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5b - 2012-06-17
* FFMPEG is used for DTS decoding.
* Better decoding quality for EAC3 and OGG Vorbis.
* Correct SPDIF output status.

v2.4a - 2012-06-07
* No freeze after pause in WMP.
* More speaker layouts.
* ACM driver crash fixed (thanks to maxsmi).
* AC3 SPDIF passthrough fixed.
* Basque language added (thanks to Xabier Aramendi!).
* Translations updated: Finnish (thanks to Kristian Epäilys), Bulgarian (thanks
to Georgi Barzev)

v2.3a - 2012-05-29
* Dolby TrueHD support
* ACM 64bit works now
* Several bugs leading to crash fixed.
* Translations updated: Slovak (thanks to Artam), French (thanks to Philippe

v2.2a - 2012-05-14
* OGG Vorbis support.
* ACM driver works again (was broken in v2.0a).
* Several bugs leading to crash fixed.

v2.1a - 10.04.2012
* Equalizer crash fixed. Thanks to all who report bugs.
* HDMV LPCM support.

v2.0a - 09.04.2012
* 8 channels support
* PCM Double output support
* DTS-MA (core only), AAC, EAC3, FLAC, MP3 decoding support
* Completely new bass redirection:
* better filtering (4th order Linkwitz-Riley)
* option to redirect bass to front speakers
* Single icon per application
* Online help
* Crash report
* Set filter language from the installer
* Translations:
* Portuguese, thanks to Manuela Silva
* Turkish, thanks to AltanEdip
* Dutch, thanks to Ernst Klamer
* Bulgarian, thanks to Георги Бързев
* Ukrainian, thanks to Michael Vigovsky

v1.63b - 11.08.2009
* AC3 decoding bug fixed (Issue 1)
* Channel order bug fixed (issue 43)
+ Remote control using messages
+ Write version number to the registry on install (issue 17)
+ Command line interface for AC3Config utility (run ac3config /? for help)

+ Swedish translation added (thanks to Niclas Burgren)

* French language updated (thanks to Philippe AGUESSE)
v1.62b - 17.07.2009
* Precise PCM passthrough
! Fixed: Noise on LPCM 20/24bit tracks
! Fixed: Delay settings did not work after restart.
+ German translation updated (thanks to Philipp Wode)
+ Japan translation added (thanks to tnetsixenon)

v1.61b - 01.06.2009
* Clear DirectShow filter cache on install and uninstall
! Fixed: Matrix was not saved
! Fixed: Popping sound when seeking DTS/WAV or AC3/WAV file
* Translations updated: Slovak (thanks to Artam), Spanish (thanks to Ferny)

v1.60b - 17.05.2009
+ 64bit filter
+ Lite filter version
+ Multichannel equalizer
+ Customize equalizer dialog with frequency response of the equalizer
* Equalizer rewrited
* Spectrum synchronized with audio playback
* Localized installer
! Fixed: ACM driver sometimes crashed
! Fixed: equalizer can mute the sound sometimes
! Fixed: "incorrect value" error message may appear under the settings dialog
! Fixed: tab key now works at edit controls

New Translations:
* Slovenian, thanks to DarkHand
* Greek, thanks to Peter Perdik and Dimitrios Topouzidis

v1.51a - 09.07.2008
* CPU usage takes in account number of processors
* Center, Voice and LFE levels are syncronized across Mixer and Gains pages
* 'Decoder info' box did not work sometimes
* Slovak, Spanish and Italian translations updated

v1.50a - 30.06.2008
+ Equalizer
+ Spectrum analyzer
+ Sample rate conversion
+ spdif_test utility
* New and updated translations
* Old bugs killed, new made :)

v1.46 stable - 09.08.2007

+ AC3 encoder bitrate is now ajustable
+ Korean translation added (thanks to starcodec)
! Upmixing of Dolby Surround files works now (thanks to Stefan Schott)
! MPEG Audio Joint stereo playback fixed (thanks to Daniel Bechter)
! Problem with decimal point in mixing matrix on some non-english Windows (thanks
to Marcin Hencz)

v1.45b - 07.06.2007
+ ACM codec is now included into the package
+ Tab labels are now translatable
+ All languages available so far integrated
* Avoid poEdit '\r' warning when creating a translation file
+ Warning messages about dangerous options
! Loud noise was possible after output format switch or SPDIF state change
! Audio skips problem fixed once more

v1.40b - 30.05.2007
+ Localization support!
+ Localization procedure is easy and can by done by everyone!
+ Russian translation

! Fixed bug in AC3 decoder (audio skips). Thanks to Chris Meadowcroft!

! User manual fixed (broken in v1.35b)

* Mixing LFE channel into several channels preserves resulting loudness.

LFE level now means gain relative to front channles.

v1.35b - 24.05.2007
! Fixed a bug in AC3 decoder (decoding of 4.1 and 3.1 AC3 files was affected).
Thanks to Dietmar Kleiner for reporting and testing!
! Fixed a bug with fast playback of mono files in WMP
! Delay units works correctly in offline config utility

+ SPDIF page added, all SPDIF-related options are moved there

+ AC3Config utility supports themes
+ Invert levels option to fix a bug with levels display in 3rd-party themes

* Default output format changed to stereo (Much of people with stereo setup
cannot hear center channel with default multichannel output)

v1.30b - 27.03.07
* AC3 decoding level made louder by +6dB

* Fixed: sometimes 2 tray icons appear in WMP

* Fixed: Matrix editing did not work in Vista
* Fixed: Gains was not saved in Vista

v1.20b - 20.03.07
* Fixed bug with some 14bit DTS streams
+ SPDIF input support
+ Autodetection of SPDIF stream in PCM16 data
+ New SPDIF/DTS passthrough mode
+ DTS conversion to 14bit to decrease the level of possible noise

v1.11 - 28.10.06
Stable version.

* Now filter saves output settings to preset

(so now you can create presets with different output configurations)
* Tray icon and some other options display fixed
* Fixed crash with TMPEnc
v1.10b - 27.09.06
Work on stability continues. Now filter shows good stability, therefore its
status changes to beta and it may be recommended to replace any previous

Some additional work was done:

* Sometimes SPDIF mode cannot be set because of post-processing filters
that do not support spdif output. Now it's an additional option to force
this problem. Read here for more info:
(thanks to LESAGE Aurelien for testing)
* DivX player now works with SPDIF
* Some players do not allow to configure filters. Now AC3Filter has tray icon
to access filter's settings.

Known problems:
* AC3 encode does not work with some receivers
* Incorrect playback of some 14bit DTS files

+ Tray icon
+ 'Disallow PCM in SPDIF mode' option added
* Divx Player now works with SPDIF output
* AC3Config app does not crash, but reports an error when filter is uninstalled.

v1.09a - 09.08.06
* DivX Player compatibility
* Audio/Video sync option works again

v1.08a - 07.08.06
* More work with player compatibility

v1.07a - 02.08.06
> Thanks to Marcelo Castagna for patience with testing.
* BSPlayer crash fixed
* No sound in some players fixed
* AGC fixed: was limited to -6dB

v1.06a - 01.08.06
* AGC fixed: overflow check did not work sometimes

v1.05a - 31.07.06
* Extended AC3 sainty checks disabled
How it recognizes AC3 files produced with buggy encoder

v1.04a - 30.07.06
> Bugfix release
> Valex thanks Alex for a great job with testing ;-)

* SPDIF passthrough did not work with Program Stream (DVD)

* SPDIF had jitter with DVD
* Cannot enable SPDIF with some sound cards (found on HDSP 9632)
* Uninstall now deletes pis folder
v1.03a - 23.07.06
+ As-is output mode (without change of number of channgels)
+ SPDIF output options:
+ Enable/disable AC3 encoder
+ Enable/disable encoding of stereo PCM
+ Option to output SPDIF stream as PCM
+ Sample rate check
+ Option to check output format support
+ Sound card reinit after pause
* Extended decoder inforation
* SPDIF disabled reason indication
* Time shift and jitter correction work with SPDIF output
* Extended jitter statistics
* Attack/Release speed adjust

v1.02a (unofficial release)

* Documentation was fully rewrited
(much of information about how to setup and tune the filter)
* updated DRC algorithm (reduced noise)
* DRC bug fixed (sound disappeared sometimes)
* AC3 encoder bug fixed
+ Added AC3 CRC check

v1.01a (unofficial release)

* First working alfa for new filter generation
* Totally rewrited
* 10%-20% less CPU usage
* Level meters are now syncronized with playback
+ DTS decoding support (including AVI/DTS and WAV/DTS)
+ MPEG1/2 Audio Layer I/II decoding support
+ DVD/LPCM decoding support
+ Audio processing for any kind of audio track
+ AC3/DTS/MPEG Audio SPDIF passthrough
+ Real-time AC3 encoding for multichannel SPDIF output
+ More powerful dynamic range compression
+ Bass redirection crossover frequency
+ Per-channel gain control
- equalizer
- save configuration to file

v0.70b - 18.07.2003
! Serious bug in decoder fixed. Sound is _much_ better now
especially on low bitrates.
* Some optimizations.
* Updated DPLII downmix matrix according to
(thanks to bleo!)

