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Depression is an individual's emotional state with feelings of sadness, despair, always

feeling guilty, and there is no excessive hope without any rational evidence. Understanding
depression according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary is a situation depressed and feelings of
enthusiasm decreased by being marked grim, sad, sluggish, due to mental stress, the
deteriorating state of things related to the spirit of life. Epression is often suffered by
adolescent because, the increasing age, the greater the burden of their lives. Therefore, it is
possible that many adolescent suffer from depression because they are not ready for a life
before their eyes. Besides that, the problem of education is also the main cause of depression
in a student. Maybe because of poor time management and the many tasks that were given,
the adolescents felt burdened with it so that it triggered depression. In this essay, I will
discuss the symptoms of depression, the factors that cause depression, and how to overcome

Depression is a very dangerous thing because the effects may not be in accordance
with existing theories. Each individual has its own depression level, maybe many things can
cause depression to become more. Symptoms that can be known if a person is suffering from
depression is that the person may often look moody and tend to be alone. Besides that, maybe
if we see someone who might have been diligent in doing any activity before, now it tends to
reduce the activity. And if you do a little activity, the person can look tired. Then maybe
someone is already experiencing stress but cannot overcome it so that it is sustainable and
could potentially be severe depression (Benjamin. et al, 2018). The symptoms that can be
observed next are people who suffer from depression tend to have little appetite, sleep
patterns are also disturbed, lack of confidence and feel always guilty.

The factors that can cause depression are two physical and psychological factors. The
physical factor that is meant is depression can occur due to genetic inheritance of the person's
family, besides that the brain's chemical makeup is due to frequent drinking of drugs or
alcoholic beverages. Then there are also those that are caused due to the age factor which
increases in age, so that a person is more likely to suffer from depression, an unhealthy
lifestyle can also cause depression to appear. Gender also affects depression, sometimes
women tend to suffer from depression than a man. Another physical factor is when a person
suffers from a certain disease and is surprised to have a very significant effect that can make
the person suffer from depression. Because of that feeling of shock someone tends to lose
self-confidence and is always mindful of the illness that can cause depression.

Psychological factors that cause depression are stress because of many thoughts,
maybe also a factor of prolonged family problems and there is no solution to overcome them.
Furthermore, a person's mindset also influences this because if someone tends to possess a
negative mindset then it will also cause many things, one of which is depression. Another
case for a student who is demanded by a scholarship to get good academic value. This can put
pressure on students who can make them feel stressed and can lead to depression (Ying. et al,
2018). How to deal with depression is by coming to see a psychiatrist. Where if someone
suffering from depression meets the psychiatrist will get a way to overcome it and will also
be given medication according to the symptoms experienced. It is also recommended to
change lifestyles so that depression gets better. For a student, before going to depression if
you feel stressed because of academic first. To overcome this problem students must be given
counseling to control the stress being experienced by school counselors or school health
nurses (Jayanthi. et al, 2015).

From what was described above, it can be concluded that depression is usually
suffered by adolescents because as we get older eating the burden of life is also getting
heavier. Many are not ready for what is being faced in their lives, which makes them
surprised and triggers stress. These stresses, which gradually become and can no longer be
overcome, cause depression. On the other hand, depression can also be caused by the
demands of academic values that make them feel depressed, causing depression. There are
ways to deal with depression, one of which comes to the psychiatrist. In my opinion, besides
that the way to deal with depression can also be approached to God, because only God can
overcome all the problems we face.