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D.Akash Guru, G.Aravind, R.Dhinaharan, A.J.Elavarasan

Bachelor of Civil Engineering,

Kongu Engineering College,

Perundurai , Erode-638052,

e-mail id:

Ph: 9894289613, 9940712818, 9080443988

Team Code: M9PSQ3IK

gases released from waste will lead
ABSTRACT to explosion. So in order to find a
alternate way to the disposal of
Everyday we are overcoming several these wastes , we can look into the
difficulties, unwanted incidents, innovation of bitumen .These
health conditions, joyness and so bitumen are also available in the
on. But apart from enjoyments and form of bricks .The manufacturing
happier side of life we are suffering process is little tidy but it is a
a lot nowadays due to worthier innovation to get rid of
environmental conditions, spread of wastes. Bitumen blocks were
diseases etc. When we look into our manufactured from wastes and no
civil industry we have achieved a land resources and other resources
great height from ancient days to were used when compared with
recent days. For example take manufacturing process of material
whether it is Tanjore Big Temple, like bricks.
Pyramid or recent achievements So these bitumen will play a
such as underwater restaurants , tall mighty role in upcoming days.
buildings we have a tremendous Because the construction materials
and great scope in our industry. like cement are causing the
As like two sides of coin emission of carbon-dioxide . It also
,besides these achievements there provide another advantage that
is another side which is alarming blocks or materials made of
and most dangerous. Due to bitumen are easy to recyclable than
generation of waste materials in all other traditional materials. These
industries ,the environment ,land bitumen also pave a great platform
and natural resources and even in road construction as they are
people are very much affected.60- used as binder material and
75% industries are not managing available in semi-liquid state. So
the disposals of wastes and they bitumen is having a great benefit as
didn’t even take care to recycle it is a better way to use the
those wastes .So when they are not disposable wastes in safe manner
recycled , these industries use .Let we will see the detailed report
landfills to dispose these waste. on bitumen and its further details in
When the land fills are not our forthcoming paper.
maintained properly ,the reaction of