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--~-Original Message- From: Philippe Reines Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 02:24:59 To: Maggie Wiliams, Howard Wolfson Cc: Huma Abedin, Doug Band, Justin Cooper, Doug Hattaway Subject: ‘New Chapter’ Plan HRC told Doug (H) that she read the memo below that he and I prepared on strategy and message moving forward, and "agrees with it 100 percent." She relayed that she'd like Maggie & Howard to connect on execution, and she will follow up directly with Maggie. Per CVC, copying Doug & Justin for wic March 4, 2008 To: HRC Fr: Doug & Philippe Re: — March 5th Senator: With tonight's victories Senator Obamas win streak will come to an end. We will be presented with an ‘opportunity to move to the Next Chapter of this race and reshape the conversation, and it’s an ‘opportunity we must seize on. By late tonight, and certainly by tomorrow, the focus and euphoria will shift back from tonight's "comeback" horserace results to the actual delegate race. If wins in TX, OH and RI do not appreciably close the delegate gap - or indeed if the gap widens - we will again face the same question we faced on Feb 6th: How can you win enough delegates to secure the nomination? On Feb 6th, and in the weeks since, Obama has repeatedly answered that question for us - that we cannot secure enough delegates to win; we cannot overtake him; the math simply doesn't work. ‘We cannot let that continue to be the prevailing view among the media, elites, many superdelegates, party officals, and even rank & file Democrats. So itis imperative that we plan today for tomorrow how best to provide a compelling narrative of our own, a clear and tenable answer to the single most important question we face. Press Conference Call to Propose "Florigan" Plan Maggie should hold a press conference call tomorrow clearly laying out our path to the nomination. At this stage, Maggie is best positioned to speak on behalf of you and the campaign, and her credibility is unquestioned and unmatched. The mere fact that she'd be leading the call would clearly convey that we are beginning a New Chapter. Maggie could be joined on the call by some combination Governors Strickland, Granholm, Rendell & Senator Bill Nelson, representing the states that will propel you to the nomination, The *Florigan” proposal outlined below would be the centerpiece of the call. ** The "Florigan” Pian ** A commerstone of any path to the nomination will be resolving the issue of seating the Florida & Michigan delegations. Their delegates are crucial to our success, and they won't be handed to us by the party apparatus, which even if it were inclined to, would not be accepted by the electorate. While costly and not without risk, Florida & Michigan must be given the opportunity to re-vote along the lines of the “Florigan* plan outlined to you last week, and it is our best solution to answer the question of how we will win a majority of delegates and secure the nomination. Additionally, it provides a whole new avenue for the media to fixate on: does Obama accept the challenge? Does Dean agree? ‘What about Carl Levin? When would it be? How would it work? Every time one of those questions is being asked is better than So how will you win? Not to mention it could be a great way to stir additional grassroots support in Florida & Michigan, through patitions, fundraising, etc. You'd be the one standing Lup for their voice - a theme that will very much resonate among Democrats in Florida. As a reminder, below is original email outlining the plan: Original Message- From: Philippe Reines Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 21:03:14 To: HC Cc: Maggie Williams, Howard Wolfson, Huma Abedin, Andrew Shapiro Subject: March Sth We won on Feb Sth, but then promptly lost the spin war on Feb 6th & 7th when Obama managed to portray his delegate lead as near insurmountable, and their TPs took hold. The nature of the subsequent losses reinforced their claim. On March 4th, we will win Texas, Ohio, and hopefully Rhode Island. 3 out of 4 states. We'll likely pick up delegates. But the press has completely bought into Plouffe's spin that we need to win by 60-40 margins to close the delegate gap. We will not meet that expectation. So thinking ahead to post 3/4, we need something on March Sth & 6th to feed the beast that will otherwise obsess on how we “failed to change the race by winning big enough... she can't close the gap in delegates, states, votes.. Whatever we're doing out of sight on Florida & Michigan aside, Andrew & I came up with this for the day after March 4th (assuming the issue of seating the delegations isn't resolved otherwise, and it continue to looks unlikely) Maggie does a David Ploufe type press conference call and declares, "We won Texas. We won Ohio, ‘We've won the biggest bluest states out there. We're going to win Pennsylvania. The people of Florida & Michigan voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. They've been heard loud and clear. Now they deserve to be counted. So we are proposing that those two states hold a re vote, run by the DNC, paid for by the DNC, the state parties, and the two campaigns. We challenge the Obama campaign to meet Us in Florida and Ohio on May Xxth" The challenge feeds the beast and fils the vacuum and preempt Obama's reiteration on March Sth that they are still up 100 pius delegates and that we can't win. Obama can't really say no. We get Nelson, Levin & Granholm to quickly endorse the idea on March éth. The press will lve the rematch, like Rocky II - so they'll have more to cover, ease up on the obit writing. In the six-week buildup to Aprill 22, there will be only one game in town. As Andrew said, "Pennsyivania is the new Iowa” ‘On 4/22, we win Pennsylvania, probably pretty decisively given that only Dems can vote, and the Demographic of the state. Then... Win PA & FL. Win Nomination win Election ‘ik country # End original email # +** Post Election Message ** [Assuming wins in Texas and Ohio; Some of these assertions stil need to be fact-checked] TOPLINE MESSAGE: Today, a new chapter begins in this historic campaign. Some have tried to declare this race over. The voters had something else in mind. They want the candidates for the toughest job in the vicrid to debate the Issues that matter in their ives, paiticulaly our economy and national security. They want time to take the full measure of both of the candidates, so they can pick a president who is ready to meet the challenges of these demanding times. We believe that Senator Clinton is inspiring confidence with her command of those issues, and through the strength, experience, wisdom and caring that she displays every day. NOTE: This message crives the narrative forward and defines the victory on terms favorable to our message. 1. The total delegate count is neck-and-neck. We won # pledged delegates and the total delegate count remains very close within # percent. NOTE: We need to say total delegate count? to counter Obama's focus on pledged delegates, 2. We have won the most critical states, ‘We have won the biggest and bluest states that will form the foundation of any victory in November, including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California. ‘You showed real strength in swing states that have not voted Demecratic in the last two cycles, but you will put on the table: Ohio, Nevada and Arkansas.