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Nabil Fachliansyah 98912 PM501 Skill for Study I

In the 21st of the century, there are around 7 million people suffer from heart

and circulatory disease in the UK (UK Factsheet, 2018). Modern lifestyle is one of the

causes. Those lifestyles changed people behaviour on selecting food, exercise, and

socialization such as eating junk food, rarely in doing exercise and smoking. This

essay will talk about the cause and solution of diet in modern lifestyle against health.

Nowadays, the number of people who are eating unhealthy food is increasing

(Jacqueline, 2018). Even though, consume those kinds of foods every time such as

fast food, junk food, and processed food can increase the risk of obesity because

these types of food contain more calories with less nutrition. For example, hamburger

contains 550 calories with 30g total fat. In addition, obesity leads to many health

complications such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart disease

(Fletcher and Matthews, 2012). As a result, the number of people who suffered those

kinds of disease is increasing every year (Diabetes,2018; Public health agency of

Canada, 2018).

In order to prevent this issue, consumers and the government must make an

action and be responsible for creating awareness amongst people. Consumers must

be more aware of their health by reducing consumption of unhealthy food and do more

activities or exercise if they eat unhealthy food to burn the calories. Nevertheless, the

Government also needs to make a strict regulation and create awareness on people

who consumed fast food. For example, government manages to put on an

advertisement about the danger of fast food in every fast food restaurant or make a

regulation about maximum calories per serve in each food and raise the tax on fast

food restaurants.

Nabil Fachliansyah 98912 PM501 Skill for Study I

In conclusion, modern lifestyle gives bad effect on people healthiness.

Unhealthy food selection leads to some several diseases. Therefore, consumers need

to be more conscious of their health. Other than that, The Government needs to

regulate and make people aware of fast food consumption. I'm sure if this thing applied

then people will have healthier lives and the number of people with the disease above

will decrease significantly.

Nabil Fachliansyah 98912 PM501 Skill for Study I


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