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Games Copy File/iso Diinstalkan Size

A Way Out-CPY 10rb 30rb 21,3 GB

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown-CPY 30rb 50rb 46,6 GB
ARK Survival Evolved 30rb 50rb 36,8 GB
Arma 3 Tanks-CODEX 10rb 30rb 28,3 GB
Assassin's Creed 3 10rb 30rb 5,34 GB
Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag 10rb 30rb 5,30 GB
Assassin's Creed Rogue 10rb 30rb 7,72 GB
Assassin's Creed Unity Gold Edition MULTi13-ElAmigos 30rb 50rb 40,5 GB
Assassin's Creed Syndicate 10rb 30rb 20,8 GB
Assassin's Creed Origins + Uplay Rewards and Paid Stuff Unlocker 30rb 50rb 55,0 GB
Assassin's Creed Odyssey-CPY (NEW) 30rb 50rb 62,6 GB
Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom-CODEX 10rb 30rb 11,2 GB
Attack on Titan 2-CODEX 10rb 30rb 22,1 GB
Batman Arkham Knight-CPY (Tidak Full DLC) 30rb 50rb 50.2 GB
Batman Arkham Knight Premium Edition MULTi10 Repack By FitGirl (Full DLC) 10rb 30rb 27,0 GB
Battlefield 1 30rb 50rb 49,9 GB
Battlefield Bad Company 2 10rb 30rb 5,42 GB
Battlefield 3 10rb 30rb 19,9 GB
Battlefield 4 10rb 30rb 27,1 GB
Battlefield V-CPY (NEW) 30rb 50rb 50,5 GB
Black Clover Quartet Knights-CODEX + UPDATE 2 10rb 30rb 13,2 GB
Bully Scholarship Edition MULTi6-PROPHET 10rb 15rb 2,97 GB
Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare 1 MULTi7-ElAmigos 10rb 30rb 8,39 GB
Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare 2 MULTi7-PROPHET 30rb 50rb 39,9 GB
Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare 3-RELOADED 10rb 30rb 13,8 GB
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 10rb 30rb 26,7 GB
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare 30rb 50rb 63,0 GB
Call of Duty Black Ops MULTi6-PLAZA 10rb 30rb 20,6 GB
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 10rb 30rb 14,5 GB
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 30rb 50rb 47.9 GB
Call of Duty Ghost 10rb 30rb 28.6 GB
Call of Duty WWII-RELOADED 30rb 50rb 63,7 GB
Crysis-GOG 10rb 30rb 6,86 GB
Crysis Warhead-GOG 10rb 30rb 6,50 GB
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition-PROPHET 10rb 30rb 10,8 GB
Crysis 3-RELOADED 10rb 30rb 14,3 GB
Darksiders III-CODEX 10rb 30rb 18,5 GB
Dark Souls III The Ringed City-CODEX + UPDATE v1.13, v1.14 & v1.15 10rb 30rb 25,1 GB
DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round Core Fighters TECMO 50th Anniversary Edition-SKIDROW (FULL DLC) 10rb 30rb 11,1 GB
Dead or Alive 6-CODEX + DLC Unlocker (NEW) 10rb 30rb 22,0 GB
Dead Rising 4-CODEX 30rb 50rb 54,4 GB
Dead Space 3-RELOADED + Awakened DLC-PLAZA 10rb 30rb 11,9 GB
Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Edition MULTi12-ElAmigos (NEW) 30rb 50rb 35,6 GB
DiRT 4-RELOADED + Update 30rb 50rb 32,2 GB
DmC Devil May Cry Complete Edition-PROPHET 10rb 30rb 8,97 GB
DRAGON BALL FighterZ-VOKSI 5rb 15rb 4,51 GB
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 v1.09-CODEX 10rb 30rb 14,5 GB
Dragon Age Inquisition Deluxe Edition 30rb 50rb 45,4 GB
Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition Prison Heist-SKIDROW 10rb 30rb 21,0 GB
Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends-CODEX + Update v1.02 incl DLC 10rb 30rb 20,7 GB
Fallout 4 10rb 30rb 24.4 GB
