WEEK you work for would undergo
the planet Mars, you are ener‑ major administrative changes
getic, courageous, aggressive, alliances and partnerships for would be high on your agenda. and intelligent and you easily and the chances of your promo‑
systematic and highly sentimen‑ some. Speculation would prove to The months of August, November find solutions to difficult situa‑ tion or transfer would be strong.
tal person. You possess great per‑ be rewarding and long‑term and April will prove to be signifi‑ tions. You are optimistic and Your income would be from at
sonality and confidence, and have investment is recommended. cant. skillful, but you need to check least two sources. Your finances
a strong command over your Long pending leg al disputes your tendency to behave moody, would improve towards the mid‑
work, but you loose many good would be sorted out bringing 21 May, 2019 vindictive and extravagant at dle of the year bringing prosperi‑
opportunities due to your erratic relief to your mind. Blessing from Governed by number 3 and the times. ty and happiness at domestic
and quarrelsome nature. a saintly person would provide planet Jupiter, you are imagina‑ level. Your emotional partner
solace and mental comfort. Stay tive, ambitious, dignified, jovial, This year few brilliant opportu‑ would be a major support. Health
This is going to be an extraordi‑ away from strangers and avoid cheerful and highly optimistic nities would come your way but of a sibling might need extra
nary year for you, which would spending on others. Health needs person. You search for meaning you need to act swiftly to grab attent ion. T he months of
promise you financial growth extra care. T he months of and purpose in life and you often them before others. Financial October, December and April
and prosperity. This is also going September, January and May find this through your work. You gains would accrue from invest‑ seem to be eventful.
to be a rewarding period for would prove to be result orient‑ are friendly and helpful, but you ments and even speculation. New
workingwomen. Your income ed. need to control your tendency to sources of income would gener‑ 24 May, 2019
would rise, but you would also behave jealous, extravagant and ate, but partnerships should be Influenced by number 6 and
spend more than necessary on 20 May, 2019 dominating at times. avoided. A vacation to an exotic the planet Venus. You are inde‑
luxuries and other comforts. Ruled by number 2 and the location seems likely later this pendent, ambitious, charming
Romance and new alliances look Moon. You are highly trustwor‑ This year some major decisions year. Your health would remain and love peace and harmony. You
likely for the unattached. Your thy, emotional, simple, friendly would be taken. You would be good but health of a family mem‑ are a person of your words and
seniors and co‑workers are likely and warm‑hearted person. You highly energized and ready to ber would cause anxiety and con‑ others can depend on you com‑
to give you anxious moments at do not mince words and are put extra efforts to achieve your cern. If you're unattached, the pletely. You are dedicated and
times. Health of your spouse straightforward in your speech career goals. Your excessive ener‑ chances to meet someone special sincere, but you need to check
would cause concern and anxiety. and action, but you need to check gy and tremendous drive would and enter into a committed rela‑ your tendency to behave moody,
T he months of October, your tendency to behave intro‑ bring you remarkable financial tionship seems quite strong. The spendthrift and careless at times.
December, March and August will vert, reckless and spendthrift at benefits. Property disputes or months of November, February
be highly significant. times. legal matters which have been and June will be highly signifi‑ This year you would put your
bothering your mind would settle cant. best e f forts and accomplish
19 May, 2019 This year your stars are in an amicably towards the middle of many odd jobs, but your employ‑
Governed by number 1, and the extremely favorable position, the year. Spouse would remain 23 May, 2019 er would be under extreme stress
Sun, you are original, active, bringing you happiness and pros‑ cooperative and shower love and Ruled by number 5 and the and not fully acknowledge your
responsible and a trustworthy perity. You would also make af fection upon you. Children planet Mercury. You are practi‑ contribut ions. Your income
individual. You are highly talent‑ some major changes on the home would be a major source of hap‑ cal, sensitive, friendly, diplomatic would rise, but you would also
ed and skillful, but you need to front. You would be a good host piness. The months of November, and quick in taking decisions. spend more on luxuries making it
control your tendency to domi‑ and you would spend lavishly on February and July will be highly You are honest and have a highly extremely difficult for you to
nate, overspend and behave the entertainment of others. important and eventful. developed conscience, but you plan any savings. Your love rela‑
destructive at times. Your beloved would be a major need to check your tendency to tionship would suffer because of
source of happiness and pleas‑ 22 May, 2019 behave restless, nervous and your hect ic work schedule.
This year your self‑confidence ure. Overall your health would be Dominated by number 4 and moody at times. Property disputes would settle
would be high and you would fine but it will be important to the planet Uranus, you are active, amicably. T he months of
make financial deals, which take necessary precaut ions. jovial, reliable, methodical and This year your self‑confidence September, February and July
would bring your extra cash. New Pilgrimage or distant journey systematic person. You are sharp and determination would be at will be highly important.
30 May 18-24, 2019 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS


essence, the soul, with the higher Power. the young lion to a pool of water. “Look
Saints, Masters, spiritual teachers, and down into the still pool,” said the lion. Enlightened living
enlightened beings, such as Buddha, Jesus When the young lion looked down, it
Christ, Mahavira, Moses, Krishna, Rama, jumped back startled to see a lionʼs face There is a quotation by the great Greek
Guru Nanak, Kabir, Maulana Rumi, staring back at it.” philosopher, Socrates. He said, “Our
St.Teresa of Avila, Mira Bai, Hazur Baba “See! You are a lion,” the older lion told prayers should be for blessings in general,
and many others came to help connect him. “That is who you really are.” for God knows best what is good for us.”
people of their times with the divine within We are in the same predicament as the This quote coincides with the prayer to
By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji God to give us whatever is good for us.
them. To understand the role of saints and lion. We think we are the body and the
Maharaj Time and again, whenever we demand
something from God that is continually

