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From: Harold Ickes [mailtorhickes] Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 3:58 PM To: Howard Wolfson; Mo Elethee; Mike Henry; Pati Sols Doyle; Mendy Grunwald; PSP Penn Sean Johnson; Minyon Moore3; Hilary 08 - isa Dibartolomeo Subject: RE: Florida Adding Lisa 8.2407 ‘My most recent information is thar both fowa an NH reps an dhe Rules & Bylavrs Committee ("RBC") are expected to vote to strip FL of 100% of its delegates. A 100% strip will permit candidates to campaign in the state ‘wo danger of losing delegates. ‘The DNC's process requires a socalled 30 day letter to go tothe FL, state party officially informing the state party of the RBC's actiens and giving the party 30 days remedy before the action becomes final FL could take the full 30 days or any set of days short of 30 to respond. In fact FL may well respond with a good old fuck you to RBC and the horse it rode in on as carly 2s tomorrow. Without going into nuances, if FL does not respond tomorrow, given the sensitivities of JA & NH on this calendar issue, Mike felt yesterday that we should not commit 10 what we are going to do in FL, rather we should say, as we have in the past when FL frst moved outside ofthe window, that the process is still werking its way out and we do not ‘want to prejudge what FL will do. ‘This obvioasly precludes us from, ot Ieast initially, beginning to make the case of FL's importance both in the nomination process and in the general ‘Such a response may also shape our response to MI when it comes rolling down the pike ‘Once FL officially responds tothe RBC (whether tomorrow or some time later within the 30 days), 1 assume we will say that while we deplore the froatloading, etc, FL is a evtical state in the nominating and general electing process and she will campaign there this year. But greater minds... Let me know. Harold Original Message From: Howard Wolfson (n Leon hillary Sent: Fridey, August 24, 2007 2:11 PM To: Mo Elleithce; Mike Henry; Pott Solis Doyle; Mandy Grunwald; Mark. Penn; Sean Johnson: Harold Ickes; Minyon Moore’ Subject: RE* Florida adding harold and minyou Original Message From: Mo Elieithee Sent: Fridey, August 24, 2007 1:18 PM To: Mike Henry; Howard Wolfson; Pati Solis Doyl Penn; Sean Johnson, Subject: Florida : Mandy Grunwald; Mark (Once the rules committee votes to sanction florida tomorrow, we're going. to:need to update our talking point. ‘Consensus on the ground is that they will stip lorida ofall delegates (thoreby not needing to penalize the candidates), and efleetively, turning the state into a beauty contest. ITm already getting asked what we are going to do if that happens — will we compete in the state if there are no delegates at stake. Up tilnow, we've been saying well let the process work itself out. So ‘what da we say afer tomorrow? Contributions to Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee