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Cost: n/a
Upkeep: 20
The increased logistic value represented by a space port, greatly increases the
availability of troops.
A player must control a spaceport to make use of any Allies and reinforcements. In
addition for one battle on the spaceport or any of the adjacent tiles the controlling
player may ad 100 pts of allies and reinforcements each round. This may not exceed
the normal 200 pts limit.
A player with an active spaceport may also launch 1 attack, of his usual attack
opportunities, each turn on any tile on the map, that is not protected by a force field
With the defenders permission, this might make a good opportunity to play a
planetstrike game.

Command post.
Cost: 50
Upkeep: 5
The controlling player has fortified his position installed a effective communication
system. When attacked on this tile he gets to deploy 4 bunkers in his deployment
zones as well as choose his deployment zone first.

Cost: 55
Upkeep: 8
These add 30 resources during the building phase, Every manifactorum also ads 50
to the amount of points the controlling player has to ad to his Allies and
Reinforcements total each organisation phase.

Power plant
Cost: 50
Upkeep: 5
Every other building that isn’t a Hive-city, must be build adjacent to a power plant to
function. If a such a building is ever not next to a power plant, it ceases to function,
although it must still be maintained by upkeep.
Power shortage: It is assumed that every building in a power grid is linked. If a tile
with a power plant is lost, the adjacent facilities, other then other power plants,
struggle to maintain operational and re-route power.
The resulting chaos always seems to strike worst at the most inopportune moments.
Any tile that is adjacent to such a tile will not function for the next round, although it
still requires upkeep. This happens even if there is another power station next to a
building. The round after power will be re-routed and buildings that are connected will
start functioning as normal.

Force field generator

Cost: 50
Upkeep: 10
A force field generator protects the tile and any adjacent to it, from attacks launched
by a spaceport. If a tile adjacent to a force field generator is attacked, the defender
may force the attacker to re-roll any scatter die only the scatter die) used on a deep-
strike. If the tile with the generator itself is attacked, the attacker my neither use
deep-strike or outflank.

Hive cities
Cost: n/a
Upkeep: 40
These sprawling bulwarks are so huge they are a small country in themselves. It’s
huge amount of people, resources and infrastructure demanding a solid defence and
A hive city combines all the abilities of the other buildings, except for a spaceport. It
has it’s own power supply and is never affected by a power shortage. Note, that a
Hive city produces 30 income on it’s own (as a manifactorum). However, during war-
time so much energy and resources are directed to the war-effort that they become a
costly piece of real-estate to maintain.
It also produces an extra 50 pts of allies and reinforcements, that can be used during
it’s defence, in addition to the normal 200pts limit.
Hive cities always start as neutral tiles and in their first defence, the defending
players gets an automatic 100 points over the total amount the attacker uses to
spend on his army.