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Statement of Purpose for MITHM-MBA

The tourism industry is gaining new heights with the expansion of the tourism and hospitality

sector across the world. The tourism and hospitality sector now demands internationally

recognized skills from an individual.

I had studied and worked in a diverse and dynamic

environment which made me acquainted with different people, cultures, and languages. I am

from India, which is a developing economy, and so I am familiar with the importance of tourism

for socio-economic development, and to take on the opportunities and challenges upfront I think

MITHM-MBA dual degree program, from James Cook University, will be a suitable investment.

From a young age, I had strong determination, and eagerness to gain knowledge, and to share the

same with others. I decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and communication

engineering, as it was my parent’s perspective, as a youngster with limited resources and

guidance I did my best at my graduation, however due to family problems and issues right from

the first year of study, I lost my interest in this course and the result was backlogs in some

subjects, still I recollected my will and decided to finish what I had started, I cleared all of my

backlogs and earned my bachelor degree with a first division and within the stipulated time of

four years. Due to the latter reasons and lack of growth and recognition in electronics sector of

India led me to modify my goals again, and finally, I choose a course that was globally accepted,

trending, and in which I was interested in my heart. I decided to pursue my PG degree in

Tourism. The PGDM course in Tourism & Travel Management was offered by Indian Institute

of Tourism & Travel Management in India, which is a center of excellence for tourism studies.

This program was uniquely designed and focused on tourism management, tourism marketing,

destination development and various aspects of tourism. I received quality industry-oriented

education while immersing myself in a multicultural ethnic and linguistic background. As a

result, I am confident in my ability to adapt to your environment and join your program.

After graduation from IITTM, through campus placement, I started my career with Orbit

Corporate and Leisure Travels, Mumbai in the international trade fair division. Here I utilized

my skills and knowledge gained from my PGDM to control costs, frame marketing strategies,

and developing long-lasting relations with customers. After six months in this company, I got an

opportunity to work in academics in the field of Tourism and Travel management. I was always

motivated to learn and contribute myself for social and economic development of the society,

and so I accepted this opportunity as a new challenge. I took the post of Assistant Professor at

Lovely Professional University Punjab, India which is a place of excellence in academics and

has a diverse pool of students from more than 38 countries. My experience at LPU made me

efficient and adaptable in a fast-paced international environment. During these years I have

encountered various obstacles and unforeseen challenges through which, I learned that I have to

gain more experience and expertise in my field as well as hospitality sector, to match up with












brainstorming and research, I decided that further studying in an internationally recognized

program would be not only useful but perhaps essential to develop my potential and gaining

better opportunities for the future. I found that the MITHM-MBA dual degree program of JCU is

widely recognized has a decent mix of tourism, hospitality and management subjects, and

practical exposure through a professional internship opportunity. All of this choreographed my

motivation to pursue this dual degree program from JCU at first place.

I am currently working as an Assistant Professor at Prestige Institute of Management, India, and

here I learned the basics of conducting research and research paper writing, which made me

realize the importance of marketing analysis and research in tourism. I had gone through the

curriculum of your program and I feel that it is quite challenging and more focused towards the

latest global trends and techniques of hospitality and tourism sector, and I want to pursue a

program that will allow me to further enhance my abilities for the same. I already have a strong

background in various aspects of tourism management with experience in corporate and

academics both, because of my current academic background, I believe that I could be an asset

for the program as a student. Upon completion of my studies, I plan to apply what I learn in your

program for research in the tourism sector with a special focus on tourism and hospitality

marketing, and the use of technology in tourism. After my graduation from JCU, I expect to

develop research oriented skills and a career in the corporate or academics where I can utilize my

skills and make my contribution to the development of tourism. I may have lost my grip for a

while during my bachelors, I believe that my next decision to pursue a career in tourism and

hospitality shows a constant growth and elevation and I am eager to continue the same by

enrolling in your MITHM-MBA program. I am thankful for your consideration and time invested

in me.