Far Cry 2-Razor1911 10rb 30rb 3,67 GB
Far Cry 3 Complete Collection MULTi13-ElAmigos 10rb 30rb 6,66 GB
Far Cry 4 Complete Edition MULTi15-ElAmigos 10rb 30rb 16,3 GB
Far Cry Primal 10rb 30rb 16,6 GB
Far Cry 5-CPY 30rb 50rb 43,4 GB
Far Cry New Dawn-CODEX (NEW) 30rb 50rb 39,1 GB
Farming Simulator 19-CODEX 10rb 30rb 6,97 GB
FIFA 17-STEAMPUNKS 30rb 50rb 34,1 GB
Fifa 19-CPY 30rb 50rb 44,6 GB
Final Fantasy XIII 2 MULTi8-ElAmigos 10rb 30rb 16,9 GB
Football Manager 2019-FCKDRM 5rb 10rb 3,32 GB
Forza Horizon 3-CODEX 30rb 50rb 60,4 GB
God Eater 2 Rage Burst-CPY 10rb 30rb 14,0 GB
GOD EATER 3-CODEX 10rb 30rb 20,2 GB
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - CorePack 10rb 15rb 3,02 GB
Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition-PROPHET 10rb 30rb 19,6 GB
GTA V 30rb 50rb 59,0 GB
Imperator Rome-CODEX + UPDATE v1.0.2 (NEW) 5rb 10rb 2,12 GB
Injustice 2-VOKSI 30rb 50rb 51,2 GB
JUMP FORCE-CODEX (NEW) 10rb 30rb 13,7 GB
Just Cause 3-CPY 30rb 50rb 60,3 GB
Just Cause 4-CPY 30rb 50rb 53,8 GB
Kingdom Come Deliverance The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon-CODEX + UPDATE V1.7.1 & V1.7.2 30rb 50rb 63,3 GB
Left 4 Dead-SKIDROW 10rb 30rb 4,31 GB
Left 4 Dead 2 MULTi22-ElAmigos 10rb 30rb 9,28 GB
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2-CODEX + UPDATE DLC 10rb 30rb 24,9 GB
Little Nightmares Secrets of The Maw Chapter 3-CODEX 5rb 10rb 4,10 GB
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance-RELOADED 10rb 30rb 24,6 GB
Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes MULTi8-PLAZA 10rb 15rb 4,75 GB
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain-CPY 10rb 30rb 28,6 GB
Metro Exodus-CPY (NEW) 30rb 50rb 50,7 GB
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Game of The Year Edition-PROPHET 30rb 50rb 53,3 GB
Minecraft Story Mode Season Two Episode 5-CODEX 5rb 10rb 6,32 GB
Monster Hunter World-CODEX (NEW) 10rb 30rb 19,7 GB
Mortal Kombat XL-PLAZA 30rb 50rb 38,8 GB
MotoGP 17-CODEX + Update 1 & Update 2 10rb 30rb 11,9 GB
MotoGP 18-CODEX 10rb 30rb 13,0 GB
My Hero Ones Justice-CODEX 5rb 10rb 3,28 GB
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Full Update DLC pack 4 + Road to Boruto DLC 30rb 50rb 37,2 GB
NBA 2K16-CODEX 30rb 50rb 38,7 GB
NBA 2K19-CODEX 30rb 50rb 62,0 GB
Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005 Black Edition 10rb 30rb 2,54 GB
Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 Limited Edition-PLAZA 10rb 30rb 7,41 GB
Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition MULTi11-ElAmigos 10rb 30rb 9,32 GB
Need For Speed Payback-CPY 10rb 30rb 27,5 GB
Nier Automata-CPY 30rb 50rb 48,1 GB
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 PROPER-CODEX 10rb 30rb 10,1 GB
One Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition-CODEX 10rb 30rb 10,5 GB
One Piece World Seeker + DLC Unlocker (NEW) 10rb 30rb 16,8 GB
Outlast Complete 10rb 15rb 4,17 GB
Outlast 2 10rb 30rb 23,4 GB
OVERKILLs The Walking Dead-CODEX 10rb 30rb 25,3 GB
Pes 2013 + PES-ID Ultimate Patch 2013 v7.0 Final Summer Transfers [All In One] (NEW September 2018) 20rb 40rb 10 GB
Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 CPY + PTE Patch 6.0 + 6.1 + Transfer 2018-2019 Terbaru (NEW) 20rb 40rb 14,9 GB
