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Instructor: Le Thi Thu Hang

Student: Nguyen Thi Bien



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11/3/2019 12/3/2019 14/3/2019
Le Thi Thu Hang

I. Objectives: - By the end of the lesson, students will be able to

1. Knowledge:

- Know more about films and cinema and some activities at weekend.

2. Skills:

- Listen to get specific information about the weekend plan.

- Practice listening skills and summarize the main point of a conversation.

3. Attitude:

- Help students know more about history of films and cinema.

4. Students’ competence:

- Develop students’ language skills: listening, speaking

II. Preparations:

1. Teacher: Teacher’s book, textbooks, chalks, projector, handout..

2. Students: Students’ book, students’ workbook, pens, pencils….

III. Methods: The whole lesson: Integrated, mainly communicative

IV. Procedures

Stage/Time Teacher’s activities Students’ activities

Organization - Greeting and checking students’ Greet and answer T’s
class attendance question
- T asks Monitor: Who is absent
today, monitor?
Warm-up - T shows some pictures about some
8 mins activities in free time and ask student: Listen to T and answer
Now, I show some picture about some
activities in free time. You guess:
“What activity in each picture is it?
How often do you do this activity?”
Who answer right will receive a
small gift.
Are you ready?

Lead in new lesson:

T asks: What will we learn today?

Today we move on listening.

Before you
listen -T shows some new words and asks Reply to T
ss to guess meaning: What
5 mins does…mean?
New words:
-Suppose (v) /səˈpəʊz/: to think that
something is likely to be true
-Instead of (adv) /ɪnˈsted/: Listen and take note
in place of someone or Answer T
something else
-Guess (v) /ɡes/ :to give an answer to
a question when you do not have all
the facts
- T asks ss to repeat all new words,
then one student read Listen and repeat
- Asks ss to repeat all vocabulary
While you

7 mins Task 1: Listen to the dialogue and

answer question.
What are Lan and Huong planning to
do together?

- T asks ss to read requirement and

question, underline key words in Read and underline key
question. words
- Let ss listen twice: You listen twice
and answer question, pay attention to Listen and answer
some key words
Have you finished?

-T calls ss to give answer then check.

Listen and take note
They’re making an arrangement to go
to see the film “Titanic" together.

15 mins Task 2+3: Listen again and write

their plans for the next week on the
calendar. Then compare your
answer and answer question.

- T asks ss to read requirement

- T asks ss to listen twice and do this Answer T
task. Listen and do task
Have you finished?
-T calls some ss to give their answer
Then T asks: On what day can they Answer T
-Listen again and check
- T asks: Listen and take note
What can you hear?

Lan Huong
Mon See a play
Wed Work
and go to
Thurs Visit
Fri Study
Sat Work (busy)
Sun Go on a

 They can meet on Tuesday

After you
-T asks ss to read requirement Answer T
10 mins - T asks ss to work in pairs and talk Work in pairs and talk
about Lan and Huong’s plan for the
next week.
- T calls some pairs to talk Answer T

Then asks ss to work in pairs: Work

in pair and talk about their plans for Work in pairs
the next week base on the table

Home work -Learn by heart all new words

-Talk about your plan for the next