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FOLLOW UP MEMO TO MEETING To: HRC FROM: MIP DATE: April 8, 2007 MESSAGE GOALS FOR Q2: Lift up the campaign with the ideas primary; orient the campaign more asa movement for change with broadened appeal; show more of the happy warrior. Focus on towa first, NH 2. Tell Hillary's story ~ depict her as the transformational figure ready and right for these times. The 2" quarter has a range of non-message goals: build state organizations, expand fund-raising, continue key endorsements, secure first labor endorsements, win first debate, continue to pursue black vote, Hispanic vote and key LA endorsement. ‘The formula of last 2 weeks seems to be working — aj get the theory of what we are doing out there; b) have a message each day (which we can now broaden); c) show some momentum through solid ‘endorsements. Now rather than just a message of the day based on the news, we can begin to roll out, ‘our bigger ideas for being President and make those central messages over many days, even weeks. ‘That wll make us more proactive and create the Ideas Primary. Current Situation The two big events are the Edwards cancer announcement and Obama’s money. We had Vilsack and Corzine, successes in Labor events, and growing support around the idea that we are the working- and middle-class candidate. New polls that came out in last day or so include Hotline and Cook Strategies. Cook had us 22 points cover Obama, 41/29. Hotline had us as the candidate voters most want to see as President. Whereas the mid-March polls had our favorability declining among independents, in the last few days we have had some bounce back. Our favorable with Independents went up from 43/50 to 47/43. (Obama dropped from 49/17 to 42/20, so we have moved ahead of him with Independents. The biggest Jump was by Edwards ~to 55/22. We had the highest fav among Democrats by far at 81/15. In the last 10 days, every poll has shown us stable or up, Obama generally down, and Edwards up a few because of his revitalized campaign based on his personal circumstances. ‘A new poll in NY has you in great shape there ~ the only one to beat Giuliani. A new Zogby NH has you at 29 to 23 against both Edwards and Obama. This is up 2 for us, it’s even for Obama, and it’s up 10 for Edwards. Among just Dems we are at 36/22. For all the hundreds of poll stories, littie has changed. We are first, Obama is 2", and Edwards is 3". Our Issues: rOOp> Solutions: A) Buzz, excitement, being a movement Independents Tight races in states with real races ‘Communications / upping the web presence Settling on the message Buzz, Excitement, Movement. We have a great deal of support in the party and across the nation — but we need to energize it more. That means having exciting touch points, and really integrating the web into what we do. Ona macro level, we can ‘add some key language and actions to everything we do. On a micro level, we will try several key initiatives and plow into those that catch on. 1), Let's talk more about a movement for change coming from the people. It’s not a Republican moverent or a Democratic movement, but a broad-based movement centered on the idea that America is ready for change. Are you ready for change? If you are, get involved. Our emotional touch points for the movement are: a) women, and b) the Invisibles if you are one of @ million women, | ask you for $10. If you are one of the people who this administration has ignored, | ask you for whatever you can spare to be counted and be heard... INTEGRATE asking people to get involved at every stop, and we have to get our people organized to gather supporter names everywhere. They should have special caps, PDAs, and scoop up email addresses. This implies we will «doa few rallies if you want to bring out some mass support. a) TV Shows— just doa round of the fun shows ~it was a great way to stert, Tell them about some of this. Bring "| can be president” buttons for the hosts to wear. The web does not promote itself. But once you promote it, it keeps on running, You should go on Leno, Jon Stewart, Vue again )_ CAN BE PRESIDENT. This idea has potential for a viral campaign among moms-- itis about your sons and your daughters believing that they too can be president. Your success paves the way for 9 ¢) 8) Independents a) » °) a them. Itis about the emotional connection between you and their dreams for the kids, especially their daughters. We are making 2 video with celebrities to launch this program in a FUN way, with {eat clips from kids and from celebrities saying what they would do if president. The launch ofthis has good potential to catch on. Invisibles — need to use this as a creative vehicle to involve people — ‘This can be a cool button where people appear/disappear. Mandy is working on an early spot that would give this some drama to the idea that it’s the people’s turn to be seen again. Press restart button for 21° Century. | think there isa notion that we need to restart the 21" Century ~a new start based on 6 years that have been all wrong. We can then put these “Hit to Restart 21° Century” buttons everywhere. Something that will appeal more 10 younger guys. Let's all hit the restart button could be a fun, viral campaign, especially online. Begin the thought speeches. We have a date in mid-April to start— this is critical ~ we have to be laying out what we will do as president in a thoughtful way. We are too much about Senate bills, not enough about what we will doas president. We want to have a tow bigger policies that follow from the ideas ~the first one on government reform should do something like cut in half the number of political appointees, to make the government more professional Itisall about competence not eronyism. And we will tick on the message for a series of days for each of these speeches so that it not just forgotten but becomes integral part of the campaign. Can roll into Neera' sist. Healthcare will be a critical one. INDEPENDENT ISSUES: fiscal responsibility, govt reform, stem cells/diseases. Energy. Middle Class. independents are driven by: desire to get above politics and desire for some controls on spending, govt. In NH, we need to form Independents for HRC. Language ~ will add a quote thet this is a movement based not on Dems or Reps but on all voters coming together for change. How you learned in the Senate that if you want to get something done,