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019-CPY + PTE Patch 2.0 AIO + Update 2.1 (NEW) 30rb 50rb 30,9 GB
Prototype 2 MULTi7-PROPHET 10rb 30rb 14,3 GB
Quantum Break-SKIDROW 30rb 50rb 42,9 GB
Resident Evil 2-CODEX (REMAKE) (NEW) 10rb 30rb 22,9 GB
Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition 10rb 30rb 10,9 GB
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition 10rb 30rb 3,62 GB
Resident Evil 6 10rb 30rb 6,32 GB
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition-PLAZA (NEW) 30rb 50rb 34,5 GB
RIDE 2 Special Edition MULTi8-ElAmigos 10rb 30rb 22,8 GB
RIDE 3-CODEX (NEW) 10rb 30rb 20,7 GB
Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 Years Celebration-CPY 30rb 50rb 33,7 GB
Ryse Son Of Rome-CODEX 10rb 30rb 25,9 GB
Samurai Warriors 4 II-CODEX 10rb 30rb 7,90 GB
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice-CODEX (NEW) 10rb 30rb 14,4 GB
Shadow Of The Tomb Raider-CPY + includes all DLCs (NEW) 30rb 50rb 35,4 GB
Sniper Elite 4 Deluxe Edition v1.5.0 MULTi10 [FitGirl Repack] 10rb 30rb 26,5 GB
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Collector Edition-PROPHET 10rb 30rb 8,50 GB
Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment-CODEX 10rb 30rb 11,5 GB
Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition-CODEX 10rb 30rb 29,0 GB
Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet-CPY 10rb 30rb 13,3 GB
Sword Art Online Lost Song-CODEX (NEW) 5rb 10rb 5,34 GB
Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition-CODEX 10rb 30rb 16,8 GB
Tekken 7-CPY 30rb 50rb 59,6 GB
The Amazing Spider-Man-SKIDROW + Update 1 incl DLC 10rb 30rb 7,38 GB
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Bundle-PLAZA 10rb 30rb 7,69 GB
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition MULTi8-PROPHET 10rb 30rb 23,9 GB
The Evil Within - Complete Edition PROPHET 30rb 50rb 48,6 GB
The Evil Within 2-CODEX + UPDATE v1.03 & v1.04 30rb 50rb 33,0 GB
The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame-RELOADED 5rb 10rb 6,30 GB
The Sims 4 StrangerVille-CODEX (NEW) 30rb 50rb 30,8 GB
The Witcher 2 Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition MULTi14-PROPHET 10rb 30rb 19,7 GB
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition v1.31-GOG 30rb 50rb 36,9 GB
Titanfall 2-CODEX 30rb 50rb 42,1 GB
Total War SHOGUN 2 Complete-PROPHET 10rb 30rb 17,1 GB
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier Complete Edition MULTi12-ElAmigos 10rb 30rb 11,9 GB
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands-STEAMPUNKS 30rb 50rb 56,4 GB
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist 10rb 30rb 20,7 GB
Tomb Raider Game of The Year Edition-PROPHET 10rb 30rb 16,9 GB
Tropico 6 MULTi9-PLAZA + Update v1.01 Rev 97490-CODEX (NEW) 10rb 30rb 21,6 GB
Warriors Orochi 4-HOODLUM 10rb 30rb 16,3 GB
Watch Dogs 10rb 30rb 22.1 GB
Watch Dogs 2 10rb 30rb 24,5 GB
World War Z-CODEX (NEW) 10rb 30rb 25,1 GB
WRC 7-CPY 10rb 30rb 19,1 GB
WWE 2K19-CODEX + UPDATE V1.02 (SMACKDOWN) 30rb 50rb 44,0 GB
Yakuza 0 REPACK-CPY 10rb 30rb 24,8 GB
Yakuza Kiwami-CODEX 10rb 30rb 16,7 GB
Yakuza Kiwami 2-CODEX (NEW) 30rb 50rb 37,4 GB
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist 5rb 10rb 729 MB