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Routine Work Order Origination General Work Order Origination

Emergency Work Order Origination

System database (CMMS) Completed prestart checklists (RCM generated) for machines – Operators
Identified non-emergency work during maintenance – Craftsman/ Foreman Breakdown during operation -
generated from the planned work
packages (RCM generated)

Work Planning
Open work order in the system (CMMS) – Clerk

Work package planning – Planner

Work backlog update – Planner

Advance Scheduling
Generation of weekly work schedule to match available capacity - Planner

Unstarted work
Living RCM Analysis

Analysis of each machine type (LHD, Work Execution
Rig, Bolter, Dump Truck) - Team Daily work scheduling and assigning work orders to craftsman – Foreman

Work execution and work orders completion – craftsman

Work quality control and work order information check - Foreman

Reliability Analysis
Work Closure 1. Physical machine movement from
Failure data analysis - Engineer
production to maintenance
Work order information check - Planner
2. Physical machine movement from
Work order information system entry into database(CMMS) - Clerck maintenance to production

(A handover takeover procedure to be

Spare parts forecasts
followed and a checklist completed on
Maintenance budget Work order closure - Planner movement of machine in either
Parts performance evaluations