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Two contrasting appearance options Could potential include female model/ Primary colours very common

that would fit L’Oreal dynamic; actress in add as I touched on previously within male targeted products, in
either laid back, casual and edgy, or it is apparent that sex still sells so could contrast to this, monochromatic
professional in suit etc. be beneficial in terms of audience themes are also highly effective
engagement. with this audience.

Casting Overall aesthetic

e.g. colour etc. contrasting
The actor/ model of Audience appeal
ads like this often colours could
follows a particular Simple, classic, prove effective,
stereotype: almost as they would be
-Working professional professional eye-catching and
-Typical ‘alpha’ male themes are very engaging.
-Sporty common- nothing
-Rebellious too ‘out there’.
According to recent research I have
Unlike other male-targeted
advertisements, the main focal
Brief 3: Likelipz conducted, it is very apparent that sex still
sells. Therefore the concept of ‘the male
point of L’Oreal’s ads is the gaze’ is something often played on when
product itself, as opposed to the targeting this audience.
model/s. These types of
advertisement The male gaze
usually have a ‘revised’
L’Oreal company stereotypically good-
looking man as the The reason I use the
philosophy Making the men in word ‘revised’ is
Layout/ Design focus/ focal point of
As a company, the ad appear ‘sexy’, because I think it
the entire ad.
L’Oreal follow a very will not only appeal would be interesting
stereotypical ‘alpha to men through an to reinvent the
It is also rather important to have the brand and aspirational desire,
male’ dynamic in meaning of ‘male
branding of a product easily visible throughout but also to female
their advertisements. gaze’ for this
the ad. Usually displaying the company/ brand buyers.
A black and orange Therefore this campaign, steering
name, along with pictures and name of the
palette is something should be deeply away from anything
product itself.
the company considered in order that could potentially
adheres to for their to follow the be deemed as sexist.
male oriented consistency of the
products company and brand.