v0.69b - 09.07.2003
+ Jitter correction (more smooth playback)
+ Italian translation added
! Sometimes sound disappeared in MPC.
! 'File' button now works at stand-alone configuration.
v0.68b - 03.04.2003
! Speaker configuration switched to spdif with
auto load of config file enabled. Fixed

v0.67b - 31.03.2003
- Auto switch to stereo was a bad idea... Removed.
+ Delete preset buttons added for all preset boxes.
+ Save/load settings to file.
+ Auto load setting from file with the same name as media
file (so it is possible to create individual settings
for each movie).
+ System configuration property page.
+ Output levels indicate overflow.
+ Time shifting for audio/video sync.
! Video stuttering again. Now it is possible to choose
sync method between v0.63 method and v0.64 method.

v0.66b - 19.03.2003
! Switch from SPDIF to stereo after seek fixed.

v0.65b - 18.03.2003
! DVD playback is back

v0.64b - 17.03.2003
* Much of testing
+ Speaker configuation can be changed when playing
(no more need to stop playback). Thanks to Gabest for ideas
+ Bass redirection option
+ 100Hz-7000Hz filter for Dolby Surround/ProLogic downmix
+ Automatic switching speakers to PCM 16bit stereo
if selected mode is not supported. ('Some streams
are in unsupported format' error message)
+ Time delay can be specified as diatance to speakers
+ You can now switch using ac3filter or other installed
decoder (for NVDVD)
! Reject to work with SPDIF on some systems bug fixed.
('Some streams are in unsupported format' error message)
! Video stuttering with SPDIF fixed
! Silent center/surround (-3dB gain removed for center/surround)
! Surround decoding matrix changed
! W98/ME config crash fixed
! W98/ME ControlPanel icon is working now
! W98/ME 'Use WaveOut' & 'Use DirectShound' files fixed.

v0.63b - 23.12.2002
! fixed SPDIF mute issue

v0.62b - 22.12.2002
+ Signal clipping on overflow
+ Auto gain control can be turned off now
* filter_merit now accepts common abbrevations for root registry keys
instead of senseless codes
* More error-tolerante
! Seeking bug fixed.
! Bug fixed: sometimes timestamps may be lost.
! Bug with SPDIF output fixed (incorrect frame size)
! WaveOut/DirectSound switching is now working more correct in W98
(thanks to Mario *LigH* Rohkramer!)
! Fixed little bug in uninstaller

v0.61b - 20.12.2002
+ Installer
* Changed syncronization algorithm
! Crash with WaveOut and ReClock renderers fixed

v0.6b - 17.12.2002
+ Equalizer
+ Audio delay adjust
+ Support for different output sample formats: PCM16, PCM 24, Float
+ Dolby Surround/ProLogic/ProLogicII downmix.
+ Control Panel icon
! Mono output bug fixed
! Bug with WMP9 playback fixed
* Mixer page is redesigned
* Made filter code smaller

v0.55b - 25.11.2002
! Bug fixed: surround and voice gain controls
did not work in 5 channel mode
! Bug with decoding stereo files fixed

v0.54b - 01.10.2002
+ SPDIF pass-through output.
+ Preset loading and several standart presets added.
* Speaker configuration is now saved to registry.
+ Speaker configuration program added.
+ Patch for dialog size in Win98 Chieneese
! Bug filxed - in some cases filter settings was not saved.

v0.53b - 14.09.2002
* Filter is distributed under GPL lisence now.
+ Save settings to registy.
+ Mixer control page with mixer matrix added.
* LFE channel is now mixed only to front speakers.
* 'Normalize' checkbox on main page means now
one-pass normalization.
! Some bug fixed and new added.

v0.52b - 01.09.2002
! Bug fixed - hang on corrupted PES streams.
+ Sound volume increased.
+ Overflow control and automatic gain control added.
+ Master gain control added.
+ DRC power control added.
v0.51b - 18.07.2002
! Bug fixed (crash on some ac3 formats)

v0.5b - 07.07.2002
* AC3 decoder code was fully rewritten
+ PES support added.
+ Levels for LFE, Surround and Voice locked to BSI by default.
+ CPU usage indicator
+ Input and output levels inidicators.
+ DRC level indicator.
+ Some information about stream added.
! Some bug fixes.

v0.4a - 23.06.2002
+ LFE support and LFE gain added.
+ Added buttons for reset all gains to BSI values.
+ Stereo now transmitted in standart format, so now filter can work
with sustems with no multi-channel support (Win9x/WinNT).
+ DVD decoding added.
! Syncronization problem fixed.
+ Option to enable/disable dynamic range compression added.

v0.3a - 03.04.2002
+ Volume gain for central (voice) and surround channels.
+ Speaker configuration change support added. Only works when
all intermediate filters support dynamic reconfiguring and only
in stopped (not paused!) state.

v0.2a - 01.04.2002
* LibA52 code was rewritten for multitasing, so now possible to
create many instances of the filter in a filtergraph. It is primary
used for multi-language films.
+ Information panel added (but settings are not working now).

v0.1a - first working alfa