f we were to look down upon this physi‑ denied to us, it is usually because we are
cal world from a high vantage point, we asking for something that is not good for
would find the light of billions of souls us ultimately.
shimmering throughout the world. Like a There have been many instances in
foaming sea, they move about from one life which people prayed to God for something,
to another, from one form of living thing to and God did not grant their wish. Later
another. All the souls, when seen in their they came to learn that receiving the wish
true perspective, are the same. They are all would not have been a good thing after all.
a part of God's consciousness; they are all Will a mother allow the child to have poi‑
Light, and they all have an innate bliss. son? The child may cry for it and throw a
But if we look at the condition of our tantrum, but if it is poison, the mother will
world, we are appalled and shocked by the not grant it. Instead the mother will give
suffering and pain each form of life is the child what is best for him or her. The
undergoing. We find strife and dissension child may not realize it at the time, but as
throughout the world. We find countries at the child grows and learns, the child is
war. Many nations are embroiled in inter‑ grateful for all the things the mother
nal conflicts. We see religious groups at denied him or her that were ultimately not
odds with each other. Community strife is good.
widespread. Even within families we find Many people are anxious about making
discord and disharmony. We find human choices. The way to be sure we make the
beings killing various forms of life, includ‑ right choices about what to pray for is to
ing other human beings. pray that God gives us what is best for us.
We wonder how there can be so much God makes no mistake. Rather than pray
pain and turmoil caused by people who for something that may or may not be the
have within them the same divinity of God. best for us, let us pray for Godʼs will for us.
This seeming "fragmentation" of God into If we relax and rest in Godʼs will, we will
so many souls was meant to bring an find that everything works out for the best
increase in the Lord's happiness. in the long run. Meditation is a process of
Just as a couple bear children to increase (Image courtesy: relaxing in Godʼs will. Meditation provides
their mutual love and joy, so did God bring a time when we can let go of all clutching
about the creation of so many souls, so
many children. Yet the result is far from MEDITATION IS A PRACTICAL METHOD IN WHICH and praying for this thing and that. It is a
time in which we sit in a state of stillness
what was intended. We who are moving
packets of bliss and all‑consciousness are
WE CAN DISCOVER OUR TRUE SELF AS SOUL AND and surrender to Godʼs will. It is a chance
to let go of all our wants and desires. We
aware of great pain and torment. ACHIEVE SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS BY merely sit in a receptive mood and ask God
If we could return to our true state and
realize we are soul, we would find lasting
REUNITING OUR SOUL WITH THE HIGHER POWER. to grant what is best for us. We will find
that God will give us much more than we
peace and ecstasy. If we could tap deeply IT IS A WAY TO DISCOVER OUR TRUE PURPOSE IN had expected.That is the secret to enlight‑
within ourselves, penetrating beyond the ened living.
outer form of this physical body and mind, LIFE AND TO REACH THE GOAL OF ENLIGHTEN‑ Through meditation, we will find the
we would find a wellspring of eternal peace
and happiness. We would discover the
MENT IN THIS LIFETIME. IN THIS WAY, WE CAN treasure of spiritual pearls to enlightened
living that will bring us peace, happiness,
secret of unity underlying this Universe. UNCOVER WHO WE REALLY ARE BAND CAN TRULY and bliss. God wants us to live in eternal


peace and bliss in the spiritual realm.
Honoring saints and
founders of all religions The essence of religion
Masters, there is a story about a lion cub mind. We do not realize that we are soul.
through meditation that became lost from its mother. A mother We are not sheep; we are lions̶true sons Saints from every religion teach the same
sheep found the lion cub frightened and and daughters of the Divine. The stillness truth. They help us find the common ele‑
The various religious and spiritual tradi‑ alone in the wilderness. Out of compassion, of meditation is the reflecting pool in ments in each. They have love and respect
tions have more commonalities than differ‑ the sheep took the cub and raised her as which we can see who we really are. When for other great saints and the world's reli‑
ences. The common core of each is the her very own. The cub grew up with the our body and mind are still, gions. They recognize that they are teach‑
same. They believe in a higher power, other sheep and began acting like them. we can see our own true self as soul. ing the same Truth.
although called by different names, which Crying, “Baaah, baaah,” it even began to Meditation is a practical method in which Although outer languages, cultures, cus‑
created all of us. They also believe that we believe it was also a sheep. we can discover our true self as soul and toms, and the way of dressing and greeting
have a spiritual core within us created by One day, a lion came by and thought it achieve spiritual consciousness by reunit‑ may differ from country to country, the
the higher Power. They also speak of tap‑ strange to hear this young lion baaahing ing our soul with the higher Power. It is a essence of religions is the same: there is
ping into this spiritual side of ourselves like a sheep. way to discover our true purpose in life one God, we are children of one Creator,
through prayer, meditation, or inversion to The lion asked, “Why are you making and to reach the goal of enlightenment in and our purpose is to know ourselves,
uncover our Source. While language, termi‑ sounds like you are a sheep?” The young this lifetime. In this way, we can uncover know God, and love all.
nology, and customs differ, at the heart of lion said, “Because I am a sheep.” who we really are and can truly say that we
all are practices that connect our true The lion said, “Come with me.” It brought know ourselves. (For more visit May 18-24, 2019 May 18-24, 2019